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2013 and earlier Mazda CX-9 Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • carhunter,

    Is this quote for a Touring or Grand Touring? Last month a purchased a Grand Touring awd , bose, leather, moonroof and roof rack for 31k in NJ. This was a little over 7k off of MSRP.
  • My current best deal is 33,336 on a 40,390 GT FWD in Pearl White here in FL. Not sure if that's + TTL or OTD. What kind of last minute charges are you seeing at the closing?

    On a related front, I am opting FROM the moonroof (forcing me into the rear entertainment package...sigh) because I want the additional headroom. Anyone else make this decision?

    How many are opting for roof racks? The crossbars are additional too.

    I haven't seen the stainless steel bumper cover. Is it nice and worth the money?
  • nuzynuzy Posts: 54
    I didn't realize the moonroof took away headroom. I have one and it doesn't bother me at all. I don't quite understand that. I would think the rear entertainment dvd player hanging off the roof would take up more headroom than a moonroof.

    You can add the roof rack and crossbars at any time on your own in like 10 minutes. You can get the parts from
  • Headroom without moonroof, front/2nd/3rd row (inches) 39.6/39.0/35.4
    Headroom with moonroof, front/2nd/3rd row (inches) 38.4/39.0/35.4

    difference is 1.5 inches (and another place for noise and water to creep in)

    I am guessing DVD player hangs down in a place where no one's head goes (between the seats?) I don't really care as I will probably never use it.
  • My wife is aghast at the gas mileage of the CX-9 and is turning me towards a crapbox for city driving (I may get the worst driving/best mileage car to spite her and then take her other car as mine!)

    What other cars did you compare the CX-9 to before purchasing?
  • jcpharmjcpharm Posts: 92
    for me, i was looking at 3-row vehicles with AWD only so i compared to (all comments are my own assessments of these vehicles):
    Acura MDX (more expensive, more luxurious, very comparable handling if not better - ultimately i didn't feel the extra cost was justified)
    Toyota Highlander (better fuel esp with Hybrid, but kinda boring to drive)
    Honda Pilot (too truck like but some cool tech inside, poor braking compared to others)
    Honda Odyssey (actually a nice vehicle to me but wifey couldn't take the minivan plunge)
    GM Lambda vehicles/Acadia/Traverse/Outlook (good power, too truck-like to me, actually more expensive with comparable features)

    vehicles i didn't look at (but you might want to):
    Ford Flex (i hate the boxy look, but sounds like it has good features)
    Hyundai Veracruz (not sure why i didn't consider...probably should've at least test-driven)
    Audi Q7/Mercedes GL/ etc etc (too expensive)
    Toyota Sienna/ Volkswagen Routan (again, minivans were vetoed by wifey)
  • nuzynuzy Posts: 54
    I suppose they have to reinforce the roof when the moonroof is there, hence the smaller headroom. I don't feel the noise and water thing is an issue though. I've had 4 cars over the years, two of them American made, two foreign, and have never had an issue with noise or water. Personally, I don't use moonroofs much anyway, they just happen to already be on the cars we chose. I dont' think you are missing anything by not having one.

    We needed 3rd row and AWD too. We looked at the Pilot, Acadia, and Verecruz. I pretty much echo the same comments as the previous post. Acadia was too expensive for what you get, Pilot was nice, but they wouldn't deal much on them, Verecruz just didn't feel the same in terms of build quality/comfort. Either way, if you need 3 rows and AWD, you will not find anything that gets you very good gas mileage.
  • backinblack1,

    This is for a Touring .
    where in NJ did you buy ? openroad?
  • Actually, I don't need the 3rd row or AWD but I like a large cabin. The CX-7 felt too small. I loved my Suburban, even more so after I went from that bus to a Mitsu Eclipse (my 2nd one mind you) to a Hyundai XG300 that was totaled but saved my life. My last car (a 15 year old Benz) just died so...

    I have had moon roof problems with wind and rain leaks so I am no fan of them. I also have hair that scratches the headliner so I need that extra 1.5 inches.

    My wife wants me to look at a Scion, Venza, Equinozx, Traverse and a Prius. I want something high that I don't have to fold to get into. I am only 6' tall but I have a large upper body.
  • jcpharmjcpharm Posts: 92
    the fact that you are considering both a Prius and a Traverse tells me you probably need to think about what your priorities of this next purchase are. for example, which is more important: large cabin or great fuel economy? the two are practically mutually exclusive with the exception of some hybrid SUVs which will increase your price.
  • nuzynuzy Posts: 54
    No doubt. You are all over the map. That's going to make it very tough to narrow down to a few choices. Good luck with your purchase!
  • So does 29.2k +ttl on - touring , awd,roof,bose sounds good ?
    I still have some time to back off (if needed)
  • jcpharmjcpharm Posts: 92
    sounds pretty good to me (MSRP:$36k) so you are basically getting ~$7k off which is pretty much as low as we've seen. The occasional person can get $8k off without a loyalty cash back, but i would be happy with $7k off MSRP.
  • Thanks for the reply jcpharm ! :)
  • sashersasher Posts: 10
    Zoomguy & Talon90,

    What incentives did your Bay Area dealer offer? I don't have a cluker to trade. I'm in the South Bay and interested in GT AWD w/GT Assist and will either by an 09 in Sept or wait for the 2010's.

  • I want a good amount of cargo space, and a roomy cabin.
    My wife is squeezing the pennies on the MPG issue. She is the one changing the map.

    Happy wife = happy life ...
  • It's either or...

    I can get 7k off the invoice or 1500 and financing.
  • jcpharmjcpharm Posts: 92
    my suggestions then:
    Toyota Highlander Hybrid
    Chevy Equinox (V4 engine)
    Audi Q7 (if you need 3 rd row) or VW Toureg 2 (if no 3rd row) TDI (Diesel)

    although you may feel a lack of power with all of them (i know i would).

    If you can deal with poorer fuel economy (but better than CX-9):
    Ford Flex
    Minivans (Odyssey/Sienna)

    have fun test-driving....
  • dkcadkca Posts: 1
    zoomguy or anyone else in the Bay Area that got a GT deal.

    can you refer any dealers? No one is offering the $4k incentive. best discount i have been offered off MSRP is $3.7k (after checking with 5 dealers). is that incentive still available?

    any advice on how to proceed? thanks!
  • zoomguyzoomguy Posts: 4

    You can pretty easily get $4000 off the invoice price here in the bay area. My search was a bit complicated by the fact that I wanted black/sand only. (not many of those a lot of black/black). So finally got $4100 off the invoise which works out to around $7200 of MSRP (before TTL) for the features I chose. Also the dealer was willing to beat my credidt union rate so got something in the high 4% range.

    I did not have a regular or clunker to trade in.

  • Concerning the $4000 - I see a $1500 cash to customer incentative but I do not see the $4000 number. This is not listed as a Marketing Support number on this site. Is the $4000 a west coast only incentative?
    Thanks, :-)
  • jcpharmjcpharm Posts: 92
    if you check out you will see the $4000 manufacturer-to-dealer incentive (not a marketing incentive) incorportated into their price and notes it is currently good until 8/31/09 (although it has previously been extended in the past since May or June). having said that, it seems people are still getting $500-1000 off further from the price at the dealers with good negotiation.
  • mjadhavmjadhav Posts: 5
    The $4000 rebate is through all the states. You can either take the $4000 rebate OR take the $1500 rebate + low Mazda financing. So in short, if you decide to take the $4000 rebate, you will have to get your own financing ... or see if the dealer will provide you with other financing options. PenFed is offering 3.99% APR for 24-60 month auto financing. I took the $4000 rebate and got financing from PenFed (
  • sashersasher Posts: 10
    Thanks zoomguy! Which dealer did you end up purchasing from?

  • zoomguyzoomguy Posts: 4

    I finally went with oaktree mazda in san jose... My strategy was to first figure out which dealers had the kind of trim/color/option I wanted...this you can easily do by searching for inventory at this I found to be fairly accurate...on one occasion I knew what car the dealership was going to get the next day before the
    salesman... :-).

    Once I had the shortlist ... I just contacted the internet sales guys at the 3 dealerships and told them I was shopping around....and that I knew that all 3 delaerships had the cars I wanted ....and got there best quote.

    Have to admit one dealer (capitol mazda) refused to give the price he had quoted ... and I just got up and left.....went to the next dealer and finished the deal...

  • Thanks for all your comments.

    Just bought new CX-9, MSRP $31260 and got $5900 off. North Texas area.
  • zoomzeezoomzee Posts: 1
    Just bought a touring CX9, MSRP 35,829 with bose, roof rack, and sunroof for 28,076 including 1000 $ loyalty cash.

    I just collected internet bids in the portland area and took the best price. truly a no hassle buying experience.
  • curemecureme Posts: 15
    After lurking for quite a while, decided to take the plunge tonight.

    Brilliant Black/Black CX-9 GT FWD w/ GT Assistance, Moonroof/Bose, Towing, Wheel Locks
    $32,332 + TTL (includes $1,000 loyalty, $7,058 off MSRP, $3,850 off invoice)

    Los Angeles area
  • Do you mind telling me where you got this deal? Was it in DFW?
  • Why is this an either/or deal between dealer cash ($4000) and customer rebate ($1500). Is it that
    1. Mazda gives out only one of these? or
    2. Dealers are willing to give only one of these discounts, and pocket the other?

    It seems to me that dealers should be able to give both discounts, depending on how the negotiation goes. They still make plenty of money on holdbacks and bonuses.

    I ain't sure though - does anybody know more about this?
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