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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • webxplorewebxplore Posts: 4
    Would you mind providing the msrp and options that you got other than moon roof? Was that a GT?
    The lowest quote that I got for a GT FWD with moonroof with an MSRP 36.6k was 31k.
    A GT FWD with roof & nav with an msrp of 39650 is 33.5K.
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    First, I'm not buying a used 2008. If I want to do that, they are going at auction for about $18,500.

    What auctions do you go to? I cannot touch a 2007 GT AWD for under $22,000 at the auctions. I have been to 6 auctions from New York to Florida. Mazda wants $24,000 +++ for off lease CX-9's. $18,500 is a pipe dream my friend.....

    Second, I know from this thread that the car has at least $6,250 in cash on it (or did as of June)

    The cash incentive on the 2009 CX-9 for June was $4,000 and an additional $1,000 if you currently own a Mazda. I don't even print out the 2008 incentives anymore because the North East sold out of 2008's 6 months ago
  • The MSRP was 38,056. It is a GT with AWD, Moonroof/Bose and Roof Rack
  • volfan3volfan3 Posts: 9
    the # came from a database and was for 2008s with about 30 clicks on them. That number is up approximately $1200 this week. I know that there are few good deals at the auctions these days.

    Local Mazda dealer near me has 5 2008s still on their lot. I thought they were all new, but it turns out one of them was a demo. It looks like they bought 4 of them from other dealers - 2 from ft. myers and 2 from somewhere in MS according to the sticker.

    So what do you think a good deal is, in relation to invoice, on both a new 2008 and a new 2009? My guess is invoice minus 4k for 2009 and invoice minus 6.25k for 2008? Unrealistic?
  • sanjaynsanjayn Posts: 8
    Sounds like a good deal. I got the exact same trim, options for $26050,without the $1000 loyalty cash. Got them to add splash guards for $99 extra, installed.

    Is there a way to get the $1000 cash without being a current/past Mazda owner?
  • aviboy97aviboy97 Posts: 3,159
    As a consumer, I would want a 2008 below invoice plus incentives. I would like a 2009 for invoice knowing that the 2010's are on order and should be here come September.

    Since I am a dealer, I will give you the business side. First, having any 2008's left is a bad business mistake. How that dealer has 2008's left is beyond me. 2009's in my area, North East, are becoming very very slim. No dealer will swap with another dealer and 2009 supply will not last until the 2010's get here. I would really like to make a few hundred over invoice on the 2009's. Fortunately, in my area there is a supply vs demand issue in my favor.

    I am not aware of the inventory of CX-9's in your area, but, if you can negotiate at least an invoice deal on a 2009 CX-9, I would think that is a good deal. If you can get better then that, then more power to you! I would stay away from a 2008, since you will not be able to buy a "new 2008" at the market rate of a pre-owned 2008.

    Let us know how you make out!
  • volfan3volfan3 Posts: 9
    Found a 2009 CX9 Touring FWD with bose/moonroof MSRP $34550. Per edmunds, invoice is $31,885. I was quoted $28,060. That's $6,500 below sticker, $3,800 below invoice. Seems like a good price to me, but it seems some on here have done even better. Thoughts?
  • volfan3volfan3 Posts: 9
    thanks for the tip. they offered me a good price, but not as good as yours (even if I add $1,000 to yours because I'm not a mazda customer). Did you do anything to get them to lower the price?

    Also, did you mess with a trade?
  • nb_packnb_pack Posts: 2
    Went in today to get price quotes and took what I got in Cary,NC. We chose a Black 2WD Sport just cause my wife doesn't care about all the bells and whistles. The only option it had was power seats at $490 I think. MSRP was almost $31K even. First quote was 26,900 with owner loyalty. I asked about their website which said 23,995. They came back with 23,995. I said sounds good. If you throw in the roof rack I won't go compare quotes. After some himming and hawing they did it. So final deal was

    $23,995+ttl = $25,300 out the door for standard Sport with roof rack and power seats option.

    I was disappointed in trade in value. They offered 2k for my '03 mazda mpv. We just decided to keep it.
  • kybriankybrian Posts: 4
    Did you end up calling or emailing? We did no negotiating, they offered the great deal upfront. We did not trade because we have a 16 year old who is taking our 2000 Honda Accord.
  • volfan3volfan3 Posts: 9
    I emailed. They gave me a price of $28k on a sticker of $34.4. About $1500 worse than your deal. I'm not a mazda owner so I figure I'm not going to get that $1,000, but I was hoping to get the other $500. I would like to trade in my current car, which is most of the reason I'm buying new instead of getting a slightly used one through auction, which I have access to. Had a bad experience last time I sold a car myself and don't really want to deal with that again. I am calling tomorrow to discuss if I can get a price, or at least a "range" or general expectation for my trade unseen, but if I drive all the way up there only to have them back out on the trade price or make a really low ball offer because they know they have me, my blood pressure will go through the roof. I'll leave, on a matter of principle, but it will tick me off to no end. I guess it's a matter of trust. I can tell you right now that I would not trust my local dealer enough to drive across town. I hope your experience is representative!
  • ldislerldisler Posts: 83
    Left a deposit on a in stock Mazda5 @8:00 pm. Called them @2:00 the next day to cancel the deal and they refuse to refund my deposit. The salesman never said
    it wasn't refundable. What do I do now?
  • danz75danz75 Posts: 7
    What do the terms of the agreement state?
    In most cases, deposits are usually not refundable because that means that the item is reserved for you and it's an indication that you're interested and want the dealer to hold the car for you.
    I would refer to the terms of agreement when you put down the deposit.
  • nuzynuzy Posts: 54
    Hopefully you used a credit card rather than a check. If you used a card, you can try to dispute it with the card company. If not, you may be sol.
  • dbcafyqx4dbcafyqx4 Posts: 7

    I will be picking up my 2009 CX-9 GT AWD tonight. I am considering the extended warranty. What price should I be expecting to pay for this? What are your experiences with this service?

  • cericceric Posts: 1,092
    It actually depends on your state.
    In CA, all deposits are refundable. The precedence has been set in CA court.
    All dealers know that.

    One ugly way to get your money back is to sue them in small claim court.
    You need to file paperworks yourself (no lawyer needed). Small-claim is for $$$ less than 3000 (at least in CA). I bet if you tell the salesman that you will go to small-claim court (I hope that you have a sound reason why you want the deposit back...or you may lose the case there if it does go there.) for your money, most dealers will try to avoid the hassles and give you the money back. I can't be sure, though. It is your choice.
  • howardruhowardru Posts: 155
    I just got a CX-7 GT AWD. 120 Months, 100K miles for $1800 with $100 deductible with the Mazda EPP plan. This car has a turbo too. so the CX-9 should be comparable.
  • metalprofmetalprof Posts: 7
    Hey folks,
    Just bought an 09 CX-9 AWD Touring with Moonroof/Bose in KY, taking the $4K cash. MSRP was $35.8. We got it for base price of 28700 (no $1K customer loyalty cash). With TL/processing fees of 500, and 1700 in taxes, came to 30913 OTD. Bought it from Paul Miller Mazda in Lexington. They found exactly the vehicle we wanted and brought it down to us. Fairly painless negotiation. My guess is that they've got some kind of hidden volume incentives for the dealers -- their first offer was at 29.3, so we mainly just dropped all the processing fees in the final deal, and it went very quickly. Good luck hunting folks!
  • nuzynuzy Posts: 54
    We bought a 2009 CX-9 AWD Grand Touring w/ GT Assist and Moonroof/Bose for $33.3K inc destination. Sticker was $40.2K, so we got $6.9K off. I probably could have squeezed another couple hundred, but AWD GTs in this area are slim, and the color and options were right, so it wasn't worth dragging out. We did not qualify for the $1K loyalty. Pretty straight forward deal. Next step is to add aftermarket DVD headrests and a trailer hitch for a bike rack.

    We really like the car, what a nice ride! We were down to the CX9 GT and Pilot Touring. We liked each car equally as well (with relatively small advantages and disadvantages to each). Our decision came down to availability and price. Honda isn't offering any incentives right now, so the price for a comparably equipped Honda would have been much more.
  • mjadhavmjadhav Posts: 5
    Can somebody provide me more details about the $4000 dealer marketing cash? Is that in place of the low financing?
  • jcpharmjcpharm Posts: 92
    Yes. It is "either/or" not both.
  • ap2009ap2009 Posts: 4
    Hi All,
    I am about to buy a 2009 CX-9 FWD GT here in Southern California. I am being quoted a price of $31,700 + TTL. The following packages are included

    Question for all the gurus here... Is this a fair price? Please let me know soon so that I can pull the trigger.

    Thanks in advance
  • mjadhavmjadhav Posts: 5
    I had ordered Consumer Reports New Car Price Service Report, according to that report: $31,350 + $2300 + $1960 + $525 = $36,135 ... minus $1500 rebate = $34,635.
    Looks like you are geting it for a lot less than what is quoted in this report. How did you manage to do that?
  • ap2009ap2009 Posts: 4
    I actually approached the Internet Sales Dept directly. Also, I did let them know that I am a serious buyer (willing to buy in the next 2-3 weeks), pre-approved thru credit union and that I am comparing prices with other dealers as well. Also, on edmunds, the TMV comes to $31,461. So, it seems like a good deal but still in the same range as others in the forum...
  • mjadhavmjadhav Posts: 5
    Are they oferring you a $1500 rebate or $4000? Also, do you qualify for $1000 Mazda customer loyalty rebate?
  • danz75danz75 Posts: 7
    What's the MSRP or Invoice on that?

    I bought a CX-9 GT Stormy Blue AWD with moonroof/BOSE and Tow Hitch a few weeks ago. I think it was $4500 off invoice. Did not get loyalty bonus since I dont' have a Mazda. Most of the internet quotes I got back were around $4000 off invoice. Inventory varies depending on the color and options.
  • ap2009ap2009 Posts: 4
    The invoice is around $39,300. I got several quotes, two of them offering over $7000 off MSRP, one is offering $6500 off MSRP.

    I am not a current Mazda owner and hence do not qualify for the loyalty stuff.
  • webxplorewebxplore Posts: 4
    Based on my experience, the price is very good for a GT with nav(includes tow) and roof. Your price seems to be atleast 4500+ off invoice (assuming 39340 msrp) or 7500+ below msrp.
    Dealers seem to be pricing based on the available inventory. Here in the dfw area, I see that there are few gt's left with roof and nav. Not to mention the limited color choices. I got quotes anywhere from 33200 to 33700 (on an msrp 39585) and nobody is willing to go down.
  • Do you mind sharing which dealership in Southern California you're going through?
  • Can someone please tell me more about this 4,000 dealer incentive cash that I see posted about above? Is this nationwide? Is this being offered on all 09 CX-9's? Is it in addition to the $1500 manufacturer rebate being offered? (I should not that I am NOT using Mazda financing)

    I want to purchase the base model with no options which is $29,820 plus destination. Invoice is around $28K. Anyone know what I should be able to get this for? Will I get the $4k + $1,500 off that price? =$22,500?
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