Full-size pickup sales - F-150 best selling truck, but for how much longer?



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    The Detroit News has an assembly of other newspaper reviews. I just read the ones on the Toyota Tundra, the Chev Silverado and Ford F250. (Yeah I know the 250 is a heavier duty truck than the other two, but it doesn't matter in this note). The Ford has a higher load rating, a much greater towing capacity, and The best fuel economy and lowest price for comparably equipped. No wonder Toyota only hit 2/3 of its projected sales this year.
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    Look at the sales facts from any unbiased source. Ford continues to be the biggest seller, and this is a year when Chev has a major redesigned model, and Ford does not; their redesign comes out in 2008.
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    "You are a funny guy" How does it not matter when your comparing a F-250's Load rating,Tow capacity, to a 1/2 ton Tundra and Silverado/Sierra? I'm still laughing! Can i use the GMC-TOPKICK for the comparison then? lol..........
    Also the 2007 Motor Trend Truck of the year> Silverado (1/2)Ton gets better milage with a class leading 367-HP engine then a "COMPARABLY EQUIPPED" 2007 Ford F-150! And ride quality the Silverado/Sierra is second to none!
    Go check out my home page,i have a Indigo Blue 93'Sierra(SLE)Z-71 Reg Cab,Short Box I've been restoring for the past 2-1/2 years in my spare time. I wouldn't trade that Truck "straight up" for a 2007 F-150 ;) (I'm Adding Pictures All The Time)Have a great day!
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    Take a deep breath and count to ten and relax... you've made your point. The combination of the Silverado/Sierra does out-sell Ford, but Ford is #1 in sales on this technicality, that's all.
    And besides, neither company is the "winner" on this. Until Ford or GM posts some kind of sustainable profit (i.e. lets just start by getting 3 or 4 quarters of profit), neither are winners. They could sell millions of trucks every year, but it they're bleeding money from all ends, it doesn't matter. What matters is if they can stay in business to do so. In that respect, GM is in a much better position than Ford, but that is merely saying that GM won't drown before Ford... point is that neither of them should be in deep water in the first place.
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    You can't compare 3/4 ton trucks to 1/2 ton trucks any more than I can compare Formula 1 to Nascar. There is a big difference and it isn't even worth mentioning here, but they are distinctly orange to apples.
    As for Toyota's sales numbers, I don't know where you're getting that, but so far it is the only company that has higher 1/2 ton truck sales as of April. All others have sold less vehicles when compared to the same month last year. The truck market in general is getting hit hard because of gas prices. Not that Toyota is a threat to GM or Ford in this regard, but they are not as dependent on truck sales for revenue that the GM and Ford are.
    However, this hit in sales may affect Ford the most since GM has new models this year. Truck buyers are pretty loyal to their brand, but there are always a few that will try something new!
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    Your the first person I've got to admit that Ford does not out sell Silverado/Sierra! They all use Silverado only in there comparison and technically Ford's claim is misleading the public! A public that unfortunately believes everything they see in the media as gospel! If Ford had two full size trucks you can bet they would use both in making there claim! Ford needs to get off it" they have not out sold >GM< in years! Ford has made some real ugly Cars and Trucks over the years to say the least. And has always been behind the other two Companies in that aspect. I believe once the Companies restructure and put there resourses into a few good cars and trucks instead of fifty! They will gain the edge again and be a force in the Automotive industry! Myself i will still buy nothing but American made! All these people buying Tundras and anything else out of our scapmetal are just killing these Companies and our Country! ;)
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    Well, I, like you see no reason why the GMC/Chevy nameplate shouldn't be combined when comparing sales, but again, it is being done on a technicality -- something that is exploited a great deal in the media and by marketing in general. However, even without combining the two, it looks like this year the Silverado on its own will outsell Ford. Sales numbers already show that this is the case, though anything can happen with 7.5 months to go.
    As for buying American, suffice it to say that arguments have been made back and forth on what constitutes "American" any more. All companies have changed and I don't believe that competition has been detrimental to the Detroit3 in any way. I think the biggest drain on those companies has been the UAW. But, that's my personal opinion, not everyone will agree with me on this. There are obviously other reasons as well, but that stands out as the single largest drain on those companies.
    People can buy what they want with their own money and find ways to justify it as they like. I do agree that actual Ford vs GM sales for trucks has favored GM for years and will continue to be that way for a long time. Ford is in severe financial trouble and will likely try to out-wait Chrysler in the battle of who folds first. Either way, there is probably less than 2 years left for either Ford or Chrysler before one goes under or is bought out by someone else. The landscape in this industry is going to change as a result.
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    OK so as of the End of April, Ford F-Series racked up 228,343 sales and Silverado racked up 202,151.

    Please explain how you can conclude that Silverado will outsell F-Series for 2007 based on those numbers? Or do you have a crystal ball you are looking into?

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    Current sales to date for 2007 vary depending on what you use as your source, but the source you chose (assuming it is correct) doesn't account for when each manufacturer has their better sales month(s), so depending on when it is taken, one company can seem farther ahead than another. Still, even if the F-Series does out-sell the Silverado when the year is done, it will be by only a fairly slim margin since even their projections are essentially the same as Chevy's for sales this year.
    Ford is in the unenviable position to not offer the same kind of incentives that competitors can. That is just one of a few reasons why their sales drop is more significant than anybody else's and why GM's sales drop is far less over the same period. Even if this were to continue (i.e. a level sales drop for the period) for the rest of the year for both Ford and Chevy, Chevy would come ahead because their sales drop is not even 5% of what Ford's is.
    Add in GMC numbers and you can go back a few years before Ford ever eclipsed the two together. The Ford F-Series sales record is based on that technicality. In reality, Ford lost this battle going back well into the 90s.
    In any case, the point is moot. Ford doesn't have much for options if it doesn't start showing a profit by the end of next year. They shouldn't be concerned with selling the most trucks -- they should be concerned with being able to sell them at a profit.
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    Sales reported from the manufacturers themselves:

    Apr 07 Apr 06 +/- CY 2007 CY 2006 +/-
    F-Series...56,692/ 64,749/ -12.4/ 228,343/ 264,550/ -13.7
    Silverado..49,436/ 57,709/ -14.3/ 202,151/ 203,062/ -0.4
    Ram........31,503/ 30,814/ +2.0/ 122,816/ 121,200/ +1.0
    Sierra.....16,849/ 17,179/ -2.0/ 64,639/ 63,201/ +2.3
    Tundra.....14,200/ 8,837/ +60.7/ 43,386/ 40,662/ +6.7
    Titan.......4,922/ 6,425/ -17.0/ 23,769/ 27,702/ -14.2

    Chevy had a down month, but is still close to breaking even on the year. Ford is consistently down, month and year.

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    Friends don't let friends buy ford. Do you know what a 1/2 ton is?
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    Wow! I guess the Tundra is king of the 1/2 tons.
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    ...........May 07 May 06 +/- CY 2007 CY 2006 +/-
    F-Series...61,939/ 70,175/ -11.7/ 290,282/ 334,725/ -13.3
    Silverado..63,790/ 55,316/ 10.9/ 265,941/ 258,378/ 2.9
    Ram........31,327/ 29,599/ 6.0/ 154,143/ 150,799/ 2.0
    Sierra.....19,467/ 17,756/ 5.4/ 84,106/ 80,957/ 3.9
    Tundra.....17,727/ 7,974/ 113.8/ 61,113/ 48,636/ 24.7
    Titan.......4,899/ 5,713/ -17.5/ 28,668/ 33,415/ -14.9
    Mark LT.......670/ 957/ -30.0/ 3,576/ 5,576/ -35.9

    (For those of you breaking out calculators, some manufacturers calculate percentage on daily sales rate, some do it by overall volume.)

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    Tundra May sales May 2007 vs. May 2006.

    "Tundra sales were 17,727, up 122 percent."


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    The 113.8% figure is from Toyota, and represents the sales rate increase... there was one fewer selling day last year in May.

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    The Sierra/Silverado debate is an interesting one in which I see both points. I'll give you my example. My uncle recently purchased a new truck. His decision came down to a GMC or a Ford. He would not consider a Chevrolet. (this was because his last truck was a chevy..and it did not perform to his satisfaction) In this case the Sierra was a very different truck for him than the silverado...even if it came down to a trust issue (he said GMC only focuses on trucks..unlike chevy division) Also..I think GM is smart enough that if they felt the majority of the public would view this battle the way some in here do...they will dispute Ford's claims on tv through advertisment. IMHO..I can't see how Ford has held onto the controversial title this long. To me there is no doubt that most Americans either trust a Chevy truck or a Ford truck. These two manufacturers know their competition..its the other guy. So if Chevy does not wrestle this title away in 07..I would be mad as a chevy man. How can you come out with the newest truck...and not have the best truck and sell the most? I can see how Toyota and Nissan and even Dodge can..because the trust and loyalty and name recognition it not there yet..but Chevy is. The same could be said for Ford in 2008. If they lose the title now or hang on..how could they not outsell Chevy in 09 after coming out with the newest trusted truck? Beats me? As for looks someone was mentioning earlier. I think looks have been the biggest weakness for chevy since the 70s as far as trucks go..inside and out...and although the last gen Ford was no beauty...the 04-07 has been considered "handsome" by many Car mags like Car and Driver and Motortrend. The new chevy is certainly much better looking however..inside and out..which is the reason why it should overtake ford this year (and fact that it is ALL new) As for truck of the year..its almost always just the new truck out. Come on..abra cadabra..2008-2009 truck of year will be new Ford as soon as it comes out..then...abra cadabra...2012 (I'm guessing here) chevy will have truck of year..see my point. Anyway...will Ford retain title..if they hang on this year, yes..if not regain it next year..but after that..will Ford even be around??? As a ford fan..I'm sad..just like I was when Chevy discontinued the camaro for a time..What is Chevy without Ford..what is Ford without Chevy...What is America without both. Car companies that once led us to victory..along with Chrysler..against the [non-permissible content removed]'s may not see us through another generation. I'd rather buy a half-a$$ed Ford or Chevy and see it broke down in my driveway than purchase a Toyota, Honda, or Nissan. sorry..its crazy...but so is that American flag flying sideways in my front yard!
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    Your uncle's logic makes no "rational" sense. The Chevy and GMC are virtually the same truck, yet he prefers the GMC because of his past bad experience with Chevy.

    I can see and understand his emotional feelings here, but to think his new GMC will be better than a new Chevy makes absoluely no sense. Maybe he expects the GMC "dealer" will treat him better&#151;but that has nothing to do with the truck(s).

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    I see your point..perhaps it was a dealer thing. On the other hand...maybe he researched the liability of both trucks...since GMCs sale in smaller numbers...maybe liability issues show up in a smaller percentage? don't know..but I do know a truck with a bowtie in front was not an option for him...and regular cab f150s were hard for him to find at the local ford dealer..so he went with the sierra. I'm sure he can't be the only one that feels that way in america about a "rebadged" automobile. I'm just saying that speaks to the argument that the sierra/silverado should be counted as one truck versus the f150....by the way does anyone know if Ford counts its Lincoln truck as part of total f series sales..not that it would be a substantial number..put just interested in knowing....
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    Bob..I think "rational" is a bad choice of wording..how many people actually need a 1/2 ton pickup truck in America...Over 2 million every year...I doubt that one...vehicles are more emotional purchases I think.....with function as only one (although maybe a more important onr) of the factors that go into the purchase process
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    Model -- Jun 07 / Jun 06 / +/- / CY 2007 / CY 2006 / +/-
    F-Series -- 65,156 / 65,452 / -0.5 / 355,438 / 400,177 / -11.2
    Silverado -- 44,955 / 58,791 / -26.4 / 310,896 / 317,169 / -2.0
    Ram -- 31,114 / 32,375 / -4.0 / 185,257 / 183,174 / 1.0
    Sierra -- 15,187 / 20,661 / -29.2 / 99,293 / 101,618 / -2.3
    Tundra -- 21,727 / 8,822 / 137.2 / 82,840 / 57,458 / 42.3
    Titan -- 4,405 / 5,422 / -21.8 / 33,073 / 38,837 / -15.9
    Mark LT -- 756 / 974 / -22.4 / 4,332 / 6,550 / -33.9

    Some of the percentages will not appear mathematically correct, as some manufacturers (e.g. Toyota) post the sales rate in terms of units per selling day instead of overall totals. There was one extra day in June 2007 over June 2006.

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    No argument there. But the same could be said of a 2-seat sport car. It's more a matter of "want" rather than "need." :)

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    Any particular reason why Silverado and Sierra dropped so much in June..is it lack of incentives or just an off month? dang..look at Tundra closing in on Sierra and Ram...dang..thats pretty fast...its pretty interesting to see the age of the f150 show up in numbers..guess its why they moved up the new one by a whole year...
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    Or to sell the most trucks, they are out to make profits. The have calculated how many peeps will be turned off by a truck with rear drum brakes vs. the costs of putting disks on and they feel its more profitable to use drums and loose a few sales.

    Even the latest GMC truck does not match the 2004 Ford in build sophistication. The regular cab does not have the rear access doors. Thre is no 6.5FT bed option on the crew cabs. There is no hydroforming of the front frame rails, there is no through welding on the frame cross members. No Quietsteel in the firewall, No optimized hotchkiss rear suspension with shocks mounted out board of the frame rails for greater stability. The 5.3 chevy push rod engine is way down on torque vs the 5.4 Triton and the 6.0L only has 10 lbft at great extra cost.

    Where Ford might go for 09? Start with a 4.4L diesel. Also think 6 speed trans. There is also the possibility of IRS from the Expedition being used.

    Ford even has some firsts for 08 planed including backup camera with viewer in the rear view mirror and the mid box storage option for Fleet.

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    Chevy is not out to be the best? Are you joking? What president of development or any of the EVPs or SVPs could possibly keep their job NOT aiming to be the best? Profits are certainly their focus, but they have a reputation to uphold. I can't even believe I'm defending Chevy/GMC here, but I certainly think their product is loads better than Ford. The Ford King Ranch edition was very nice inside, but overall it was the worst driving truck out of everything that I drove including the Titan, Silverado, Ram and Tundra. Nothing felt as sluggish as the F150. It had no guts. I would say, just by feel that it was a good 1.5 seconds slower to hwy speed than any of the other competitors. Brakes were awful and certainly made one pray. Options were lackluster and only the RAM lacked more inside. Leather was great but seating position was bad for a tall person like me, though for most that won't be a problem (i'm close to 6'5").
    Personally, I think there is still a significant part of the truck market that buys what their used to buying. Ford profits from that. It may not be great at much of anything, but it is familiar and people like that.
    No question that the Silverado was much better than the Ford. But it wasn't that long ago that Ford buyers went to one bar and Chevy buyers went to another. So, it will be a number of years before the truck industry sees a shift based on features rather than loyalty in the truck segment purchasing behavior of the public.
    For now, Ford can make the sales claim against Chevy, (excluding GMC sales) but their both bleeding truck sales... if Nissan and Toyota can make money with the limited numbers that they sell while GMC/Chevy/Ford/Dodge keep loosing money, I don't see how this numbers contest amounts to "winning" anything at all. Its a business, not a high-school popularity contest; and businesses need money to survive...
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    I disagree with your assessment of the trucks themselves...the Ford is certainly slow..but I think the interior and exterior are its real attributes over chevy(in 04, 05,06..the new one makes the playing field more even), nissan, and maybe even toyota (and your right..not as many people trust the Dodge..i.e...people buy what they are use to) I also felt the ride was way better..especially handling..most of the other trucks..except titan..felt very top heavy. Anyway..thats a matter of experience I guess..but I certainly agree with the latter part about what you said which was very important. Both truck lines are bleeding...and I think the problem might be their market. The biggest auto boom is going to take place not in this Country but in China over the next 20-25 years. If Ford/GM can convince the Chinese that they need pickups and that Fords/GMs are the best..they will be saved...If the Japanese coutnerparts convince the Chinese their pick ups and cars are superior..then that is bad. I know one thing...the American auto industry better stuff its face in the chinese market quick before the Chinese auto industry takes off as well...because the future is in the East! We better start producing or we are down the tube..not just two auto companies from detroit!
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    Well yes beauty is in the eye of the beholder so obviously there will be different assessments as to what vehicle is good. I did like Ford's materials, but layout and features on the interior I felt were lacking against everyone except Dodge. But to each his own!
    I agree that China poses the greatest threat for vehicle manufacturing. Fortunately they seem to be more receptive to American vehicles there, though I'm not sure if that will translate into real sales. GM seems to be doing quite well there, but I really do hope that the auto market here isn't taken over by the Chinese automakers. At least with Japanese/Korean automakers, we have plants and workers here that partially offset the money spent.
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    Ford would stop lying, and make some real towing claims based off their 2009 truck.

    The 2006 struggles with a 8500lb load, now it can tow 11k, all of the sudden? :surprise:

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    I have been a Ford fan and customer for 40+ years.....but that has/is changing.

    My 2002 F150 Lariat Supercrew with 66,250 miles spit out a spark plug while I was on vacation. Luck had it that it happened at a start up and not while under way in traffic, which would have seriously endangered my family; not to mention the fire hazard.

    The servicing dealer (not my home dealer) and Ford Customer Care lead me to believe that this was an isolated case and that the spark plug blew out of the head because my home dealer had improperly replaced the plugs in my truck. As it turns out: the spark plugs in my truck were never replaced, they were in fact the factory plugs. After some research I also find out that certain Ford motors with aluminum heads are experiencing problems with spitting out spark plugs.

    For more info on this problem and Ford's non-action go to:

    There is lots of info out there about this problem and Ford's non action.

    I know that I paid $2788.80 to have a new head installed in a vehicle with 66,250 miles; and I am only one of many that have experienced this problem. I also know that Ford Motor Company seems to be denying that any problem exists.

    If Ford continues to do business like this, then it is no wonder that foreign companies are doing better in the marketplace. And that is too bad.

    I've owned many Ford trucks, convinced two companies to switch their national van fleets to Ford, owned a 1950 Woody wagon, 1966 Mustang, and a 1966 Sunbeam Tiger (Ford motor and drive train).

    My 2002 F150 may be the last Ford I ever own and I will never recommend a Ford to anybody.

    I will however continue to do business with my local Ford dealer (Starkey Ford in York ME). They usually have a great selection of used Audi, Volvo, etc. They are a great dealer, it's too bad that Ford has faltered.
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    Sorry your motor spit a plug. I've heard the job costing as much as $4K in the Northeast.

    Up through 2002 the heads on the Triton engines were designed with only about 4 threads holding the spark plug. The heads are Aluminum, and if the plugs were torqued too tight, the threads are easily ruined, and then the plug pops. Also, if the plugs weren't tightened enough, then there aren't enough threads to hold it in place - the plug could eventually back off and blow out. The Heads have since been redesigned with more threads. (I believe about midway through 2002.)

    The incidence of pitting plugs is low. But, considering that Ford has sold a few million of these engines, even if the incidence of blowing spark plugs is <1%, it's still a lot of motors.

    Ford dealers will always say to replace the cylinder head in cases where you lost a plug; it's the only repair they'll warranty. However, there's an aftermarket repair kit out there called a "Timesert" that allows you to put new threads into the messed up spark plug opening. The kit with the special threaded insert, and installation tools costs ~$300, and the there's 2-3 hours of labor involved. From what I've read on other message boards, they seem to work fine for a great price.

    Even though Ford manual says plugs don't have to be changed 'till 100K, it doesn't mean that you don't check them from time to time. I have a 2001 V-10. It's a knucklebuster, but I've pulled the plugs every 25K miles or so. I cleaned them, put on some anti-seize lube and then carefully tightened them to the specified 19 ft-lbs of torque.
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    i have to disagree about your assessment of the RAM truck. WEe own 4 RAMs now and couldn't be more pleased. we owned fords for over twenty years and thought they were the best. but then we just started to realize that we were experiencing too many problems. aFter ford told us a few times they wouldnt pay for some expensive repairs we decided that maybe it was time for a change. My dads always owned chevies and hes had some serious troubles with them, rear axles, transmissions, burning lot oil and prematurly rusting just to name a few. although it wasd pretty strange to us, our friends with dodges seemed to be pretty pleased. as i said, we now own four. now we operate a large farm and use them for a combination or work truck, tow truck, and family getaround trucks. i have to tell you that im pleased with the interior looks, and im a lady. maybe its not a lincoln but its a nice clean design. looks are subjective. maybe even if i thought a chevy or a ford had better looking interior, it wouldnt make me buy one on that point alone. our rAms have been so reliable and durable that were sorry we didnt switch sooner. the dealer down here has been great too.

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    I can't remember driving anything but a Ford truck. Not sure if the next one will we a Ford. My dad had over 40 years of personal and fleet buys with Ford and has turned to Toyota. Most of the trucks that my dad and I have had were ordered from the factory. My last was a F250 4x4 with a powerstroke. Seemed to be too many design flaws in it. My current F250 4x4 has the ride of a brick going down a mountain. My dad tried to order a new Ford and could not get the salesman to listen. He could not even get a test drive. His request was pretty simply, F150 supercab, 8ft bed, and not with a 4:10 rear. You can't get it built. You used to get that truck and it was what he was driving. Try to get a supercab with a 8'bed. It will not happen. Work trucks require 8' beds to haul material. Ford has lost this concept. Ford says they build work trucks but if you look they are just sport truck versions listed. he went to different dealers and got the same response and problems with the salesmen. He told me that they could not believe he wanted to order a truck and wait for it. They were only interested in selling off the lot. He looked at Chevy and Dodge. One simple thing he wanted on any truck was a handle on the post inside to help get in and out. Have you noticed how many trucks have them only for the passenger side? Has anyone noticed the trucks keep getting higher off the ground? Every 2 years they go up at least an inch. You can not reach over the side of the beds on the new ones. Ford is showing a step built into the tailgate.
    All of our trucks have been purchased under commercial sales. If Ford lists you as a commercial sale then you do not get to give your opinion on the Ford website about the truck.
    Ok, I have now got some of this off my chest. I have loved Ford trucks through the years and would like my next truck to be a Ford. Right now I just can't see it unless Ford turns around and gets back to a good design. I like 4x4 for my area and getting rid of the independent front suspension in favor of a solid axle was the worse move they could make. As I have said it is like driving a brick down a mountain.
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    The SuperCab with 8 ft bed is only built with the heavy duty payload package which includes the 4.10 rear. This is the only way that this truck is built since 2004.

    The heavy duty payload package gets your up to 3050 in payload with the regcab. Try that with a Toyota.

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    The high lift-over box sides on the new models aren't getting rave reviews, either.

  • mschmalmschmal Member Posts: 1,757
    Ford boxs carry an average of 6 cubic feet more than the same bed on a Chevy.
  • drfilldrfill Member Posts: 2,484
    And doesn't require you to be 6'+ to get at it from the side. You can carry 5-gallon containers under the walls.

    Even behind the seats (RC)! :surprise:

    Too bad the '09 F-150 will just get warmed-over, and not redesigned like it needs. :sick:

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    Explain why Toyota claims they have a real truck when they don't even offer a fully box frame they way Ford, Dodge and Chevy do?

    Explain why Toyota uses rivited cross members instead of through welded the way Ford does?

    I'm sure peeps in the northeast will love how the C-channel frame on the Tundra rots from the inside out because it holds in road salt and debris.

    Oh and Ford trucks were #1 in the Strategic Vision 2007 Total Quality Survey....

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    for 2008 ford will do a minor remodling with a integrated tool box (first in class) and for 2009 a major redesign with a 4.4 liter diesel hybrid engine that will get an outstanding 60 miles to the gallon thats innovation thats ford
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    That really is too bad,,, not long after i purchased my 2006 F150 i heard from SEVERAL friends about spark plug ejection. My mechanic new about it very well and said there was a "silent" recall on it,,whatever that means. he also assured me that the condition was taken care of by my 2006 model year. I have never had that problem but at 26k i have had 4 fuel injector problems. I have owned nothing but Ford mustangs since in High school and put over 200k on all of them and NEVER had a real problem. How is it now that I decide to buy my first ever new vehicle and I have so many problems. The dealer was great , they fixed it every time , but the last time as i was leaving the dealership and the check engine light came on, i drove it straight to the TOYOTA dealer and traded it in. I will never buy a Ford again. That is really sad
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    Do not us generic fuel.

    visit www.toptiergas.com

  • exf150ownerexf150owner Member Posts: 5
    I did use generic fuel!!!!! and you are the second person to tell me that!!! I did not believe the first as he had no data to back it up

    wow, that really sucks, I really liked the ford untill i started having problems.


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    It's made the same way your F-250/350 have been made for generations, except with a fully-boxed front end.

    And more safety equipment than any F-series in history. ;)

    And a V8 that doesn't suffer from asthma pulling a load (11k in your dreams, I need to get home today!).

    Now you answer some questions.

    Ford goes on and on about the size of the bolts they use, and indeed they are slightly larger than other trucks.

    Is it truly just cost-cutting, when you use only six bolts to bolt the tow hitch to the frame, while Toyota uses a dozen bolts? Or are you just looking to lighten the load on an overtaxed engine? :confuse:

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    HMMMM F-150 5 stars from the Fed.

    Tundra 4 stars. Ok so maybe that is safety if you live in bizarro world.
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    FYI, Tundra was designed and built in the USA. Ford and GMC don't compare to the new Tundra. I buy what is best and I don't care where it was made. It is not my job to support overpaid auto workers, who do poor quality work. The big 3 need to learn to compete or go home. There is a reason why my garage has a BMW, Lexus, and Tundra in it.
  • fordchrisfordchris Member Posts: 10
    whatever ford is the best when it comes to design and quality and 3050 pounds of payload 890lbs more than the competition and 11,000 pounds towing best in class so you need to replace that tundra with the best truck made the f-150 or even a super duty
  • bugchuckerbugchucker Member Posts: 118
    I would not put Ford in the top 3. Why do they lie in their commercials? Guess Ford never heard of truth in advertizing.
  • drfilldrfill Member Posts: 2,484
    It's obvious you've never tried to pull an 8k load with a Ford, much less 11k, which it can't handle. Ford obviously has no internal towing tests, and will say anything to sell their beleagured truck. :sick:

  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJMember Posts: 3,516
    Jul 07 / Jul 06 / +/- / CY 2007 / CY 2006 / +/-
    F-Series...56,488 / 68,982 / -18.1 / 411,926 / 469,159 / -12.2
    Silverado..46,997 / 66,583 / -26.5 / 357,893 / 383,752 / -6.7
    Ram........29,312 / 32,793 / -11.0 / 214,569 / 215,967 / -1.0
    Sierra.....15,892 / 22,947 / -27.9 / 115,185 / 124,565 / -7.5
    Tundra.....23,150 / 10,285 / 134.5 / 105,990 / 67,743 / 55.6
    Titan.......5,708 / 5,691 / 4.5 / 38,781 / 44,528 / -13.4
    Mark LT.......758 / 962 / -21.2 / 5,090 / 7,512 / -32.2

    kcram - Pickups Host
  • anythngbutgmanythngbutgm Member Posts: 4,277
    So the Tundra outsold the Sierra and Titan this month and is nipping at the heels of the RAM (ways to go of course).

    That's pretty impressive...
  • dustykdustyk Member Posts: 2,926
    I've worked on or around motor vehicles for nearly fifty years. In all that time I have never experienced, seen, or even heard of a leaf spring eye-bolt breaking on any car or truck.

    Using larger pieces, especially fasteners, usually means a decrease in metal quality or heat treating. Its also cheaper in many cases.

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