Will Mercury soon be joining Plymouth and Oldsmobile?



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    I'll answer my own post. Found this on the Mercury site:(4th Q/A down answers.)
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    Nice set of pictures.

    My favorites would be the 1939 Merc 8, 49-51 (James Dean movie had a custom Merc of this vintage), 99 Merc Cougar, 04 Marauder, Meta One Concept. The 57-60 era of cars had bizzare designs. Of all the rest, the Ford or Lincoln designs were purer than the Mercury "makeovers". These makeovers were either bland or obviously a patch job of a Ford or Lincoln (big sedans). Not much original design to distinguish the Mercury brand.

    Now Ford Company can redirect resources, funds from a mediocre Mercury brand to a revitalized Ford brand and a hoped for resurgence of Lincolns of the past. Didn't Lincolns do well in factory supported "stock" car racing on public roads back in 40's or 50's in Mexico and/or Latin America?
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    Is it me or how much did Plymouth have to do in a lot of those years? I mean if Chrysler covered the rest I would think the dealers would be fine. How many stand alone Plymouth dealers were there? (I do know of one that was exactly that probably from when DeSoto died until well into the 80s at least. Used to advertise as the oldest Plymouth dealer in the world. Technically he was correct because he didn't count Chrysler-Plymouth dealers. What used to be his place is now an Irish pub. For a while it was a Boston Market.
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    They slash the best... :cry:

    I have owned and appreciated all three.
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    You need to live in the Midwest too.

    "Ford Motor Co. is offering some Mercury vehicle owners $500 toward the purchase of a new Ford vehicle and as much as $1,500 to buy a Lincoln as the auto maker looks to retain customers after dissolving the brand last year."

    Ford Seeks to Shift Mercury Owners to its Other Brands (Wall St. Journal).
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