Full-size pickup sales - F-150 best selling truck, but for how much longer?

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The Ford F-150 has been the best selling pick up for the last 20-somthing years, but for 2007 there is some stiff competition from the Generals re-designed Silverado and Sierra, the new Toyota Tundra, Dodge Ram and the Nissan Titan...can Ford hold on to that title?? What do you guys think??

* I didn’t include the Honda Ridgeline, well because I was talking about real trucks, not a FWD “truck” disguised with standard AWD


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    The F-150's spot will probably be taken by the Silverado or Sierra in a few years. The overall design is better, it can tow more and I wasn't impressed with the F150's interior compared to the new Silverado's. Sure, the top of the line King Ranch's seats were soft, but the deside of the interior was crude(which applies to all F-150 models)and it is too expensive for that price. And besides, combined, the Silverado and Sierra sales beat the F-150 by the thousands.

    The Nissan Titan is a pretty formidable competitor too, but it doesn't have a regular cab or HD models, and the new Tundra don't impress me much looks uncomfortable in design. The Ram is just hopeless, but the Mega Cab may pull in a few extra sales.

    The change from F-150 to another truck will happen slowly, in two-three years probably.
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    Wishful thinking Silverado21.

    The General is the king of bean counting...

    LOVE those drum brakes on the new Trucks thats real modern.
    Talk about crude interiors, the GMs give you 2 choices. Faux and Cheap.

    F-150 gives you a choice of 5 different interior designs to choose from.

    Better Design? NOT.

    the new GMs have the WORST crash test rating of any full size pickup. http://www.iihs.org/ratings/summary.aspx?class=70

    More towing? F-150s can tow upto 10,500 same as the Chevy.
    Plus you can get an F-150 with a payload of 3,000! I think the max payload on an Chevy is about 1,800.

    Talk about build, visit http://www.thetruthabouttrucks.com. Check out the clip that shows the Chevy has NO front structure once you take off the fenders...not to mention the WEAKest frame of a fullsize truck.

    As for a few years down the road? Check out this article: http://www.newtechspy.com/articles06/hydraulichybrid.html

    Yeah I'm sure peeps will be lining up to buy gas guzzlin' Silverados once the Hybrid F-150 is available.

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    I'm sorry my friend did you say a 3,000 lb payload, or are you just drunk. The F150 is a half-ton pickup it can barely haul 2000 lbs. Even compare the F150 here at Edmunds. The Dodge Ram has the highest payload capacity which is about 2400 lbs my friend. Next is the Toyota Tundra at 2085 lb payload, then it's the Silverado/Sierra at 2010 lbs, then the F150 at 1950 lbs, and last and the least the Nissan Titan 1745 lbs. Right now the Dodge Ram 1500 has the best payload, I think the New Tundra can get about the same as the Dodge Ram (maybe a bit less) just watch by next year either the Silverado/Sierra, or the Tundra will be the best. :P
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    Actually, you can get F150s with 3000+ payloads. The Regular Cab 8-foot bed 4x2 with the HD Payload Package and 5.4L V8 has a GVWR of 8200 and a payload of 3060.

    kcram - Pickups Host
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    You wanna talk about fake, huh? The wood in the Lariat F-150's. The wood in the Dogde and Chevrolet/GMC altleast looks like real wood. Towing? The only way to get the Max is a regular cab 4x2. SuperCrew 2x4 (what the most people will buy) Tows at most 9,500. The Crew Cab 2x4 Silverado tows the max 10,500.

    5 different interiors? They all look the same. And all the seats except the King Ranch's are solid hard. And the fit and finish on all Ford products are horrible. At the delership I got in the F-150 and some of the plastic wasn't applied right on the doors(had large gaps on one side and overlapped on the other.) I can't even fit in the back seat of one and I'm 5'9"!

    They don't even offer a normal regular cab. In stead they offer a Access cab that looks like a bus.

    I can tell you what the F-150 really is, :lemon:.
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    Hey Silverado,

    Its sounds like you're having a difficult time accepting the fact that the F-150 is clearly a far superior truck than the GM. I would be upset too if I spent my money on anything other than a Ford...

    Long live Ford F-150
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    Silverado is partially right, atleast in towing. Towing, payload, and power are the most of any half- ton pickup out there, atleast until the new Tundra comes out. I don't now to much about the interiors though.

    If the Nissan and Toyota can take enough can take enough sales from Ford, Chevrolet could slip past and take the #1 spot. But they could also take sales away from the Chevrolet in the process.

    Who knows what could happen in the future, but all I know is to wait and find out what happens in the future. Oh, and andrew9, what Ford product do you actually own?
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    2006 F150 FX4 super crew, leather interior.

    -I should mention however, that I do also own a chevy suburban and love it. I have nothing against chevy, its just that I think the f150 is a better truck. The frame rigidity, outside frame shock mounts, brakes, and quite ride were all selling points for me.
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    All right. I can understand that.

    By the way, mschmal, that second website is Ford made. Unless it gives actual facts (horespower ratings, towing facts) It usually isn't true. Afterall, just showing you something they've already laid out probablty ain't. They could switch the parts to make it look like Ford's is the best, and their number one competitor's is the worst.

    And on the Frame comparison, it doesn't even try to show the the competition's frames,just little cutouts of who knows what.

    If you want comparisons, go to somewhere nonbiased not a car company owned place.
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    So you are are saying that Chevy does not use a C channel frame? and that Ford does not use Hydroformed Fully Boxed Frame?

    The Tundra is an unproven commodity. Max production for Toyota is about 250k to 300k per year. I don't think Toyota will be able to steal to many customers with that kind of capacity. In the end, if the Toyota is better, it won't be enough better to justify paying the premium that the Toyota dealers will likely demand.


    Watch the Silver Creek road test video.

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    Here are some spec's for the Fullsize truck class for 2007.

    Ford F150 300hp/365 lbft tor. 9500 lb towing capacity
    Chevy Silverado 315hp/ 338 lbft tor. 10,500 lb towing capacity
    Dodge Ram 345hp/375 lbft tor. 9000 lb towing capacity
    Toyota Tundra 381hp/405 lbft tor. 10,800 lb towing capacity
    Nissan Titan 317hp/ 385 lbft tor. 9500 lb towing capacity

    Payload capacities
    Ford F150(4x2) 2090 lbs
    Chevy Silverado (4x2) 2150 lbs
    Dodge Ram (4x2) 2200 lbs
    Toyota Tundra (4x2) TBA
    Nissan Titan (4x2) 1890 lbs

    As you can see Chevy and Toyota have the two best towing trucks, while the Dodge Ram has the least along with the Ford F150 and the Nissan Titan.For payload capacities the Dodge Ram has the best. While the Nissan Titan somehow struggles to carry large loads. Also Chevy seems to produce the least amount of torque. NOTE: For Toyota Tundra the horsepower and torque numbers are rumors. If you would like to see for yourself go to wikipedia.com and search for the Toyota Tundra, then scroll down to second generation and it will have the numbers for only the 5.7 Liter.

    To what I can see in 2007 the Toyota Tundra, Chevy Silverado, and Dodge Ram will sell well. The others will struggle a bit.
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    I test drove a ford and after the test drive my back was stiff. The seats are horrible and don't even get me started about the slow tell me when you get to 60 engine. Payload means nothing if it can't continue to take the beating and a 1/2 ton ford will always crumble. Now take a f-250 or 350 and they are some serious work trucks, I know from experience on the ranch.
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    F series has been best selling for 20 + years, but when the new Super Duty trucks came out in '99, there were a couple years the F250/F350's combined sold more than F150.

    The SD looked so much better than the F150, that a lot of Ford fans moved up a class from what they needed. Was a good deal for Ford too, SD had more profit, and was/is a good truck. The bigger brakes, tires, etc. lasted longer in service rated for a 1/2 ton so maintenace was less for the owner too.

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    Ford, can match GM and Toyota in powertrain and fit and finish. They better get those "Hurricane" engines out ASAP along with interior material technology. I'm praying for them almost as much as I do for GM. The Big 2 might be all that's left for me to cheer for with Chrysler going in the toilet. :cry: :sick:

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    Like we say on the farm, "brand loyalty is good, but sometimes people are just stupid"!

    Based on what I currently see, I suspect Toyota will dominate in the near future. They have the best handle on manufacturing and quality. And they sell with the highest profit margin (which strengthens the health of the company).

    I've always had Ford pick-ups on the farm and they have served me well. However the 6.0 diesel is a disaster with no replacement.

    As far as weights go, who cares. Load'em up until the bumper drags then shovel a scoop of manure out and go!
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    Till they quit producing them
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    The F-150 SuperCrew came in 5th out of 5 in this months' Car & Driver half-ton pickup comparison. Chevy came in first and beat out both Titan (2nd) and the new Tundra (3rd).
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    Proof is in the pudding. I have a 2004 F150 4x4 with :):) 127,000 miles. Great ride, interior is perfect and no problems. That doesn't include tires, brakes. Try one you'll like it.
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    April 07' Motor Trend: Toyota Tundra vs Silverado, result:
    Silverado 1st Place , $4K less expensive and you don't get that but ugly Ford/Tundra front end treatment.....

    Enjoy those Silveradoswith the full box frames!!

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    I have an 01 F150 7700 GVW 4X4 extended cab short box. This is the perfect configuration for me with a perfect blend of comfort, ride, and performance. I am empty 95% of the time but I need to haul around 3,000 lbs. Why has Ford dropped this configuration? Looks like the only way to get this GVW in an F150 is with the 8200 lb. package which is only available with a long box. Dumb decision. I really don't want to move up to a 250 because of the poorer mileage and rougher ride. Any suggestions???
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    Actually the F-150 has a max payload of 3050 lbs(tops in class) and a max towing capacity of 11,000 lbs. Once again class leading!!! :surprise:
  • markanmarkan Member Posts: 48
    Isn't that just for the long box version? I don't see this payload package available in short box extended cab.
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    i have 4 fords 2 f-150's one is a 03 lariat ex. cab with nearly 300,000 miles still going strong a 05 f-150 fx4 supercrew with 148,000 miles then a expedition and super duty with the 7.3l engine (2001) with nearly half a million miles on it ford is the number one seller of trucks because they have the #1 most reliable and dependable truck out there and when the 09's come out theyll hold there leadership for that much longer :D
  • fordchrisfordchris Member Posts: 10
    the other thing is that the seats even in the lariat are works seats not some high end leather that will rip easily haha want proof the payload is 3050 pounds it says it right here or it did
    go to fordchallenge.com and see why ford is the better choice i have aneighbor that was a die hard chevy guy he said hed never buy a ford well now he owns 2 f-150's i told him to test drive one and he did and now hes like me (chevy sucks)
  • rshollandrsholland Member Posts: 19,788
    True but misleading.

    While Ford offers that 3050 payload package, very few are sold thusly equipped. By far most F-150s sold have an under 2K payload. Also, at 8200 GVW, it hardly qualifies as a "1/2-ton," at least not as they are commonly known today.

  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    Hmmm, last time I checked, half a ton was 1000 pounds.

    You can put more than that in the bed of a Ford Ranger so how then is the F-150 not a half ton?

  • markanmarkan Member Posts: 48

    Would you please explain to me why Ford does not make the 3050 package available in the short box extended cab version? I really like that package (I know it is not quite the same in my 01 4 x 4). Thanks for your input.
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    I'm not sure, but its probably related to the same reason why a 2008 Mercury Mariner does not have a power drivers seat.
  • markanmarkan Member Posts: 48
    Bean counters strike again!!!
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    Ford has not been the best selling truck! There claim to that fame is based on the fact the Silverado and Sierra are two different divisions of General Motors. But none the less still all GM and added up as a hole out sell Ford!<fact<
    Nice try on ford's part though, there are fool's out there that believe there claim.
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    1. Silverado and Sierra are not divisions of General Motors, they are the names of two different models of truck made by two different divisions of General Motors, Chevrolet and GMC.

    2. In 2006, Chevy sold 705,980 Silverados and GMC sold 210,736 Sierras for a total of 979,902.

    3. In 2006, Ford sold 796,039 F-Series trucks.

    4. Ford claims that F-Series is the best selling truck name plate. Since 796,039 is higher than either 705,980 or 210,736, this statement is true.

    5. the New redesigned Silverado/Sierra is still not as good a truck as the 2004 F-150.
    a. F-150 reg cab has best in class payload at 3050 lbs. vs. 1952 for Silverado.
    b. F-150 can tow 2,300 more lbs than Silverado.
    c. F-150 has four whee vented disc brakes. Standard on Silverado are rear drums.
    d. F-150 uses a fully box frame with hydro formed front frame rails and through welded cross members. Silverado does not use hydro forming and does not use through welded cross members.
    e. F-150 has outboard mounted shocks which provide greater stability than the splayed shocks on Silverado.
    f. F-150's 5.4L engine has more torque than Silverado's 5.3L and only 10 lbft less than Silverado's heavy, expensive, gas guzzlin' 6.0L
    g. Ford also offers a regular cab with 4 door access and behind the seat storage. Silverado does not.

    I could go on and on but the point is that GMs "new" truck is only about as good as a 2003 F-150.

  • fordchrisfordchris Member Posts: 10
    and the f-150 sold 700,000 with just one nameplate no gmc + chevy crap gmc and chevy are 2 different names thus means that ford outsold them per company :P
  • 93gmcdrivermn93gmcdrivermn Member Posts: 24
    Yea' whatever there both pretty much the same truck from the same Company. When talking about the best selling full size truck, General Motor's full size truck's out sell Ford year after year< fact! Also about GM's new truck, You talking about the one thats "Motor Trend 2007 Truck of the year"? The one that's class leading 367hp, the one that will tow 10,500lbs. And when you talk about expensive, Ford parts have always been just about double the cost of GM and not to mention the Ford's require more shop time to fix the same problem compared to GM. And last but not least ford truck's have always been just butt [non-permissible content removed] ugly! O' yea and ride quality that Ford is just slightly better then a Dodge!
    By the way how is Ford doing these day's? How's that Ranger selling? They even closed the plant in St. Paul that had a hydro-Gen and produced it's own power! All because they cant give those junk Rangers away! I could go on and on but i think i've made my point, Haven't and Will Not out sell General Motor's full size truck's, So Get over it!!

  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    In order to qualify for this award, a car or truck has to be new or redesigned. The F-150 would not have qualifed as it was a carry over from 2004.
  • 93gmcdrivermn93gmcdrivermn Member Posts: 24
    Yea and what does that say about Ford truck's and Ford as a Company? Going down hill and fast! :sick:
  • dustykdustyk Member Posts: 2,926
    That post was very funny. Explain to me how the Chevy/GMC light duty pick ups outsell the F-series?

    In terms of reliability the F-series was the best of the LD pickups until they released the latest version. While the Ranger is an old design it remains a solid vehicle. I'd rather take an enema than own or drive the absolute worst small pickup ever built, the S-10. And the new Canyon/Colorado seems to be following in that fine tradition. They're horrible.

    And, just how well is GM doing nowadays? How many billions have they lost in the last two years?

  • 93gmcdrivermn93gmcdrivermn Member Posts: 24
    Look it up! GM's silverado and Sierra together have consistantly out sold the F-150 I was told GM wouldn't have ever even built the s-10 but had to keep Ford honest. And you said it your self
    F-series "WAS" the best of the light duty pickup's! My 93' Sierra sle z-71 is by far better then any 93'F-150 in ride,look's for sure,easyer to work on and parts are alot cheaper! Lastly GM is doing alot better then Ford! get over it!
    Like A Rock Baby.........Whew!!!!!! :shades:
  • 93gmcdrivermn93gmcdrivermn Member Posts: 24
    Yep' and you could put 3050 lbs in a Silverado and get it to squat like a Beeooch too! Big Deal! How's the drivability on any 1/2 ton with that kind of weight? Not good i don't care what brand it is. The GM'S are still better looking by far, better riding, easyer to work on and parts as always are cheaper then Ford. O'yea did i mention The 2007 Motor Trend Truck of the year ;)
    I need say no more! :shades:
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    Anyone remember the "Like a Rock" magazine ad that showed the truck standing in for a life boat on a ship?

    What was that suppose to mean? That you would sink like a rock?

    BTW. S-10 Blazer has the highest fatality number for miles driven of any other vehicle on the road today.

  • 93gmcdrivermn93gmcdrivermn Member Posts: 24
    Yea' I don't believe they make a s-10 blazer anymore and your point is? Anyway i seem to remember a car back in the 70's that would burst into flames with a rear impact that
    B-B-Q'd quiet a few people! Does that ring any bells? I'll give you a hint smart guy > F_RD P_NT_!

    If you guessed: FORD PINTO? Well hey everyone we have a WINNER HERE!!!!!!! The Covetted "MORON OF THE DAY AWARD"!!!!
    TROPHY'S IN THE MAIL! :P LOL.........!

    Ask for it what you require of me and you will get it smart guy! Howl! Howl! HeHeHe lol............ LIKE A ROCK.........
    ROCK ON!>1/28TH "BLACK LIONS" Camp Falcon>Ramandi, Iraq. ;)
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    Yes...and the Citation and clones with the most recalls on any single model (18) ever, and that shinning example of Chevrolet engineering, the Vega with the self destructive engine and body. And then there was the THM200 transmission, designed for a Vega, used in an Chevelle and Impala.

    Even if Ford parts were more expensive, which there is no submitted evidence to support, they are most definitely used less often!
  • 93gmcdrivermn93gmcdrivermn Member Posts: 24
    Hey i had a orange 1975 vega, that car was great! Bought it for $90.00 from a buddy that was going in the service when we were 18 years old. Always started no matter how cold, once a week you had to take the back plug out and run sandpaper through it and gap due to oil fouling. Drove it for a year untell some A-hole desided to pull out in front of me with a Dodge ramcharger just after a 3 inch snowfall. Pulled the Radiator out of the fan blades and limped it home. Used a Radiator out of a 77' Datsun B-210 a coffee can for a vaccum can, plugs and wires. Ran like a champ for 5 more months tell we desided all juiced one night were going over to the construction site and start driving it off 15 ft high burms repeatedly, got it stuck and left it! Never did kill it though! Back then you drop a 350 4barrel in a vega and there wasn't much on the road that would touch it! Vega's and Citations unlike the Pinto never had a burst into flames problem! Also i have a friend that ownes his own shop and i do motorwork for him from time to time when needed. He says Ford's are junk! His famous saying is Ford is his job security because 3/4 of the cars&Trucks he gets are ford! And yes he's ASE certified, been in the business for 16years. So he knows the problems with Ford and so do I but hey to each his own! I've worked on Ford's and i think they suck compared to working on GM and like i said parts are too expensive! Back in the old days 20, 30 years ago the front ends on ford would last about half as long as GM! and fry tires on the edges! It's all well known!
  • 93gmcdrivermn93gmcdrivermn Member Posts: 24
    The THM200 TRANS was used in the 6 cyl chevelles and impalas! There were not many around i seen! Most people bought the turbo 350 & 400 that was bullet proof! So was the 350,396,sb400,402, all bullet proof! :P
  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    I'm going to END this discussion about how much better Ford trucks are than GM in terms of capability with just four words, or 3 words and one number.

    2008 F-450 Pickup!


    Payload: over 6,000 pounds.
    Conventional Towing: 16,000 pounds
    5th wheel towing: 24,500 pounds

    6.4L Diesel
    350 hp, 650 lb-ft.

  • rshollandrsholland Member Posts: 19,788
    Yeah, that makes a lot of sense in a F-150 discussion.

  • dustykdustyk Member Posts: 2,926
    The THM200 automatic was used behind the 305 V-8 in full size Chevrolets and other full-size GM cars with the base V-8. They were the most unreliable automatic ever produced. The TurboGlide 350 and 400s were not bullet proof. In fact, for racing applications I ran what was a typical setup years ago from B&M with a Chrysler A-727 behind a 327 ('62 Biscayne body). The 350s could not handle the torque weekend after weekend. The 400s were a fine transmission for big block motors, but just like anything from Hydramatic they were trouble prone at higher mileage.

    The 327 was the last decent Chevrolet small block. The 350, like its predecessors were terrible on the top end. Valve guides were soft and even softer when Chevrolet stopped using SAE 550 cast heads. Bent push rods were always a problem when a Chevy small block saw a lot of high RPM work. Rocker arms would develop excessive peening at both actuating ends, and if you pulled really high RPM too often the rocker arm studs would work themselves right out of the head. Factory camshafts were just plain junk, usually spinning a lobe by the time they reached 50K. Timing chains and gears would crumble quite consistently, and the Chevy oil pump was marginal under civilian use. After the 327 Chevy small blocks got a well deserved reputation for excessive oil consumption.

    The 396 was an anchor. I noticed you didn't mention the 348. Probably wise. Blue Streak sixes liked to develop a hole in number one piston and they always suffered from poor oiling in the valve train unless you ground the side of one head bolt down. The 400 small block performed well, but suffered from poor blood lines. As with the 350, the 400 had a high incidence of galling number 1 main bearing.

    When you're in love with Chevrolet I guess one tends to forget the negatives.
  • KCRamKCRam Member Posts: 3,516
    We have plenty of discussions here about manufacturer vs manufacturer. Thie topic here is about whether or not Ford will keep its full-size truck sales lead, not about engines and transmissions from the past that rarely if ever saw truck duty.

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • beliasbelias Member Posts: 316
    Well, I think that the F150 will keep the lead for a while those this year looks to be a struggle with the Silverado. Even if the Silverado wins out this year, it will be short lived because the new F150 will appear in 08 as a 09 model.
    The real problem is if Ford will be around by then. Right now, it looks like Ford has about 16 months to make a significant improvement or else it will get sold to another company. Realistically, next year is probably the last year Ford has to maintain its leadership with the F150, but not because the truck won't be popular, but because the company itself may be sold off by then...
  • 93gmcdrivermn93gmcdrivermn Member Posts: 24
    "Ford" keep it's lead? You guy's can word it however you like. The fact still remains General Motors 1500 series Trucks continue to out sell the Ford, F-150 year after year!
    Don't get me wrong the Ford F-150 is a popular truck i give it that! But it does not out sell General Motor's in total truck sales in the full size>1500 class< period! "Sorry" Silverado/Sierra? same truck! Diff grill assembly and badges,Interior, rim's also! But i can still take any part off a silverado and bolt it up to my Sierra! "Same Company" and just about same truck! Just cause you word something for effect, does not make it fact in the final year end count of total fullsize 1/2 ton truck sales by both Company's! Winner (GM)
  • 93gmcdrivermn93gmcdrivermn Member Posts: 24
    Yeah' well they were still sold and count in that years talley. and i remind you Ford does not have the 1/2 ton full size truck lead! Thats been (GM) FOR MANY YEARS! Word it how you like! The bottom line is cold hard numbers! And Ford don't have them! Silverado/Sierra >(GM)< Has,Does and will! ;)
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