Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Engine Problems

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    Looking to hear from anyone that has experienced that their engine suddenly had a mind of its own.
    About 4 or 5 month ago m wife told me that after a right hand turn and acceleration the truck had gone into 4 wheel drive...did not know how long it had been in 4 wd Drive. This happened again....still was not sure what had happened.
    Last week, after slowing down and a right hand turn, and the consequent acceleration to get going again, this vehicle seemed to have a mind of its own.
    The engine started to revv, no way to steer this vehicle, locked the brakes and knocked transmission into nutrual to bring the truck to a stop.
    Wiped out the side of the truck and a mailbox as the truck came clean across the hiway, luckily no oncoming traffic.
    Truck has be diagnostically checked by Chevrolet dealer, nothing is apparently wrong....
    If you have any info on how to proceed or if something like this has happened to you, please get in touch with me.
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    I`ve had the 4 wheel drive to engage after a turn 4 times but nothing else happened. You have to get it to do this when the dealer is in your truck but I couldn`t so it will just have to get worse before they can fix mine. I have had my truck 2 yrs with no other problems.
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    2004 Colorado ext cab truck auto transmission.
    34,000 miles. pulled in our driveway twice recently after driving the truck. Immediately tried to start the truck again, and engine sounded like it wanted to turn over and start, but never started.
    has occurred 2 times in last month. dealer says nothing wrong.
    I dont buy this. next time it happens, I am towing it to dealer, and attempting to use Lemon Law. dealer says it must happen 3 times documented separately and then can apply to use lemon law.
    has any other owner had this same problem?

    My ID is ChevyDetective.
    :mad: image
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    If the engine didn't turn over at all it could be a starter going bad. Although 34,000 miles is way too soon for that. If it did turn over and just wouldn't start, may be a fuel pump problem? Just a couple things I had experienced with my S10 that you may want to check.
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    Just over 30,000 miles on it, yes I know I drive alot, and my truck just loses power sometimes. The last time it happened I had to put it in nuetral and acutally revv the engine before it came back to normal. Not sure if the fuel filter is going or it is the pump itself. Also I am not too sure what the mileage is to change the filter. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    in the old days that was about max mileage for a fuel filter change but who knows with these new filters and fuel injection. Of course the injectors require a clean fuel. Doing it yourself it shouldn't cost much to change. Could also be dirty injectors too.
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    2005 Chevy Colorado Extended Cab Z71 4WD with 26,316 miles. No major problem. Only problem I have had is that they forget to tighten the powersteering fluid hose at the factory and had to return to dealer to get it fixed. I am not sure if this is a problem, but I noticed in the road that there are many Chevy Trucks that has only one working headlamp. I have had to change my driver side low beam head lamp 3 times in the last 2 years and my passenger side low beam head lamp just went out. Anyone has heared any problems about a potential electrical issue with the headlamp? It seems to be happening everywhere. Though its minor. Only $10 per bulb.

    Chevy recently had a recall regarding brake light problem that affects a host of different parts like braking, powersteering, etc... Although they have not sent out the notice to individual owners, you can find the notice in NHTSA or I found out from the dealership. I have not ran into that problem on my truck.

    Regarding your engine sputtering... since you are now at 30,000 miles, did you do the 'fuel filter replacement' requried at 25,000? That could be your problem. The fuel filter is designed only to last to 25,000 so that may be whats causing your engine to sputter. As far as locking up, it could be due to the recall.
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    Heads up, 05- Z-71 crew, 13,000mi, Got the notice had the switch replaced and it was not properly adjusted.A few miles down the freeway[ Very hot breaks].Got a free tow and break job.Otherwise the trk has been a good one. JB. :D
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    FYI, as you all know your engine is the same one used in the H3 which is the L5 3.7 5-cyl
    There has been a recent discovery by GM & owners of Colorado, Canyon & Izuzu that the valves in the head if this engine type are somehow defective meaning that either the entire head & valves need to be replaced. Has anyone else experianced valve ticking problems or has anyone already gone through the recall process for this engine type? I know of one person in the S.F. bay area who is currently having their "H3" repaired with a 2-3 week turn around. I have not seen any official announcement over the internet but have received 2nd hand information from the owner of the H3 in which the Dealerships is prepearing for the recall. My truck is a "07" 4x4 crew cab "LS" and I have noticed a bad ticking noise in the engine with only 4k in the meter. Im in the process of seeking out more information before it gets worse.
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    I have a 2005 4x4 I5 and have been experiencing what I thought was the Exhaust valve problem what other trucks have been experiencing. But what turns out the BUZZING and lifter knocking sound is #PIP3811 "Rattle Noise form bottom rear of engine at 2000-3000 RPM--KEYWORDS: accelerate bellhousing buzz clatter detonation end hot housing idle knock load lower ping shaft spark." Another words on rare occasions, a light detonation/rattle type noise may be experienced around 2000-3000 RPM under light load/acceleration with the engine at operating temperature. I can hear a light buzz sound when the engine is cold and I can hear a light knocking sound, like a lifter knocking at around 2000-3000 RPM only on acceleration in drive. CANNOT duplicate the sound when it is in neutral reving the engine to 2000-3000 RPM . The Dealer is aware of the Service Instruction "PIP3811" and a repair is being developed to address this noise; They have not yet found a cure to fix the problem.
    As for the Service Bulletin #04-06-04-081C Exhaust Valve Springs, they said it only applies to the I4 engine not the I5. Can someone concur with that SB?
    I hope this info can help out with anybody else experiencing this buzzing, vibration problem I now have 30,000 miles on my truck...
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    I have also have had this problem. It has happened to me twice aswell, about 4 months apart and it has not happend in the last 6 months now. When I called the 1-800 #, they asked me if my "passlock" was lit. and I said yes. What it sounds like is there is a glitch in the anti-theft system. Both times I had to wait approximate 15 minuits before I could get it to start. I followed the manual on resetting the anti-theft system, but after numerouse attemps it finally started. The dealer told me if there was an attempt to steal your car it takes 15 min. before it can reset itself or there is a glitch in your computer that operates the anti-theft system "passlock" I hope this helps because I am too conserned on how the dealer does businesss, but if you get it documented at the dealership that there was a problem, then there is history documented you can be covered by your warranty even after it expires. And maybe they get enough complaints the engineers can look into it. I now have 30,000 miles on my truck with no real concerns...yet! Hope this helps...
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    I came across this website that will help to see if a Service Bulletin applies to your truck or at least help in your diagnostics. I also came across the SB: "SERVICING THE IGNITION SWITCH AND/OR PASSLOCK SENSOR. *TT" That might help with our problem in the trouble of starting. I also at first thought it was my fuel pump or a clogged fuel filter, but that was not the case. Hope this helps. I have a 05 I-5 Colorado, which has 30,000.
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    Got a 2004 Canyon 5-cyl. w/ 41000 miles on it. The check engine light came on and it feels like it's running on 3 cylinders. Took it to the dealer and they said that there is a problem with the valves. The entire head and valves needed to be replaced at a cost of $3200. The warranty expired so basically I would have to pay for the repairs. However the service advisor told me that GM knew about the problem with the valves but didn't issue a recall (I guess because it would cost GM a bundle). I argued this point. Why should i pay if GM knew they had a faulty engine. The service advisor discussed it with the manager and they agreed to stand behind their product and pay for the repairs. I am supposed to get the car back this wednesday, so we'll see if they fixed the problem. I will not buy a GM product again. I bought an Envoy at the same time I bought this truck. I traded in the Envoy after so many problems came up from the CD player breaking to loose screws on the lights that i had to tighten myself. I have a Pilot in place of the Envoy. It's a world of difference when it comes to fit and finish between the honda and the GMC.
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    All vehicles have problems. Honda has had theirs too. Toyota is having big problems with the new Camry and is not standing behind them, putting off the customers and saying nothing is wrong. It is supposed to drive this way. I can remember Honda doing the same a few years back. At least the General stepped up to the plate. I had a Chevy Tracker that was almost 2 years out of warranty when I had shifter problems. They had to drop the tranny as it is mounted into the top of the trany. $400 just to drop it to see what was the matter. About $1600 later it was fixed. While it was down I called GM and explained that the vehicle though was out of warranty time wise it was still about 10,000 miles under warranty. I also told them it had had all maintainance, even stuff like drain and new fluid in tranny even though it wasn't ready and they covered all but $360. I was impressed. I bet a weeks pay none of the foreign makers would go that extra mile. Heck sometimes you can even get them to step up to the plate and fix what is wrong during warranty. Check here on the Camry 2007 forum and listen to them cry big tears.
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    Well the Canyon and the Envoy are the first GM cars I've ever purchased. I've only driven Honda's Acura's and BMW's. The Canyon and Envoy are the first cars I've had that have had problems before 130k miles. Service wise though the worst car company is Volkswagon. They are complete jerks to deal with when it comes to warranty repairs or any service for that matter. BMW is the greatest when it comes to service. They even give you a loaner car while your car gets serviced.
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    I have a 2004 Colorado 5-cyl. w/46000 miles, and am having the same problems you described. I was told yesterday that the head is on back order from GM, and is not expected until March 1st. Does this seem like a reasonable wait time? As you experienced, the cost is not coming out of my pockets, but the inconvience is. This is not my first GM product, but this is the first time I have had any problems like this. I will withhold final judgment until I see how the whole scenario play out.
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    My question is can you still drive the truck? If not did they give you a comparable vehicle? If it is driveable I wouldn't worry. If not and they gave me a small piece of crap to drive than I would be upset. It does seem a little long of a wait too. Have you called the GM line to see if they can hurry it up. Just be nice when you call.
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    I took my Canyon in Jan 11th i think. The service advisor said that he should be getting the head next week and the repairs should be complete Jan 28th. So if i do in fact get my truck back on time then your wait time of March 1st is ridiculous. My big question is did GM fix the problem and ship us a revised head or are they just going to send us an original head that I will have the same problem 10k miles down the road. I am betting on the latter happening that is why I will be trading in the truck once the repairs are done.
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    The truck is torn down for repair, the head is off so it is not driveable. The Chevy dealership doing the repair work does not have loaners, and the dealership where I bought the truck, not a GM dealership, is helping a little.

    I called GM customer service, with no luck. GM politly said they could not help because the dealership is not GM.

    Do you, or anyone have a better number for GM? It would be nice to know when the head is being shipped. Also, if they are shipping a new head, or just replacing selected parts.
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    I am having similar problems. After 2 months the check engine light came on and I had the following work done on my engine: SPRING, CAP AND/OR SEAL, VALVE REPLACED. I've now owned the vehicle for 2 and a half years the check engine light recently came on again. This time the entire Cylinder Head has to be replaced at a cost of nearly $4,000. Of course the vehicle is out of warranty. I've been fighting with GM customer service for 3 weeks now, and they tell me that they may pay for some of the costs if I get it done at a GM dealership, but they can't make a decision until after I've paid GM for the work. Sounds like BS to me, but it's good to know that my Colorado isn't the only piece of crap out there.
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    I have the same engine and it's in the dealership right now. I have 80000 miles (95% freeway)and the check engine light came. They diagnosed and I was informed that it needs a new head. Two days before, my friend who I pushed to buy the same model brought the truck in and was diagnosed with the same problem only her's has 35000 miles on it. I went to check on my truck and found out that there was another Colorado that has the same problem. I called GM and was informed that since I have 80000 miles on it, there is a slim chance that they will cover the expenses. But I will fight them. It will cost me $4000.00 to fix the problem and that's a lot of money.
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    :mad: Well my truck has been at the dealer for 3 weeks now waiting for the head, with no set date for arrival of the part. My service advisor told me that 4 more canyons came in with the same problem these past 2 weeks. I'm so glad I didn't recommend this piece of GM crap to any of my friends. I use this truck for work so this has been a huge inconvenience to my business, having to use my 2006 civic to haul around supplies.
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    Good for you. Now I'm a bit embarassed when I see my friend. I am now using my 87 Toyota P/U 4 cyl, with 250,000 miles on it. Never burns oil, runs good and I get better mileage.
    As soon as the Colorado is repaired, I am trading it with either a Frontier or Tacoma.
    I thought that 5 cyl technology came from the Europeans, BMW, Mercedes and Volvo, then the Colorado would be on the same plain but as you said it is a piece of crap!
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    Well it's been 3 and a half weeks and I just got back my canyon from the dealer. They replaced the head and some other parts and warranty covered the expenses. The truck is not the same. The check engine light is off but it doesn't have the same acceleration and response as before. The engine sounds horrible. Well I sold it to Carmax about 2 hrs after i got it back from the dealer. They actually gave me $11500 for it, I was pleasantly suprised by the amount. I am so glad I got that liability of my back. I can't imagine paying 4k to repair a truck that i still owe 10k on.
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    :mad: My Colorado is still in the shop; it's been 4 weeks now and they still don't have a shipping date :mad: ! One major change, they did finally cough up with a rental (on their dime) until they get my truck done. It is my intention to ensure everyone I know NOT to waste their money on a Colorado. I am thankful I am not having to pay for the repair, like stated earlier, the cost is around $4100.
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    Mine is going on its third week. They said that it will take another week for the head to arrive. Meantime, I'm using a rental too.

    Thanks for the info about the rental.

    I wrote GM a letter of complaint. I also spoke to the General Manager of the dealership here told him about my situation. I hope he can do something to get GM to pay for the repair.
    I am thinking of trading it even at this stage. I am not sure if I'm going to get another Chevy.
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    I purchased my 06 reg cab 4wd canyon in December. This is my first Truck and I was not sure what to expect. The Canyon has good looks and drives nice,(or at least I think)so I purchased one.
    I had the Truck 2 days and as I was driving on the highway and the 4wd L light started to flash. I thought since the location of the 4wd L button is relatively close to the radio that maybe I hit it while adjusting the radio. I pull off the highway and turn the truck off and the light reset s.
    The next day (day 3 after buying the truck) the 4wd L light begins to flash again after driving on the highway for about 40 miles. I then drive to the dealer and talk to a service tech, while talking to the tech in my truck the engine light comes on. They tell me to bring it back the following monday.
    I bring the truck back and leave it with them all day. I pick it up that evening and the dealer informs me that the 4x4 TCCM and the ECM are bad and need to replaced. The dealer orders the parts but cant get them until after the New Year. So they rest the engine light and tell me to make sure I use gas from a high volume gas station to prevent the chance it was bad gas. So I accept this and take the truck, about 3 days later we had a unusually warm day so I decide to run the AC only to find it does not work. I took the truck back to the dealer after the parts can in and informed them the AC did not work and left it with all day again. I come back and pick up the truck and they say it is fixed so I get in and drive away.
    One week later while driving to go skiing the 4wd L light starts flashing again, needless to say Im starting to get irrated now. I take sharp turn and found a atv trail dropped the truck into 4wd L and start flinging mud around and climbing hills I thought if it was going to break I was going to break it now. After I had my fun and got out my frustration I got back on the road and would you believe that this particular problem is gone now(go figure).
    Now three weeks later the engine light has come back on. I took it back to the dealer and kept it for a day and told me that it was a misfire code PO300 they rest and said that there is bulletin found Doc#1885534 (which I cant find) and they open a track case #9370405 for my vehicle. The dealer told me to monitor the truck and again told me to use good regular fuel. I had the truck back a whole day and the engine light came on again. Im going back to the dealer tomorrow and see what they say now. Has anyone else had anything close to these problems or is just my luck to pick a dud for a truck.
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    It all started with the eng service lite,It a 05 canyon crew sle with 63k. The dealer said it needed a head that was 5 weeks ago. I did have warr. In witch I think is only helping with the rental (5) days the truck sat the rest of the time and I used a spare at work until the head came in. (1000 back orders in Canada) there is a service note on the motor and all involved should push your dealer about it. Hope you got it serviced at the dealer. Its been in for 9 days and I thought I was getting it back fri. but the crank seal started to leak thats because they dropped the timing chain and had to take the front cover off. I hope to get it back at noon today. More to tell if interested. Overall love the truck.
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    Well it looks like the tech at the dealer has found the problem to be the valve springs and is ordering a new head as well. They were able to find the problem doing a leak down test on the engine which found 3 leaks in the engine. So this is a old problem from 04-06 Canyon and Colorado trucks.
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    Finally got word from the dealership and GM is taking care of everything including my car rental. I did a lot of arguing, about two weeks, but it paid off. So for those of you who are still having problems with GM, don't lose heart. I think they're finally realizing that this is not an isolated case. So keep on pounding at GM's doors. Good Luck!
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    My check engine light came on in my 06 Colorado Crew Cab. Its a 5 cylinder auto z85 with 11,000 miles on it. The dealer told me it needs a cylinder head and that it's going to be a few weeks before the parts are in. But they told me that the truck is driveable and they gave it back to me and told me to just keep driving it until they get the parts in. Is this normal? Should I really keep driving it in it's condition?
  • ramle717ramle717 Member Posts: 11
    When I brought in my 05 Colorado it had 82,000 miles and the service tech told me not to drive it. He said it could do more harm to the engine. So, they gave me a rental. It has bween at the dealer for 3 weeks now. No word from them yet.
  • motorhead1motorhead1 Member Posts: 111
    I thought that the head problems were fixed by the time the 05 came out but from what I read there is still problems with 06 trucks also. I have a 2004 with 46k and I am worried now more than ever. What go`s wrong with the head that causes the whole head to have to be replaced? I love my truck and hate to have trade it for something else.
  • bwagnerbwagner Member Posts: 6
    :) I got my 2004 back Friday! The head arrived Thursday and the shop got to work. In all honesty, the truck runs good, the engine sounds good, and I am happy about the results.

    However, after saying that, it is still inconceivable to me that any GM dealership would keep a vehicle for a month (I turned over my keys on January 10th and the work was finished on February 9th) without the slightest consideration for the customer. This engine problem is not an isolated case, I was informed that GM was producing 11,000 heads for just this reason. GM, through their dealerships, needs to be proactive with their customers and immediately offer a rental, tell the customer the truth about the delay time, and go that extra distance to harbor a good relationship.

    I expect to read more about the problems people are having with their GM product and very little about how well they are being treated. Please prove me wrong!
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    Now I am worried, has Chevy taken everyone's truck that had this problem? Am I the only one that they told it's still driveable and gave it back?
    I am still waiting on the parts but I am driving my truck as little as possible because I am afraid that I might do more damage to the engine.
    I am worried that the only reason they gave it back is becasue they don't want to spring for a rental.

    Was anyone else on this forum forced to keep their truck until the parts were in at the dealer?
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    My service advisor did say it will do no harm to drive it as it's only a misfire and they would be on the hook if it caused other problems.
  • bwagnerbwagner Member Posts: 6
    I talked at length to a Chevy tech about drive-ablility with the indicated check engine light. His input was that is will not do any damage to the engine, at worse the expected indications would be one less cylinder firing. And that is if the valve could not seat at all. At that time the engine would run rough, probably real rough, but it was still safe to drive.

    One of the reasons Chevy is taking back the trucks deals with some warranty coverages. At least in my case, the warranty policy would not cover the repair if the indications were false. The only way to check this is to remove the head and do a visual inspection. Once the head is removed, you are half way through the labor for the total job. The long time delay seemed to be centered around GM gearing up the lines to produce the heads.

    I was told that GM produced around 11,000 heads. If they weren't all spoken for, the wait time sould be greatly reduced. At lease, I hope for your sake this is the case. As far as the rental goes, it was better for them to supply a rental than to have me discussing, quite loudly at times, their lack of concern for a paying customer. It worked for me this time. I don't think I will be as lucky the next time.
  • tm4tm4 Member Posts: 19
    Thanks for the reply, it puts my mind at ease. I just hope it gets fixed right and I don't end up with more problems down the road becasue of it. So far I have really enjoyed this truck, other than this and the brake-relay recall, its been good.
    After reading Car and Driver's long-term wrap up on the Tacoma, and then reading similar problems in Motor Trend with their long term Tacoma, I'm definately glad I got the Colorado. - -long-bed.html
  • tm4tm4 Member Posts: 19
    They called me Friday and told me the parts were in, so I dropped off my truck. Apparently when GM covers a rental car they only let you hace a GM vehicle (I guess they don't want you driving a competitors car) Anyways, the only thing left on the lot was an 07 Yukon, so I got to drive around in style for a few day.
    My truck is now finished, I picked it up on Tuesday. They said they haven't had any come back yet, so it's definately fixed. I asked them how many of these they have done? They said about 10. (and this dealer is one of the smaller dealers in SOCAL) so there are definately alot of Colorados with this problem.
    Anyways, if you never hear from me again it's because everything is good and the truck is fine.
    Thank you everybody for your help.
  • rh4455rh4455 Member Posts: 2
    I have an 06 Canyon crew cab, 13000 miles and 6 months old. Rough idle and check engine light comes on, dealer replaced a fuel injector and says head needs replaced. At 1500 miles needed an alignment, then brake light switch, now this. In 6 months this truck has spent more time in the shop than my previous 3 Ford Rangers accumulated in 10 years of driving. My nephew told me GMC means Great Mounds of Crap. So far they have been giving me a car to drive when the truck is in the shop, so I am out my time which makes a dent in the paycheck.
  • j420j420 Member Posts: 3
    The dealer replaced the head and all the valve springs and gave it back to me said everything was all set. I get in to drive away and what happens the check engine light comes on. I drive into the service area and they tell me they forgot to reset the engine light so they did and I drive away. Now my truck is running rough and sluggish and wouldn't you know the check engine light came on AGAIN. So I drive straight to the dealer and demand they take back the truck that only has 5000 miles on it and give me my money back or a new truck! Dealer consoles me and says they will and they are very sorry. I drop the truck off the next day and which was yesterday and speak with the owner of the dealership and he assures me that GM will swap out my truck for a new and he will do the paper work for lemon law if GM doesn't. So he gave me a rental that GM is paying for but I still have to cover insurance which is $16 a day. I went back last night to see a new truck they want to swap me for and to see if my truck was ready, it wasn't and the truck was all torn apart. The truck they want to swap with is 07 automatic 4wd with steal wheels and carpet floors. My truck is 06 standard 4wd with alloy wheels and a sprayed in bed liner vinyl floors(easy to clean). So now I have try to convince them to switch the wheels and give me a discount on a spray in bed liner. The dealer called this morning and said the paper work for the swap is in process and when I ask how long this may take he said probably a couple of weeks. What The Hell GM
  • ramle717ramle717 Member Posts: 11
    You're not getting another Colorado, are you?
    I have an 05 with 82,000 on it and Chevy covered everything including the car rental but there was one thing that made me get another truck, the GM of the dealership told me that I should trade it in, like, right now. So maybe he's not directly stating that there is really something wrong with this engine. That was just my perception.
    They gave $10,000 for my truck and I got an 07 Silverado Classic, 5.3 at invoice, less manufacturer's rebate and 60 months "0% financing.
    Good luck.
  • tm4tm4 Member Posts: 19
    Sorry to hear about all the trouble. SO far since mine was fixed I've put about 500 miles on it and it seems fine. Mine idles smoother than it did when it was new, and I'm still getting the same MPG as before. I think the dealer that "fixed" yours doesn't know what the heck they are doing. I would definately try to get them to buy it back.
    Also, regarding the rental car insurance, check with your car insurance company because my insurance company (AAA) said that I am fully covered for rentals too, so I didn't have to get the rental car company's insurance (saved $16 per day).
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    Hey all - I've been looking at the 07 Colorado / Canyon crew cab, thinking of buying one. But then saw this site and saw all the engine troubles.

    So - what would you all recommend?
    Would you buy one again or ???

  • tm4tm4 Member Posts: 19
    The 2007s have a bored out engine (from 3.5L to 3.7L). Because of this, it uses different cylinder heads, so the problem that all of our Colorados have shouldn't be a problem with the 07.
    Other than the engine problem, which the 07s shouldn't have, it's been a great truck. If I were to buy a new truck today, I would probably by an 07 Colorado. It gets great mpg compared to other pickups, the 07 has more HP than a Tacoma, and nicely equiped it's cheaper than any other midsize pickup. After reading Motortrend and Road&Track's long term test of the Tacoma having many serious problems especially with the brakes. Im glad I got the truck.
  • rocketman67rocketman67 Member Posts: 82
    I'm glad I bought an '06 Frontier w/4.0 V6 instead of the Canyon/Colorado like I originally though of doing.
    The I5 was the thing that changed my mind.
    I had a '95 GMC Sonoma with the 4.3 and at 115K miles it was still going strong. The fella who bought it very happy with it.
    But the Frontier is light years ahead of my '95 and the Canyon/Colorado in every respect.
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    :mad: I have not taken my vehicle in yet but by the descriptions in this thread sound like i have the same head and valve spring issue as everybody else. The autozone diagnosis states "#5 miss fire" I replaced the plugs and fuel filter and the light went off a week later for a day or two. My warranty expired at 36K. Has anybody had GM cover the repair after warranty??? any help would be greatly appreceited.
    :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • jtenpasjtenpas Member Posts: 7
    I am having the same issue as you and I am past my warranty. Did you buy the truck new and go over warranty when the problem occurred? Who did you complain to at GM? Did you pay for all the repairs up front and get reimbursed by GM?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated!
  • ramle717ramle717 Member Posts: 11
    Yes to both items. My mileage was way past the warranty. I had 82,500 miles on it. I called GM's customer service filed a complaint, also try to find out who the Factory Rep in your area is and complain to him/her too. I also wrote them a letter of complaint.
    First, they informed me that GM will only cover half of the cost, $1750.00. I told them it was unacceptable. I just kept complaining and they finally stepped-up, covered the total cost, $3500.00, plus car-rental. My truck is still there but I already traded it and got the 07 Silverado Classic taking advantage of the 60 months 0% interest (President's Day Sale). Also, take it to the dealer where you got it, I'm assuming you got it new too, and complain to the the general manager too. Hopefully, if you keep complaining and show yourself at the dealership every so often, the general manager will be pushed to do something to help you out. You can complain, complain and complain some more but not to the point of becoming over-bearing.
    I did a little bit of patronizing also.
    Hope this will help you.
    Good luck!
  • kadtekkadtek Member Posts: 1
    as you can see from reading these post and from owning your truck,,there are some bugs in these and this kind of stuff dose take a bit of time to get resolved,, not all of these trucks are bad seeds,,cut your dealer some slack and stop being a whine [non-permissible content removed],,after all youve got 36000 mile warr. alot of these are repeat visits to the dealer but are resolved,,as im sure your case is,,i suspect this is the first time you have spent real $$ on a vehical and now have a case of the hee bee jee bee s,,not to worry though,,keep in mind these are just machines and are designed to break down and wouldnt ya know,,as yours has proven,,they do,,cut your dealer some slack,,they are going out of there way for you and only want to get this problem resolved and keep you on the road,,if they were willing to swap you into an 07 with carpet and an auto trans and 100k warr. i would have foregone the spray in liner and taken the deal,,thats just plain stupid not to,,after all,,you could have taken the teuck with 0 miles on it and better equipted and traded it in for the truck you really want,,stop your whinning and enjoy the ride!!!!!
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