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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • talon90talon90 Posts: 10
    I think we pay 6.5% in tax here in FL, so i figured the price of the vehicle is about $30, 500. I'm still thinking of squeezing some more though since i'm leaving for NY today, and i saw someone here got a great deal somewhere in NJ a few days ago. I told the salesman i won't be back from NY till next Monday so he's holding it for me. If i got the same deal with an AWD, i don't mind driving it back to FL.
  • slinghaslingha Posts: 16
    We got ours about a month ago. but to's the deal we got.

    Im in Jersey...We just bought a

    2009 Awd Gt. Pearl Paint/Moonroof/GT Assist/Towing/All Weather Mats/Cargo Net/Cargo Mat/Rear Bumper Guard/Roof Rack/Remote Start/Splash Guards

    41,877 sticker. Without any negotiation, We got it for 34,900. We took all of the cash that we were eligible for(all but the loyalty cash)We also got 3% financing up to 60 months. Only 125 dollars in additional fees. Other places wanted 500 in fees....Scott Mazda in Bethlehem PA(just over the border from Jersey.
  • Wanted to add a few comments after my deal "fell" thru today. I have posted my quote for a Touring AWD Bose/Moon of invoice 33600-4K-1K loyalty for a price of 28600. Called to check if still there yes, show up tomorrow you can have it for 28K even. Drove 2 hrs (Chicago burbs in rush hour) only to be told by a complete a -hole salesman that he sold it to another dealer and in so many words me, my wife and 4 month old to take a hike. I could go on, but won't I went to the mothership dealer a couple of miles up the street (where my quote came from) talked to the quote guy and he was great tried to get me the deal, offered me 30K on a similar GT, called the owner of the dealership to try to get it done and they said it was traded for more that I was offering. Will give it to me for 29.3K I came back with 29K. No deal I walked over 300, but at that point it was the ethics and we got a bad vibe from the whole thing. I was not financing, had cash in hand, saw the CX-9 on the lot and was basically told....we don't want your money. This is my first brand new car purchase, so I was a little shocked to say the least. The lesson here for all of you is, if you want a 2009 with 4K-1K(loyalty) off of invoice jump on it. The internet guy at Community Mazda in Oak Forest IL will give you a great quote, but avoid the #^*hole salesman at all costs, they all know who he is. In fact stop by the community Pontiac GMC, pick up the internet quote guy and then go to the Mazda down the street. Hey that is my lesson for the day......
  • slinghaslingha Posts: 16
    I think you are putting too much faith in the Internet quote guy. They all figured that you had driven so long that you'd take what they gave you. What you should take from this is if you find the car you want ANk for the sale paperwork to be over ighted to you so you can review and confirm vin. You got bait and switched
  • I totally agree.....lesson learned, I have no desire to do business with some one who operates like that. It is very true that the job of the internet quote guy is to get you there and then get the "real" deal done. If dealers wonder why we don't call them back and come in it is because of crap like this. It is great to shop price, but at the end of the day an honest upfront dealer is worth something in my book. I'll keep looking, hopefully something before the end of the Month.

    For what it is worth. I don't know if I want to trust info from this guy, but they did say there will be no more 2009s as they have the 2010s ordered
  • sameemsameem Posts: 8
    Sorry about your experience keyseekr. I've been bait and switched a bunch of times. Everything from a certain color to an actual model. Once I inquired about an R32 at a VW dealership, was told it was available and when I got there they told me it was sold and tried to sell me a Tiburon coupe!

    Is Mazda still offering the $4K rebate? My dealer is saying invoice minus $1500 only. Must be a regional thing. I'm in California. One dealer even quoted me MSRP minus the $1500 and didn't want to negotiate!
  • Yeah it was more a bait and jerk you around. I was not really offered another car in the classical sense of the bait and switch, but they were sitting on about 10 was just not what I expected.

    R32 for a Tiburon.....humm let me think about that. Somebody must fall for these scams otherwise you think they would have gone away. To be honest as a long time basher of Hyundai (eX sell, he he!!), the new Genesis coupe is pretty cool, way better than any Tiburon.

    Anyway a few phone calls I was able to "secure" a deal for the Touring AWD bose/moon for my original invoice 33600 - 4K rebate - 1K loyalty. This was a dealer that has a good rep and I hope things work out better, I have recd an email, text, fax with a quote and confirmation with vin and detailed price.

    As far as the 4K discount I found it sort of an unadvertised special, some dealers were up front and others were not acknowledging that. We actually got higher priced quotes on the Sport models than most of the Touring which I thought was odd. Sport would work, but with a baby and dog (Read:food, dirt, puke etc..) leather is way better medium to clean.

    This may get off on another topic, but I think the Touring a nice middle ground between Sport and the GT. I was not a fan of the GTs 20" wheels both the ride quality and what on earth does it cost to replace 4 20" tires? I'm sure 18" are not cheap, but other than the factory pimp look I just don't see the need for the 20. I plan to keep this car for a long time so that factors in to my thinking. I also was not fond of the GTs key card thing. I sorta like turning a key to start the car and also I like to lift the tailgate myself. It would take no time for me to indent the power rear hatch with my garage door. Navigation is cool, but please correct me if I am wrong, is it not in every factory nav equiped vehicle I have driven some lawyer screen that you have to "accept" prior to getting to the radio/nav controls, that makes sure you don't look at the screen while driving.......sorry that was my impression of the GT I drove and it stuck. The whole Big Brother feel of Nav screens scares me off.
  • carmamacarmama Posts: 3
    I purchased a Blue/ Tan FWD CX-9 Grand Touring with the Moonroof, GT Assist Package, Towing Package, Roof Rails and Mud Flaps for $33,414 + TTL from Royal Palm Mazda in Royal Palm Beach on July 31st. Lehman Mazda in Miami quoted a price that was a few hundred dollars less, but they would have had to do a dealer trade for the vehicle we wanted and Miami is farther from where I live than Royal Palm Beach. Used PenFed for financing instead of Mazda's captive lender (Chase).
  • jcpharmjcpharm Posts: 92
    to each his own, keyseekr, but there are a few errors in your tangential review of the GT:
    - 20" wheels provide better handling but at the cost of exaggerated feel of bumps in the road (ie. best for smooth highways) plus they sure do look pimpy good =)
    - with keyless start, you still do the "turn-the-key" motion but you don't actually have to put in any key. (it's not a push-button like in nissan, lexus, infinitis)
    - power tailgate: you CAN open and close the tailgate yourself if you want, but at least you can CHOOSE to do it with the power (eg. when you have a whole cart full of groceries and 2 toddlers you need to hold hands with) - nice feature in my opinion
    - NAV: you don't really have to look much at the nav screen since the voice commands tell u what to do as well, but considering how much people's eyes wander on the road with cell phones and other gadgets, i think having nav is not the safety risk you make it out to be. bluetooth helps a lot as well.

    again, to each his own...your opinion is legit and i think the Touring is for you....but since this is a public forum, i didn't want people who were considering GT vs Touring to be misled.
  • brawndobrawndo Posts: 1
    Hi slingha,

    I'm looking for GT with the exact options you obtained. I'm in NYC and just got 5 email "quotes" from regional dealers but in reality none of them were quotes, just attempts to get me into the dealership.

    Would you mind letting me know who you worked with at Scott Mazda to get yours? My email address is in my profile. I'd prefer work with a recommendation from here instead of a random dealer solicitations. Thanks!
  • JC, you bring up some good points, despite the nomenclature there are really way more differences between the Touring and GT than the Touring and Sport. Honestly we were going for the Sport, but with a baby and Labrador we have found that leather is easier to keep clean. That is really the only substantial difference between Tour/Spt, you can get the power heated seat/mirror in a package on the Sport and then you are pretty close to having the same equipment.

    I have to come clean and say that the GT we looked at was used from Carmax and the guy didn't know how it all worked (never got the tailgate to power open) so I am afraid that first impression sort of stuck with me. Wife thought the 20" ride was too firm, which is probably the most consistent comment that I have seen in the reviews of the GT.

    We actually picked up a Touring last night: AWD Bose/Moon White Pearl with the Sand Leather. We had to drive up to Milwaukee, but it was what we wanted. Invoice 33600-4K rebate -1K loyalty so 28600. Seems like a good deal where the sticker was 36025 and there were very few White Touring AWD in the area so we wanted to act before they were gone or we had to drive even further.

    There are actually a couple things that would be nice to have as an option that are only on the GT and that is the memory seats and the Blind spot monitor would be nice. I also don't understand, and this may just be a rant against foreign cars in general, but why can they not make auto on off headlights standard ?(GT only). Not sure if this is just a preference in the US, but funny how most GM cars from the late 90s (Beretta, Grand Prix, Alero we have owned) have had these.

    This may have been covered else where, but from the literature the CX-9 headlights for Sport=Manual/Touring=Auto Off/ GT=Auto off&on seems like it would be more cost effective to be uniform for this sort of thing, but hey I don't make cars for a living so I am sure there is a reason.

    I wish luck to everyone out there looking. I appreciate the feedback from this forum and hope everyone finds what they are looking for.....
  • Just wanted to make sure I understand what I've been reading ... there is a $4000 dealer incentive, and that is in addition to the $1500 customer cash? I don't want to sound like I'm smoking crack when I walk into the dealer... What I'm looking at is a CX-9 Touring FWD with MSRP of $31,715 and invoice per Edmunds of $29,349. Incentives of $4000 and $1500, then add back $750 destination, plus $172 for the Crystal White Pearl paint bringing the total to $24771. Does that sound about right???

    Only things I'd add are Remote Engine Start and burglar alarm options.
  • dp09dp09 Posts: 2
    In my case there was only a $1500 mfr rebate
    no REBATE of $4000 (it was a $3500 for a CLUNKER plus $500 from the dealer for bringing in a clunker)
    however, there was a mazda loyalty incentive (I think for $1000) as well but that did not apply to me
  • jcpharmjcpharm Posts: 92
    when i was shopping (~5 weeks ago) it was $4000 dealer cash OR $1500 (plus 0% financing). you could not do both. basically if you could secure your own financing or could buy cash, it was a better deal to do the $4000. if you wanted to go through Mazda (Chase) for financing, take the $1500 and 0% for 36 months. The $1000 loyalty can be extra to both deals. Additionally, cash for clunkers can be additional to both deals (assuming you can justify getting this pretty poor fuel economic vehicle called the CX-9 under that program =) heh heh).
    i am not sure the dealer cash is still seems pretty spotty now whether dealers will offer it. personally, i am quite glad i bought mine last month when the deals where pretty ubiquitous and i got the exact color/features i wanted.
  • nuzynuzy Posts: 54
    100% in agreement. Not a spec of buyers remorse here. Very happy I worked something out in July.
  • Interesting, talked to CarsDirect and they mentioned $4000 incentive, but that you cannot get 2.9% for 60 months with that.

    Indeed, on the CarsDirect site, the Touring FWD in White goes for $27240, including destination, in Southern CA. I'm thinking of taking the CarsDirect printout to the dealer and telling them they have a deal if they take $27000.

  • jcpharmjcpharm Posts: 92
    that is consistent with what we said: you cannot get the promotional financing rates with the $4k dealer cash...they are mutually exclusive. however, that doesn't prevent you from going down to your local bank and getting a 2.9% loan and taking the $4k discount there.

    My experience with CarsDirect is that you can probably do better than $500-1000 under their price....i used that exact same tactic as you (walked in with CarsDirect printout in hand) to buy my 2005 Murano. i got a good deal...but not a great deal. having said all that, if you are going to get the CX-9 regardless and you found what you are looking for, don't lose out on it over a few hundred bucks when, in the big picture, you are saving thousands.....IMHO.
  • ocmjocmj Posts: 1
    This car looks so sharp. Picked it up on Sunday. it is a silver Grandtouring, Navi, Moonroof, Tow pkg, Dockable entertainment system, Roof rack, Cargo mat, Cargo net. Sticker was $41100.00. Got it for invoice less $4000, less $3500(clunker), less $500. Purchase price was $29600 + TTL. A few dealers closer to me here in orange county would not give me the same deal and they all told me that once I get there, they won't honor the deal. It went very smooth with no problems and the internet/fleet manager was very nice and professional. Good luck with your purchase everyone.
  • Picked up our new White CX-9 Touring with Sand interior last night. There were very few of these available in So. Cal., I think less than 10. I think we got a fairly good deal. MSRP was $32665 and we got the $4000 off and ended up paying $27200 + TTL. On a side note, what a great looking car! Very smooth ride, excellent interior.

    Does anyone have the Remote Engine Start option? What do you think of it, and how much was it to have it installed? The sales guy actually discouraged us from this option, saying it was a waste, and expensive to install. When does a dealer ever discourage you getting options on a car???

    One other question ... can anyone provide opinions on the Mazda maintenance plan (3 years/$695) and the Mazda extended warranty (7 yrs/60,000 mi/$1350 dealer cost). Would folks recommend getting these? Finance guy said we could add when we secure our financing if we want at those prices listed above. Hard decision, owner input welcome.
  • nuzynuzy Posts: 54
    When we bought our CX9 in July, I also asked about having the Mazda factory remote start installed by the dealer. I was told that it was not a very good system and didn't integrate well with the car. Like you, I figured if the dealer said that, it must not be worth spending the money on it. I can do without it, just thought it would be neat to have. I'm sure others have it and have had no problems with it - probably just a matter of opinion and preference in terms of how the thing works.

    As far as the warranty goes, as much as I hate them, I plan on eventually getting an authentic Mazda extended warranty because my wife tends to put lots of miles on her car. I'm more concerned about the electronics and computer system stuff than the mechanical/engine components. I'll probably wait until early next year. You can get one any time up until your factory warranty expires, or shortly before that time/mileage. If you look online, you can find a 6 yr / 100k mile official mazda warranty for around $1700 ($100 deduct plan). My plan is to solicit the local dealers for quotes, using the on-line price as a negotiating tool.
  • Just started shopping and have been offered this already, which SEEMS pretty good:

    CX-9 Touring FWD
    Bose/Moonroof package
    MSRP of $34,425

    The offer is $6,000 off of MSRP for a total of $28,425+TT&L. What do you guys think? i would be perfectly fine with a Sport model, but I'm a sucker for leather interior.
  • Got a quote for 29.2 +ttl in NJ
    for CX9 touring awd ,bose,leather,moonroof.

    sounds like a good one?

  • zoomguyzoomguy Posts: 4
    Got a CX9 GT FWD with GT assist, Moonroof Bose, Towing pkg and Roof racks yesterday, from a bay area dealer yesterday. Nice Car. The MSRP is $ it for $32300... did all the peice negotiations by email...

  • Sounds pretty good to me. I was pretty happy with $5500 or so off MSRP on my CX-9 Touring FWD, so it looks like you are doing pretty well with $6K off on your AWD.
  • talon90talon90 Posts: 10
    Was that price $32,300 OTD or still + TTL?
  • zoomguyzoomguy Posts: 4
    32300 + TTL of course.... and you don't want to know how much tax we pay here ... :-(
  • valcvalc Posts: 1
    that sounds like the deal I just got. I bought a cx9 GT
    fwd ,bose moonroof,GT assist, towing, that sounds just like the one you bought price and everything. I also live in the bay area. You are right about the tax bad news. I could have bought another car:) but mine out the door was just over 31,000 I had a cash for clunker. so far love the car. Happy shopping everyone.
  • this sounds great. where? my experience last month was that there were no cars in north jersey, and there were no good deals to be had.
  • Your deal is very similar to ours. We just picked up a blue CX-9 Touring FWD with Moonroof/Bose, Roof rack, homelink/compass mirror for $28,604+TTL in WI. We didn't do cash for clunkers because our trade is worth $7K, but got $4K Mazda incentive.
  • I wasn't aware of the $4K Mazda incentive. I thought all they offered at this point was $1500 or 2.9% financing?
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