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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Engine Problems



  • ramle717ramle717 Posts: 11
    My 05 Colorado had 82,000 miles on it and GM covered all the cost including car rental. I spoke to the dealer's general manager and also called GM's customer service. They offered to pay half of the cost first but I told them it was unacceptable. Try to get a hold of the Factory Rep in your area. He can do wonders for you.
    I don't have the Colorado anymore. I traded it in with an 07 Silverado LT. They took the Colorado at mid-price value even when it hasn't been worked on yet. I just signed the release the other day. I have who have friends at other GM dealerships and they were able to give me a pretty good number of Colorados that are in their service area with the same problem. I'm pretty sure GM knows how many there are but for you to know, that gives you a little bit of advantage when you talk or write them. (I also wrote a letter of complaint to GM)
    Well, good luck and hope you get everything squared away.
  • febrilefebrile Posts: 9
    Oh, GM is bearing the cost of repairs and providing replacement transportation for this. I have < 26,000 miles. But I am disgruntled with further problems with this truck after going through the arbitration process becuse of a vibration at road speeds. I lost that but got all 4 General Ameritech tires replaced with GoodYears. So far I have had the cruise control switch, the tail light switch and, now, the cylinder head and instrument panel/dome light switch. There is a lot of wind noise at road speeds that they didn't resolve with insulation behind the interior trim. I am really fearful that this truck is going to be a bad lemon. And it's yellow (very) to boot.
  • jtenpasjtenpas Posts: 7
    I just got my truck back after the head was replaced. it took three weeks. GM covered the costs and a loaner. the dealer did not give me any details of the repair or suggestions on what i should do if it happens again. i am starting to get vibrations at idle and low speeds again. Not alll the time just some of the time. this is the same issues i had before my engine light went on the first time. I think i am going to trade it in...
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Posts: 593
    I'm rather curious if there's a common thread, more that just a Colorado or Canyon truck. In other words, do the symptoms start at a certain mileage, on a truck that has more "city" vs. "highway" miles, on a truck that has it's oil changed at 5000 mile intervals vs. 2000 miles, and other things like that. Anyone care to comment?

    I have a 2005 Canyon 4x4, that currently is approaching 18,000 miles. I'd hate to think that I'm driving a "time bomb", that's going to crap out at any minute. This is especially important to me, as my Canyon is a winter vehicle. If I wanted to drive an unreliable car/truck during the winter, I'd go back to an 8-10 year old, $750 "hoopty", like I drove in the winters of years gone by...
  • febrilefebrile Posts: 9
    I had not noticed a misfire at idle, which they claim is a symptom of this problem, but I have had an intermittent vibration from day one. GM replaced all the tires (Generals were said to cause the vibration) within a couple of weeks of purchase. The misfire came to light because the engine light had come on for a day a couple of times. The code was stored in the computer.

    The dealer told me there is no recall for the head problem, but there IS a service bulletin addressing the problem. Others here have indicated that GM is taking care of the problem regardless of warranty standing. That's good to know.

    I took Chevrolet Motor Division to arbitration over the vibration, which persists today (26,000 miles), but which the NH arbitration board (3 members) said they could not feel when driving the truck. From the number of posts here, I would say the problem is wide-spread. I am generally not satisfied with my truck.
  • tm4tm4 Posts: 19
    "I'm rather curious if there's a common thread"
    That's an interesting question, I know mine was replaced early less than 12,000 miles on the truck and I baby it. I don't drive like a race car, and I change the oil every 3,000 miles.
    I do however haul a 3,000lbs trailer every once and awhile, but only a couple miles here and there.
  • ron_mron_m Posts: 188
    My 80 yr. old father purchased an '07 Canyon Friday afternoon. After reading
    several posts in this thread
    I am now concerned about his PU truck purchasing
    decision. I sure do hope that it is true that GM has
    switched over to a different head design for the '07
    model Canyon/Colorado; and that the valve spring and
    head issues reported here are now history.

    I'm also in the market for a new PU truck and have
    driven the Canyon and Nissan Frontier both. My interest
    lies in a crew cab, short box 4X4. I'd like to purchase
    a domestic PU truck, but after reading about how many of
    you guys have experienced engine problems with your
    Colorado/Canyon PU trucks, I am starting to seriously
    second guess myself on a potential Canyon purchase. Even
    with a 100,000 mile power and drivetrain warranty, I
    simply do NOT want to go through a lot of inconvenience
    with reliability issues. Especially with a brand new truck.

    Ron M.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Just remember most of the people here are here because they have had some problems or like you are looking for a new vehicle. This is a good place to find out what can go wrong with your purchase but again the problem vehicles on the road would be in my guess less than 5%. ALL VEHICLES have problems sometime before they die you are just hoping it's not while you own it. I have a 04 crew 4 X 4 and have not experienced any problems like have been displayed here. Only problem I have had with mine was oxigen sensor went south but all that did was put on the check engine light. It didn't drive or run any differently as far as I could tell. Don't let what you read here bother you, if that is what you want then go for it. If you plan on keeping it I would buy the extended warranty and that goes for any truck, american or foreign as just one repair can use up what you paid for the warranty. Some dealers are now charging $125 per hour or even more to work on your vehicle and they have got so high tech that your neighborhood garage can no longer work on them.
  • I don't know why ya let him make such a mistake....just to save a couple of $100 bucks!!??
    All the warranty in the world is useless after ya start having the head aches of having to keep going back to a dealer....unless ya just like to hang out there.
  • ron_mron_m Posts: 188
    I don't know why ya let him make such a mistake....just to save a couple of $100 bucks!!??
    All the warranty in the world is useless after ya start having the head aches of having to keep going back to a dealer....unless ya just like to hang out there.

    And what makes you automatically assume that I let him make such a mistake? I had absolutely nothing to do with his purchasing decision. He calls me up one day and says, "Why don't you ride over here and see my new pickup truck?" I pull into his driveway and there sits a brand new Canyon. At any rate, I hope that it ends up treating him well.
  • tm4tm4 Posts: 19
    What makes you think the purchase was a mistake at all? The only problem my truck has had so far is the cylinder head, other than that it's been a great truck. With different cylinder heads in the 07 he may never have problems with the truck.
    Just an FYI, Car & Driver and Road and Track both had a lot of problems with their long term Toyota Tacomas. I have a co-worker with a Titan that has had to go back to the dealer 6 times for various problems. So Toyota and Nissan have just as many problems with thier trucks.
  • Given what I've read about these trucks(Canyon/Colorado)I'm glad I did not buy one.
  • ron_mron_m Posts: 188
    What makes you think the purchase was a mistake at all? The only problem my truck has had so far is the cylinder head, other than that it's been a great truck. With different cylinder heads in the 07 he may never have problems with the truck.
    Just an FYI, Car & Driver and Road and Track both had a lot of problems with their long term Toyota Tacomas. I have a co-worker with a Titan that has had to go back to the dealer 6 times for various problems. So Toyota and Nissan have just as many problems with thier trucks.

    Rocketman is who described my father's PU truck purchasing decision as a "mistake". A couple of co-workers of mine have had multiple issues with their Nissan Titan PU trucks. However, all of the Nissan Frontier owners that I know haven't had a single problem with their PU trucks; nor have the Toyota Tacoma owners. But that's not to say that I think Frontier and Tacoma owners' PU trucks are always going to be flawless. A person is indeed subject to have trouble with any make/model vehicle. It's just that speaking from a statistical standpoint, some are much more likely to give problems than others.

    One thing I did notice today when giving my father's Canyon a good hard look, is that there are two nasty-looking seams/weld beads running vertically down the rear of the cab on each side. It looks horrible if you asked me. Very shoddy workmanship. I'd like to look at a few more to see if they were constructed in a similar manner.

    Ron M.
  • febrilefebrile Posts: 9
    I got my truck back Thursday (today) after two days in the shop. They had to order a "cam shaft part." The truck seems to be a little quicker to accelerate at highway speeds but slower at low speeds. So far, in less than two years, I have had:
    1 General tire replaced
    4 General tires replaced
    1 Goodyear tire replaced
    Passenger seat replaced
    Cruise control switch replaced
    Taillight switch replaced
    Headlight switch replaced
    Head replaced.
  • nathanincnathaninc Posts: 12
    My old canyon had the same seam/weld beads running down the rear cab also. The front spoiler was cracked, the tailgate had to be slammed hard just to close properly due to a faulty latch. 15k mile the damn thing needed an alignment. The final straw was the head problem that everyone is having. I heard from someone that this hunk of junk is actually chinese engineering and from all the problems i had it probably is chinese crap.
  • The strange thing is people STILL keep buy these trucks.
    All I can same is it must be because they into S&M....... :)
  • aficioaficio Posts: 1
    My Colorado Z85 had the same "check engine" light problem I had in to the dealer several times and was told it was a software update, bad gas cap and so on.
    Finally I brought it in and was told the top of the gas tank had a crack in it and needed replacement. $1000 later the problem went away......after expiration of warranty of course! :cry:
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Now if you had it in for work DURING warranty several times then even if it is out of warranty it should be covered as they never fixed the problem. I would ask to talk to the service manager, then the district manager and at the same time I would call the 800 number and also register a complaint as this should have been paid for.
  • winmagwinmag Posts: 3
    I am thinking about buying a new Colorado and found this site and all of the complaints. I am assuming (and hoping) that the majority of this is the I5 engine of 2006 and prior. I am looking at a 4 cylinder because Chevrolet does not offer a larger engine with a manual transmission - why, I have no idea, but I am not happy with that arrangement.

    Anyway, late in the comments, it is mentioned about the welds. I noticed this fact myself as I was looking at new trucks on the lot. I noticed very crappy welds down the bed primarily, but not universally. Some had bad welds and some didn't. These welds seem to be due to improper settings on the welding machines, as the welds sit high and prominent with sloppy endpoints. In my opinion, these welds should sit more flush to the bed surface indicating good penetration rather than the cold and sloppy look they have.

    Can someone tell me why in the world a major automotive manufacturer would have such bad quality control that no one notices this? As I said, some were really bad and some looked okay - indicating to me that they are capable of producing a good weld, but fail to notice the many trucks rolling off the assembly line with bad welds.
  • Why would you even consider buying one of these trucks if you can visibly see poor quality control problems? :confuse:
    GM probably does not offer a manual with the 2k7 I5 because the manuals are built so cheap that they won't take the new hp & torque numbers. :sick:
  • d_creedd_creed Posts: 3
    I just got my truck back yesterday. They had it for 5 weeks...not a gmc problem but a local dealership problem that multiple complaints have been surfacing since early 2007.

    :) I love this truck and am torn on whether to sell it. :confuse:

    I definitly recommend an extended warranty for anyone who gets into a 2005-2006 that has the particular defects and VIN's that match the TEC DOC ID#1915 419.

    I recommend taking your canyon in and seeing if it is one of the potential problematic ones.

    If it is on the list have them do a cylinder leak down test.

    Supposedly the new heads fix the problem so it should be smooth sailing once the problem is taken care of.

    GMC should definitly warn folks that own the vehicles with the potential defects prior to the warranty period ending.

    It is obvious that they knew there was a problem since folks have been getting work done under warranty up to 80k miles.

    Bad business practice by GM for not informing the general public. Has anyone considered filing a BBB complaint and using this TEC DOC as the blatent evidence of the defect cover-up?
  • febrilefebrile Posts: 9
    I forgot to mention that the truck came from the factory with front end alignment and torsion bar adjustment out of specs. It had a wind/road noise that is more obvious on the passenger side. They said they installed insulation under the interior trim, but I can't tell it's improved. My truck was swapped in from another dealer, and I didn't drive it before I signed the papers. I regret that fact.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    It was supposed to be read other posts. In more extreme situations it was related to a bad engine block head that needs to be replaced.
  • winmagwinmag Posts: 3
    I guess I figured GMC was a smart enough company to attempt to actually remedy their problems, and eventually, they would get the bugs worked out and produce a reasonable product. Jury is still out on that one I guess.

    That's an interesting take on why they don't offer a manual tranny for the I5. I would figure a manual transmission would be better able to stand up to higher horsepower and torque - as I assume why they don't make automatic semi-trucks or dumptrucks for the most part. My take on it was that automatic transmissions are so popular that they just dropped it as an option on the bigger engines. I would MUCH rather have a manual transmission if I was using a bigger engine to actually do something that required it - like pulling something heavy or trying to extract the vehicle from a mud hole. Too many things to break on an automatic transmission and they seem to be made for highway cruising primarily. (I have a manual on my old S-10 which has 252,000 miles and have done NOTHING to the transmission).
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    The problem is that 99% of the people don't want manual trannys and the ones who do tend to buy cheap versions of the vehicle so they only build the manual with the 4 cyl engine. When I worked at the factory that built the Grand Am and the Olds/Buick versions we only built about 4 manual trannys a day out of 2 assembley lines running 60 cars each per hour. By the third year we dropped the manual tranny completely as it just wasn't cost effective. The reason you see manuals on mostly foreign vehicles is they are selling overseas too which more people want manuals.
  • febrilefebrile Posts: 9
    I hope no one is accepting GM's claim that the I-5 has the power of a 6-cylinder with the economy of a 4-cylinder. The 4.3L V6 in my '01 S-10 would run circles around my Colorado I-5. I drove a Cobalt while my truck was in the shop, and that even was faster from a stop AND at highway speeds. It's propaganda!
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    They didn't say which 6 cyl. Second you are comparing apples to oranges as your S-10 is a 4.3 vs 3.5 and I believe the 4.3 has more HP plus I'm betting the S-10 is a few hundred lbs. lighter.
  • The only reason GM went with the I5 was because the I6 would not fit in the frame that they bought from Isuzu. They had to lob one of the cylinders off to make it fit.
    So one has to wonder why did they not stick with the 4.3 since it is a proven power train? After all if you look at their 2k7 Full Size truck the 4.3 is still alive and well.
    GM just SCREWED UP just plain and simple!! :sick: :cry:
  • motorhead1motorhead1 Posts: 111
    The 4.3 is a good engine but the 3.5 has more hp than the 4.3. The hp on the 4.3 is 195 and the hp on the 3.5 is 220 on all except on the 07 which is 242. I have a 2004 ext. cab 4x4 with a 3.5 that just turned 50k miles and I love the truck. I haven`t had any trouble with the truck. I did change the tires just as soon as I bought the truck because the tires that came on it was not aggressive enough for the kind of driving I do. I also know from reading on this web site that the head could go at any time but I will wait and see what happends.
  • The I5 in NOT a Truck engine or GM would have opted to use it in their ALL NEW 2k7 Full Size lineup. They opted to use the tried and true 4.3 because it has low end torque at low RPMs unlike the I5 which you have to spool up to get anything out of it.
    When I was shopping for a replacement for my '95 Sonoma I was going to buy a Colorado/Canyon because I had very good luck with my Sonoma. But when I heard GM was going to use a 'neutered' I6 I ditched that idea rather quickly. I'm damn glad I did.
    When you build a truck to be a contender in a very competitive midsize truck market one thing you do not do is go in with one arm tied behind your back by putting in a weak power train. That is exactly what GM did.
    They could have stuck with the 4.3 or the I6.
    At the time the I6 was rated as one of the Top Ten Best Engines by Wards.
    GM screwed up!!
    The latest is GM is putting the V8(5.3) in the H3 because the I5 is a total disgrace in the H3.
    They should admit the same mistake and do something for the Canyon/Colorado.
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