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Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon Engine Problems



  • Luckily for me my truck has not have this many troubles but I'm not very pleased with GM with the performance of the Colorado and their support. (or lack of support). After purchasing 7 new GM vehicles over the years this Colorado is the last GM product I will own.
  • dmathews3dmathews3 Posts: 1,739
    Now wait a minute. You have had NO problems with the truck but you are unhappy with the performance. Did you not drive this vehicle before buying? Did you think it would magically double in power 6 months down the road? Maybe GM will be better off without you. Get a truck that works as advertised and you are still unhappy. Why not by a Toyota truck with the engines that were blowing up, or a Camry with sludge problems. The grass may not be greener on the other side of the hill but I doubt no one can tell you that so go for something else and I hope you have better luck if that is possible since nothing is wrong with what you have. :shades:
    Oh my 04 4x4 crewcab has more than enough power for me.
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Some people come to the boards to say this or that but are just making up a story because they are loyal to their Japanese car/truck, for whatever reason. The guy probably doesn't even have a Colorado.
  • I have an 07 Colorado 4x4 which has given absolutely no trouble. Runs great. I have changed the oil every 3-4k miles. I noticed recently that there is a slight bit of emulsified oil on the bottom of the dipstick. I changed the oil, but it still shows up. I asked Chevy about it, but they said I will have to pay for an oil test myself. Has anyone else had this problem? I am hoping there is not a leak somewhere.

  • Hi,

    well it had to happen. I have been following these comments since I first posted a message about our truck going into 4 wheel drive, by the way caused an accident and wiped out the side of the truck. Of course no one at Chevrolet would look at it, nothing has registered on the computer!!!!!!!
    Now the engine light came on.....engine running on 4 cylinders. At present truck is in the shop.
    I would like to hear from some of the owners of the Colorado that had the repair done....what to expect and what their opinions are now. What and if they have kept them or what.
    Would like to get rid of the truck, but I hate to take the collossol lose of money I would have to eat. Sure was a bad day when we made the decision to buy a Chevrolet.....Chevy does not stand behind their products like it should.

  • One more thing, when your Colorado was repaired, what all was done to it.
    My dealer said they replace all the gaskets cylinders and heads, but leave the old block.....
    How about getting back on this with me
  • leadfoot4leadfoot4 Posts: 593
    If you are the original owner on record, GM should have sent you a letter outlining what the problem is, and what they will cover in repairs, at no cost. In fact, someone posted a copy of that letter here, I believe, about 6-8 weeks ago.

    I asked the question on this forum about 12-18 months ago, about how different people drive and maintain their Colorado/Canyons, just to see if there is some sort of common cause. Nothing ever came of it. My '05 Canyon has 22,500 miles on it...So far, so good.

    Anyway, as far as I know, they replace the entire cylinder head assembly with an updated '07 unit.
  • vld2007vld2007 Posts: 1
    Is there anything I can do to get dealer help with my engine problem? I have an '04 Colorado with the infamous engine problem. Problem started at 88k miles and we thought it was the injectors so we had them cleaned. We commute a long ways and six months later we had over 100k on the truck and a letter comes in the mail describing our symptoms and saying that the warranty was extended (lot of good that did us.) So I called Chevy--no luck, called the dealer and after I threw a ginormous hissy fit they offered to only charge me $1,000 and they would diagnose things, possibly replace the head and then tell me what else was wrong with the truck, and let me know if there would be any additional charges. I did not take them up on their "generous" offer. Now I'm looking into buying a new engine, but it would be great if there were a better way to get this mess fixed. I have to pay on this piece of crap for three more years.
  • I have a 2006 Chevy Colorado with 27000 miles. Untill last night I have never had any problems untill I went to start my truck. As soon as it started it died. On the dash it says ABS fault and low fuel. There is over half tank of gas. Any question to what the problem is?
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    Sorry, I can't say. I have read on other forums that the parking brake has been related to engine code warnings when it had nothing to do with it. Not likely it but make sure your parking brake and gas cap are secured. Other than that I don't have a clue.
  • Bought my '04 Colorado Ex cab, 4WD with 2.8 on January 3, 07 with 56 K miles. It was a fleet ruck with fleet maint records. About 90% highway miles and it looked the part: Like new condition. Engine was strong running and very quiet. I drive basically only on the highway about 100 miles a day, 6 days a week. It had a fresh oil change when I bought it and I did the first change after about 8K miles. I know that seems like a long interval, but I really drive only on the highway, and I drove it very conservatively, never leadfooting. I noted that it had used less than half a quart in those 8K miles. The next three oil changes went the same way: very little oil missing between changes (like 4oz, really), oil not even black. This motor was very tight, never missed, always started right up, with very smooth idle and plenty of power.

    All that changed in a two week period about two months after my last oil change, about 5K miles into the new oil. At first I noticed a tiny tapping noise when the engine first started up cold in the morning. It went away after only a minute or so and I didn't give it much thought. But over the next couple of days it got louder. It sounded very much like a noisy tappet. So I checked the oil level and it was low, like WAY LOW, below the dipstick! Whoa, I thought, that's weird. This thing NEVER uses oil between changes and a quick look underneath showed a dry engine and chassis so no leak evident. So I went to top off the oil and noted that the bottom of the filler cap was 'sludgy', not like coolant in the oil, but like very old oil that was never changed. Again weird; the oil always looked good between changes, now this??!!

    But the tapping got louder and louder over the next couple of days and the engine got hard to start. After starting it would tap loudly and also had a 'hard' miss when cold. I began to check the oil level daily and noticed it was using like a quart a day!!! I don't have a spare vehicle so I had to keep driving it until I could figure this out or it died, whichever comes first.

    But the oil consumption stayed about a quart a day or so and sometimes when leaving a stop the engine would have a serious hesitation and puff out a huge cloud of smoke, both white oil and black fuel smoke. During all this time the temperature never rose above the first notch on the gauge and the idle was smooth as glass. This went on for about a week until one day (Friday night actually) upon leaving a stop sign it stalled and never started again. It had 93K miles total. May it rest in peace :sick:

    Now I don't have ANY faith in engines that have, or have ever had a loud tapping noise with or without sludgy looking oil, so I have NO PLANS of repairing this engine, especially when I can get one out of an '06 with 10K miles for $750 with a 6 month warranty and Carfax report.

    But what the hell happened??!! Are these engines really THAT JUNKY??!!

    :lemon: :lemon: :lemon:

    Any thoughts?

  • adad23adad23 Posts: 1
    This is for all the Canyon/Colorado owners with the I4 model. I had the top end replaced about 6 mos. ago( @ 64,000 mi.) Ck. Eng. lite failures were common prior to the cylinder misfire problem. Since the new parts were installed(about 10,000 mi.) I am ready to junk the truck. The Ck. Eng. lite has been on again. The truck has been back to the dealer three or four times for the routine diagnostics and all they told me was no problem could be found. :lemon: :(
  • I'm seriously considering a swap to Isuzu NPR power. The 4cyl turbo will fit right in and get me well over 30 MPG, more than offsetting the higher cost of diesel. Oh yeah, and it WON'T BREAK!

  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    What's the Isuzu NPR engine?
  • poncho167poncho167 Posts: 1,178
    It sounds like that valve seal issue that was supposedly corrected with the 2.9 L model engine or slightly before with the late generation 2.8 L if im not mistaken.
  • jeepgirl05jeepgirl05 Posts: 14
    I am looking for a small 4 dr. crew cab p/u. Had my sights set on a Colorado, until this morning. Its an 05 w/43k miles. Got to "test it" for weekend. This morning I go to start it, nothing happens, won't even turn over. Let it sit for couple hours, go back & try it again, this time it starts, but smells like something is burning so, no dashboard lights come on, shut it off, get out & notice oil like stuff all over ground. Smelled like burning rubber, the dealer to come & get it. They come n get it want to charge me for towing, which i refused to pay, its there stupid truck. The tow guy said the stuff on the ground was a mixture of oil, transmission fluid & gas & there must be a hole somewhere in the engine area They haul it away, the dealer called asked what i did to it to cause this mess. I drove it two days, no off-road or anything like that. Have another one...different dealer its an 06, see what it leaks, then going back to Jeeps.
  • marc2340marc2340 Posts: 1
    OK all here's the deal on the cylinder heads. My 06 Colorado crew cab 4x4 z71 package 33,000 miles started with a check engine light, diagnosis misfire cylinder 5. I took the vehicle to the dealer here in Little Rock AR, they supposedly made a repair to the fuel injector. Drove to visit family in St. Louis check engine light came back on, I stopped at a St. Louis dealer, Lou Fusz, who told me of the cylinder head problems. Because of the extended time to make the repair he suggested I have the work done when I got home to Little Rock. In LR at Crain Chev, they again supposedly repaired the fuel injector, another check engine light 24 hrs later and I returned to the LR dealer and insisted they look for cylinder head problems. Final diagnosis cylinder heads leaking and valves were bad. A Chevy tech bulletin recommended replacement, this was under warranty. The dealer kept my truck for 3 weeks so make sure you get a rental car under your warranty.
    After getting my truck back everything seems fine but I called Chevrolet Customer care and eventually got a Victoria Castro. After much discussion GM has given me an extended component warranty on the engine for an additional 3 years or 60,000 miles from the date of repairs.
    When you get the customer care rep they will try to sell you a discounted extended warranty and insist the warranty cannot be extended for free. Ask for a supervisor and be very persistent. It took me about 3 conversations and much persistence with Castro to get the extended warranty. Make sure you point out this has been an ongoing problem since 04 on the Colorado.
    Also just for FYI the dealers and customer care reps will all act as if they know nothing of the valve problem but there is a tech bulletin issued by Chevrolet for the Colorado and they will extend the warranty even after repairs are made.

    Good luck to all!
  • donnyrdonnyr Posts: 15
    I just purchased a 2008 Canyon in December and was pleased with the truck, but noticed each morning or after the car cooled down, upon cranking the engine I have a knock in the engine only briefly, but yet a knock. I went to the dealer and asked to crank other Canyons on the lot. I cranked approximately 5 with no noise. So I informed service that my Canyon sounded like a diesel when cranking cold and smoothed shortly after. First they informed me it was the catalytic converter, then fan noise, then called me back and wanted permission to drive the truck 35 or 40 miles because of the fuel injectors. The truck has less than 1000 miles. They gave me a truck to drive and I've had that truck for one month. Now the dealer is telling me that my truck is drivable, for me to come get it, and they would have an engineer later on to come in to see the truck, but that I should drive it until he comes to see it. Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated due to the fact that GM had to buy back my GMC Envoy three years ago. Should I get my truck or should I leave it with the dealer until they find the problem? I am afraid that driving it might damage the truck or possibly breakdown. Signed, HELP!
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    I'd try to get them to take back the truck and exchange it for another new one. The longer this goes on the less likely that the dealer will do anything for you. Good luck.
  • donnyrdonnyr Posts: 15
    THANKS for your input but the dealer has told me that they just cannot do that ,that GM has to step in and resolve the issue. The reginal service manager called today and stated that my issue was the only one of it's kind. so we got on a three way line with my service manager here and he informed the regional manager that there were others surfacing. Now I'm in a wait and see what GM has to declare.
  • donnyrdonnyr Posts: 15
    any 08 canyon owners out there that have any eng problems if so what type. this one i've got looks as if i'll be going thru the same issues as i did when my envoy had to be bought back . If so i will not be buying any more GM products. I just want to be treated like we the customer have a valid issue and not some jerk trying to get something for NOTHING. thats how they make you feel anyone else feel the same?
  • lift4041lift4041 Posts: 6
    I have owned my colorado for about a year and half now. I have had various problems. Such as it acts as if its running out of gas, and pressing the throttle just makes it worse. I have to shut it off and then restart it, then it runs fine. Wierd? I used to have the check engine light coming on quite regular, but haven't had it on for some time now. But I do have an engine rattle upon start up. As well as clattering coming from the valves or valve train. I have received a letter from GM stating that there is a problem with the cylinder heads on the L4 and L5 engines. The last time I went to the dealer they said that the problems that I am experiencing are not connected with the GM issue. I will be going back since my engine noises are worse. Hope I don't run into a problem with them since my check engine light hasn't been coming on.
  • donnyrdonnyr Posts: 15
    Thanks for your reply to my post. The dealer has had my truck for a month and a half, although they've supplied me with a Sierra, a $42,000 vehicle to drive, it's still not my truck. I'm waiting to see when and if the engineer will make an evaluation on what manner or method they will use to eliminate this issue. I no longer want the vehicle and would like nothing more than for GMC to replace with a new vehicle. They have told me to pick up and drive my truck, that there is no reason that I can't drive the truck. I informed him that the truck is not fixed and I don't want to drive the truck until it is. I wish you luck on yours and will keep my problem posted as to the results.
  • ddidioddidio Posts: 3
    I have an 08 Colorado that does the same thing. When I took it to my dealer, their
    spew was that there was no documented issue of this sort in their data base, so
    they said that it was probably normal. Some days later when I received a call from their customer service dept. wanting to know why I had refused their recomendation to change the oil to see if it would remedy my issue, I told her why in the world would you need to change the oil in a brand new truck with 2300 miles on it, number one and number two, if that was the diagnostic direction that they were going to use I don't think I would want them working on it period. She went on to reinforce the the fact that there was nothing in their data base to indicate that there were other people with this problem, so I ask if my complaint had been entered into the data base. She said "probably" not because they had not found a resolution to the issue. I said that makes no sense and therefore their data base is useless. She then asked what I thought should have been done. I said some sort of oil pressure test, especially at start up should have been done. She left me on hold for sometime and went to talk to her service manager. They then set up for me to bring the truck in and that they could do such testing. To make a long story short, they had the truck for 3 days and said that they could find nothing out of the ordinary. They at first said that they could not get it to make the noise and when I pretty much called them liars and took 40 bucks out of my wallet and said lets go over to the truck right now and start it up and I would bet that it would sound like a diesel engine when it started, the service tech said that he could hear the noise, but
    the pressure test didn't indicate any problem. The service advisor then chimed in that he had been watching the test gauge and it seemed to him it was slow in coming up to pressure, but nobody added anything more to the conversation and
    since they all said there was nothing from GM indicating this to be a "known issue"
    they offered no resolution. They did however leave me with the assurance that I had "plenty of warranty left" if it were to become major problem.
  • donnyrdonnyr Posts: 15
    I appreciate your input. They have had my truck for almost 2 months now. I informed the GM service rep. that I did not want the truck back. I wanted a new truck. She told me she didn't think they would do that, but told me that she was told that the truck was 98% right and nothing else could be done. I told her that if it's 98% right, it's still wrong. I told her that I am an aircraft mechanic and how would the pilot feel if I told him the engine is knocking, but it's 98% right. You think he would fly that airplane? I paid good money for this truck and I want it right, and I want to be treated like I have a valid complaint, and not trying to get something for nothing. GM has a bad issue about making people feel like complainers and like they're trying to get something for nothing. Just treat me fair is all I ask. I was called today and she told me that a decision has not been made at this time and that it would require 2 more days. I told her she's had the truck for 2 months, what's 2 more days? I also was told that no one else in the industry had a problem with that noise. I have since learned there are a number of people with the same issue. Thanks again for your input, but I don't a warranty to fix something that is broken now. I want it right to begin with. Warranty is good, I hope, but I do not want to use it on a new vehicle. I want it right, especially since there's less than a thousand miles on the truck.
  • jpfjpf Posts: 496
    At this point you may want to check out the lemon laws in your state. Good luck.
  • gfcargfcar Posts: 2
    I just purchased a 2008 Chevy Colorado 2.9L crew cab.  At 1400 mi I began noticing a knocking/rattling noise during cold start-ups. The noise diminishes after a few seconds, but has now worsened at 4100 mi.   I have recently brought the truck into the dealer for servicing.  Their initial diagnosis was that the spark plugs were making the noise!!!  Spark plugs!!!  I then had them keep the truck another day, they came back with a thought that it was now the air pump...possibly, but were not sure about "what noise" I was referring to.  I now have my truck back, the noise remains, and was told that I shouldn't worry because of the 100,000 mi warranty!  I spoke to the VP of the dealership today and a meeting is scheduled with the mechanic, VP, and myself later this week.
  • ddidioddidio Posts: 3
    I agree with everything you've said. I don't buy the warranty thing either. If it's
    not right they need to fix it or replace it. I know have a recall letter on it and the
    windshield wipers now come on for no reason. I am about to take it back for
    these so I will bang the drum on the noise again. There no doubt that they can hear
    it now because it has gotten more noticeable. I received a response to a post I
    made on another site from a GM mechanic who says that he has dealt with this
    issue. He claims that they "threw parts" at this engine for a week and never found
    the resolve. He claims a GM engineer told them that this noise was normal. It's
    apparent that GM is aware of this issue with some of these engines. It's just gonna be a bear to get them to do anything.
  • donnyrdonnyr Posts: 15
    I really appreciate your response. I just received from GM a notice that they want to talk to me about a settlement or what they are going to do about the vehicle. I missed her phone call this afternoon; she will call me on Monday. I feel sure that GM is not going to do anything but tell me the 100,000 mile warranty will cover it all. I informed her last week that I did not want the vehicle. The dealer has had it for 2 months and I feel with the other inputs I've received, I will have nothing but trouble with this vehicle. I don't have time to drive back and forth to the dealer so they can diagnose something they said they can't fix. I'll keep you informed what the resolution is. I really appreciate your input.
  • donnyrdonnyr Posts: 15
    I appreciate both you and ddidio replying to my message and concern about my 2008 Canyon. I just got off the phone with the GM rep, Ms. Diane Tolver, at 1866.790.5600 ex. 12307, and she informed me that the GM engineers are convinced that there is no problem with this engine and it's perfectly sound, and told me when the argument got somewhat heated, that it was a lubrication issue. I asked her to repeat that and she said it was an issue, not a problem. I told her that an issue is a problem. She said the case would be closed because there was nothing more they could do. So I will pick my truck up and start the process of the lemon law. I told her that if they could resolve this issue we would not be having this conversation. There is an unresolved issue, which I want addressed, and every Canyon owner should make an effort to demand something be done about this so-called issue. I would like to hear from more '08 Canyon owners to see if they also have some of the same "issues" that we have. A warranty is to fix something that goes wrong after the purchase, and should not be used to appease someone because of a problem found in a brand new vehicle, especially and "issue" that is not common to all like vehicles/engines.

    Thanks. Semper Fi
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