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Chrysler Sebring Electrical Problems



  • Everything on Cluster works properly. However illumination for speedometer and other gauges and controls suddenly stopped working (no blinking on and off, just stopped).
    All lightbulbs in panel work fine.
    All fuses have been checked and none open.

    I believe I have narrowed down problem to a module that is attached to back of actual instrument panel (Not the Circuit board)

    Anyone know what this module is called (no printing visible on module although there might be on the underside as I have not taken it off panel) and where one might be able to purchase one besides auto salvage facilities???
  • I have the same problem with the flashing 3 LEDs on my 2001 Sebring.

    Pulling the fuse (under the hood) for the brake lights stops the flashing. This indicates a short in the wiring between the radio and brake lights. DO NOT drive with the fuse out, you will have no brake lights. I am trying to track it down more.

    This appears to be a common problem. If anyone has additional information please post it.
  • My car is a 2002 Sebring.

    It only happens after driving the car about 30 - 45 mins. Then when I go to change the volume, it happens! The stereo system looks like it's dying with the LEDs fading and shutting off, then they come back on.

    What I do is turn the stereo system off immediately and leave it turned off. It blinks for about a minute and then the clock comes on at 12:00. When I shut the car off and wait some time, I turn my car back on and it's fine. The only this is that the clock is now wrong and I keep having to set it to the correct time.

    Sometimes though, it's not such an easy solution. The radio will stay on and you will hear what sounds like the CD motor turning and it will stay on even after turning the car off. The only way around this is to take the stereo system out, unplug the connector from the stereo, wait some time, and then plug it back in.

    It seems like it's overheating because it only happens after driving about 30 - 45 mins.
  • jwsf8jwsf8 Posts: 1
    After installation of a replacement battery (by a non-Chrysler garage) I now have the exact same problem with 3 flashing equalizer LEDs on my 2001 Sebring Sedan. They start flashing as soon as I turn the key in the ignition. The CD/radio does not work. Instead I hear recurring/cyclic white sound in the speakers.

    The flashing stops when I remove the brake light fuse (from under the hood) - just like it did for rm2001.

    I would be extremely interested to hear if anyone found a solution to this.
  • Hello,

    My daughter has a 2002 Sebring coupe that on start-up the hazard light start flashing until the car in warm or the head lights are turned on. I can hear a relay clicking but i can not located it. This started 6-months ago them stopped. Now it has returned....does anyone have any ideas?

    Also the blower only works on high; I would have thought that it was the switch but with all of the electrical issues posted here I am now not so sure. Any advice would be appreciated. thanks
  • RE:
    "Also the blower only works on high; I would have thought that it was the switch but with all of the electrical issues posted here I am now not so sure. Any advice would be appreciated."

    You will need to replace the resistor pack. This is a common issue with the Sebring.
  • with increasing regularity both my turn signals and the radio just stop working. I go back to normal operation by stopping the car and turning off the ignition. I re start immediately and everything is normal again for several days or several weeks. It obviously is not a fuse. Any help on this? :confuse:
  • Hello. Just two days, was plugging in my phone recharge cord into the power/lighter module, when radio did just as you describe. No Display, amd cannot turn on or off radio. BUT, 3 amber lights in the EQU stalks of radio blink on and off, and you can hear the slight noise in the speakers.

    DId you ever get any other solutions, other than replacing the radio? ">
  • Any further luck with this. I am new to site today, and went there for a radio problem that started after inserting my phone charger into power/lighter socket. Now, radio is not wrking, no display, jus the three flashing led's than can be heard in the radio speakers. ">
  • DId anyone ever get to this for you? I have the same flashing 3 led's in radio, since pushing in my phone charger to the power/cig recptcl, and no radio on / off / displays or time
  • This is an up date on #42. Just discovered that when the radio turns off and the turn signals don't work that the wipers don't work either. This is a bummer in a rain storm.
  • casamercasamer Posts: 1
    We have a 2003 covertible and had it tested for emissions( for our tag renewel) failed due to OBD Code P0601...Internal module Memory check? Does anybody know where to start to decipher this? What I should look into?

    The car has had issues with the air bag light coming on/off over the last several months...could this be related? this has been fixed several times and never lasts....

    Need to repair...Thanks!
  • About 6 months ago, the air bag light would go on and off intermittently. Now the brake light and oil light also go on and off continually while driving. The parking brake is NOT on and I check my oil constantly and the oil level if fine. I figured this was an electrical glitch so I wasn't too worried. Well now both the brake and head light on the drivers side have gone out. I replaced the head light 6 months ago, so I'm wondering if this is all connected to the other electrical problems. Finally, my blower control now only works on high. Any suggestions before I take it in to a dealer? I'd rather not give them any more of my money than I have to.
  • brd3brd3 Posts: 6
    I just had the blower motor speed control fixed. I read about it on this website and asked my mechanic to replace the blower motor resistor. They did it and it was $ 60 just like the other person that posted paid. It's so nice not to have to turn it on and off constantly when only the "high" speed works.
  • It means that you should close your trunk. I didn't know my car had a "deck" either.
  • I have a 2002 Chrysler Sebring Convertible, 2.7 liter, and the dealers can not fix my problem. The first dealer had the car 3 different times for a total of 23 days, replaced the speed sensor and the tcm. The second dealer has had the car 16 days, 2 different visits, and has replaced the speed sensor, throttle valve sensor, and the pcm. The speedometer intermittently jumps from 0 - 100, and the repairman said, based on driving the car with his analyzer, the signal going to the speedometer showed the car was traveling over 400 mph and was turning off the fuel supply, and causing the hard shift felt by the transmission. They have checked all the wiring and can not find the problem. This problem occurs at all speeds and may go for a full day or two before it fails. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  • Hello, Did anyone ever find out what was causing the radio to blink and turn off. I have the same problem.
    Thank You, Hal
  • I just bought a used 03 GTC convertible with 57K on it. I test drove it and everything seemed fine but when i drove it at night i realized there was no lights on the steering wheel for cruise control buttons.

    Does anyone know if there are supposed to be lights for these buttons? (cruise on, set, cancel, resume) Nothing on steering wheel lights up.
  • Hi; I have a 2001 and there are no lights in the steering wheel buttons. Hal
  • cg33cg33 Posts: 3
    Regarding "deck", that means your trunk has been released (unlocked). I've done that before where I accidentally hit the trunk button on my keychain and it relased the trunk. You may not be able to tell by glancing at the trunk so try to lift it open with your hands. If it opens, then you did, indeed, release it. Just shut it and the "deck" display should disappear. If that does not fix the problem, then you will have to look into electrical solutions.
  • pegiazpegiaz Posts: 1
    My daughter has been driving this car and it stalled on her. She took it to a mechanic and he couldn't find anything wrong with it. She has been afraid to drive it and it has been sitting for several months. I tried to start it and the battery was dead, so I put a battery charger on it. After it charged awhile, I tried to start it and it barely turned over, just did a lot of clicking, so I put a new battery in it, and when I hooked the cable up the motor started turning over without the key in it. A guy at the Chrysler dealership said it must be a stuck starter. Is it possible to loosen the starter bolts and free it like I have done on older cars? It was a pain taking the wheel and plastic cover off just to replace the battery, so I suppose the starter is also hidden away somewhere. Any suggestions? Thanks, Byron
  • mtr52mtr52 Posts: 4
    Recently bought a 2004 Sebring convertible Lxi

    I was driving in a heavy rain. Noticed what seemed to be a flash of light on the
    steering wheel. Wasn't sure, beside it was raining hard and thought maybe just a shadow. I couple of minutes later the charging light (red battery light on dash) came on and stayed on until I got home (about 30 minutes).

    The next day it was fine for a while and then came on again. The following day the ,light came on again and the dash lights (odometer, shift lights) started flashing and then were fine.

    The rest of the day I didn't have any problems, until I started the car at night, turned the lights on and the engine died. I immediately tried restarting the car and it started fine and ran home fine (about 20 minutes) and nothing seemed wrong. But tomorrow is a new day.

    Could rain cause this, or am I looking at something else?
  • bena8837bena8837 Posts: 26
    The windshield washer pump works only when it wants. It was taken to the dealer when in warranty and wouldn't you know it, it worked. Now it has quit working again. Reservoir is full of fluid. Has anyone had this problem where it works intermittenly? The wipers work fine.
  • My1996 JXI convertible RPM gauge won't work. First it was intermintent now it won't work at all. The odometer wont show until the RPM gauge is reading. When the gauge does work it shows the new correct milage.
    Anyone ave any ideas to repair?
  • You could have a burnt-out wiring bridge. You have to expose the wire harness in the engine compartment by removing certain things. For me it was the battery and tray, and the 2computers with their bracket. Then there was a big section of plastic that boxed in the harness near the fuse box. Thats the area you really need to get to and check out!
    OK///.. If you see a group of wires going to a white rectangular plastic plug but its not connected to anything, thats a wiring bridge. You need to be able to unclip and inspect the colored plastic inserts that plug into the bottom of that bridge. They should be clean and a thin film of white lithium grease is recommended. If you see melting of the clip (or burnt to a crisp in my case lol), then you need to resolder the leads that were bridged together. Then INSULATE the bridge you just made so it will not ground out!

    Good luck
  • earzanearzan Posts: 2
    Hi. I have a Chrysler Sebring 1997 and it has been an excellent car. The problem I am having right now is that when I turn off the wipers, they stop immediately (they do not finish in the bottom part of the windshield). I was getting ready to buy the motor (even though the motor works) becuase it comes with the electrical part thinking this is the problem. However the seller told it could be also the switch where you turn the wipers on and off. Do you know any way how to check which is the problem? Any suggestion or comments? Should I take the chance to buy the motor or should I go to the directly to the dealer? Thank for your help.

  • danseguindanseguin Posts: 1
    Crusing along and suddenly the domelights, power locks, bells & door ajar lights begin to go on and off. Can not for the life of me find the door switch, does anyone know this secret location for a 2002 Sebring convertable? Pulling on the door while driving will make it go away, tried adjusting the latch but to no solution. Do not want to adjust the door any more since it now requires a firm push to make it latch.
  • bubba_g63bubba_g63 Posts: 3
    I have a 97 Sebring JXI Convertable with 154,000 miles on it and I have several problems with it: (1) the tach and the LED readout on the speedometer go out and then comes back on, it loses power and stalls out after being driven for @ 15 minutes and now when I open the door, the radio goes dead. Should I use C4 explosive on it or is there another solution? Can someone help me please? :mad:
  • mtr52mtr52 Posts: 4
    I have a 2004 Serbring Conv. that has been doing similar things. I asked a mechanic about it and he said it sounds like a corroded battery cable. Haven't had time to check it out yet. It's a pain gettign to the battery. Not sure if this will help.
  • bubba_g63bubba_g63 Posts: 3
    It's worth checking out. Thanks.
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