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2000 Ford F-250 Super Duty Problems and Solutions



  • wpalkowskiwpalkowski Posts: 493
    I thought there were separate fuel pumps, one in each tank. Or am I mistaken, and there are only separate sender units for the fuel gauge?
  • crankshaftcrankshaft OHIOPosts: 105
    on my f150 w/dual tanks,i have a low pressure pump in each tank followed by a single high pressure pump common to both tanks.
  • 4x4bully14x4bully1 Posts: 8
    My 2004 SCREW FX4 seems to have a whimpy a/c now that the summer heat is bearing down. Have heard other comments prior that Ford's a/c aren't as cold as other makes. I have driven numerous Dodge and Chev products that were quicker with the cool down period.

    Does anyone else have some advice or experience to share?

    Thanks, Dennis
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Posts: 833
    yes, my '04 F150 AC is wimpy too.
    fortunately it's not too hot where I live, otherwise I'd be more impatient. The Max AC does nothing to improve things either.
  • jdfrmkyjdfrmky Posts: 15
    AC in my 2004 f-150 crew cab IS wimpy.Wanted to tint my windows but dealer cannot correct rubbing on driver and pass. door windows.There is a streak about 3 or 4 inches long in middle of window with grease streaks something is rubbing.You can hear the window rubbing as they go down.I do not think I can tint without correcting this.This is a pretty picky item for a FORD dealer to correct.Especially with all the chaos at my dealers service dept."FIX WHAT?"
  • 04f150l4x404f150l4x4 Posts: 33
    I think the AC runs to cold.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    It runs too cold? A rare complaint indeed. Many owners with F150s and Superdutys have issues with inadequate a/c in hot weather.
  • mullins87mullins87 Posts: 959
    Does your cruise and horn still work? If not, then it's the clock spring inside the steering column. I had that very same problem with my '99. My dealership fixed it for $75. Maybe they were trying to "get" my business, I'm a do-it-yourselfer.
  • bigsnagbigsnag Posts: 394
    There has been a service bulletin about the AC problems. I can't remember exactly what was wrong, but there is some sort of problem with a sensor that adjusts how cold the AC is. Basically the truck thinks (incorrectly) that it's cold so the AC doesn't cool as much as it is actually capable of.
  • rebcorebco Posts: 1
    I have 99 F-350 diesel with 145,000 miles about six months ago I was pulling into job site and I heard this loud bang noise come from under the engine and I loss all control of the truck no steering what so ever looked under the truck and the steering rod " PITMAN ARM" was laying on the ground. Replaced the socket assembly and considered it a freak accident! Then last week it broke again pulling out of my driveway took it to dealer they replaced both socket assembly and the rod. Dont know if this is really going to solve the problem seems like the power steering pump is putting alot of pressure on the steering stops when you turn the wheel all the way to the left or right can this be the reason why it keeps breaking? do I have to shave down the stops? All I know is that I've been lucky twice dont know about three times!!!
  • I have found a '97 F-150 XLT Stepside for sale. The front brakes have just been totally re-done (pads, rotors, wheel cylinders and bearings re-packed). I happened to walk into the garage when the guy was performing this task. Lots of miles (180,000) but, the engine runs great! No noise, leaks and vibration that I can detect. We are negotiating the inspection and necessary repairs as to whom should pay, and he wants $5,500.00 What say ye? - the body is perfect.
  • tyresmokertyresmoker Posts: 266
    At what mileage are you replacing the accessory drive belt on the 5.4 Triton? I thought it was 50k but the book says nothing other than an inspection at 60k+.
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  • tyresmoker,
    my '04 maintenence schedule calls for the accessory belts to be replaces at 130k miles (close to that anyway).
  • alkanxalkanx Posts: 69
    Probably a late post for AC not cooling: Try running AC with re-circulate button pushed in (active), once the inside air is cooled down, release the re-circulate button so outside air can be mixed with inside air. Also, in extreme hot weather, try not using the AUTO either, use manual ON/OFF. I have tried this way & it works, I am in Texas & temps reach triple digits at times.
  • i own a 2000 ford f150 xlt super cab 4wd. this year at around 70,ooomiles i started getting a knock in the engine at start up. it sounds like a diesel in the morning for the first 20 minutes, which is well past running temp. took it to a dealer cause i have ford esp. they said it sounded like piston slap. they called ford esp to see what they said and they said it was normal. it would not affect duration or performance. in other words nobody wants to do any thing!dealer said they would tear it down but if ford esp rep came and everything was within specks i would be stuck with bill. now if this can happen at any time it really gives you incentive to go buy another ford truck for 30 to 36,000 dollars!if i went on a lot and started this truck up and heard this knock (not a tic mind you a KNOCK) i would shut it off and walk away!if this is just piston slap why aren't they all making the noise ?iv'e called ford esp 'ford customer relations and no one wants to hear about it. i guess for some things ford extended service ain't worth a hill of beans.i figure if it didnt make noise before it shouldnt now. by the way i have 73300miles on truck now and warranty runs out at 75000.any suggestions ? thanks for any help
  • Piston Slap had been an issue with '99 and early '00 5.4L, and 6.8L engines. At the time Ford had the same PR line - while a motor with Piston Slap was noisier, Piston Slap wouldn't affect its longevity or reliability. Yet as I remember they were replacing the motors for people who really made a stink about it. (Think there was kind of an unspoken recall on this, and Ford ate the cost as goodwill.) The other point I remember was that they said that Piston Slap was kind of a "birth defect" in these engines as a result of some of the cylinder heads being slightly out of spec. When engine was cold piston would hit top of cylinder, as it warmed up and expanded the slapping would stop. The point that sticks in my mind was hearing that an engine either exhibited piston slap almost from the start (within 5-8K miles) or it never would.
        Seems strange that your engine would start with it four years and 70K miles later. Makes me think that may be something else has gone awry. (Yet, I wouldn't want you to get stuck with an engine tear-down and re-assembly bill on my account.)
        I'm not sure how far back the archived message threads go back on this site. Do a search on Piston Slap - there were a large number of posts about it in late '98, and all throughout '99 into 2000.
  • hey thanks for the info . hopefullyi have stunkup the whole ford company lol ive written the bbb and the attorny general and call ford customer relations every other day. thanks again for the reply kappel15
  • When coming to a slow stop in my 1999 F150 the pedal gets soft and vibrates. It does not do it when I come down hard on the pedal. It feels like the anti-lock system coming on. Any ideas? Thanks.
  • Your rotors could be a bit warped. Just enough to feel puslatile braking through the pedal when applying light pressure. Have a brake shop check them with a run-out gauge.
       Rotors can warp when brakes get overheated, or if the lug nuts are overtightened.
  • I have an '04 new body style F-150. State law in Georgia says that you are not required to wear a seat belt in an open bed truck, therefore if I don't wanna wear the seat belt, I don't. If you do not put the belt on however the d@mn thing dings for 5 or 6 minutes! It drives me and everyone who rides with me crazy! I LOVE this truck! But somethings gotta give with this dinging!

    Anyone know how to get rid of it?

  • kg11kg11 Posts: 530
    If it can be done it's probably not as easy as putting on the seatbelt.
  • In the owner's manual it has instructions on how to deactivate the audible fasten seatbelt reminder. You have to turn the key on and off and fasten and unfasten the buckle in a particular sequence.
  • #698 of 698 Re: How do I get rid of that d@mn seat belt ding? [greatskott1] by cornellpinoy Sep 06, 2004 (12:05 am)

    In the owner's manual it has instructions on how to deactivate the audible fasten seatbelt reminder. You have to turn the key on and off and fasten and unfasten the buckle in a particular sequence.
    Great! I'll look for it first thing in the morning. Thanks for the help!

  • wijocowijoco Posts: 462
    Easy, tort reform!

  • I have a new 2004 (14,000 miles)F150 that stalls on a daily basis. It stalls when at idle and and the engine safty mode comes on at any speed shutting down the gas pedal. The Fail Safe Engine Mode indicator comes on all time as well and it shuts of the gas supply to the engine allowing it to idle only? It's been checked out now two times and the Ford dealer resets the computer and gives it back to me???? Anyone else encounter this or know what the cause might be,because the dealer doesn't know???
  • I just noticed your message and posted a simular one today with the same problem! My 2004 F150 stalls on a daily basis as well as the Engine Fail Safty Mode turning on (which shuts off the gas pedal function). I've had the problem now since July and the dealer has reset the computer twice and it's in again today for the same reason. I hope this download comes soon becuse my truck is not reliable the way it is!!
  • this truck is sitting at my dealership with the engine pulled and the cost is 5000.00 that i dont have and ford won't stand behind it
  • crankshaftcrankshaft OHIOPosts: 105
    what failed in the engine?how long do you think ford should stand by it?it is nearly eight years old.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    You haven't given much detail about the actual problem with the engine in that one sentence!

    Perhaps you could expand a little, so we could make more sense of the whole situation?

    Things like symptoms, mileage, how the dealer got to pull the engine, would be a good start.
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