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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • pcz0925pcz0925 Posts: 9
    Finished up on purchase of new 2009 CX-9 GT AWD in White w/Assist (Navi) + Moonroof/Bose here in the Twin Cities today. Walser Mazda in Burnsville had a competitive # on the new vehicle and matched the best ACV # for my trade. Here are the numbers:

    MSRP: $40,335
    Discount inc. $4000 Dealer Engagement & $1000 Owner Loyalty Incentive: $7,500
    Selling Price: $32,885

    Less High End of ACV on 2008 CX-9 Touring AWD w/Moonroof/Bose and Trailer Towing: $24,000

    Trade Difference: $8,885 + TTL

    I went from black/black vehicle to white/sand plus the extra goodies and just love it!
  • ddwzfddwzf Posts: 10
    Circledream, is that price coming with the Mazda financing deal? thanks
  • I paid cash, so no. No trade in as part of the deal either. I forgot to mention price includes the destination fee.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Is this a regional incentive? Edmunds does not show this.
  • I will like to thank everyone in this forum that provided the great input that I utilized during my negotiations. I just closed a deal, here are the details:

    Copper Red
    Mileage: 9 miles------just off the truck never driven before :)
    Grand Touring Assistance Package
    Moonroof and Bose/Sirius Audio Package
    Towing Package

    Vehicle price: 31,655.81 w/ destination----------Edmunds Invoice 35,951.00
    Dealer fees: 599.95 ------- HIGH :mad:
    Rebate: -500 military discount---------------GREAT :shades:
    Tags: 258.50
    Tax: 6% 1935.74 + 50= 1985.74

    TOTAL OTD: 34,000.00 :D
    Credit Union financing at 4.5% apr x 60 months

    Location:Ferman Mazda Tampa, Fl

    I'm ready to deploy to the SAND BOX (IRAQ) and couldn't wait any longer, I wanted a reliable vehicle for my family before I ship out for a year+. I had a good experience with the dealership staff. The unit I purchased was not ready for delivery since was just delivered yesterday and I got a loaner GT with a full tank of gas. My unit should be HOME DELIVER Tuesday after the service inspection. I'm very satisfied with my deal and more important than all the family loves that vehicle. Well now I'm a ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM owner. ;)
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Thanks, appreciate it.
  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    The current purchase offer seems to be

    $4000 rebate + $1000 loyalty (if you own a Mazda - show certificate) +
    discount you can get between MSRP to invoice.
    My local newspaper is advertising $3000 for the latter (typical difference from invoice to MSRP for a $30K vehicle).
    i.e. $8000 off MSRP is possible if you own a Mazda, otherwise, $7000 off is easily achieveable.
  • j_twittyj_twitty Posts: 4
    I'm looking to buy a cx-9 sport awd for only $24,400 I think this is a pretty good deal. The dealers sticker was $33000 and they came down to $25400 with negotiation, $4000 dealer cash and $1000 loyalty cash. We also just got a $1000 coupon in the mail.

    Does anyone else have any thoughts on whether this seems like a good deal or has anyone else received a better price?
  • collmancollman Posts: 25
    $1000 coupon? Isn't it $500??
  • j_twittyj_twitty Posts: 4
    We have one for $1000 off a cx-9
  • sudhakarsudhakar Posts: 4
    I just got a quote for a GT with the Rear ENT Sys/ Bose package for $29,995 compared to MSRP of $37,235. Anyone have any opinion on how good this offer is? This is in Houston, TX. thanks.
  • glomoglomo Posts: 5
    Can you tell me where you got this coupon? How can I let somebody send me the similar coupon?

  • roywooroywoo Posts: 1
    I just bought 09 CX-9 GT with GT ASSIST PACKAGE TOWING PACKAGE
    MSRP $41650
    I paid $33500 cash.
    this is in san antonio northpark mazda.
    that deal easily beat my another option toyota highlander
  • j_twittyj_twitty Posts: 4
    We currently have a 2007 CX-7 and they sent us the coupon in the mail. You have to be a current Mazda owner.
  • collmancollman Posts: 25
    Call Mazda customer service, then ask $500 purchase coupon.
    You can get a coupon within a week.
  • glomoglomo Posts: 5
    Thank you. Do I have to be a current Mazda owner to get this coupon too?

    I am currently looking for a 2009 cx-9 sport FWD in southern California. What is a reasonable price? gives a price of 24,6xx. How much lower can I get?

    Also, is roof rack a useful option?
  • okidokiokidoki Posts: 5
    My OTD price was $26.4 for a CX9 Sport with MSRP $31K. This is in TX. I bet you can do better than 24.6 in CA as your economy is a lot worse than it is in TX.
  • lsnhclsnhc Posts: 11
    I contacted Mazda regarding the $500 purchase coupon and I was told that there are no more available in June (but "check again in July"). We are seriously looking at a CX9-GT and now are undecided whether to go ahead and try to craft a deal in June or roll the dice in July. Car Man...any thoughts?
  • nuzynuzy Posts: 54
    We're in a similar situation. On Saturday afternoon, we test drove a CX9 GT AWD, Honda Pilot EXL 4WD, and GMC Acadia SLT1 AWD. My wife will be driving the car most of the time, so her opinion matters more than mine, but we ended up both liking the Pilot and CX9 equally as well. The Acadia is nice, but too much money compared to a similarly equipped CX9 or Pilot. The inventory of CX9 GT AWDs in this area is very low, so I'm concerned about not being able to get one in the next couple months. Fortunately, I have the Pilot to use as legitimate negotiation leverage, but the inventory of EXL 4WDs is getting low here too (St. Louis Area)! The Chicago area has better stock, but that obviously will require some one driving one down here, or shipping it, or us going up there to get it (which is fine too as I have family up there) and I'm not sure how much influence stock in a close city will have on negotiating a decent price. What to do, what to do?!? I suppose in the end I could just wait it out and work towards a 2010 later in the year, so nothing much to lose unless one of my 100K+ mileage vehicles bites the dust on me in the meantime. :) Well, enough rant from me - first post and look forward to contributing down the road!
  • my wife and I are seriously looking at the cx-9 GT, and i'm just basically fishing for info. Was curious if anyone would have any idea to wait till the end of the year (possibly more in rebates) or is this about as good as it'll get? Just wondering. Thanks in advance for any responsed. ps we live in Southern California if that makes much difference
    first post here too, and lookig forward to more posts down the road
    also, will there be any significant changes for the 2010 model? thanks....

    edit: just read the 2010 post, and we'll be waiting to buy the newer one, nice improvements from the '09 wow
  • lsnhclsnhc Posts: 11
    I was just quoted $669/month for 60 months (taking advantage of the 2.9% financing offered) with $2000 out of pocket. This seems exhorbitantly high based on the numbers I have been seeing. When I asked whether the $4000 dealer incentive had been figured, the salesman told me that it only applied to a cash deal. It was either the low interest financing or the $4000. Is this accurate?
  • jimbob1jimbob1 Posts: 70
    The Mazda website shows 2.9% and $1500 customer cash. I didn't see the $4000 listed as an alternative, so I assume that's purely a mfr-to-dealer incentive.
  • lsnhclsnhc Posts: 11
    That's precisely my point! It is, in fact a mfg to dealer incentive. That's why I am questioning the statement that it is an "either-or" situation.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    Mazda does not give the dealer the $4,000 "dealer engagement" if the car is reported sold by taking the special financing + $1,500 APR cash rebate.

    You only get the $4,000 dealer engagement if you opt not to take the special financing. Your dealer is correct.
  • zmerczmerc Posts: 1
    Went to the dealership to buy a Mazda CX-9 Touring without any options.The dealer gave me an offer of $30,500. I offered the dealer first $27,000 OTD price, then I raised by price to $27,500 and left the dealership.

    He is asking $28,800. Should I stick to $27,500 OTD ? Any apvice/suggestion will be appreciated.
  • The lease on my current car still has 4 months to go and am definitely going to be picking up a Mazda CX-9 GT. Does anyone know if the $4,000 cash to dealer will be around past 6/30/09? The prices are great right now, but would hate to be doubling up on my car payments for a few months unless the incentive is going away for good. Thanks.
  • doug_tdoug_t Posts: 22
    Hi all. Hope this helps those shopping offers. I'm in NJ and just picked up a new Black Cherry AWD GT with moonroof/bose, roof rails and wheel locks. List is $38,135. Invoice is $35,163. Without tax and registration fees, total I paid was $29,812 (this includes any doc fees, ad fees, etc.). Rebates/discounts included $1000 Mazda loyalty (was coming off a CX-9 lease) and $4000 dealer cash. Dealer had just offered an additional $1000 off for anyone already quoted an internet price this month, which is what sealed it for me. And I did not finance through the dealer or Mazda/Chase.

    I would have liked to have something different after 2 years with the CX-9 (was eyeing the Ford Flex) even though we do love it, but I felt this deal was too good to pass up such an excellent car.

    Good luck all.

    - Doug
  • Doug,

    Your deal sounds great. I am also from NJ and I am in the market for a AWD GT CX-9. What dealer did you get this deal from? Were they easy to negotiate with?

    Thanks and enjoy your new CX-9.
  • nswartzbnswartzb Posts: 40
    good decision.

    while the flex looks cool -- like a big mini -- and the interior is nice, as a driviing machine it is a soulless piece of crap.
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