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Chrysler Sebring Electrical Problems



  • Try changing out one of the fuses in the front of the engine compartment.
  • I checked all the fuses they are good , battery is new and I had the starter tested and it is good. what else should I check?
  • ranrus1ranrus1 Posts: 1

    I have a 2002 Sebring and the power windows recently quit working, I put a new fuse in and still nothing. Ironically, I have no power to the left headlight now either. I changed the bulb twice and checked the fuse, it is still good. Can anyone help me? LOST.

  • 97 Sebring Convertible - please help!
    Hi, anyone know why when I turn my headlights on, my whole dash will go dead? My mileage and rpm haven't worked since I've got the car. I read that thoes are out because of the chip behind the dash. But when I got the car that wasn't an issue with me. My issue is the speedometer and gas gage go dead after a little while when I turn my headlights on. It used to just send the speedometer needle in a twitch hovering over the speed I was going. Now everything goes dead. I already replaced the battery. Someone told me when the battery is dieing that car electronics can do funny things like that. Why is my speedometer going out and what will it take to fix?
  • 2005 Sebring Convertible
    I am really stumped with this one. I have no electric trunk release, I can only open it with the key! It worked fine than one day nothing! It will not work with either key fob or from the dash (I know the key needs to be on for the dash release to work but still nothing) I have checked relays, fuses, and the wiring running into the trunk deck and have found nothing. Any ideas?
  • Got a 2000 Sebring convertable with less than 65,000 original miles. I've been driving this car for the last seven months without any issues what so ever. Then suddenly today, all of the instrument cluster panel stopped working, no speedometer, no gas level, no RPM, but the digital milage is lit up indicating "0". Along with that, the winsheild wiper won't work, and the roof won't go up or down now! Also the AC isn't cooling anymore. So far I did a quick check on the fuses, in the engine and also near the door, and they appear to be fine. I keep hearing about a falty instrument cluster panel to be the cause of many issues like this. But not sure with all the other electrical issues all faulting at the same time. Is this an electrical short, or something else? Any ideas??
  • pzhivulinpzhivulin Los Angeles, CAPosts: 1
    edited April 2016
    Had overnight battery discharge problem with 2001 Sebring GTC Convertible.
    Changed alternator, then battery. It helped only for couple of days.
    Recently I decided to investigate why oil and break lamps on the instrument claster are still working, when car is locked.
    Checked all the fuses, and then when I disconnected fuse 11 from the dash fuse box - lights went off. Сhecked overnight - car starts w/o any problems.
    Just wonder should I insert this fuse back every time. Today I've made a ride without it, and see no problems at all for now
  • I know the last comment on here is from 2008 and it's now 2017 but maybe this will help anyone who may still have their car who have complained of an issue or any future person to visit this forum. Please read this whole thing because I think I have the solution to these issues at the end of my story (in case anyone wants to skip the story).

    We got a 2010 Chrysler Sebring Convertible 2 years ago used from an older lady who didn't drive it much. The thing was beautiful and only had 60,000 miles on it. We got it for a good price. Car ran and still runs great (knock on wood lol). However about a year after getting it, the one night in winter, I got home around 9pm and my driver's side window would not go up. After messing with the button for a bit, I finally got it to go up. Thereafter, I didn't have any window issues for many many months. Then it started one day with the passenger side. For the life of me, I could not get that window up. Shot in the dark, I thought, maybe it would be like my best friends beater car from high school where if you hit the lock button the wipers would go, or if you push the horn the doors would lock lol. So I hit the lock button, then pressed the window to go up and it worked. Had minor window issues here and there for a few months, but I would just hit the lock button and if the window didn't go up, I then hit the unlock button and tried the window again. I would keep doing this and after a few tries the window would eventually go up without wasiting a lot of time. Then it started to become more frequent.

    Then one day, I noticed my interior lights on my heating and cooling controls (only) were really really dim when they never were before. I thought it might be a fuse. Then, they next day they worked fine.  A couple month later I started noticing the heating and cooling lights becoming dim more frequently. Then a family member told me I had a head light out. 3 days later, as I'm sitting the car at night, the small grassy hill in front of my car looked bright on both sides. My mom was outside and I asked her if I had a headlight out and she said no. So a few more days went by, I stop by my house and ran inside real quick and when I came out, I noticed I had a headlight out. Very confused at this point, the next evening, I went and bought a new headlight bulb. When I put the bulb in, the headlight didn't work. I maybe be a woman but, I have changed many headlight bulbs in my 35 years in many different vehicles. I know I didn't touch the bulb when installing it. So I thought maybe the bulb was bad when I bought it. I went back to Walmart and exchanged it. I then installed the 2nd new bulb and sure enough, the bulb again didn't work. However, about 3 days later, that 2nd new bulb was working and worked for about 25 to 30 mins then stopped working again. Which clearly told me it wasn't the bulb.

    The night I changed the 2nd new bulb, I sat in the car for about 45 mins and started Googling it. I came across what's called TIPM (pronounced TIP (like a point) then the letter M). What I found out was Dodge Chrysler & Jeep all have issues with the TIPM. I was just skimming through all this info but if I read correctly, the TIPM is possibly like the central computer system of these vehicles. Like I said, I was skimming quicky through lots of websites. What I found out was from 2007 to 2014 these cars have a TIPM issue. So much so, people were complaining that weird [non-permissible content removed] was happening in there car like lights going off and on repeatedly like the car was possessed. I found out that some Chryslers had such a defective TIPM that it was becoming a safety issue because the airbags weren't deploying. They actually issued a recall in certain years of the Chryslers (I'm not sure about the recall in the Dodge and Jeeps). The TIPM can effect everything from lights, airbags, door locks, air conditioning and much more.

    Your TIPM can be replaced and reset. What I have read on many sites is (DO NOT TAKE IT TO THE DEALER OR SHOP) replacing or restarting the TIPM is very easy and if your a women (or a man) and your not comfortable doing it, find a  friend who will. The reason is because, dealership or shops may tell you all kinds of stuff with the TIPM that isn't needed especially a shop because some shops don't know how defective the TIPM can be. Not that the shop is trying to pull one over on you, but they aren't familiar with the TIPM issues, so they think what they are telling you is correct.

    (This is what I saw in a YouTube video,  so this is not my own knowledge) but replacinge or resetting the TIPM can fix the issues and you do this by unplugging your battery and using a zip tie tiying the positive and negitive together, then you take the TIPM and carefully unplug the Jack's from the TIPM and let it sit for 2 hours to over night with the battery disconnected and the TIPM disconnected. When you plug it back in, if the car doesn't start just unplug and replug the Jack's to the TIPM. From what I gathered, it can sound like the jack clips back in but if the car still doesn't start it will most likely be that the Jack's weren't clipped in properly (even if u heard it click). They said some people have had to do plug in, unplug and plug in 3, 4, 5 and sometimes 6 times until it clips in correctly and the connection is made. You can find a video on how to do this on YouTube. But all of these issues I have read on here could very well be the issues with the TIPM and I didn't read every one of them but, I read a lot and I didn't see anyone mention this.

    I do not know if this is my issues YET. I will in a few weeks when I take it in for inspection. However, considering the issues I have had with the headlight working then not working to working again (electrical), issues with the windows working and then not working then working again (electrical), the dim interior lights (electrical), I am thinking there is a very good chance my issues is the TIPM. My car also falls into the year of the recall catagory, and since the car was only 6 years old when I bought it from this lady, I doubt she had the TIPM replaced. So for these issues, is what makes me think it's the TIPM. Come January, when I get it back from inspection, I will ask my uncle what the issues were and I will add a follow-up post here. 
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