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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • 2009 CX9 AWD GT with Assistance Pkg and Moonroof/Bose Package.
    $38872 includes TTL.

    Dealer is in Rockand County, NY
  • jcpharmjcpharm Posts: 92
    probably at least 750.
  • nuzynuzy Posts: 54
    Hard to say unless you split out TTL. Sales tax rates vary significantly across the country. However, even if I assume $3000 for TTL, You are only at $35,872 for the vehicle. You should be closer to $33,000 with the $4K dealer incentive and $1.5K consumer rebate.
  • jcpharmjcpharm Posts: 92
    just to be clear, it's EITHER the $4k dealer rebate OR the $1.5k consumer rebate with 0% financing...not both.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    To qualify for the 0%, you need a FICO score of at least 680. There are other factors as well like established credit history, income and available credit.
  • My tax was approximately $3300. The $4K as stated was for a cash only transaction so I did not get that. Got the $1.5K rebate. Got a black cherry finish GT AWD, they threw in the mats because my sales guy was not the swiftest guy in phone call returning and nitrogen filled tires for 3 years..
  • my husband and i went to a mazda dealer today in austin tx and told them we were prepared to be their easiest sale this morning. we asked for a CX-9 sport (no additional pachages) for mid $23K +TTL (MSRP was $30K) and we basically got laughed at. they said their best deal was $26K (MSRP - $4000 dealer cash). how is everyone getting $7K off MSRP??? what dealerships in houston and san antonio did the above posters work with to get such great deals?
  • How soon thereafter would you imagine the prices on the 2009s dropping? And by how much?

    I'm looking for a GT under 30K (before TTL- I'm in Long Beach, CA). I can find 2008's in this price range but am thinking that, if I hold off for a bit longer (til the 2010s arrive), I could get a 2009 for this price.

    Thank you in advanced for your thoughts and ideas. :)
  • danz75danz75 Posts: 7
    I don't know how much more prices would drop. With the 4k dealer cash back or the 1500 cash back + 0% financing, it makes it pretty good time to buy right now if the dealer offers a invoice price - incentives/cash back.

    I've been looking as well and notice that the color choices/options are getting thin. I can see prices dropping a little bit later on if you're not picky.
  • Which dealership in Houstin did you work with? That's the price range my husband and I are searching in and a dealer here in Austin won't budge from MSRP-$4000 (their best price was $25,900) for a base CX-9 sport (no other packages).
  • That's a really great deal ($8,150 off MSRP)! Can you share some of your negotiation tactics with me? My husband and I are trying to purchase a CX-9 Sport with nothing fancy for around $24K (MSRP of ~$30K) and the best price the dealer closest to us gave was $25,900 (MSRP-$4000 dealer cash). It seems that everyone is getting anywhere from 6K to 8K but the dealer we spoke to this morning wasn't coming close enough to that. Any tips you can provide would be appreciated.
  • jhkbjkjhkbjk Posts: 1
    Versus a brand new 2009 CX-9, what is a reasonable price reduction for a CX-9 GT demo that has 5K miles on it? If I could get a new CX-9 for $30K OTD, how much less should I pay for an equivalent CX-9 that was a demo?

    Thanks in advance for any advice.
  • jcpharmjcpharm Posts: 92
    they are already offering under $30k for GT but without any options. if you want Assist with/without moonroof you are going to pay at least $2-3k more than that.

    just picked up my Black Cherry GT AWD/Nav/moonroof/roof rack/mud guards/mats on friday....LOVE IT!!! you have to get one of these....they are worth every penny!
  • jcpharmjcpharm Posts: 92
    i ran into 3 demos all of which were ~1200-2000 miles and i was asking for $2k off. they were only willing to go down an extra $500 so i thought it wasn't worth it. at 5k miles i would easily ask for $1500-2000 off and i'm still not sure i would take it since it's a demo (realize 5000 miles is practically a trip across the US and back!).
  • Wow. I wish I could get those Castle prices out here in California.
  • sanjaynsanjayn Posts: 8
    I had decided on my Cx-9 trim, done several hours and late nights of price research, got MSRP, invoice, Edmunds TMV, KBB best price, blah, blah, got online price quotes, met 3 dealers personally, got about $6K off MSRP.

    Was shopping at Costco and noticed a brochure on their Auto save program - pre negotiated prices with specific dealers across the Country. What the hell - gave it a try and next day had a quote from the dealer in my Zip for $200 below invoice, it was the lowest price i got (one of the above 3 dealers, different sales manager).
    If you want to save a LOT of time and still get a pretty good price, check this out.

    Goto and type autosave in the search box. Have to be a Costco member, which i am. Even if you are not, the m'ship ($50) is well worth the savings. The discount is the same for a Gold or Executive ($100) member,

    Hope it helps.
  • slinghaslingha Posts: 16
    See if they'll price match it. If not get the car shipped to you. I did it once from florida to nj. Pretty simple and even with the shipping I was better off than local dealer
  • Then I'm confused. On Edmunds, MSRP for our vehicle (the Sport with no extras) is $30,570, the Invoice is $28,350 and TMV is $25,009. $6k off MSRP would put us in the ballpark of what we're looking for but $200 below invoice would definitely not. Seems like for any CX-9, $200 below invoice isn't even the TMV of the car! Does the Edmunds TMV already have the $4000 dealer cash discount factored in? I would expect dealers to be able to come down to $24K under invoice with the dealer cash available. Is $2K off MSRP and $4000 dealer cash unreasonable to expect?
  • slinghaslingha Posts: 16
    It's been my experience that the discounts on a base model are always less than fully loaded cars.

    They may discount a base model 10-13% while they discount the fully loaded one 17-19%

    The issue is that they can move base models with no problems. It's the loaded ones(especially in this economy) that sit longer and incur larger and longer debt payments by the dealer.

    Say for instance they pay 100 dollars a month in interest payments for a base model but pay 175 a month in interest for a loaded car. X the 10 months they have been sitting there, they are 750 more in the hole than on a base model.

    When we bought our cx-9 awd gt with lots of stuff in it a few weeks ago, the salesman made the comment several times that its all about volume for the loaded cars. He said that he can sit on a base because people will buy them.
  • slinghaslingha Posts: 16
    I think if you wait you will get a deal....but the stock will be lower. We were going to buy a leftover 08 6 months ago for 2,000 less than we paid for the one we just bought. The issue was the lack of variety. We couldnt choose our color, and we couldnt choose our options. If you're willing to "take what they give you" then you could probably do better later.
    Keep in mind, production was cut on all cars back in September 2008. There werent many produced. We found even when we bought 3 weeks ago, there was not much selection. We had to drive 100 miles bypassing a dozen dealers that were closer to get what we wanted in an 09.

    On that note, I read in article in the Star Ledger(NJ paper) that the price for used cars from 2008-2009 are going to be inflated due to the lack of production. The dealer they interviewed said he couldnt get newer explorers and expeditions on his lot since nobody bought them new.
  • webxplorewebxplore Posts: 4
    Were you in the market for a GT (+options)? What was the offered price?
  • jcpharmjcpharm Posts: 92
    To answer your question, yes, the TMV takes into account the dealer cash. i also think when sanjayn mentions "$200 below invoice", he's saying that as the price before the dealer cash. your target purchase price should be (will vary by trim and options):
    MSRP - $7-8k (my own experience for Black Cherry GT AWD/Nav would argue $6-7k unless you can go to Castle in MD which apparently has some kickin' deals)
    Invoice is typically $3k off MSRP so you could also say:
    Invoice - $4k (dealer cash) OR
    Invoice -$1.5k plus 0% financing (36mo with a good credit score - i think 680 was mentioned above).

    i could be off by a few hundred bucks here or there depending on region, color, trim, and options but i think that's the ballpark for 2009 CX-9s. just my take....
  • that's kind of what i thought. i've noticed there are way more tourings and grand tourings available than sports so maybe if we're able to spend a little more, we'll get a better value overall. thanks for your input! all of you guys have been really helpful!
  • newawdcx9newawdcx9 Posts: 7
    I just purchased from Brown's Fairfax Mazda in Virginia.

    Stormy Blue Mica w/Sand interior AWD Touring CX-9. Moonroof/Bose, roof rack and wheel locks. $28,280 including $1000 loyalty rebate and $4000 mfg to dealer incentive.
  • shyboyshyboy Posts: 36
    Can you please emial me the details of the person that you dealt with at Brown's Fairfax Mazda?

    I really need to pull the trigger by next month.
  • 2009 CX9 AWD GT with Assistance Pkg and Moonroof/Bose Package.
    $38872 includes TTL. TTL was about $3300.

    Dealer is in Rockand County, NY
  • jcpharmjcpharm Posts: 92
    That puts you at $35572 without TTL (which varies per state). i would say if you are not picky about color you can get better. TMV is $33300 for that combination including $4000 dealer cash. If you are taking the $1500 rebate + low-APR financing route, it's not a bad deal. If you want the $4000 dealer cash, get your own financing (bank, HELOC, etc.) and try to chop off another $2500 off that price ($1500 rebate you already have + $2500 = $4000 dealer cash) which is right around the $33000 mark i just mentioned.

    good luck!
  • I went with the $1500 and 2.9%.

    Thanks...picking it up on Friday.
  • sanjaynsanjayn Posts: 8
    The vehicle was a 2009 CX-9 Sport with the PW6 option.
    MSRP was $30980, Costco price $24,491 ($6489 off MSRP with the $4K cash)

    Invoice price was $28,691. $200 and $4000 off that was the $24,491

    Let me know if you geta better price.
  • The dealership in Tustin CA constantly has Mazda company car cx9s in stock. They claim they're form the corporate office nearby and that they are sought out because they are typically better taken car of. I'm not too sure about that?
    Any thoughts?
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