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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    Go after $6000 off from MSRP.
    I saw that every weekend on our local newspaper in San Jose area.
    $6000 off MSRP fully loaded CX9, it said. ;)
  • norrbobnorrbob Posts: 2
    Anybody have an idea what the incentives on the CX-9 are going to be in
    May 2009 when the current ones expire?
  • duaynedduayned Posts: 30
    Norrbob, you familiar with the quote: "Those who know, don't say, and those who say, don't know"?

    In other words, no one can tell you for sure and don't believe anyone who does.
    Car companies keep incentive plans secret -- even from dealers, as far as I know -- until the new month actually arrives, because they want you to buy now!
    That's why they always say current incentives "will expire" at the end of the month, even if they know they will continue them the next month.

    The good news is that because sales are down so much, most incentives have stayed about the same, or in some cased, improved, for many months now, and it would surprise no one if May is the same.
    The crossover segment of the CX-9 is very competitive, and despite great reviews it's not one of the top national sellers, which also means some level of incentives are likely to remain.
    But car companies hate having to keep them (for obvious financial reasons), so there's no guarantee how long that will continue.
  • exc90exc90 Posts: 8
    Well we purchased the 09 CX-9 today.
    This is what we paid for Touring, Moonroof, roof rack, Compass Auto dim mirror w/homelink:

    MSRP/Sticker: $34,870
    Delivery + $670
    TOTAL MSRP: $34,870

    Sale Price: $29,059
    Dealer Service chge: +$399
    + TTT

    Going into this I thought I still had the option of the 4.9% apr OR $1000 cash back but, they would not let me. They said I got such a good price because of the dealer discounts and could not apply any other rebates OR 4.9%. Still a little confused on how they can do that but oh well, I think we got a good deal.
    Good luck
  • duaynedduayned Posts: 30
    Hey, exc90 -- congrats on getting your new baby! hope it's great. do post and let us know your experience after ownership (in whatever other forum area for those postings).

    As for your question about the incentives, frankly I would never have taken one salesman/manager's word for that. Maybe not even two different ones at different dealerships.
    For one thing, the $1,000 cash back isn't their money -- it comes to them from Mazda HQ, so they (the dealer) is NOT "giving you" anything in terms of that rebate.
    Now, if they had played the game of "oh, we already included that cash back in your discount," that's one thing. But even then, I would have to see an itemized line-by-line listing specifically showing all discounts, etc.
    I'm not saying they didn't give you a good price, I'm just saying it's plain WRONG for them to say they "could not apply any other rebates." That's just BS, my friend, and you best believe they bank on us being confused about such things. :mad:

    If I were you, I'd contact Mazda HQ, and 1. ask them about what went down and what your paperwork sez. and 2. ask them if there's anyway that since you bought the vehicle you can have the rebate sent directly to you.
    (I bet once they look into it, they will find that the dealer sez you signed over the rebate to them. If they have your signature on a form -- which you may not remember signing in the blizzard of paperwork, then you may be out of luck.) :cry:

    Also, what the heck is that $399 "dealer service chge" nonsense. Did they tell you? -- Man, I'd have fought that, too. Both of those issues would have been worth threatening to walk out over and leave the deal hanging.
    Believe me, they would have come clean with you then, rather than losing a customer.

    By the way did you buy an extended warranty? Just curious, as they usually are aggressive in pushing those. If so, how much for how long?

    Good luck and let us know what happened!

    Also, looks like they loaded you up with options, more than I would have wanted, but of course, if you asked for all those add-ons, that's cool.
  • exc90exc90 Posts: 8
    Thanks for the reply duayned.
    They gave us a good price for our trade or else I would have fought the "Dealer Fee".

    Salesman said we got the rebate but the finance person asked me to sign a document saying I did not get a rebate. "Wait a minute....then why am I not getting the 4.9%"? She couldn't answer so manager comes in and says we got special "Dealer discounts" that were better than taking the $1000 or special rate.
    Still confused but the interest rate I got was only $9/month more.
    How does it benefit them by me signing that I did not get a rebate? Or why they wouldn't give me the 4.9%?
  • kpmack08kpmack08 Posts: 1
    Hiley Mazda of Hurst offered me $5500 off MSRP and they have a bunch in stock. I ended up getting a Touring with an MSRP of 32K for 27K. I had my own financing and did not use theirs. Pretty straight forward and easy to work with. I was in and out in about an hour and a half.
  • okidokiokidoki Posts: 5
    MSRP 31000 - OTD 26600. Not bad huh!
  • duaynedduayned Posts: 30
    Hi, get a cup of coffee, this will be a pretty long one. lol

    OK, fair enough for the trade value/"dealer fee" tradeoff.

    But I'm still VERY suspicious of the no rebate or 4.9% option.
    Here's why:
    I'd be willing to bet the paper you signed was not that you "did not get a rebate," it was signing the rebate over to them.
    Now that's normal and kosher, when you know the rebate is clearly listed in your discount off MSRP.
    It seems you do not know this for certain.

    How does it benefit them? THEY get the money from Mazda that should have been an extra discount for YOU -- without giving you the discount!
    (To be fair, they might have given you part of it, or it may have been a miscommunication -- BUT you still lose out, because the rebate amount should have been itemized, no question in your mind, so you could better decide if it was really such a good deal as they want you to think.)

    That's also the reason they "could not give you" the 4.9%. They cannot claim credit from Mazda for both. (Although at this rate, I wouldn't put it past them.)
    In other words, they will get the $1,000 from Mazda by telling them you "chose" the $1,000 rebate instead of the 4.9%.
    That my friend, is why the salesman/woman couldn't answer your very good question.

    I think you were misled, at best. This even seems possibly illegal, although I'm not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice in any way.
    In fact, I cannot say with certainty you were totally gipped, as the overall discount seemed decent and you feel the extra $9 per month is no biggie. (Although keep in mind that's adding another $450 - $500 at least to what you're paying!)
    I cannot access your original post at this moment, but was the price you mentioned before or after trade-in? What total amount did you end up financing, after trade-in?

    But If I were you, I absolutely would look into this until it is crystal clear to your satisfaction.
    Find a friend/colleague who's good with this kind of stuff to help you review the paperwork and the things I've said here, to see if I'm right or off base.
    As I suggested, also contact Mazda US HQ for guidance on what may have happened, to just ask questions about how the rebate/4.9% deal is SUPPOSED to work.

    I hope you in the meantime, haven't yet filled out the dealer survey/rating form (tell the manager (don't deal with the salesperson any longer) that until you have a clear, written explanation, they will have totally failed the survey -- they hate that).
    And don't recommend others yet to this dealership.

    Good luck!
  • gt8gt8 Posts: 1
    Great forum.

    Would appreciate thoughts on the following pricing I am considering on an 09 GT AWD with MSRP $40,505, but demo with around 1800 miles on it: $32,955 vehicle price (includes freight) and around $34,150 out the door.

  • exc90exc90 Posts: 8
    You know, you are probably right. That paper I signed probably was to hand over the $1000 to the dealer. Plus we never got a copy of it. If thats the case we were definitely mislead; told we couldn't get either the $1000 OR 4.9% because of the "Dealer Discounts".
    I am going to ask for a copy and probably call Mazda.
    Thanks for your help.
  • bnpbnp Posts: 4
    "Anybody have an idea what the incentives on the CX-9 are going to be in
    May 2009 when the current ones expire?"

    2008 Mazda CX-9 $6,250 Customer Rebate
    0.0% APR for up to 60 MONTHS + $2,000 Customer Cash Rebate OR
    1.9% APR for up to 72 MONTHS + $2,000 Customer Rebate Cash

    2009 Mazda CX-9 $4,000 Dealer Engagement Cash
    0.0% Special APR + $1,500 Customer Rebate

    Special rebate $1,000 Mazda Customer Loyalty Rebate
  • duaynedduayned Posts: 30
    Hi GT8 --

    So you're getting north of $7,500 of the MSRP (although I prefer to deal in relation to the invoice myself).?

    That sounds like a decent deal, especially if you're satisfied with it.
    Hopefully, you shopped at least one other place to get a comparison price?
    Also, be sure to check online sellers, like

    For instance, one dealer here on Long Island, NY recently offered me a "super deal" (in her words) on a 2009 AWD Sport for $27,000.

    Not bad, esp. if you want all-wheel-drive, which I did not.
    So I shopped another dealer, who offered me a FWD Sport with pre-installed heated/power seats and a roof rack for $25,700. OTD about $28,000.

    I also checked the price, which is $25,847, no options.
    The invoice is $29,200 (w/o options).

    My point is that now I have a good feeling about what kind of deal I'm getting. It may not be the absolute lowest I could ever find, but I know it's not a ripoff by any means. The dealership is close by and has come well-recommended by my own mechanic, for one.
    So that's how I made my decision.

    Hope this helps!
  • duaynedduayned Posts: 30
    Hey, thanks for that BNP --
    did you get that off the official MazdaUSA site?

    I was hoping the incentives did not go down from April, since I have not closed my deal yet.
    And lo and behold -- unless my eyes (and memory) deceive me (both of which happen at my age) it looks like the 2009 CX-9 Dealer Engagement Cash went UP by $500.
    Wasn't it $3,500 last month, and is now $4,000?
  • duaynedduayned Posts: 30
    Good move, my man. At the very least, they owe you a copy of that paperwork and a much clearer explanation of what went down.

    Keep at 'em.

    Glad to help. Let me know the final result!
  • bnpbnp Posts: 4
    duayned, I found the incentives at - dealer-cash/

    According to that website, the 2009s went from $3k to $4k from April to May.
  • collmancollman Posts: 25
    Good info. Thanks.
    I'm planning to lease a CX-9. If then, how much incentive I can expect totally?
    $4K can be combined with $1,550 lease support??
  • jbdiverjbdiver Posts: 1
    1st time poster here. I appreciate all the advice I'm reading. My wife first introduced me to the cx-9 a couple weeks ago and it seems like a good vehicle for our growing family. I'm starting to get price quotes from dealers in my area (Twin Cities). My goal is to get quotes now and then walk in with a check at the end of the month and see who wants to really deal.

    I'm trying to understand how to negotiate for the best price. I'm looking at a stock 2009 GT with moon roof and navi options. I've been quoted anywhere from $36,400 out-the-door ($6.5k off MSRP) to $41,000 out-the-door. It seems like some people on this forum are getting better deals.

    My understanding is that invoice for this package is around $36,901 (base: $32,567/ moon: $1686/ assistance: $1978). The MSRP is $40,135. Dealers are getting $4k back from Mazda this month.

    So is my thinking correct that if a dealer wants to sell this package it should be selling for around $33k+ttl? Or should I be looking for more savings?

    I appreciate any advice!
  • exc90exc90 Posts: 8
    One important question to ask on your quotes is, Does that include the Mazda incentives? If no, then it would be fair to reduce that quote by the Mazda incentive.

    We agreed on a price and went into the financing office thinking that I had the option of $1000 cash back or low interest. The manager said we could not do either because we got a "Dealer Rate" which included the $1000.
    So, I wasn't getting the great deal I thought. But they gave me a good trade in value so we went through with the deal.
    I am not sure of what the incentives are right now but, to me $6.5 off MSRP seems like a good deal.
    Tell the dealers you are comparing prices and ask them to beat the others price. When you do go, BE PREPARED TO WALK AWAY if they don't hold to their deal.
    Good luck
  • jason55jason55 Posts: 3
    I'm new to leasaing, but I do know there are things that one can negotiate and there are things that the dealer adds in that pads their profit. Could you guys help me to learn more about these issues? For example, dealer offering 36 month lease on an '09 cx-9 sport for $329/mo, 10K miles/yr, with $3078 down due at signing. This includes everything but licensing costs, registration fees, and taxes. So, if I go to lease a Sport in the May-June time frame, what residual, MF, and other fees would I be looking at here in NJ?
  • duaynedduayned Posts: 30
    Hi Jason,
    Apologies upfront, as I can't help you, having never leased a car.
    But I did just want to ask, why are you leasing in the first place? With the low prices now on Mazdas, esp. the 2008 leftovers they are still trying to clear out, seems like a better time to buy than lease, which has never made much economic sense to me.
    And only a 10K annual mileage allotment? I guess you don't plan on driving much!
    (But I have an open mind.)
  • duaynedduayned Posts: 30
    Sounds really good, but what did you get for your 26,600?
    Sport? Touring?
    2008? 2009?
    Any options?
    what dealership?
  • duaynedduayned Posts: 30
    Collman -- No.
    Leasing incentives and purchase incentives are totally different. Not to mention financing incentives.
    Your best bet is to check out the MazdaUSA site -- it's not the easiest to understand, but it'll give you a better idea:
  • pittwpittw Posts: 2
    How can I get $ 6250 rebate?
  • duaynedduayned Posts: 30
    That "$6,250 Customer Cash" incentive for a 2008 Mazda CX-9 is usually taken off the MSRP by the dealer, in addition to any other discount that dealer wants to add to it to move the car off the lot.
    Often you will see it mentioned in the newspaper adds. For example, if you see an add for "$7,000 off MSRP" for the vehicle, you now it's the factory cash incentive + $750 more dealer discount.
    Others on this board who have bought 2008's can tell you more, like what's currently a fair price to pay after ALL discounts. Go in with an idea of a low, but reasonable figure you will pay and stick with it.
    You should absolutely know what ALL the numbers are the dealer throws at you. Make sure you see all the amounts itemized and that you understand what he/she is giving or not giving you.
    You don't actually get a check for the $6,250; you'll sign the amount over to the dealer, since he's giving it to you in a discount. But that's why you've got to make sure it's very clearly listed on the final itemized invoice.
    If anything is not crystal clear -- in writing (don't take anyone's word for it) --
    just walk away. (Even if you decide to go back the next day.)
  • pittwpittw Posts: 2
    Thanks , duayned . this is dealer told me about the 6250 customer cash(rebate)."So the $6250 will be added to the OTD price but you will be reimbursed from Mazda. When you would take delivery of the car you sign a rebate form. In that form it states that you would receive your $6250 in rebate money."
    Do I need to drive to this dealer ? Actually this deal is very good, I got about 11K off from MSRP
  • ddwzfddwzf Posts: 10

    I got a quote from a dealer for a GT version, with Nav + Moonroof package, at a price of $31997, including all incentives, but before title, tax and destination.

    Seems pretty good. MSRP is about $40500.

    I am choosing from CX-9 and MDX.
  • ddwzf, what was the dealership and where exactly? I have been looking but haven't started talking numbers because I'd rather not spend 30 grand.

    The used prices for the CX-9 don't seem to be in line with the depreciation I'd expect though so I'm considering either a CX-9 or a used Exploder (they're no fun but man are they cheap).
  • duaynedduayned Posts: 30
    Hi DDWZF --

    I've seen several comparisons of CX-9 vs. MDX around the net. If you haven't already, do a Google search.

    Most of the conclusions I've seen say that while the MDX is a great car that can outperform the CX-9 in certain aspects and has some refinements (it is an Acura, after all), the CX-9 is by far the better value.
    Not just because it's obviously 10 grand or so less, but there's more room (for families), comes very well equipped on any trim level you choose, and it uses regular gas.
  • my3rdrxmy3rdrx Posts: 167
    If you haven't checked it out yet, try Brown's Mazda in Alexandria ~ that's where I got my 09 CX-9. My other vehicle is an 07 MDX and I still love it!

    Remember however that you need to compare the MDX and CX-9 of the same year ~ if you compared the 08 CX-9 to the 09 MDX, of course the 08 will be much cheaper. But please also keep in mind that the 09 CX-9 has quite a few more features that the 08 didn't have!
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