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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • doug_tdoug_t Posts: 22
    This was at Maxon Mazda in Union. I submitted an online quote request and went through the internet dept. They were incredibly responsive and very aggressive on price from the start so not much need to negotiate. At no time did I ever get any whiff of any games or other nonsense. Overall, I'd have to say the easiest car buying experiences I've had.

    That said, I did get a bit thrown off by some of the fees I hadn't accounted for. Some are perfectly valid and others a bit iffy. NY assessment fee, which I'm fairly certain is absolutely valid (and, to be fair, was built into the price quotes they gave - I just lost track of it along the way), a rather high doc fee, and the hair-pulling "optional" etch fee that is always listed. When I hesitated at the additional $900 over what I had mentally come to terms with, they agreed to split the difference after a quick manager approval - no begging, no "how do you expect us to do this", no 20 minute wait for a manager.

    Bottom line is that I was thrilled with the price I paid (as I said, I only excluded tax and registration from my post above) - regardless of how they choose to classify it. Ok, so maybe that additional $1000 off was not a full $1000 in the end, but still comfortably more below invoice than just the official rebates would have been. Just remember that if you calculate your cost based solely on the price of the car, there will always be additional charges - don't get too caught up, just focus on the final price.

    Best of luck.

    - Doug
  • slinghaslingha Posts: 16
    Im in Jersey...We just bought a

    2009 Awd Gt. Pearl Paint/Moonroof/GT Assist/Towing/All Weather Mats/Cargo Net/Cargo Mat/Rear Bumper Guard/Roof Rack/Remote Start/Splash Guards

    41,877 sticker. Without any negotiation, We got it for 34,900. We took all of the cash that we were eligible for(all but the loyalty cash)We also got 3% financing up to 60 months. Only 125 dollars in additional fees. Other places wanted 500 in fees....I think we got a great deal
  • vinnynyvinnyny Posts: 774
    Slingha: Can you post the dealer name? Did you have a trade?
  • Doug,

    Thanks for the quick response. One more question. Why did you buy this time vs doing another lease?

    Thanks again.
  • doug_tdoug_t Posts: 22
    The buy vs. lease decision was very unclear to me, to be honest. We've been putting on very little mileage, so felt that leasing left us paying for more than we used. Also believe that, in general, buying makes better financial sense in the long-term. However, we've always leased since it results in the lowest monthly obligation, even compared to long term financing.

    I had them work out the numbers on a 36 month, 30,000 mile lease, and the residual they used was only 44% vs. the 48% I expected, so that raised the monthly payments enough to be comparable to me paying off the car (I put it on our home equity line) over 6 years. In the end, I opted to buy due to the greater rebates, the greater flexibility (I can keep the car for as long or short as I want), and the confidence that the low price I paid would help to ensure I had at least some equity in the car even after a year or two. In other words, that no matter when I may choose to sell, that I should be able to get enough to pay off whatever is left and still have some to apply to the next car. Even if it doesn't work out that way, it was hard for me to see any great risk of being significantly in the red. Biggest risk I face is the fact the my home equity rates could shoot up over time, but they are soooo low now.

    Hope this helps.

    - Doug
  • slinghaslingha Posts: 16
    Scott Mazda in Bethlehem PA. The closest dealer to me, Wayne Mazda couldnt come within 700 dollars as well as their fees were pretty high
  • Doug,

    Thanks again for the information.
  • jr7978jr7978 Posts: 2
    I'm shopping in the Chicago area for a CX-9 and the best price I have so far is $27,999 for a Sport, AWD, with power seats and the moonroof/Bose stereo package. This includes the DOC fee but not tax, title, license. I have my own financing. Based on other posts here it looks like I could get a loaded GT for maybe $2,000 more. Anyone else have recent pricing for Chicago area?
  • slinghaslingha Posts: 16
    Definitely. One of the places I was looking had a AWD GT with sunroof for 30,670. looks like its still there They are down in MD
  • danz75danz75 Posts: 7
    I went to test drive a CX-9 today at the everett location. Dealer quoted invoice + some. how do you get the dealers to quote under invoice?

    Has anyone purchased a CX-9 recently in the Seattle/Lynnwood/everett area?

    This was for a CX-9 Touring AWD with backup camera, bose/moonroof, roof rails, cargo cover, security upgrade and a few more. MSRP $37K+ INV $34K+

    Seems a little overpriced to me.

    I am just starting to look and would appreciate any help.
  • zaheerzaheer Posts: 23
    I finally pulled the trigger on a 2009 CX-9 Grand Touring with the GT Assist Package (includes Nav, Backup Camera, & Remote Tailgate) and the Rear Entertainment System with Bose / Sirius. Here are the details:

    MSRP - $40,015
    Sale Price - $35,495
    Financing - 0% for 36 months
    With Sales Tax, DMV and Doc Fee ($55) - $39,681 (out the door)

    If I had not used the 0% financing, I would have gotten another $2,500 off. The 0% financing for the full price of the car (excluding tax and license) is worth more than $2,500.

    I am hoping to get some of the Sales Tax back on my taxes at the end of the year (part of the Stimulus Package). Does anyone have information on how this works ?

    I went through Edmunds to get Dealer Quotes from about 4 dealers. They were all responsive and provided prices on the phone. Since I knew the exact car I wanted, I ended negotiating on price only. Oakland Mazda gave the best price and were very easy to deal with. Everything was done on the phone with a scanned image of the Sticker and copy of the deal from his computer e-mailed to me. They didn't play any games but tried very hard to sell an extended warranty for $1,600+. It was an overall good buying experience with no surprises.
  • nuzynuzy Posts: 54
    The sales tax can be taken as a deduction, not a credit, so basically take the amount you paid in sales tax and multiply it by your tax rate and that's how much you will "get back" on your return.
  • jcpharmjcpharm Posts: 92
    Out the door: $39681
    Sale price: $35495
    Difference: $4186 in taxes and fees seems a bit steep - what state do you live in to pay that much? that's almost 12% of the price of the car...

    currently looking for the same package you got (adding in wheel locks, roof rack, and splash guards) except no need to finance (will pay in cash) so if i can get another $2500 off the sale price you got (=$32995), i think i might take that deal. thanks for the tip!
  • zaheerzaheer Posts: 23
    I made a small typo regarding MSRP. The actual MSRP was $41,015 not $40,015 as I stated earlier. Price paid was $35,495, so the discount off MSRP was about $5,500 with 0% financing.

    Sales tax in California is now 9.75% in the county that I live in. DMV fees have also gone up to $495. The only extra fees were $55 for Doc Fee and $7.50 for Tire recycling.

    The 0% APR for 36 months plus $1,500 Customer Cash seems to have been extended through July 31st according to the Mazda website, so I assume that the $4,000 allowance to dealers has also been extended. If that is the case, you should be able to get about $8,000 off MSRP when paying in cash or getting your own financing.
  • cj69cj69 Posts: 7
    I have requested internet quotes from a few dealers in my area (CT). So far they all are giving price of Invoice minus 4,000 OR rebate/special financing; but not both. This price is using S-Plan with no further negotiating. Has anyone encountered dealers going lower? I think it is an ok deal, but not a great deal.
  • darkstar2darkstar2 Posts: 1
    Just bought an 09 Grand Touring AWD with Moonroof/Bose, GT Assistance and Roof Rack options in MA. I took the $4,000 incentive. MSRP was $40,465. Price paid was $33,921. OTD was $35,936. I wanted to pull the trigger before the MA sales tax jumps from 5% to 6.25% on August 1.
  • howardruhowardru Posts: 155
    That sounds like a pretty good deal. I got the same car last year at Sentry West in Shrewsbury for about the same price under S-Plan.

    Last Friday, I just bought the wife a loaded GT AWD 09 CX-7 using the 4K cash back from Mazda and $1K loyalty from Sentry West too. Was pretty much the dealer invoice cost but didn't have to wait until Duvall's tax raise costs me more.

    Welcome to the family.
  • sanjaynsanjayn Posts: 8
    Been shopping for a 3rd row SUV for a couple of weeks. Read CR, edmunds, KBB, and have ot shortlisted to the CX-9 or Veracruz. Went to a couple of dealers in MN and the best price i got for a 2009 Sport FWD with the PW6 power package (heated front seats,mirrors and Pwr driver) was $24,500. Plan to install leather in front seats for $800 (dealer quote) or $1195 for front and 2nd row. Does this sound like a good deal? Have one 16 month old and a 2nd on the way, so leather on the 2nd will get trashed anyway.

    Also, is AWD a recommended option in Minneapolis? Several folks said not really, since the city does an swesome job of clearing the snow and my wife can work from home on the really bad days.
  • nuzynuzy Posts: 54
    I have had cloth and leather with a 3 yr old and a 5 yr old. Believe me, leather is easier to clean. Milk and juice wipe off leather much easier than cloth, which soaks them up. Either way, you can always buy a seat cover or put a towel down on the 2nd row seats to keep them from getting stained or ruined. Then again, the incremental $400 to get leather on the 2nd row if you are willing to spend $800 on the front doesn't seem too bad given you are spending $24,500 for the vehicle.
  • okidokiokidoki Posts: 5
    That was my price for the same vehicle in Houston, TX. They should do better than that in MN. I also got free oil change for couple years.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159

    Buying a car for the S-Plan price is invoice. If a dealer submits an S-Plan coded sale to Mazda, the price cannot differ from what Mazda has designated as the S-Plan price.

    When the dealer is audited by Mazda, and it is discovered that the sale price is more, or less then the actual invoice price on an S-Plan deal, the dealership can be subject to heavy fines or other forms of punishment due to breach of contract.

    In Connecticut, CX-9 inventory is extremely low, especially the GT's. I would know, because I am a CT dealer. Dealers that I know of have not been willing to go under invoice to sell one, since there are not enough to go around. If you happen to get a dealer to go under invoice, then take it. More power to you!

    BTW, what type of CX-9 are you looking for?
  • xrayzxrayz Posts: 6
    about to pull the trigger on a CX9 AWD sport with moonroof/bose, heated seats, backup camera and other extras. Using my own financing to use the 4k rebate

    MSRP: 35,300
    Price: 28,000 +TTL

    And for the poster in MN - get the AWD!
  • jcpharmjcpharm Posts: 92
    i ask because i had been shopping for a Black Cherry GT AWD+Nav and it has been very hard to come by here in Northern NJ. i ended up getting one for 34900+TTL which i know is ~$1k more than TMV according to Edmunds but i had been to 4 dealerships that had one (including one 60 miles away in Long Island, NY) and they were ALL DEMOS with >1200miles on them. short of a blowout price (which i wasn't getting from any of them), i wasn't going to spend new car pricing on a demo model. what is it with owners/managers driving black cherry CX9 GTs around here? i know i could've gotten cheaper if i was flexible about the color but it was the only color my wife and i could agree on. oh well....
  • nuzynuzy Posts: 54
    Same issue here in Saint Louis area. They don't have any Black Cherry, and very few AWD GTs at all (I think maybe 2-3 total). I searched Chicago area and there are a few Black Cherry, but at least one of them is a 6800 mile demo! Most of the inventory is black or white, then silver. not much in the way of color options at all. Very frustrating.
  • jr7978jr7978 Posts: 2
    can you tell me what other extras and location? I have a $28K quote for the Sport, AWD, moonroof/bose and power heated seats. Looks like you got more options for same price. I'm in Chicago.
  • zaheerzaheer Posts: 23
    Did you get 0% financing with the $34,900 + TTL price ?

    I got a Black Cherry CX-9 with Navigation & Rear Entertainment (MSRP $41,015) about 2 weeks ago in the Bay Area for $35,495 + TTL with 0% Financing. If I had not taken the 0% the dealer was willing to reduce the price by another $2,500. Black Cherry CX-9s are very hard to come by. I went about it by searching inventory through the Mazda website then contacting the dealers through Edmunds. The dealer who gave me the best deal (Oakland Mazda) actually got the car from another dealer, Fremont Mazda. I was able to negotiate the price over the phone and get an e-mail with a copy of the Sticker and a screenshot of the deal from the salesman's computer before going to pickup the car. The July incentives are the same as June: $4,000 dealer cash or $1,500 rebate plus 0% financing. You also get an additional $1,000 rebate if you are a current Mazda owner. Most dealers in the Bay Area are giving $8k off MSRP (I was at one yesterday). If you take the 0% financing, you should get at least $5,500 off MSRP.
  • jcpharmjcpharm Posts: 92
    that is the problem. i am paying cash (no financing) and still they would not go down. problem was i had already been at 4 dealerships all of whom quoted only slightly lower prices (<$1k less) but they were all demos (i don't want a demo). this one had only 2 miles on it (almost right off the boat). i also asked 3 other dealerships that didn't have black cherry GT AWD/Nav and they said they could look for it but they said it was such a rare color that they couldn't guarantee anything and none of them were willing to go under $34300 (why would i take that price with no guarantee of getting it?). i feel like i left no stone unturned...either way, it's fine...i can afford it, but it's hard to accept that so many have gotten it at a better price. goes to show much of this "game" of buying a car is a little luck and timing (especially when you're not willing to be flexible on color!)
  • Check castle mazda in maryland, they have a couple black cherry red AWD GTs for 32k-ish
  • walktofastwalktofast Posts: 10
    Does anyone know what your credit score needs to be for the 0% offer. I am on the dealer web site and they are offering a New 2009 Mazda CX-9 Sport FWD for $23,683 and it says 0%.
    If the $23,683 is the price on the web site will they discount for a trade?

  • xrayzxrayz Posts: 6
    the extras were backup camera, all season floor mats, wheel locks
    I'm in Mass. There's a few hundred miles on it, maybe that's why the deal is so good
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