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Chrysler Sebring Starting and Stalling Problems



  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832
    I wonder if these stalling problems can be traced to a certain engine. Is it the 2.4L, the 2.7L or the 3.5L that is having the majority of the problems?

    Mine is the 3.5L and no stalling issues at all.
  • I have a 2.4L
  • mmcargrlmmcargrl Posts: 4
    I am searching for the same answer. I have a 1999 Chrysler Sebring, which I have loved for 4 years now. Lately it stalls while I am driving it--twice it left me in a dangerous situation, including today in traffic. Mechanics cannot find anything wrong with it, it starts up just fine for them. It will run fine, for a couple of days, or a couple of weeks, then out of the blue, it dies in traffic. Desperately seeking an answer...thanks.
  • I took my 07 Sebring to the dealership last week Thursday. It hasn't stalled on me since they did the PCM update but it is still have issues. (like sputtering at stops and now my RPM's are jumping while coasting at 30mph) So I have contacted an atty and Chrysler and I am now in the process of trying to return my car and get my money back. :lemon:
  • nlyhnlyh Posts: 1
    I am having the same problem with my 2006 convertible with 20,000 miles. It has been back to the dealer three times now and they tell me nothing shows up on a code. It will run great for about three weeks and then it starts to stall and buck and feel like it's going to stall out. I've had it with the dealership. They keep my car for three and four days and then tell me there is nothing wrong. One of us is going to get into a serious accident because of this problem and maybe then someone will listen. Let me know if you get any satisfaction.
  • billg13billg13 Posts: 4
    Tell me more about how it stalls. does it cut off all at once or start to die like it is losing gas. Also, after it stall, does it start right up or does it take a few minutes. check out this forum
  • jowalkjowalk Posts: 3
    I took my 2008 Sebring to another Chrysler dealership. They called corporate with no positive response. I am still driving around with what feels like a loaded gun. The new dealership said they could piut some kind of computer in my car and when it stalls again I would push a button to give them more diagnostic information. If nothing happens, I am going to have to persue the lemon law. Driving scared is not my idea fof fun.
  • I am on board with about my 07 Sebring :lemon: . I bought the car back in Aug. and it has been back to the dealership for a number of issues (recalls etc). I have had the following problems. Current mileage around 6500 miles

    1. Electrical system failure. I had no interior lights, headlights etc.
    2. I am currently waiting for a new gear shift plate, the current does not illuminate so at night you have to rely on the dash to determine what gear you are in. (The part has been on back order since November 07)
    3. Passenger side door latch keeps sticking and the door won't close. (Going into dealer next week for that problem)
    4. The car has stalled on me twice since I have owned it for no apparenet reason.
    5. The icing on the cake occurred today (currently at the dealership), both the traction control light and ESP Bas light is on and staying on. I read the manual and it kept occurring after I started the car three times. :sick:

    I promise you.... I will never buy a Chrysler, Dodge or Jeep ever again and I have been sharing this sentiment with many others.

    What gets me is the attitude you get from the dealership, and the fact they speak down to me like I am a stupid woman.

    Let me know what you find out.
  • jowalkjowalk Posts: 3
    My 2008 just stalls outright. No warning. Everything goes. I can't get out of harms way because the steering is lost and I can't ge to the side of the road. It will start back up when I throw it into neutral and restart. I have been driving it now for about three weeks with no incidents. I'm not reassured, however, as it might just cut out again at any time. I am waiting to have a computer installed in it so that if and when the problem happens again, I can push a button and that is supposed to help the mechanics diagnose the problem. In the meantime I continue to drive with apprehension. I guess the next step in the Lemon Law. Has anyone filed for the Lemon Law? What was the result.
  • kbarthkbarth Posts: 5
    I have a 1996 Sebring Convertible Jxi 2.5L. I want all of you to know that I had this stalling problem, and it was very scary. I stalled on the freeway and thought I was going to get crushed by a semi truck, I also stalled at stops and on normal streets. I thought I probably would die in my car because of this. My mechanics kept scratching there heads and changing parts and I kept paying. They even suggested I take it to the dealership to see if they could figure out the problem. I took it to the dealership and they could not figure out the problem and still charged me $150.00 for nothing. Then my mechanic saw an article that came out in (winter 2006 Tech Magazine) that said the problem looked like other things, but was actually the MAP SENSOR, and the stalling quit. Chrysler has to know about this problem and chooses to play dumb. I love my car, but I will never buy another Chrysler.
    I hope this helps some of you with your problem. This is an inexpensive problem that I have at least $1500.00 into for other parts that did not fix the problem.

    Hope this helps
  • kbarthkbarth Posts: 5
    I did the same thing. It was the MAP SENSOR!

  • kbarthkbarth Posts: 5
    Please Everyone Listen to me.

  • kbarthkbarth Posts: 5
    Please try the MAP SENSOR
  • tedebeartedebear Posts: 832

    Tell the service tech to take a close look at the MAP sensor. I recently heard that it can be the source of some frustrating stalling problems. ;)

    Thanks for taking the time to alert everyone and possibly saving them a lot of money.
  • mmcargrlmmcargrl Posts: 4
    I just read online that Chrysler has sent out a recall on Sebrings due to an electrical problem that might cause stalling or other issues. "Chrysler will seal the wires for the tire pressure monitoring system" at no cost. However--according to the story I read it is on 2007-08 models only. As we know, this problem occurs in Sebrings from 1998-2008. Mine is a 1999 and after the 4th repair recently, I hope it is ok now. I had the CAM Sensor replaced. I loved by Sebring until the past few months, and unfortunately I cannot financially afford to replace by car right now. I am self employed and the economy has kicked me hard. I will pray the CAM Sensor did the job, and will enjoy my car as long as I can, until I can afford to buy another car that is NOT a Chrysler. :mad:
  • tbirdrustbirdrus Posts: 3
    As many others here, I have the same stalling problem with my Sebring JXI '97. I found a website that lists all Sebring recalls and it looks like this problem (at least for '97) falls under one of them. I am going to contact Chrysler tomorrow and try to make them fix it for free. Any advice on how to handle it in the best way? d/136
  • My wife has a 2001 sebring 2.7 and it kept stalling on us and would start back up and one day it would not that time it actually through a code for a camshaft sen., crankshaft sen., PMC (powertrain control module), fuelpump, (which includes our pump, relay, regulator, and filter we found it at advanced the cheapest for $300.00 but be careful they have been recalling the Airtex brand pumps) so it took fuel injection cleaner and reseting the code to get it to started so a week later it stalled on my wife with no warning at all, wile crossing a highway talk about panic she freaked. It would not start so we started with the most obveious and the cheapest which was the cam, crank, then fuel pump twice we returned the first just to make sure we didnt have a bad one it still does not start and it only through the one code and never after that. After you clear the computer it takes 80 miles for this computer to start reading again it never maid that far my next test is a recalled crankshaft harness that melts and grounds out. I just heard about it but if they never reruted it that would be the problem, then I im going to wing it and try the MAP sen. and my car also pulls up the P1684 code so check the conections on the battery it is in front of the driver front tire and your negative turnimal that is bolted to the strut tower by the fuse box under the hood has two wires and to bolts take off the top one and check the hidden one its all a pain but worth checking! If you find anything else out please post it
  • bens6009bens6009 Posts: 1
    I bought a 1997 convertable 2.5L it did not start when i bought it, i am getting spark front three cylinders but not the back. The previous owner just replaced the distributor, plugs, wires, crank sensor and replaced the computer but the computer came from a junk car and from what my friend says at the dealer it is not the right computer. He said the computer has to be year specific. My friend that owns a garage gave me a couple computers but when i tried them i could not get spark at all. I don;t think those computers are for the right year. Now my question is does anyone have any other thoughts before i buy a new computer from the dealer. its only $235 but i do not want to waste my money when it could be something else. Also a friend of mine has a avenger with the same motor and had the same exact problem and he replaced the computer and it runs fine.. thanks ben
  • 2001 sebring 2.4 lx ive had it since new 46k on it. recently driving down the road i let off gas pedal and car bucks and stalls few weeks ago it just bucked and kept running radio cut out lights in dash would all light up then when shut car off the battery would die it would jump start right up then be fine for 5 minutes to 4 days. i pressed brake pedal in parking space and speedo went to 20 mph sitting still. 3rd battery in 1 yr due to cracking and losing fluid. any help out there for a very frustrated car owner. :confuse: had full tune up, new cam sensor and ignition switch put in also , still no help
  • stanrenastanrena Posts: 1
    Hi Jim,

    I'm having a similar problem with my 2004 Sebring Convertible. Did you find the solution to your problem?

  • Ok, so I can start the car when it is cold and it runs fine, no problem.

    Once it gets up to temp, it starts to skip and lope and sputter....if I come to stop it will die and the still at temp it won't start nor stay running.

    Once it cools down it starts up agian like there is no problem.

    I have replaced the crankshaft position sensor but it didn't help.
  • OMG I have like 6 error codes!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Have a 96 sebring that I parked one night and it will not start again. Something is locking out the ASD relay for the injectors. Computer shows no trouble codes. Replaced ASD relay in case it was just not making good contact. No help. Does anything besides the camshaft position sensor and the crankshaft position sensor stop the computer from energizing the ASD relay?
  • I have a 1997 Sebring that the battery died. It sat for about 4 mo. until I had it replaced. Now the problem that I have right now is that my odometer does not change it has stayed the same from the momment that I hve picked up the car, also the temp., mpg meter, and avail miles to drive function that is on the center part of the dash is not working as well. If anybody has had this problem any bit of information would be helpful. I just hope it is a quick cure and not to much $$$ to fix. Thank you all for your suggestions in advance.
  • I have a 96 also and is doing the same thing. Would like to know if you found out the problem and if so what was it. I've had crank sensor replaced and tune -up but still have problem when we first start out.
  • Just purchased my 08 Sebring in October 08 and it has stalled on me 4 times. It stalled on me while in a drive thru and I couldnt even turn the wheels I will be contacting the dealership. Thanks for the info I will let them know to check the map sensor
  • Tonite I was driving my 2005 4 cyl. sebring sedan. I hit a bump. All of a sudden my oil light pop on engine was stalling and making a clapping noise. Does anyone knows the anwser to this problem. The engine didn't come. But, the car wouldn't accelerate when I driving 40 to 50 miles per hour. Help please.
  • I share the same problem as many of you on this board. I purchased my 2007 Chrysler Sebring January 2008. Within 1 month, my car radio would change stations. Within 1 to 2 months, I noticed my airbag, brake, engine, and seat belt lights go on and off throughout the drive. I took the car to the dealership. They could not duplicate the issue with the radio. They did "repair" the light issue. They said there was a recall notice. After this issue was repaired my car started to feel as if it was stalling. I took the car to the dealership twice. They said there was nothing wrong. This attempted stalling continued until October. My car actually began stalling. The last time was two weeks ago at 8 pm in 39 degree rainy weather. I am a single parent so of course this occurred when my kids were in the car. The car started back up after 10 minutes. I took the car to CARMAX where I purchased the vehicle. They along with a local Dodge/Chrysler dealership said there was nothing wrong with my car. I even mentioned to them that I read everyone's suggestion about a Map Sensor. I was told that there was no codes for a Map Sensor so they could not repair the Map Sensor. I am so frustrated with CARMAX and Chrysler. I am paying for a car that keeps stalling on me! :lemon:
  • bleakbleak Posts: 2
    my 07 sebring touring started stalling a few days ago. i notice when the engine is idle in drive/reverse/neutral the rpms dip low like every 30sec-2min like its going to stall. eventually it dies after a while of this. also happens while making a slow turn. just dies completely no warning lights or anything. it starts back up no problem. happened as i was pulling into the post office and nearly got rear ended. glad it hasnt happend in an intersection yet! this is very dangerous not to mention embarrasing. bought new in sept 07 and has 9100 miles on it atm. also engine seems to have a gurgle to it when i press the gas pedal - its a really noticeable gurgle if you gun it. also the car seems to have a downshift to it sometimes as i'm slowing somewhere in the 25-30 mph range.

    other notable problems include the radio unit not turning on one day but hasnt happened since; and the power lock button on the drivers side door stopped working and needed to be replaced

    taking it into the dealer tomorrow 02/13/09

    i hope this MAP sensor that has been mentioned is the problem
  • Went out to start the car this morning and it would not start. Moved the shifter from park to neutral and still no start so we pushed it forward about 6 inches and still nothing. We then moved it forward several feet and it started right up. This is not the first time this has happened. It seems to happen 2 to 3 times a year. We have replaced the battery and alternator but are still having this issue...we are thinking it could be a sensor? Does anyone have any ideas?
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