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VW Jetta Electrical Problems

mstevmstev Member Posts: 3
I recently purchased a 2001 Jetta 1.8T for my daughter. Last week she left the lights on for about 20 minutes and it wouldn't start. Thought it may be a weak battery. Today, it wouldn't start at first, the clock reset and then started with no problem. Later in the day, she was driving and all electrical just cut out completely for a second or two. Car started back up and the EPC, MIL and generator lights came on.
I went to look at it, and everything started ok with no warning lamps.
Any ideas???


  • mstevmstev Member Posts: 3
    Arrrgh! It's a 2002 Jetta, not 2001. My mistake! :cry:
  • littledevinelittledevine Member Posts: 2
    A couple of days ago i went to start my car and it wouldnt start, nor would the radio. I turned on the lights and the alarm went off. Now my alarm system seems to be disarmed with no blinking red light. My car won't start, the radio won't turn on, the lights won't turn on, everything electrical is blank. I think someone might have tried to break into my car and messed with my alarm system. Does anyone know what I can do to get my car working?

    Let me know!
  • meristemmeristem Member Posts: 1

    wondering if anybody has any idea concerning why i keep blowing the fuse for my low beams. my left low beam light goes out, but both high beams work. i have replaced the light bulb and many fuses. when i first put in a new fuse the high beam sign on the dash lights up and won't go away even though the high beams aren't this point i can't even switch my lights onto high beam. but then after a little while, the left headlight goes out--at which point both high beams begin working again. this is the only fuse that has blown.

    also, my wipers won't work properly. they will work when put on the delay setting, but won't work at normal speed. i have to manually hold the switch in place if i want it to function properly.

    just wondering if there are any basic things i could do to remedy these situations.

    thanks kindly.
  • classicjettaclassicjetta Member Posts: 6
    I'm sorry to hear of all your troubles. Unfortunately, electrical problems are very hard to diagnose, especially over the internet. The best advice I could give is to find a good repair shop, and one that specifically specializes in VWs. Joe Mechanic who works on American cars all day will have no clue whatsoever. Check out for VW dealer ratings in your area, and the mechanix files on for other independent shops.
  • melmichaunmelmichaun Member Posts: 1
    :sick: I drive a 1999 VW Jetta. Yesterday I tried starting my car. Nothing happened engine wise, but all of my internal lights came on. I took the key out of the ignition and the engine light, battery light and console lights remained on, and the air conditioner was still working. So I put the key back in the ignition, turned it, and it felt like it was loose; still nothing happened. I left my car in the parking lot overnight and went back this morning. Now, the ABS light is staying on and all the other lights are blinking like crazy. So I put my foot on the brake, and the blinking stopped, but the ABS light is still on. I tried turning the key in the ignition, and got the same results as before. I have no clue what to do now.
  • geminiplanetgeminiplanet Member Posts: 1
    I own 2003 Jetta GLS 2.0 that has 70,000 miles on it and now is having problem with its driver door. It keeps saying that the door is unlock and the interior light wil turn on while I am driving.
    I also notice that my alarm went off from time to time.
    Do I have electrical system problem ? Please help.

  • joker55joker55 Member Posts: 49
    hey geminiplanet

    i am having a some what similar problem like you, i have a 1999 Jetta 2.0 and after i get out of my car and hit the lock button, the horn honks but the door does not lock, i can see the blinking light on the door but the latch remains up and the door can be opened

    does anybody know what could be causing this sort of problem and any possible solutions?, me and gemini would greatly appreciate it

  • conradsconrads Member Posts: 1
    ran into the same problem tonight. Car wouldn't start. internal electrical and external lights worked. Dash lights flickered when turned iginition-like there was a short somewhere. At first couldn't take car out of park. Shook key ignition (felt loose) and noticed the wiring harness from ignition point was loose at engine point. reconnected and had better power connections and could move gear out of park. All electrical worked better,dash sensor lights (ABS, oil, engine) worked, but still couldn't start car. Just heard clicks at the starter. I'll try and boost it in the morning, but not sure if that will work. Might be ignition/wiring harness problem...just a thought. How did you fix your problem?
    Your help's appreciated. Cheers.
  • silver_lemonvwsilver_lemonvw Member Posts: 5
    hi, (i know this was awhile ago but) i also just bought a 2002 jetta 1.8t last year and i am having the same problems with my car. The power just cuts out and the EPC and engine light came on, and then in addition to all that the car is overheating and neither the a/c or engine fan are working, i'm not sure if they are connected but we think it could be the cooling fan thermo switch and or an ignition coal. Did you have any luck finding the problem with your daughters car? or does anyone else know how to help, any advice or ideas are extremely helpful. thanks.
  • mstevmstev Member Posts: 3
    The problem has happened a couple more times since my last post. I noticed that power was coming back after I jiggled wires on terminal block on top of the battery. I pulled the battery and battery box, and cleaned and tightened all connections. I noticed when tightening the ground cable on the battery, that it wasn't making a good connection. I filed the gap on the cable end to allow it to close tighter on the terminal. This was about 3 weeks ago. My daughter has had the problem since.
  • enkenenken Member Posts: 3
    Problem started last year when weather turned warm. 99 Jetta starts fine in the morning, but after parking all day in hot parking lot, refused to start. Replace battery. Still had the problem. Replaced starter, still had the problem. Car ran like a top all winter. Now it's getting warmer and the problem has reoccurred. Once temp in interior goes down (at night), car starts. Help. My mechanice is stumped and refuses to try to fix.
  • badvw7badvw7 Member Posts: 7
    I have a 2002 VW Jetta GLS TDI that will not start... It will not even turn-over. The battery is confirmed good. I believe that there is a problem in the automatic shift lock system. When I turn the ignition to the On position the "brake pedal light" (ASL light) momentarily comes on then goes off (supposed to stay on until you depress the brake pedal) and I hear a relay click in the shift console (It is an automatic transmission). The "Automatic Shift Lock" light should stay on until I press down on the brake pedal, which then allows you to shift from park into the desired gear. I can shift it freely into any gear even without pressing down the brake pedal. Also the electronic gear indicator on the dash does not indicate which gear I am in. It just flashes on and all the gear indicators remain lighted. I am not so sure that this is a brake light switch problem. The brake lights work normally when depressing the brake. The switch also ohms out normal with an ohm meter. The switch is purple in color if this means anything. Please someone help ASAP...!!! :sick:
  • vdubber1vdubber1 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 Jetta 2.0 4cyl and it had similar problems it drove me crazy and my mechanic replaced the coolant sender and corresponding o-ring and the car runs and starts fine now, it's not that expensive to fix and worth a shot, I think it was like $30 for parts and then $40 for labor.
  • badvw7badvw7 Member Posts: 7
    Interesting... The problem that you speak of caused your car to not start? What gets me is the car ran fine in the morning but when I went to drive it in the afternoon it would not crank and hasn't since. You turn the key on and the ASL light comes on then immediately goes off and a relay clicks in the gear shift console. The gear indicator on the instrument cluster fails to indicate which gear that I am in and when I turn the key to start it ... absolutely nothing happens. Its like trying to start the car with it in gear. I have tried neutral, in between gears, everything and I get nothing. Help...!!! :sick:
  • silver_lemonvwsilver_lemonvw Member Posts: 5
    Have you taken it anywhere to get it looked at? we tightened the battery cables too just to get us home because it died at the store, but both of our fans aren't working and i heard it could be the ignition coils? i'm not sure we're taking to to a shop tomorrow because the dealership was rude and the lady said that she loved her jetta so who cares about ours, yea great help. let me know if you find anything out and i will so the same after tomorrow. thanks again.
  • mimikenimimikeni Member Posts: 1
    Hi Jetta people,
    I just bought a used 2000 Jetta 2.0 Automatic. I disconnected the battery cable to clean some corrosion off the terminal. After reattaching the cable, the alarm was activated. If I open a door, try to start the car or perform any action, the alarm sounds. It honks for about 30 seconds and then quits. The car came with only one key without a remote, and of course no owners manual. Anybody have any ideas?
  • pjammepjamme Member Posts: 2
    I found this forum with google as I am getting nowhere with getting my problems fixed. Bought the car used and soon had to replace the battery or so I thought. This Winter had to replace it again after two years. Then my wife was on a trip to Virginia and she had a warning light come on. She stopped beside the road and looked in the manual. "Take straight to a dealer". For a small fortune they replaced the alternator.
    We went on vacation the end of April and when we came back after 10 days the battery was so dead the lock light wasn't even flashing. Clock reset as well as odometer. Jumped it and took it to repair shop, they of course couldn't find anything wrong. No battery problems since.
    In addition over the past three years I have replaced at least 8 brake light bulbs and both head lights.
    There has to be some way to find these problems
  • redcurlzredcurlz Member Posts: 9
    87' Jetta runs great! But, The fuel pump will only work when I've run a power wire from the pump to under the dash. How can I eliminate plugging this wire into the fuse panel under the dash to start the car and keep it running?
    Danielle :confuse:
  • carolina1carolina1 Member Posts: 5
    It seems that when the motor gets hot on my 96 jetta, the tacometer and speedometer quit working. Now, am I going to have to take the whole dash out and follow the wires to see if there are any shorts in the wire? Please help me figure this out. Any help would be great.
  • carolina1carolina1 Member Posts: 5
    I have a 96 jetta with an alarm. According to my owners manual only a vw dealer can disable the alarm. Hopefully you can find a way to do it without going to a dealer. But that is all the information I have. If I find out anything more I will let you know. Good luck.
  • joker55joker55 Member Posts: 49
    Hey Guys

    wondering if any mechanics out there can give me a lil help here,

    i've recently been told that my camshaft sensor on my 99 Jetta is shot, and my engine light keeps coming on.when we checked it on the computer it said "camshaft sensor A performance range".....?...... my mechanic said that it is emmiting a weak signal so it should be replaced, does this sound right to you mechanics out there?

    my mechanic has told me that it is $85 CDN for the part and its going to take him 3 hours worth of work, so its going to cost me a total of 370 CDN with taxes+labour.does this sound about right?

    this may seem like a dumb questions but how important is the camshaft sensor? am i paying to much or am i getting a deal here? i just wanna make sure that my mechanic is jerking me around.

    thanks for your help in advance

  • chris96chris96 Member Posts: 4
    hi my name is chris i bought my daugter a 98 jetta gl. has been running fine recently we have been getting a lot of rain. the car is leaking water on the fuse box and relays, car runs but it like only on three cylinders or somthing like that or may be on three injectors. the tack and fuel guage,temp gauge,clock seedo not working ether since rain. fuse box had lots of water dripping off of it. all fuses are getting power with test light does any relays control gauges or firing of injectors computer is dry under cal i think? if somebody knows of comon problems with water leaking on fuse box and running the way it does after please respond. i know water is'nt good didn't have problem till the water. not sure about the relays what they control. idles for about smooth for 1 min then when you acclerate it like loads up and like back fires in the exhaust if you let it idle it stall after 1 min. will start back up and run the same way :confuse: :confuse: : is there somthing near the fuse box that delvers info to computer thank again for the help [email protected]
  • joker55joker55 Member Posts: 49
    Hey guys, I drive a 1999 Jetta, and the lighting has gone off that is behind the climate controls, so i can't see them at night.

    i can take the cover off where the dials are, but as far as that i have no idea, can someone give me a little insight on how i can replace the bulb behind those dials i can't seem to find it in my manual

    thanks in advance
  • acd123acd123 Member Posts: 1
    I'm having that same problem now with my 03 jetta; glad I'm not the only one. Does it always happen before the fan kicks on? It seems that way on mine, the ac, lights and radio will all turn off then back on. Anyone find the solution yet? :sick:
  • gfantgfant Member Posts: 1
    My son bought a 97 Jetta a few months ago with 115000 miles. Runs good. a month later would not start. Starter burned up. Replaced. two weeks later same thing. Replaced again. Two weeks later same thing happened. mechanic perplexed. Tried another brand starter this time lasted over one month. Starter burned up again. There has to be something shorting it out. Mechanic said if it does not work this time, my son will have to take it to VW mechanic which will cost him $100 an hour. He can't afford that. Has anyone has this difficulty and maybe recommend something.
  • ukebanditukebandit Member Posts: 1
    they probably stole your ECUM? if not check yur basics,batt.cables tight,ground solid,relays and fuses,these jettas are a anti -theft problem nightmare,windows roll down on thier own,hood release won,t work etc...join IATN network there a group of worldwide techs who have wonderful experiences with these autos plus others,i plan to scrap my jetta even though when it works it fun but the minor aggs aren,t worth it.
  • lownslowlownslow Member Posts: 1
    well, there are so many of you with these issues. but, welcome to the world of volkswagen. like said above, be sure to check the battery cables, clean them if needed, run a voltometer and see if you're getting atleast 12v to the battery. check the wires running from the alternator to the starter/cylinoid, that positive to the cylinoid, the negative to the block. when you put the positive cable back on if you haven't already found out, it'll reset all and your alarm will be annoying be sure you have you key fob or key around to disarm it afterwards. if all that is good and it wont turn still, pull your starter and take it to like autozone or something (for pre 97, oreilly's and autozone cant test it, take to napa or advance auto parts) to do it yourself, unplug the wire that runs from the cylinoid to the ignition switch (red/black)and touch the cylinoid to that spot with a rubber handled screw driver (be careful sparks will fly). okay so from there, if it works your problem is going to lie within your wiring or your ignition switch, most likely the switch. take off the negative battery cable, pull steering wheel, 2/3 jaw puller and vice grips to pull the splined adapter off, get the spring out, the ignition lock out, philips head to take out the current switch. replace it, hook everything back up. you should be golden. as for the alarm if you want to delete the alarm module, look for the diy use the search portal on vwvortex and search for the archived threads. if none of this helps, avoid going to the dealership and find a shop that specializes in european automobiles. good luck.
  • waterdani22waterdani22 Member Posts: 1
    If someone has not replied yet, I just had my 97 Jetta fixed with a similar problem. It turned out to be the distributor. It's been driving great ever sense. :)
  • painted1painted1 Member Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    Recently I purchased a 1999 Jetta through an auction. I am experiencing a problem with the alarm system. While the alarm is disengaged it will engage with a beep of the horn while driving down the road. I'm wondering if this could possibly be connected to the automatic door locks, as they dont work. Could it have something to do with the switch? I'm stumped and after reading some of the other issues I wonder what I've gotten myself into.
  • chris96chris96 Member Posts: 4
    alarm controller it behind the headlight switch
  • chelsi_lynnchelsi_lynn Member Posts: 1
    I am having problems reguarding my alarm system. It is sporadically going off for no apparent reason. I've tried resetting the alarm as well as cleaning the door latches. I've had no luck yet. I didn't know if there was a way to just disengage the alarm. My VW dealership said there was no way to do that and that I would just have to bring it in to get fixed but it just sounds like a way to suck more money out of me.I can do it myself if I only knew where to start. Any help would be much appreciated.
  • chris96chris96 Member Posts: 4
    unplug the alrm controller
  • 5150jet5150jet Member Posts: 1
    What might cause the key chime when the door open to stop working and also the interior light when key is removed form ignition to stop lighting up?
  • jlkiljlkil Member Posts: 18
    '02 jetta 1.8T; which I've owned for five years now. When it was new, all the interior lights came on when a door was opened; then it went to a few lights, different ones and now maybe one light comes on when the door is opened. I did have the dealer look at it once, but didn't want to spend a ton on something intermittent. The bulbs and fuses are good. Is this another crazy VW computer problem?
    Speaking of fuses, does anyone know where you can find a cross reference to those fuse symbols? Very few are obvious to me what they stand for.
  • talismanphltalismanphl Member Posts: 3
    My 2003 GLS 1.8T has had the airbag warning lights on the dash lit up on and off for years. The Monsoon stereo has been replaced 4 times - about every 10 months it fries itself. 2 weeks ago, my Jetta was rear-ended by a cab in downtown Philadelphia and the insurance company has totalled it. I won't know what to do with myself now that I have a nice reliable Honda Civic SI and will not be constantly arguing with numerous VW service depts.
  • redcurlzredcurlz Member Posts: 9
    Well, I would sure give the Honda the TLC or "preventative maintenance" it needs sos the jetta junk dosen't come back about. But, remember [non-permissible content removed] happens, so any car could have brain wiring or sensor problems. Congrats on the new car.

    Dani ;)
  • coconutcreek2coconutcreek2 Member Posts: 2
    my daughter's jetta alarm won't turn off. :confuse: Knowing nothing about alarms, we pulled the fuse for the horn, but that didn't stop it, we unhooked one of the wires to the battery and that stopped it for a few seconds and then it started again. Is there a way to completely disarm it? The driver's side door sets it off and she was getting in on the passenger side even though that was annoying, but now the lock on that side is broke. Any suggestions on how to completely disarm or at least how to make it work correctly? Thanks
  • coconutcreek2coconutcreek2 Member Posts: 2
    We have a 97 jetta and the alarm won't turn off. Did you get yours fixed and if so how?
  • joker55joker55 Member Posts: 49
    hey guys

    i have a 1999 Jetta, and whenever ig et out of the car and go to arm the door with the keyless entry, the car "honks" and arms but the drivers door latch doesnt go down, i have to press unlock then lock again for it to go down, i thought it might be the remote but i to lock it with the key and does the same thing

    anyone have this problem and possibly a solution for it

    any help is appreciated

  • jettaroxjettarox Member Posts: 2
    I recently replaced the drivers side headlight in my 2001 VW Jetta GLS. In order to do so, I disconnected the battery. After I finished, I put everything back together and reconnected the battery. Since then, I cannot lock or unlock my doors with my key remote. Also, when I drive with the headlights on, there is a clicking noise in the dash even though no flashers are on and my trunk unlatches. I get out and close the trunk, but it unlatches again if I have the headlights on.

    Before I call the Ghost Hunters - does anyone have a reasonable explaination for this or how I might remedy this problem (Preferably without taking it to a dealer.)

  • oldfolkyoldfolky Member Posts: 1
    I bought a used 2000 Jetta GLS a year ago. 3 months after i bought it the check engine light came on. I had a tune-up done and the light went off. Recently the light came back on. I went to get my car inspected (for North Carolina) and it said i needed 2 oxygen sensors, cost 400 bucks! They tested them and said they were working fine, but the inspection computer said they were not. They explained this difference was due to a computer glitch in the Jetta (3 other people had already had this problem with him). He said replacing the o2 sensors will NOT solve the problem as they are working fine. I can't get an inspection approval and only have 30 days to resolve the problem, after which I cant drive the car....... what can i do?
  • editheedithe Member Posts: 1
    Has anyone encountered a problem with the 1.8 Turbo. the dealership wants to sell me an extended warranty. the cost is $3K. Should I purchase the extended warranty? the vehicle has 55 000 km.
  • raysncraysnc Member Posts: 1
    I replaced the battery in my 1996 Jetta. When I hook it up, the alarm goes off. How do I reset it?

    I know the radio needs to be reset too. Can that only be done by the dealer?
  • vdubmexvdubmex Member Posts: 1
    i have a 1999 Jetta, and whenever ig et out of the car and go to arm the door with the keyless entry, the car "honks" and arms but the drivers door latch doesnt go down, i have to press unlock then lock again for it to go down, i thought it might be the remote but i to lock it with the key and does the same thing

    i have the exact same problem. is there a fix for this?
  • imabongimabong Member Posts: 1
    I am in the same situation. I have an 03 which I purchased two years ago and have been having the same problem. The check engine light comes on and I have literally spent thousands of dollars on this car replacing things that did not need to be replaced. HELP!!!!!
  • helpme18helpme18 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2001 VW Jetta Wolfsburg edition and as of two days ago the remote lock doesn't work (the unlock does) and the car constantly thinks the driver side door is open. I wouldn't be to concerned about the door if it wasn't for the extensive beeping. Also my check engine light keeps coming on...I've taken it to a mechanic and afterwords its off but it repetedly comes on in the coming says. Any help would be great in particular the door problem.
  • rob104rob104 Member Posts: 1
    i just bought a 95 jetta gls. It was running fine untill this mornning. It wount start!! :sick:
  • brianbrunbrianbrun Member Posts: 1
    I have no power to the cigarette lighter outlet. All fuses in the 22 fuse fusebox are good. Is there another location for additional fuses? Brian
  • rg39631rg39631 Member Posts: 1
    Car indicates drivers side door is always open. Where is the sensor located?
  • tnbaxtnbax Member Posts: 1
    I own a 1999 Jetta. Last week I dropped my remote key in the snow and it stopped working. So from there until today I was just usung the key manually. During that time the alarm would not come on. But today when i manually locked the door the alarm was armed. When i returned to my car i was able to get in using the key manually but the alarm light was still blinking. I tried to start the car then the alarm went off. I opened the hood the alarm went off. I opened up the key remote and tried to buy a new battery at a few auto stores and none sold the CR1620 battery needed. So i had to get me car towed home. But before i left that spot I was able to turn the key in the ignition to the start postion but it would not start . The man tried to jump the battery but the battery would not take charge, although all the internal and external lights works well.
    Can anyone tell me what I can do?
    I didn't know having a foriegn car would be this difficult...LOL :confuse:
    oh yeah .. my car started acting out in the winter (other problems not the above issue)
    has anyone heard of the california cars? because i had no problems until the winter season hit
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