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Chevy Tracker



  • I just purchased a 2002 Tracker 4 Dr, and am now searching for the brush guard and fog lamps as well as the tubular side steps. Are the tubular side steps the only running board type option I have? I would appreciate any help finding these items.
  • tronsr1tronsr1 Posts: 149
    I answered this in the accessory site. Go to The accessories are compatible to the Tracker and a great selection.
  • I have a 2000 Tracker with 50K that has been remarkably reliable. Recently I noticed that it was becoming increasingly difficult to steer. The fluid levels and belts are fine,as is the tire pressure. At 50K I don't think it should be the rack. Has anyone experienced this? Any suggestions. Thanks, Wildfire
  • If your rig is a 4WD, try putting it up on a rack with the transfer case in 2WD and determine if both front wheels are free-wheeling. Also, have you had your alignment checked?
  • Both front wheels are free-wheeling. I have not had the alignment checked. However, the Tracker does not pull to either side. It goes down the road perfectly straight.
  • I replaced my condenser last week and spent some time talking with the Firestone service manager who did the work himself, and since then I've been looking at the old condenser trying to figure out how the damage occurred. (Okay, so business has been slow.) The service manager, who has been a good friend for fifty years and a mechanic for forty years, believes that the damage was caused by a combination of recurring ice build up and high air pressure inside the auxiliary fan shroud. We noted that the fin damage extends outward to the foam gasket on the rear edge of the fan shroud, at least a quarter inch beyond the end of the fan blades. Also, the fan blades showed no indication of ever touching the condenser, and, in fact, the way the fan blades are shaped, the hub of the fan would have to bore halfway through the condenser before the fan blades could ever touch the condenser. The fins are damaged in a doughnut shaped pattern with a six-inch diameter center with NO damage. The fins are not bent in any one direction, but rather appear to have collapsed upon each other in different directions, as if pushed straight back toward the radiator. The undamaged fins are soft and bend easily. The damaged fins are brittle and crumble to the touch. There is no evidence of rocks, dirt, or insect parts in the damaged area.

    I did not install a perforated aluminum sheet between the fan and the new condenser as I had originally planned. I am afraid ice and snow could build up on the aluminum sheet and damage the fan when I turn on the defrost. Instead, I placed two washers on each of the four fan assembly mounting bolts to move the fan assemble 1/8" more forward of the condenser, then I removed the foam gasket from the fan shroud. That leaves a 1/4" gap between the fan shroud and the condenser. Thus, there is no additional air flow restriction, but excess air pressure is allowed to escape around the circumference of the fan shroud. I am amazed at how much air is blowing out of that 1/4" gap when the electric fan is on, so the air pressure with the gasket in place must have been high, especially at freeway speeds. Hopefully, this will also reduce ice and snow build-up within the fan shroud.

    I really doubt that driving in rain at high speed could have caused the damage, because the fan blades would turn rain drops into a spray. I know that rocks and insects did not cause the damage to my condenser because the front of my Tracker is unmarked, and I use a mask with bug-screen from Spring to Fall. Besides, anything flying through the small rectangular grill openings could not cause that damage pattern.

    Since I live in Washington state, and the two other people who reported similar damage live in Michigan and Nebraska, this problem may be unique to some specific winter driving conditions. Either that, or a lot of Tracker and Vitara owners have the problem but haven't found it yet.

    By the way, my air conditioning is a whole lot more effective now.
  • The good news is the Hard Steering was not a problem with the steering unit or rack. Along the steering column are two U.-joint connections (visible in the engine compartment). These joints do not have grease fittings and should be maintenance free....however, they had become corroded (I live in snow/salt country). My mechanic lubricated these with Liquid Wrench while his assistant moved the steering wheel. Works like a charm. Wildfire
  • I have a 2002 ZR2 and I would like to find a "good" fitting hardtop that is relatively easy to put on and take off. Any information would be appreciated.
  • infinia1infinia1 Posts: 174
    recently, the wife and kids and i were 4 wheeling, looking at old indian battle sites in wy, when the third brake lite fell off! it was a pain to undo the clip so that it didn't have to dangle by the wires for the 60 mile trip home. and also, recently we've had the right strut and a ball joint replaced to cure a loud creaking noise in the front suspension. it seemed to have worked. and just today the dealer had to replace the driver door stops. it made a cracking noise when opened and wouldn't stay open on its own. now we're looking at an extended warranty. but we still love the truck and plan on keeping it for a while!
  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    tough little hamsters.
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    i had that same creaking sound that you described, but mine was coming from both struts. So i drove it on my ramps, and lubed all the contact points, and the sound went away and has never been heard of since.
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    i have a 99 2-door 4x4 tracker, and yesterday we got pounded with alot of snow. So i finally had a chance to use the 4x4 on the roads, in the snow. It has always been great Off-Road. But i never seen how it was in winter conditions. That little tracker was like a tank!! Now i do have BFGOODRICH all-terrain, tires. But i was driving through that snow like it wasnt there. There was this onebig hill where a lincoln Navigator was sliding at the rear end.. and i passed him up smiling.!!! lol Then he tried to catch up to me. But he just kept on fish-tailing. But any tracker owner who wants extra traction, should check out them tires. they are worth it
  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    are tough little buggers!

    Kudos to you for getting one and may it run long and well for you!
  • cosmo2cosmo2 Posts: 61
    Chris, the traction in snow that you recently experienced is characteristic of these rigs regardless of the rubber they wear. A light weight and low torque rig will out climb an overpowered heavyweight on ice and snow any day. I first noticed this in my 1995 Sidekick, and my 1999 Tracker is just as good. This is the reason I did not buy a Grand Vitara: Too much torque breaks tires loose from the ice. I still have the original tires on my rig, and the snow we had this week was no problem. I bet you used a lot less gas going straight up the hill than the Navigator did wiggling up the hill, too.
  • I replaced my original Uniroyal Tiger Paws P205/75R15 with the BFGoodrich All Terrain TA/KO LT215/75R15 and have seen my gas mileage plummet from 24.5 to 21.5 with the same type of driving. Albeit there is no comparison between these tires, the BFs are super duty, heavy lug design, I was surprised at the size of the loss in gas mileage. I even took it to Chevy (still under warranty) to make sure I wasn't missing something which I wasn't. Anybody else experience this great a difference when switching to the BFs?
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    when you switch to the bigger size tire like that you have to expect some sort of lose in mileage. and people who usually use that type of tire aren't looking for gas mileage, they are most so looking for traction. I am surprised the dealer didn't tell you that.. you went up 2 sizes..
  • I am looking at buying a 2002 tracker ZR2 2 door loaded.It is brand new at a dealership and they are asking 13,399 do you think this is a good price for this vehicle.

    We have two older trackers that we like alot but I want the wife in a new car and I really like driving the small SUV's over a car any day I'm just wondering what others are paying for new trackers.We live in southeast michigan.
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    now i may be wrong. but for a new 2002 tracker $13,399, sounds way way too cheap. is it ONLY 2 wheel drive. cause you can't just assume that it is 4x4 especially at that price. and with it being a ZR2. and you said it was loaded too.. Either it was a re-po. or a 2-wheel drive. But that is just my thoughts..
  • I took it for a test drive and it is loaded power everything tilt wheel, cruise, power windows, power locks, auto, air, am/fm cd(ZR2 model).

    It does sound like a very low price and it is new (only 31 miles on it-after my test drive)the sticker price is $20,510.advertized price is $13,399
  • arkainzeyearkainzeye pittsburgh paPosts: 473
    if it is 4x4, then you would be crazy NOT to jump on that deal.. "b4 someelse does! $20K sounds more like what the price should be. and if you can get it for $13-$14K then run forest run!! lol that is one of the best deals i have ever heard of.
  • mlcollins,
    Here is the deal I can find at my local dealer (Upstate NY):
    Brand new 2002 4x4 4-door ZR2, yellow, v6, cruise, power windows, rack, skid plates, cd, tilt (I believe they are all stardard equipment of the ZR2 trim)
    Price: $15,999

    So even though yours is a 2-door model, it seems that it is pretty good deal!

    Happy tracker-ing!!
  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    Sounds like a good deal...go for it...and enjoy the ride.
  • Went to St. John, V.I. and I never saw so many Trackers and Sidekicks in one place. Also Wranglers, for the more well-to-do. The island is mostly undeveloped, thanks to Lawrence Rockefeller, and a trip into the interior hills made me hold my breath a few times, I must admit. The roads are paved, but narrow and real steep in parts, with no switchbacks. Wild goat herds and donkeys hang out, so you need to be alert rounding curves, especially downhill (they don't move until they feel like it). Actually, I rented a Wrangler 'cause I never tried one, left it in 2WD (better traction on paved roads), no top, warm day...what fun.

    Thought you guys would like to know that trackers/sidekicks are the most popular cars in this part of the world. I assume the reason is their practical performance and economical operation.
  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    I took a major hit on the interstate, bent the rim, ruined the tire and made it to FL in one piece!

    THese are tough little rigs!
  • We got the 2002 ZR2 tracker for $13,399 I waited untill december 31 to get it but we got it.
    What a nice little ride (4x4,auto,ac,pw,pl,cd,tilt,cruise,delayed wiper)and I bought the extended warranty for it,added expense but worth it I think.I want to get a hard top for it before next winter.
  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    You will get many years of good service from your rig.
    A co worker owns a 1994 model with 156K on the clock.
    Its still running fine. WIll go anywhere and turn on a dime and give you nine cents worth of change!
  • I brought 2002 tracker and am very disapointed in it. I had a 19994 Ford Explorer I traded in on this. I am having real problems with keeping it on the road when there is high winds. I live in florida and today we had very strong winds. Nearly rolled over. I am wondering if I have bigger tires put on if this would help. I am 75 and am a little afraid to drive when it is windy on highways. Can large tires be put on and if so what is involved. Would appreciate any input. Thanks. Betty
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    Checking the tire pressures to make sure they are at the recommended specs would be a start.

    Steve, Host
  • mopar67mopar67 Posts: 728
    never assume that the factory has performed the alignment correctly.
    And, like the previous post, check your tire pressure.
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