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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Engine Problems



  • tm4tm4 Posts: 19
    My check engine light came on in my 06 Colorado Crew Cab. Its a 5 cylinder auto z85 with 11,000 miles on it. The dealer told me it needs a cylinder head and that it's going to be a few weeks before the parts are in. But they told me that the truck is driveable and they gave it back to me and told me to just keep driving it until they get the parts in. Is this normal? Should I really keep driving it in it's condition?
  • When I brought in my 05 Colorado it had 82,000 miles and the service tech told me not to drive it. He said it could do more harm to the engine. So, they gave me a rental. It has bween at the dealer for 3 weeks now. No word from them yet.
  • I thought that the head problems were fixed by the time the 05 came out but from what I read there is still problems with 06 trucks also. I have a 2004 with 46k and I am worried now more than ever. What go`s wrong with the head that causes the whole head to have to be replaced? I love my truck and hate to have trade it for something else.
  • :) I got my 2004 back Friday! The head arrived Thursday and the shop got to work. In all honesty, the truck runs good, the engine sounds good, and I am happy about the results.

    However, after saying that, it is still inconceivable to me that any GM dealership would keep a vehicle for a month (I turned over my keys on January 10th and the work was finished on February 9th) without the slightest consideration for the customer. This engine problem is not an isolated case, I was informed that GM was producing 11,000 heads for just this reason. GM, through their dealerships, needs to be proactive with their customers and immediately offer a rental, tell the customer the truth about the delay time, and go that extra distance to harbor a good relationship.

    I expect to read more about the problems people are having with their GM product and very little about how well they are being treated. Please prove me wrong!
  • tm4tm4 Posts: 19
    Now I am worried, has Chevy taken everyone's truck that had this problem? Am I the only one that they told it's still driveable and gave it back?
    I am still waiting on the parts but I am driving my truck as little as possible because I am afraid that I might do more damage to the engine.
    I am worried that the only reason they gave it back is becasue they don't want to spring for a rental.

    Was anyone else on this forum forced to keep their truck until the parts were in at the dealer?
  • cdf1cdf1 Posts: 3
    My service advisor did say it will do no harm to drive it as it's only a misfire and they would be on the hook if it caused other problems.
  • I talked at length to a Chevy tech about drive-ablility with the indicated check engine light. His input was that is will not do any damage to the engine, at worse the expected indications would be one less cylinder firing. And that is if the valve could not seat at all. At that time the engine would run rough, probably real rough, but it was still safe to drive.

    One of the reasons Chevy is taking back the trucks deals with some warranty coverages. At least in my case, the warranty policy would not cover the repair if the indications were false. The only way to check this is to remove the head and do a visual inspection. Once the head is removed, you are half way through the labor for the total job. The long time delay seemed to be centered around GM gearing up the lines to produce the heads.

    I was told that GM produced around 11,000 heads. If they weren't all spoken for, the wait time sould be greatly reduced. At lease, I hope for your sake this is the case. As far as the rental goes, it was better for them to supply a rental than to have me discussing, quite loudly at times, their lack of concern for a paying customer. It worked for me this time. I don't think I will be as lucky the next time.
  • tm4tm4 Posts: 19
    Thanks for the reply, it puts my mind at ease. I just hope it gets fixed right and I don't end up with more problems down the road becasue of it. So far I have really enjoyed this truck, other than this and the brake-relay recall, its been good.
    After reading Car and Driver's long-term wrap up on the Tacoma, and then reading similar problems in Motor Trend with their long term Tacoma, I'm definately glad I got the Colorado. - -long-bed.html
  • tm4tm4 Posts: 19
    They called me Friday and told me the parts were in, so I dropped off my truck. Apparently when GM covers a rental car they only let you hace a GM vehicle (I guess they don't want you driving a competitors car) Anyways, the only thing left on the lot was an 07 Yukon, so I got to drive around in style for a few day.
    My truck is now finished, I picked it up on Tuesday. They said they haven't had any come back yet, so it's definately fixed. I asked them how many of these they have done? They said about 10. (and this dealer is one of the smaller dealers in SOCAL) so there are definately alot of Colorados with this problem.
    Anyways, if you never hear from me again it's because everything is good and the truck is fine.
    Thank you everybody for your help.
  • I have an 06 Canyon crew cab, 13000 miles and 6 months old. Rough idle and check engine light comes on, dealer replaced a fuel injector and says head needs replaced. At 1500 miles needed an alignment, then brake light switch, now this. In 6 months this truck has spent more time in the shop than my previous 3 Ford Rangers accumulated in 10 years of driving. My nephew told me GMC means Great Mounds of Crap. So far they have been giving me a car to drive when the truck is in the shop, so I am out my time which makes a dent in the paycheck.
  • j420j420 Posts: 3
    The dealer replaced the head and all the valve springs and gave it back to me said everything was all set. I get in to drive away and what happens the check engine light comes on. I drive into the service area and they tell me they forgot to reset the engine light so they did and I drive away. Now my truck is running rough and sluggish and wouldn't you know the check engine light came on AGAIN. So I drive straight to the dealer and demand they take back the truck that only has 5000 miles on it and give me my money back or a new truck! Dealer consoles me and says they will and they are very sorry. I drop the truck off the next day and which was yesterday and speak with the owner of the dealership and he assures me that GM will swap out my truck for a new and he will do the paper work for lemon law if GM doesn't. So he gave me a rental that GM is paying for but I still have to cover insurance which is $16 a day. I went back last night to see a new truck they want to swap me for and to see if my truck was ready, it wasn't and the truck was all torn apart. The truck they want to swap with is 07 automatic 4wd with steal wheels and carpet floors. My truck is 06 standard 4wd with alloy wheels and a sprayed in bed liner vinyl floors(easy to clean). So now I have try to convince them to switch the wheels and give me a discount on a spray in bed liner. The dealer called this morning and said the paper work for the swap is in process and when I ask how long this may take he said probably a couple of weeks. What The Hell GM
  • You're not getting another Colorado, are you?
    I have an 05 with 82,000 on it and Chevy covered everything including the car rental but there was one thing that made me get another truck, the GM of the dealership told me that I should trade it in, like, right now. So maybe he's not directly stating that there is really something wrong with this engine. That was just my perception.
    They gave $10,000 for my truck and I got an 07 Silverado Classic, 5.3 at invoice, less manufacturer's rebate and 60 months "0% financing.
    Good luck.
  • tm4tm4 Posts: 19
    Sorry to hear about all the trouble. SO far since mine was fixed I've put about 500 miles on it and it seems fine. Mine idles smoother than it did when it was new, and I'm still getting the same MPG as before. I think the dealer that "fixed" yours doesn't know what the heck they are doing. I would definately try to get them to buy it back.
    Also, regarding the rental car insurance, check with your car insurance company because my insurance company (AAA) said that I am fully covered for rentals too, so I didn't have to get the rental car company's insurance (saved $16 per day).
  • Hey all - I've been looking at the 07 Colorado / Canyon crew cab, thinking of buying one. But then saw this site and saw all the engine troubles.

    So - what would you all recommend?
    Would you buy one again or ???

  • tm4tm4 Posts: 19
    The 2007s have a bored out engine (from 3.5L to 3.7L). Because of this, it uses different cylinder heads, so the problem that all of our Colorados have shouldn't be a problem with the 07.
    Other than the engine problem, which the 07s shouldn't have, it's been a great truck. If I were to buy a new truck today, I would probably by an 07 Colorado. It gets great mpg compared to other pickups, the 07 has more HP than a Tacoma, and nicely equiped it's cheaper than any other midsize pickup. After reading Motortrend and Road&Track's long term test of the Tacoma having many serious problems especially with the brakes. Im glad I got the truck.
  • I'm glad I bought an '06 Frontier w/4.0 V6 instead of the Canyon/Colorado like I originally though of doing.
    The I5 was the thing that changed my mind.
    I had a '95 GMC Sonoma with the 4.3 and at 115K miles it was still going strong. The fella who bought it very happy with it.
    But the Frontier is light years ahead of my '95 and the Canyon/Colorado in every respect.
  • jtenpasjtenpas Posts: 7
    :mad: I have not taken my vehicle in yet but by the descriptions in this thread sound like i have the same head and valve spring issue as everybody else. The autozone diagnosis states "#5 miss fire" I replaced the plugs and fuel filter and the light went off a week later for a day or two. My warranty expired at 36K. Has anybody had GM cover the repair after warranty??? any help would be greatly appreceited.
    :lemon: :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:
  • jtenpasjtenpas Posts: 7
    I am having the same issue as you and I am past my warranty. Did you buy the truck new and go over warranty when the problem occurred? Who did you complain to at GM? Did you pay for all the repairs up front and get reimbursed by GM?

    Your help would be greatly appreciated!
  • ramle717ramle717 Posts: 11
    Yes to both items. My mileage was way past the warranty. I had 82,500 miles on it. I called GM's customer service filed a complaint, also try to find out who the Factory Rep in your area is and complain to him/her too. I also wrote them a letter of complaint.
    First, they informed me that GM will only cover half of the cost, $1750.00. I told them it was unacceptable. I just kept complaining and they finally stepped-up, covered the total cost, $3500.00, plus car-rental. My truck is still there but I already traded it and got the 07 Silverado Classic taking advantage of the 60 months 0% interest (President's Day Sale). Also, take it to the dealer where you got it, I'm assuming you got it new too, and complain to the the general manager too. Hopefully, if you keep complaining and show yourself at the dealership every so often, the general manager will be pushed to do something to help you out. You can complain, complain and complain some more but not to the point of becoming over-bearing.
    I did a little bit of patronizing also.
    Hope this will help you.
    Good luck!
  • kadtekkadtek Posts: 1
    as you can see from reading these post and from owning your truck,,there are some bugs in these and this kind of stuff dose take a bit of time to get resolved,, not all of these trucks are bad seeds,,cut your dealer some slack and stop being a whine [non-permissible content removed],,after all youve got 36000 mile warr. alot of these are repeat visits to the dealer but are resolved,,as im sure your case is,,i suspect this is the first time you have spent real $$ on a vehical and now have a case of the hee bee jee bee s,,not to worry though,,keep in mind these are just machines and are designed to break down and wouldnt ya know,,as yours has proven,,they do,,cut your dealer some slack,,they are going out of there way for you and only want to get this problem resolved and keep you on the road,,if they were willing to swap you into an 07 with carpet and an auto trans and 100k warr. i would have foregone the spray in liner and taken the deal,,thats just plain stupid not to,,after all,,you could have taken the teuck with 0 miles on it and better equipted and traded it in for the truck you really want,,stop your whinning and enjoy the ride!!!!!
  • nathanincnathaninc Posts: 12
    I had the engine problems with my 04 canyon too. I was 2k miles over the factory warranty. Luckily the dealer and GMC agreed to pay for the repairs. I got it back and it felt rough and had no pickup. I drove it to carmax and sold it that same day. I went and replaced it with a honda ridgeline RTS. Originally paid 22k for the truck. The ridgeline cost me 256000. the extra 4k got me power seats, 6 cd changer, 4wd, dual climate control, and most important of all reliability.
  • jtenpasjtenpas Posts: 7
    GM is covering all of the repairs and the cost of a loaner car even though my warranty was expired. I did not even have to put up a fight. They have not given me a timeline yet for the repair.
    Meanwhile i am debating if i should get rid of the truck as soon as it is repaired. It seems this issue is the case of replace the broken parts and not solve the problem from happening again.

    KEEP IT or TRADE IT??? :confuse:
  • ramle717ramle717 Posts: 11
    Good for you! Anyway, as I've said before, I traded the Colorado and got the more dependable Silverado. I asked the dealer the same question. Their response, "no guarantee."
    I don't want to influence your decision. It's your choice.
    Good luck.
  • tm4tm4 Posts: 19
    I would say keep it for a few hundred miles and see if it acts up again. Most people that have had this problem fixed have either gone on without any more problems, or had all kinds of problems right off the bat. So before you make any costly trade-ins, drive it around for a few weeks. If t starts to fall apart, or if you notice problems with the powerband, then get rid of it. But if you don't see or feel any problems, you might as well drive it and enjoy it.
    So far I've put over 1,000 miles on my 06 Colorado since the fix, and I havent had any problems. In fact my truck feels and idles smoother than it did when it was new. So not everyone's truck is falling apart after the fix.
  • i5guy13i5guy13 Posts: 1
    i bought my 04 canyon in 2004 with 7 miles on it. about 3000 miles after having it i came across a problem where my truck idles very hard to the point where it sounds like it has cams and it displays "REDUCED POWER" on my lsd screen. when i try to give it gas it will not rev above 1,000 rpm's and its bad. ive brought it to the dealership several times and told them to problem and they told me a whole bunch of bs. They replaced the whole ignition system, rewired my headunit for some reason and stuff and everytime they said the problem has been fixed, it has never been truck stalls out, runs like crap and is not a good truck anymore, i just want them to fix it im tired of them saying they fixed it when they never have. I now have 51,000 and ive contaced the lemon law services and i meet with them next week to see whether or not im getting a new truck or what?........please reply with any comments or details
  • jtenpasjtenpas Posts: 7
    i would take it to a different dealer to investigate or talk to the manager and have them investigate all GM bulletins regarding this issue. the dealer i took it to is following the protocal of a GM bulletin. my truck is currently being repaired for a similar problem. mine was not as bad as yours. i only had a rough idle and check engine light. i took it in directly to the manager of the dealership and starting working on it at no cost to me even though my warranty was expired. my valve in my 5th cylinder was stuck open causing miss fires.
  • d_creedd_creed Posts: 3
    My 05 Canyon Has Just over 30k miles and did the same thing. I took it into my private mechanic and they found a misfire on the #4 Cyl. GM Had the truck for 2 weeks and did not find the misfire. I took it back and had the GM service notice from my mechanic stapled on the Steering wheel. They require all the valve springs replaced to correct the problem a 6.1 hour job and it requires a special tool that breaks when they try to fix your truck. Still haven't gotten my truck back after 3 weeks now.
  • pmurraypmurray Posts: 10
    I had the valve problem in my '05 Colorado (got it back this time last year). I had about 20k and they replaced the head, which took 3 weeks. I have put another 10k since and the truck has been mostly fine since but I am afraid it will break again and won't be covered. I tried to find out what the problem exactly is and how it was addressed. Like, were there some bad parts? was it a design problem? Whatever it was did they just put the same junk on or was the part/design corrected. The dealer treats you like an idiot and I could not find anyone to give me a straight answer. I bought a second one of these trucks for my father in law and worry if he will have a problem. This is my first american car. I have had Honda and Toyota, mostly Toyota trucks. My last 3 Toyota trucks I put 170K, 230K and 160K on each one and have never had any problems at all. I like the way the Colorado looks and it drives fine for me.
  • texvel22texvel22 Posts: 1
    Like others out there my engine has begun its decent. After figuring out what exactly has to be done to fix the misfire ($4400) later, GM is deciding wether or not they want to help. Problem began at 52,000 miles and not being covered by warranty has caused a serious altimatum of wether or not to stick this out. If GM does not pick up the tab then I am swearing off Chevy for the rest of my life. I feel that this is a defect and should be a recalled.

    Any advice out there
  • febrilefebrile Posts: 9
    Learned today my '05 Colorado LS (Z85 4X4 I5 5-speed manual)head has to be replaced. Only 26,000 miles on it. There is no recall, but the dealer gave me a copy of the service bulletin regarding the problem. The new head is supposed to have "hardened" valve seats. Strange that the problem is with cylinder # 4. I saw someone else had a problem with the same one.
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