Full-size pickup sales - F-150 best selling truck, but for how much longer?



  • osellrosellr Member Posts: 6
    No it's not a coincidence. Go to any dealership that sells trucks and there will be trucks in the service center.
    Ford, chevy, dodge, Toyota. No truck has a 0% defect rate.
  • b2900b2900 Member Posts: 20
    Without question there is going to be mechanical failures with any Truck. I have had GM and Ford pick pkups as well as Dodge cars in the past. The difference is, should it be it a major transmission problems( which every one of my Dodges had) or a simple burnt out light bulb, I was properly serviced by Toyota the issue was fixed. Unlike my Ford and GM where I always felt gouged or over charged often the problem not being fixed properly. I am happy to say I have had three new Toyota trucks including the new Tundra with no problems what so ever and a resale at trade that only Ford,Dodge, and Chev could not even come close to. Sure the big three cost a little less to purchase however the trusting consumer takes a drastic loss at trade in.

  • tonyviper09tonyviper09 Member Posts: 2
    Tundras suck. The box frames on a tundra snaps easily because they aren't built for heavy towing. they get horrible miles to the gallon and are only driven by idiots who think that it's a more reliable truck. Well it's not because once you kill the frame trying to tow what it's not or ever should try and tow and makes your truck look like some one treated it like silly puddy bending it out of shape. This is what it comes down to if you want a great street truck with good speed then you need to buy a dodge ram hemi. If you want a truck to tow small loads then you need to get a gmc. If you want a heavy duty hauling truck that gets the job done then get a ford. If you want a piece of crap not meant to be driven and only tow your trash to the end of the driveway then get a tundra and other foreign trucks. They don't farm in other country's like we do so don't complain when you buy a foreign truck meant for just driving plants in and nothing else.
  • tonyviper09tonyviper09 Member Posts: 2
    your all idiots Ford has the best towing out of any truck. It tows at the max about 10,700 and the max for a dodge ram is about a 9,100. It says on both of they're sights if you really want a good towing truck do your research. I hate you idiots who know nothing of trucks and just put your two cents in because your never broke down. The reason behind that is you never did any really strenuous work on that truck dummies. Until you really know what your talking about get off this forum and don't look back.
  • b2900b2900 Member Posts: 20
    My goodness did someone poop in your pancakes today? Oseller are you a Ford sales rep? I know what I have experienced and frankly I will never go back the LITTLE THREE. If you drive a Ford then expect poor resale THAT'S A FACT and being gouged for service. OH by the way your hard earned tax dollars bailed the other two companies out and Ford is next... why is that? Because they build quality vehicles? Toyota is leading the way to quality cars with resale that is next to literally non. Sincerely if they improve their quality,their reliability, and greatly improve their resale I may come back but not till then...
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJMember Posts: 3,516
    The name-calling and cursing can stop right now, or you may be surprised to find out what happens as a result. Got it?

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons Host
  • 455ho455ho Member Posts: 2
    Have you read up on the new Ram 2500/3500 models? Read the review on here. What about Toyota quality? Gas pedals; Tundra frames; and now, sudden stalling on Corolla and Matrix models (so far). I laugh at all of you who claim the 'holier than thou' attitude when driving foreign. See you in the unemployment line, import lovers!
  • farmerrubefarmerrube Member Posts: 33
    No one at all? And why is that now? That forien one just won't last long workin that farm now, facts is facts! If your lookin to work farms and such, get a big3 one now. Good luck on this one now!
  • waitingtundrawaitingtundra Member Posts: 3
    Well we all have different situations, can't all work on daddy's farm. Me, after Hurricane Katrina decided what I really needed was a full size 4door truck to evacuate in if I needed, so last year I went truck shopping w/gas at 4$ a gallon and loads of inventory on every car dealers lot. Last year7/04/08 I bought a 08 Tundra v8 dblcb & have never looked back. If I was to sell it today, almost a year & a half later I could make a small profit. Silky smoth like a Lexus the truck is truely unbelievable. I'll let ya know how it holds together over the next 10 to 15 years,
  • exf150ownerexf150owner Member Posts: 5
    The media is quick to throw Toyota under the bus. There have been much worse issues with GM and Ford that never came to light. Are you going to tell me that thousands of spark plug ejections didnt warrant a recal. That is just one example.

    Oh and I have 60k on my tundra now. Much of which was towing a race car and trailer that weighed over 10,000 lbs. My F150 ( brand new ) was terrifying to tow anything over 7k. After it broke down 3 times before 25k, I got rid of it. I loved that truck initially,,,, I planned to keep it forever. I had only owned Fords and this was the first NEW one I had ever owned. Every one of my Mustangs had over 200k on it

    And for the ignorant person that talked about driving a forign car,,,, My Toyota is made in America. My F150 was made in Mexico. And yes i fully expect to see you in the unemployment line. I mean , I wont be in it,,, I ll be the guy waving at you as I drive by . Just look for the bad [non-permissible content removed] Tundra.

    Read up on the reviews,,,,,, that always makes me laugh. I read reviews, but I DRIVE anything before i make an opinion on it. Well except for the F250 turbo diesel. My co worker has one. I kicked that things [non-permissible content removed] in 2 drag races. That new vehicle has been in the shop twice already for leaks and crap falling off of it.

    Here is something to focus on, and this is a fact. Ford gives bonuses for HIGH PRODUCTION NUMBERS. Toyota gives bonuses on on lack of rejection
  • 93gmcdrivermn93gmcdrivermn Member Posts: 24
    In my opinion GMC still is the best truck made. The Tundra has had and still has to many problems to even come close to the Sierra! If you get the Tundra with the 4.6 and not the 5.7ltr, you really have a hunk of junk! :lemon:
  • anythngbutgmanythngbutgm Member Posts: 4,277
    What happens after 100k

    A good friend of mine still has his, just passed 65 thousand last I talked to him (5.7, DC, short bed) and it's been flawless except for a recall on the front suspension. Still not bad compared to the not 1, but 2 GMC Sierras that he had before the Yota.

    The first Sierra was lemoned, the second was sold off to a coworker for a song...

    Even funnier was he was a service manager for a GMC dealer in NH and every single problem that he had with his trucks could be fixed for cheap, in the shop and with parts at cost.

    And yet he bought a Toyota... And then traded his wifes Suburban that got 8 mpg and had an addiction to Intermediate Steering shafts and fuel pumps on a Highlander. Then left the dealership. :shades:
  • oldharryoldharry Member Posts: 413
    I drive a 1/2 ton (Chevy) and seldom tow, but I frequently pass a place where there are horse shows and Big Trailers. Super Duty Fords dominate the parking lot there.

    I found this interesting concerning Tundras:

    http://news.pickuptrucks.com/2010/05/200003-tundra-owners-may-be-eligible-for-fr- ame-replacement.html

    Seems Toyota has a problem with frames rusting to the point the truck is unsafe.

  • acdiiacdii Member Posts: 753
    And, Ford is still #1 in truck sales. HEHEH.

    BTW I loved the posts about the Turdra. With the F-150 EcoBoost model being able to pull an 11,500 pound trailer, a V6 that can out pull the big V8's in the GM and Dodge, lookout, their sales will get even better. I had a 2001 F150, 44 sheets of drywall that would have put any other half ton PU bumper on the ground, hauled it like it was empty. I needed a bigger bed though along with room for 5, and out of all the trucks made, only Ford has one. None of the other trucks had a crew cab with an 8 foot bed, even in their heavy duty lines. I have had my F350 Dually powerstroke now for 9 years, and have not had any major problems with it, just the usually wear items.
  • unclej00unclej00 Member Posts: 3
    As has been mentioned in other spots, the designation of the F-150 of best selling truck in America sounds cool and is a great marketing tool, but if you like to deal in reality then it isn't as exciting as it sounds.

    Chevy and GMC are essentially the same thing but they are counted separately. If you combine them as one (which in reality they are, but have different names), then they beat the F-150 easily.

    Dodge simply doesn't make as many trucks as Ford. Dodge could sell 100% of its inventory and not beat Ford because Chrysler (even before the economic disaster) is much smaller than Ford. They don't manufacture as much. I'm not sure percentage wise how much F-150s are sold per manufactured each year or for Dodge Ram, but to say Ford sells more and bragging about it is misleading and silly. It's like a closing pitcher for an MLB team that wins 100 games bragging about having more saves than a closer on a team that wins 40 games. It doesn't necessarily mean that 1st closer is better, but that he had way more chances to get saves than the other guy.

    If you like politicians and their rhetoric, then you like the stat of the F-150 being best selling truck as meaning something. If you like actual reality and less BS, then you understand that that stat doesn't really mean much.
  • dieselonedieselone Member Posts: 5,729
    Chevy and GMC are essentially the same thing but they are counted separately. If you combine them as one (which in reality they are, but have different names), then they beat the F-150 easily.

    Does Ford actually break down the sales between the F150, F250 etc?

    Anyway, for 2011, the F series has been outselling the Silverado and Sierra combined.

    For July Ford sold 313,183 F-Series trucks. GM sold 215,906 Silverados and 80,194 Sierras.
  • cobrazeracobrazera Member Posts: 352
    Ford finally got some decent/competitive engines and against the aged GM products stacks up very nicely. GM redesigns are in the works, but until then, Ford has a very competitive product.

    Love my Ram, tho - the HEMI power is fantastic, it gets decent mileage, and is the looker of the bunch.
  • obyoneobyone Member Posts: 7,841
    Only thing about the Rams is how do you tell the difference between a 1994:


    and a 2011?

  • cobrazeracobrazera Member Posts: 352
    There are exterior differences, some subtle - but it's a whole new ballgame inside. I'm not a Ford guy, so I can't tell what's new there either.
    Fact is, the '09 Ram is the first P/U I've had for about 30 years. I looked at late model used, dismissed the Ford due to lack of power, and couldn't afford the GM products which seem to have the best economy of the three. When Car & Driver magazine compared the full size trucks in '09 and named Ram the winner, that was the clincher for me.
  • unclej00unclej00 Member Posts: 3
    Who cares? Only a Ford guy makes a big deal out of sheet metal and plastic. Look at engines, performance, and actual use of the vehicle. Many changes and improvements since 1994. Plus, why did Ford decide to copy Dodge's body style. That is the only reason Ford went away from the "box" style!!
  • unclej00unclej00 Member Posts: 3
    Well the F150 and F250 and F350 are different classes of vehicle. Then you'd have to include the Silverado 1/2 tons and 3/4 tons. Ford just wasn't creative about it's naming. The F150 and F250 are just differences in it's tonage. Most people do fine with the 1/2 tone, so that is a completely different discussion
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
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  • faroutfarout Member Posts: 1,609
    Has anyone bought a V 6 eco boost? What kind og mpg do you get and what is you + & - of the truck. With the RAM 1500 V6 I an considering both. Any help would sure be a help,
  • johhnyojohhnyo Member Posts: 1
    funny is how we all do not realize..yes the F-150 outsells the Chevy Silverado but if you add in the GMC sierra sales you will see GM actually sells more trucks..not that this means much, it's a personal preferance between the two.
  • KCRamKCRam Mt. Arlington NJMember Posts: 3,516
    but if you add in the GMC sierra sales you will see GM actually sells more trucks

    Not in 2012...

    Ford F-Series = 645,316
    Chevy Silverado = 418,312
    Ram Pickup = 293,363
    GMC Sierra = 157,185

    Silverado + Sierra = 575,497 -- well behind Ford.

    kcram - Pickups/Wagons/Vans+Minivans Host
  • 93gmcdrivermn93gmcdrivermn Member Posts: 24
    That's very true and my preference has always been GMC Trucks and General Motors small block and big block V-8's. They are easy to work on and the parts are almost always cheaper than fords. The older Fords parts from year to year in many instances are hardly ever interchangable like the small block GM motors. Thats a real pain in dealing with Ford engines!
  • hackattack5hackattack5 Member Posts: 315
    Thanks Kcram for putting up some real sales results for 2012. I love how the hatters on this forum just throw phrases out there like "if you add Chevy and GM trucks sales together they would blow Ford away. Well no they don't and I know you are going to say well who cares? We don't care. It all comes down to this, when you are pulling your 2 horse trailer up a big hill on the highway and a Ford Superduty flies by you pulling an 4 horse trailer with living quarters then you know why we love our Fords. :P
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
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    but wait, there's more!
    The same reporter would also like to speak to a loyal Chevy Silverado or Ram owner who is shopping for a new truck. If you'd like to share your story, please send your daytime contact to [email protected] no later than noon PT/3 p.m. ET on Friday, 1/18/13.


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  • rhinestonefuserhinestonefuse Member Posts: 75

    I think:

    1. Who cares? All three trucks are virtually the same. Just as a Wendy's, McDonalds and Burger King burger are virtually the same. Five years from now, they will all have the same features, operating costs and dependability between them. The diff is in the badge.

    2. I just did a search for new F150s at my local large Ford dealer's web site. 164 new F150s came up in inventory. 4 of them were priced at twenty-nine thousand and change. 160 of them were priced at OVER THIRTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. For a 1/2 ton PICKUP TRUCK. That is INSANE, is what I think.

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