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Acura TL vs Infiniti G35

richey02hgrichey02hg Posts: 69
edited April 2014 in Acura
Well these are the two I narrowed it down to so I thought it was worth a discussion.

Based upon the pricing I have seen so far to match what comes standard on the TL you would have to get a G35 Journey with premium package, which comes out to a little over 34k as opposed to 33,625 on the TL. Not a bad alternative in my opinion. My estimation is that the G35 will be priced a little closer to MSRP at the dealers since it had a lot more changes done to it.

However, I have tested the interior of the new G35 yet, but it does look appealing. Its a shame the IS is the size of a Corolla (therefore does not appeal to me at all) or I'd fit it in here too.

Any commments/suggestions regarding the new 07 models from Acura and Infiniti?

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  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I'm on the same fence...

    The IS (Who was once in front) is now out of my view and I'm on the TL/G35x fence.

    I like the look of the new G but have major concerns about quality, longevity, and back-end value.
    I've seen too many 05-06 G owners who are suing Infiniti due to brakes going every 12K.
    I've also seen issues with Bluetooth not working well... but the 07 may be completely different.
    I know they cant come out and say they "fixed" the brake issue, since that would mark them responsible for 1,000s of current lawsuits, but I'd like to know they were aware of it and addressed it.

    I haven't seen the 07 G in person yet (Dealer is a 12 day hike by alpaca) but I have seen the 07 TL and I'm liking it alot.

    Until I see & drive the G in November, I'm leaning toward the TL for early spring, as I know it will last, will hold it's value, and will show minimal issues.

    If the '09 TL lives up to it's hype, it'll be a front runner for sure.
    I'll take an '07, allow the bugs to get worked out of the '09s and then trade in mid 2010 :D
  • i was not aware of that. I thought infiniti/nissan were close to the quality/longetivy standards of toyota and honda. Of course I'm only 22, so I have not been around the game for long. But I always thought toyota were neck and neck for #1 when it comes to reliability and nissan was a very close 2nd to those two.

    I'm really glad infiniti gave us this nice choice because otherwise we might be paying top dollar for the 07 TL for awhile :) but I'm hoping to get a TL in dec/jan for a little over invoice (if the infiniti doesnt blow me away)

    the main thing for me is i'd have to see and feel the new G's interior to see how it compares to the TL, because thats what makes me love the TL so much
  • pmvipmvi Posts: 63
    Why wouldn't the G35 hold it's value as well as a TL?

    Also, I thought brake issues involved only pre-2005 G35's.

    I can understand wanting to hold off on a first year model, but the g35 seems a much more compelling package IMHO: RWD, better handling & acceleration, much improved interior (though this is a strong suit for the TL). It seems it has caught up and passed the TL in terms of technology (for now at least).

    Obviously styling is subjective and FWD may be better for those in the snowbelt. Also, I imagine better deals will be had on the TL since it has been out for a bit.
  • I too am on the fence regarding the two vehicles (though leaning heavy towards an '07 TL Type S).

    Although, I must admit I have quality concerns over the Acura. I currently drive a 2003 TL Type S and have been through 4 transmissions (very bad). I have three friends with the same car, two of which have each put two transmissions into their cars.

    I realize that the 2004 TL has not had the same problems, but the Type S is a new engine-transmission pairing so current reliability rankings don't apply directly to the new Type S.

    I guess I'll have to buy one to find out... :shades:
  • are you looking at the TL withOUT NAV? and then the G35 withOUT NAV? just wondering about the 33625 figure. after REALLY REALLY wanting the '07 TL and then taking a closer look at the G35x (haven't seen it yet in person), i think i am now on the same fence. :D
  • patpat Posts: 10,421
    edit #2, wow you guys are fast!

    Hahahaha! I just happened to be around - don't expect that kind of service all the time! :P
  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    I too am in the exact same situation, I'm looking at the TL Type-S and the new G35 sport loaded (prem, Nav, Tech, Sirius), I drove both of them this week. I was able to take the G35 out twice first for 15 min, second for 45 minutes to really get comfortable with the car and use to it. The TL I took once for about 20 minutes, and here's my thoughts.

    TL Type-S w/nav auto - $38,500 (quote by Dealer)
    G35 Sport Loaded auto- $39,700 (actual sticker)
    G35 AWD Loaded auto - $38,900 (quote by dealer)

    The bottom line is the TL is more for the relaxed older audience, that's not really concerned about performance, but likes having the extra power there or understands the long term value by getting the Type-S now and what it's worth compared to base TL in 5 years. if you appreciate cars but after 6 months it becomes transportation, then this is your car. it's not a performance vehicle, no matter what badge (type-s) you slap on the back. I'm not knocking it, because it's a fantastic car for the money.

    The bottom line on the G35 is it is designed for someone who LOVES cars, this is a true sport inspired car that makes no compromises. it has a much stiffer ride (not overly stiff) it's agile, quick in turns, has a small tight steering wheel, it is designed for driving enthusiasts. Do you LOVE your cars are you looking to get thrilled every time you start the car via push button? then this is your car.

    To those who LOVE their car, The G35 when put into tiptronic/paddle shifting manual, this car will hold 1st gear to 40 mph (redline) and then KEEP IT THERE! it doesn't throw you into 2nd to save a squirt of gas. at 44MPH you can down to first, and the revmatch taps the gas and pulls you down to 40mph (redline) and KEEPS IT THERE! I've yet to come across a car that does this for under 70K (Audi S8).

    In terms of features, the G35 has enough that stand out over the TL, that I've made my decision, here they are: Interior in the G35 is nicer, overall fit and finish is probably equal, but the G35 is tighter/sportier, where the TL feels softer and more relaxed. Push button start, Better voice command then TL, Better navigation (Hard drive based), Better audio system, Music box (9.5G storage), Rear wheel drive, AWD availability, Hands down faster, more powerful, and definitely quicker on it's feet. AND Infiniti offers SIRIUS! and XM (Howard Stern Fan & Concerned in 2 years if both companies merge/buy out, where does that leave the XM only people?)

    Major turn off's from TL Type-S: The Rims, God-awful no matter how long you stare at them, they never become acceptable IMO, requires the $1800 upgrade package to look good and that puts you over the G35 in price. Front Wheel Drive, They don't offer SIRIUS Radio.

    So My Decision is a Black/Graphite G35 Sport with Premium package, Navigation Package, Technology Package, and the 4 Wheel Active Steering) For a total of $40,900. I'm placing my order today!

    Good luck everyone, to sum up, IMO, I started out thinking these cars were "the same" but in the end, they are VERY different cars, when your ready to buy and take both you, I'm sure you'll realize the same thing, The cars are equal, but it comes down to who you are and how you are with your cars. love them or appreciate them?
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Okay... I'm by no means stating that an Infiniti is not going to last or that Nissan builds junk, but I can only go by my own experiences.

    I have friends with Maximas and Altimas, and they do not show their ages well at all.
    I know nothing about Infiniti, and this is why I contionue to research.
    I have by no means counted Infiniti out, but I am cautious.

    As for G issues, I've only been watching the G35x, as this is what I'd be buying.
    There are several people suing Infiniti foir brakes on their 06 G35x, so that issue is by no means resolved.

    Being from MA, I really want a car with a balance of luxury and sportiness, but can handle the white stuff in the winter months.
    I love the IS250 AWD, but the lack of power has caused me to look elsewhere.
    I love the new G, haven't seen it in person yet, but don't want to buy into problems.
    I'd have only myself to blame after seeing what people with 05s and 06s have gone through.

    The TL Type-S... that will STINK in the snow, but will be good enough with good snows on it.
    I love the interior, and being an 06 MDX owner, the Acura gadgets have proven themselves and get a thumbs up from me.

    I'll wait until I have time to journey to the far away Infiniti dealership, but I'm very much leaning toward the TL Type-S.
    I love the look, the interior gets a 9.5, and having previous experience with Honda and Acura, know it'll last.

    With that being said, I just read kring5's post above and I'm right back in the middle of the fence (Ugh)
    I have to drive this Infiniti....

    My issue is that there's 2 dealers near me, and by near, I mean over 2 hours away.
    I'll need to find someplace close for repairs if needed and for servicing, that stinks.
    I'd probably be leaning toward the G if the dealer wasn;t so far away :(
  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    Forgot to mention that at the Infiniti Dealer they cover lifetime oil changes (6 a year max) and loaner cars, and in my county they come pickup my car at work and drop it back off when it's done free of charge. A big convenience and cost savings long term.

    Resale value on the G35 from my research is slightly better then the TL, and will probably go up higher with the interior & power improvments (old interior was turnoff to a lot of people) Total cost of ownership at 5 years and 10 is thousands less for the G35. another point of decision.

    BTW. I wanted to add that I was originally including the BMW 330i / 335i in the mix until I fell out of my chair laughing that the 2007 335i is $52,000. I guess it's true what people are saying about BMW's direction. They discourage you from buying their cars by sticker shock, to get you to lease the vehicle because they are doing so well on the 2nd round of leases.. bumping up price but giving you decent lease rates (compared to finance numbers) i.e. $800/mo to finance, $500 to lease).

    The BMW is not worth $12K more, no matter what way you look at it. Major turnoff was that they are short about 2-4" inches of rear leg room in real life, don't look at the specs because they are deceiving, the TL and G35 both have real-world 2-3" more of rear leg room when a 6 foot person is comfortable in the drivers seat of all 3 cars.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501

    How's the backseat in terms of adult legroom in the G?

    The IS was just awful, the TL is actually very roomy.
  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    I'm 5' 10" and spent a while back there and was very satisfied at the room, It's a bit less then the Altima/Maxima (I have 02 Altima). The way I approached it was to sit in the front seat and position it perfectly for me, then get in the back, on both the G35 and TL it was exactly the same, my knee's did not touch the back of either seat, had a solid two inch's and I had no problem getting size 10 shoes in and out, the G35's doors open a full 80 degrees feeling a tad bit more spacious of an entrance and exit. The back of the G35's seats are soft leather, while the TL has hard plastic backs, which means to me that if someone is over 6' and likes to have arms stretched out, the person in the rear will be fine while sitting, but getting in and out will probably hit knee's or possible feet if they are near 6' as well.

    I'm not positive, but I felt the G35's front seat had the ability to go back a few extra inches, in the TL with the seat all the way back I could still reach the wheel and pedals just fine with my back in the seat. but in the G35 I
    had to lean forward, seems like a little more room if your over 6'.

    few more thoughts on G35: the Instrument cluster is beautiful, stunning with the blue eclipse look, and it moves with the position of the steering column, with the column all the way down and into the dash you could still clearly see the whole gauge, with the TL it shaved off the top slightly based on my eye level.
    bottom line, TL and G35 are the same in back space, both have plenty of room for the 6' and under people.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    Thanks... I guess I better plan on driving to the dealer.
    I don't plan on buying until Spring and most sales guys become complete jerks once they hear that, so I may wait a short while.

    I completely agree about the wheel on the TL.
    After some playing with the seat and wheel, I found my perfect happy place, but then the top of the speedometer gauge was clipped from my site... don't like that.

    Did you happen to notice the tires?
    Michelins, Bridgestones, other?
    I researched the 07 G35x on tirerack for OE tires, and they listed mostly snow tires.. so I still have no idea.
  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    The tires on the G35 sport were 18" Bridgestone Potenza RE050A'sm W rated. They did not have a AWD version in yet, but Infiniti/Nissan always uses the Bridgestones.

    That sparks another thing with the TL that was a slight turnoff, the tires were very odd, I'd never heard of the tire name on the wall so not sure who made them and can't recall the name. The odd visual was were the tire meets the rim's; there was this protruding rubber ring that made it look very awkward, like the rims were 215's wide, and the tires were 235's, the tires actually hang over the rim... I noticed that immediately as I was walking to the car, it stands out. Not sure if those were the standard or performance tires on the TL.
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    The protruding ring on the tire... there's a name for it I can't recall, but it's there to protect the edge of the rim from those occasional brushes with curbs.
    It's becoming more common with certain tire sizes.
    The base tires are Michelin Pilot MXM4's - come on both the TL and TL Type-S.
    The Type-S offers the optional Bridgestone Potenzas for a few hundred more.

    I have a question regarding the Sat Radio...
    Is it possible to get the car equipped with Sirius Radio and XM Nav Traffic?
    If I had to guess, it would be a double whammy... pay for Sirius AND XM, since you need both receivers.
  • kring5kring5 Posts: 144
    I don't think you can have both, it's one or the other, the receiver is replaced by the dealer. different guts.

    The traffic sounds cool, has anyone see it in action, does it work well?

    Going with Sirius over XM looses the traffic, in my case it doesn't matter because 95% of my driving is limited to and from work and weekend drives. Unfortunately for me in CT there's really only 1 way to get anywhere with only 3 highways through the entire state, I don't think traffic works on back roads, it's probably limited to highway and major city downtowns.
  • yes im comparing the TL without nav which from the website is 33,625...and the G35 journey with premium package and without nav,because those options seems to match the standard on the acura (bluetooth, sound system, etc.) which came out to 34,200 or something like that.

    Im only comparing MSRP right now because I have not actually gotten quotes yet, and I'm planning to pay only 31.5k before TTL on these cars, but we'll see. I'm not sure where they got the prices (entry level luxury thread) but I used those prices for the G35

    However, I will say I might splurge for the Nav system because that real time traffic update sounds really good here in Southern california :)
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    For 41k, I would buy a 335i through ED w/ leather, xenons and sport package which BTW is still THE sport sedan in this segment IMHO.

    The remark about the TL being for a relaxed older audience is obviously ridiculous and is not worth getting into a discussion over.

    The fit/finish and interior in the updated G are undoubtedly improved but still ugly in my very subjective opinion. yuck!

    The TL delivers "enough" performance for those who stopped driving their cars like it was stolen on a daily basis.
  • To those who LOVE their car, The G35 when put into tiptronic/paddle shifting manual...

    If you're a REAL enthusiast, you'll opt for the true manual tranny, not the paddle-shifters! :)
  • haven't seen the 07 G in person yet (Dealer is a 12 day hike by alpaca)

    As a current alpaca-driver, you obviously value 4 wheel/leg drive, so I think you'd have to go with the G35X!!!! :shades:
  • i wish i could be in a position to decide on a purchase between the two, but alas thats not the case. But from my obsessive web searching and reading about these cars... im going to have to give the nod towards the G35.

    If you want a sports sedan, this one is it. RWD is the one key factor that sums it all up. You can floor it and not have to worry about torque steer. Ive driven in a 03 TL-S... and flooring it would get you into a rock-paper-scissors match on whether the grip or the torque would control. In the 03 tl-s, youd have to gently start and once u get some speed then you could floor it so you'd have traction. that car had like 260hp... the new one will have i think 280 and even more ft*lb of torque... Acura is getting close to the undriveable limit for a FWD setup.

    The availability of AWD also is a biggie, for those living in slippery climates.

    I believe both [G35/TL-S] will have 6spd so that point is moot.

    I dunno, with the current TL body style thats been out there for sometime, a TL-S version wont garner many looks, i think the new 07 G35 is the car thats going to keep people intrigued and coming up to you asking what you drive.

    o yea, the G35 also has more power under the hood to, which is always a plus.

    [my opinion is simply that, an opinion. I dont know anybody with this car or know of people that have the above mentioned brake/transmissions problems ... so im just commenting on available facts and a little experience :) ]
  • scottm123scottm123 Posts: 1,501
    I'd go with the 6-Speed manual, if it was available on the G35x, but I don't think it is.
    If the Auto is as good as it's claiming to be, it's the next best thing.

    As for XM vs Sirius, I'd most likely go with the XM install, and then run my portable Sirius tuner.That way, I can have XM traffic... for a highway robbery monthly cost, of course. :mad:

    I'm not planning on driving it like I stole it... I save that for the loaners! ;)
    I really wanted options only the IS could offer, but the new G is now offering most of them.
    I do love the vented seats and wish they were available.
  • starman98starman98 Posts: 119
    I say the IS350 is better then the BMW. Better made, better interior, moer reliable, I looked at the 325I and was not impressed at all.
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    The post I was replying to made a huge deal about being an enthusuast. That is why I mentioned the 335i. If your only talking about performance, you would still pick the IS350 over the 335i and G35??
    I do agree that the IS is better made, better interior and more reliable. Heck I even think it looks better than the 3er.
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    That's what I was wondering as well :confuse:
  • starman98starman98 Posts: 119
    The 03 TL is the old body style much impovements have been made since then.
  • starman98starman98 Posts: 119
    Its the quickest to 60 of the bunch as well.
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    "I dunno, with the current TL body style thats been out there for sometime, a TL-S version wont garner many looks, i think the new 07 G35 is the car thats going to keep people intrigued and coming up to you asking what you drive."

    The G's body style is just as old as the TL. The exterior mods to the G are as subtle as the ones made to the TL. No major exterior differences that will make people wonder what either car is i.e. compared to the 3er or the IS- completely redesigned exterior wise.
  • ggesqggesq Posts: 701
    Depends on which article you are reading. The best times I have seen for the 335i and the IS was 5.1.
  • I'm not even going to waste my time debating the differences between the TL & G. The TL doesn't even get invited to the performance show. The battle is between BMW and Infiniti. The Acura TL can compete for the luxury title with Lexus.
  • I just drove the 07 TL Type-S and omg, this car is so much fun to drive around. I love the bigger V6, it is way better than the old one and the seat; they are the most comfortable out of the IS and the 3-series. The interior ergonomics are al right but a little bit shy of the IS and G, but better than the 3-series! I love the exterior design out of them all i mean come on, black 17" wheels, smoked headlights, standard rear spoiler and the QUAD-EXHAUSTS. It is also the biggest of them all which is major factor why i like it so much! The only thing that i don't like is that it does not have the SH-AWD!
    About the G, I think that the exterior is THE-UGLIEST out of them all. I don't really like the new interior ergonomics, though it is a little bit luxurious. I'll tell you more about my driving experience later because it's not out yet, but i do like the 306 hp which is one of the highest in this segment but it has a little low torque than the IS!
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