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Mitsubishi Montero Sport



  • rcmtmayrcmtmay Member Posts: 1
    The popping sound in the rear is defective hydralic (sp) lifts on the tailgate
  • johngiordanojohngiordano Member Posts: 8
    2000 Sport Limited 4WD 10000 miles leather
    loaded CD Silencer Alarm
    Asking $27000.
    email me at [email protected]
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Member Posts: 160
    4 Runner vs Sport. Read post 322 as well. To date, I am still very satisfied.
  • fairdeal8fairdeal8 Member Posts: 1
    I would like to ask post #381 (woohoo) the mileage on the used 2000 Montero Sport XLS 4wd. I am in a similar situation close to a purchase and want to know how probable my chances are of talking down a 24K to 21K (my max). Miles on this vehicle are 15000. Thanks
  • dnap1dnap1 Member Posts: 4
    I was offered a $500 free gas offer when I bought my montero sport it has been some time now and I have not gotten anything in the mail for it. I called the dealer and they gave me an address to write to. It has now been two weeks and nothing!!
    Anyone else with the same problems. Am I being had.
  • alexpalexp Member Posts: 70
    Calling dealer is not good enough, go there in person, cnofront salesman and sales manager. Be loud and persistant. This is breach of contract, they promised that and they have to meet that. That address they gave, did not promised you anything, the dealer did.
  • michaelo1michaelo1 Member Posts: 5
    Hey Bigeasyal, I am interested in trying to buy one of the remaining 2000 Montero Sport. Any prcinging info would be greatly appreciated. Please email to [email protected] Thank you.
  • pecorjaspecorjas Member Posts: 1
    I purchased a new 2000 LS Montero Sport 4X4 about 7 months ago and have been having problems with it stalling/poor acceleration since I bought it. I just got done talking to the dealer and now they are telling me Mitsubishi issued an advisory that says to let the car warm up in the morning before I drive it and that I now have to use Premium gas in it. Anyone else see a problem with this? I find it kind of rediculous that I buy a brand new car and have to let it warm up like an old beater or else it will stall on me. I also am frustrated that I now need to run Premium gas in the car when this was not the case when I purchased it. GAS IS EXPENSIVE ENOUGH! Any advice/comments would be appreciated.
    [email protected]
  • alexpalexp Member Posts: 70
    pecorjas...have your dealer certify that engine is up to spec and that you need to use premium gas (US premium gas, 93 octaine) and then go to the different dealership, but do not show them your papers, for the second opinion. There is a thin line in the "premium gas" definition. All specs and manuals are translated from Japanese. US 89 octaine, is considered "premium" in most of the countries, where some of them are still using 66 ocataine leaded gas. In the winter time, gas is "spiked" with diffrent chemicals that do affect performance, but will not stall the car.
    Try to use different ga station, it is possible if you are using some older, cheaper places, their gas tanks are filled with water or some other stuff. Whatever you do, just remeber, your dealer is not giving the righr answers. Warming car is wise, especially in the new cars, but we are talking 30 seconds up to a minute, not the 10 minutes "warming". It is probably in your manual, that says "warm for ...seconds". Ask your dealer about that advisory (that you would like to have a copy of it, or chance to read it) and what prompted that advisory.
  • janetbrodgersjanetbrodgers Member Posts: 1
    Hey gang,
    I'm in the market for a 2000 Montero Sport, and have found one that looks pretty good. However, like a lot of rental cars the dealer bought at auction, the keyless entry is missing. I walked out rather than pay an extra $114 for the part. This morning I called another dealer to get prices for keyless entries, and learned something I hadn't understood before. The 2000 models have a key with a transponder in it; if you just get a key made at the hardware store it will unlock the door but it WON'T start the car. You have to get keys made (and programmed) at the dealership. So, since this car only has one key, it will cost me $48 to buy another key, and the keyless entries are $114 each PLUS the labor to program them. No wonder the dealer was so reluctant to replace the keyless entry! But as far as I'm concerned, this is an almost-new car and it's missing a part, just the same as if it were missing the spare tire, and I can't believe they can't buy the stuff I need for less than retail.

    Also, this car has no trailer hitch. I was told that there's no "towing package" with the Montero Sport, and the cost to have a dealer put on a hitch is $224 for the hitch and $60 for the wiring harness, plus labor of course. Other than that there should be "no problem" (where have we heard that before) towing a small trailer.

    Opinions or comments, anyone?
  • homer61388homer61388 Member Posts: 54
    My friend is considering a Limited Montero Sport, Isuzu Rodeo, and Toyota 4-Runner. They all have V-6 engines and he is wondering which is the most powerful and reliable? He will only buy Japanese vehicles because of his problems with American vehicles. His daughter had a 2.5 mitsubishi engine in her Chrysler Sebring and no complaints. But in opinion which is the best to choose? He is planning to keep his suv 4 or possibly 5 years and doesn't want any unexpected maintenance. If you could give any info on these questions it will be very helpful. Thanks!
  • mrsportmrsport Member Posts: 1
    I have a 1997 Montero sport with tow hitch and I can't pull an open 5x8 trailer with 1 motorcycle on it over 50mph without it swaying the rear of the truck. The bike is right in the middle of the trailer. I didn't even know it was there when towing the same set up with my bronco. Another owner had no problem going 60-65mph to Fla.
    Any suggestions why?
  • alexpalexp Member Posts: 70
    Tire pressure?????
  • ats6902ats6902 Member Posts: 1
    We rented a 2001 Montero Sport from Alamo. Nice vehicle. There was a button labeled A/T Mode. What does it do? I read the owner's manual but it didn't help.
  • bigeasyalbigeasyal Member Posts: 29
    The All Terrain Mode is used to engage the transmission to start in 2nd gear. This is used mostly when towing or in traversing severe inclines on wet conditions. It provides more power to the transmission with more torque without allowing the wheels to spin. A good example would be pulling a boat on a trailer out of the water at a boat launch. You are towing, you are on an incline, and you are in wet conditions.
  • lameslames Member Posts: 14
    OK, just bought a new sport limited. the 0,0,0 promotion was just to good to pass by. Only paid a few hundred below MSRP, but darn it I wanted the car now. Not very many local dealers to choose from, but at the people at Korum were honest and direct, in fact test drive and purchase took less than 2 hours. I really like it, have to head up to the woods this weekend and play around a bit. Has anyone bought the Husky cargo liner? Do you like it? Any recomendations on who to buy from? I would like to get it ASAP. Seems like a great idea. How about the hitch, Has anyone had the non Mitsubushi hitch installed?

    I also got the oil filter talk from my sales person. He stated that quick lube places are fine, just supply the mitsu filter my-self. He went so far to say the warrenty can be voided by non-mitsu filters.

    I am out of town this week and Hertz teased me. The girls said do you want to try a Montero? I said sure!! she replies oh, I only have a mountainer...Oh well.

    BTW thanks to all who have posted here, I read this entire conference before deciding to go take a test drive. If this conference sounded like say the jeep conference then I would have been reluctant to buy this car. BTW State Farm quoted me a little over $600 for six months, can't remember my limits, something like 300/100, with 250 deductables.

    Looking forward to share here down the road.

  • bigeasyalbigeasyal Member Posts: 29
    Welcome Lames to the wonderfull world of Montero Sport owners. You may now proceed to the next step. Go to click on the running board and have at it. They can answer all your ownership questions. I got a husky liner for $79 plus shipping from one of the vendors listed on that site. I got the hitch from the dealer with the harness and installed for under $350.

    Also, I only use mitsu oil filters as well.

    You can email me directly for any other questions, [email protected]
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Member Posts: 160
    Whats the deal with the Mitsubishi Oil filter? I have heard some of this talk before. Mitsubishi is to have a check valve in it. But don't most good filters have them. The Sport's filter sits pretty much vertical. Slight angle. But, if you do not use it, this can void your warranty? I know the laws on after market products and I can't see where Mitsubishi could claim the oil filter caused an engine problem. What is the real story? Any one know this for sure? Dealers give conflicting information.
  • ferron1ferron1 Member Posts: 1
    I am taking delevery of a black XS model on Monday:) I look forward to posting my results over time but does anyone have an XS that they can comment on? I haven't actually been in one because all dealers are sold out in my area but i liked the idea of the larger 3.5 engine...i just hope the titanium interior finish looks nice?!? Any comments would be appreciated! Thanks folks.
  • michaelo1michaelo1 Member Posts: 5
    First of all, let me say thank you to BigeasyAl. I decided to thake him up on his offer to share his info on Montero Sport. I can highly recommend the information he has to share with everyone. Thanks again, Al. I Am Looking seriously at a 2000 LS with 12,700 miles and was wondering if i could get help with a few questions. #1 Is it because I am so used to Rack-n-pinion steering, that the Montero old style system appears sloppy? #2 During the test drive I did smell something coming from the vents (heat was on) that smelled like oil/gas.Salesperson told me that the recirculation switch was in the wrong position. does this fix the problem that some of you have complained about? #3 With it being rear wheel drive rathere than front wheel drive, how does it handle in the snow? Also, dealer is asking $21K, I feel that I can do better?
  • bigeasyalbigeasyal Member Posts: 29
    #1 Yes, At least that is my opinion. Rack-n-Pinion is a more active driving system and fits well with a sports car or low riding vehicle. The MS will be much easier to drive in congested traffic conditions and around town. However on the highway it will have more play than a RnP system.
    #2 Yes, The recirculating switch could have been sucking in outside air. If the vehicle was just filled or just serviced and it could have been burning off any drips or fumes. You would get that smell for a while.
    #3 It will handle like a rear wheel drive truck in the snow. Nothing you can do about that.

    $21,000 for a 2000 LS is okay, does it have the preferred package (roof rack, side steps)?
  • michaelo1michaelo1 Member Posts: 5
    Yes Al, the LS has the preferred package you mentioned. Dealer and I agreed on $20,300 so I decided to go for it. Hope I made the right choice. By the way how does it handle in the snow? and second, what's all this talk about a special mitsu oil filter? Also, I was led to believe that the LS does not have the rear air feature that is standard in the XLS is this a big deal?
  • ora9ora9 Member Posts: 3
    I am planning to buy A Montero-Sport XLS in the very near future and looking for advice on what would be good deal in terms of its price. Are the dealers adamant about the MSRP because of the 0,0,0 deal

    Many thanks!
  • drewmanndrewmann Member Posts: 1
    Is there anything that can be done to reduce the soft suspension and body roll?
  • stodstod Member Posts: 4
    As far as dealers demanding MSRP because of the 0-0-0 deal, NO. Of course, most dealers will say they'll only do MSRP because of demand for the vehicle...and many want sticker-plus. Never go into a dealer and deal from the tack-on OR the sticker. Always deal from the dealer's cost (NOT invoice, exclude holdback and flooring - but ADD a profit on for the dealer).

    Check out the online buying sites for actual dealer costs and get Big Al's package.

  • rdg50rdg50 Member Posts: 9
    Does anyone know if Cruise Control can be added to a 2001 Montero Sport ES model. It appears that cruise control is not offered as a factory or dealer option on the ES.

    The ES comes well-equipped, but it does not include cruise control.
  • drmperaltadrmperalta Member Posts: 58
    Try Bilstein, the ride will be firm and corners flatter.
  • drmperaltadrmperalta Member Posts: 58
    Try Bilstein, the ride will be firm and corners flatte.
  • stodstod Member Posts: 4
    Cruise is standard on Sport LS and above. I don't know if it can be added. I would think it could. Check the Sport Board and ask "Joel" - a Diamond Star tech.

    E-mail me if you need the Sport Board address.

  • rdg50rdg50 Member Posts: 9
    Montero Sport 4x4 Owners with 3.0 Litre engines: What is the fuel economy you are achieving with the MS? I am seriously considering the MS, and I have read that the 3.0 L runs at high RPMs when running at highway speeds.
  • mediastevemediasteve Member Posts: 5
    Don't know if this helps, but have been using generic oil filters for '97 Sport LS for 40,000 trouble-free miles. Some trivia: the filter is exactly the same for the Acura 3.5 RL, and I've had no problems on that car either.

    Caught an earlier post about Montero steering. What makes it want to wander, particularly on the highway? Otherwise, a terrific vehicle with great looks.
  • chais4chais4 Member Posts: 2
    Who sells, online, a husky cargo and floor liner for a 2000 montero sport xls 4wd. I have 2 kids and need one asap.
  • chais4chais4 Member Posts: 2
    Does anyone have questions about rust proofing and adding a sound deading barrier for the underside of their new Montero Sport? I just got it done at Ziebart and it cut the road noise in half. Also, protects the underside from salt. Please feel free to email me at [email protected]
  • lameslames Member Posts: 14

    I bought mine at sports rack. They have a web site as well, It took a week for mine to come in. I have a dog, and think it is great for the cargo area. I am going back to get a roof rack as well. The Sports rack stores sell used racks as well.

    As to the oil filters, I have not bought one yet, or had my first oil change. Has any one ordered them online yet? If the price is not much higher than off the shelf filters I guess I will be safe and buy the mitsubishi filters.

    I still am loving my new truck. I have read theh different on line reviews and don't really agree with the short comings that were listed by others. True it is a SUV (read it does not handle like a sports car) but I really like it. I still valet cars once in a while, and believe me I have driven all SUVs out there. I think most of the Japanese SUVs are pretty competent. I also like the Jeep grand cherokee. However I really do like my truck. My family has owned 2 other Mitsus, and both went 120,000, so I am pretty confident that this will be a great car. I do wish the gas millage was a little better. I have averaged 16 MPG on my first two tanks. I think it was kinda low as I spend some of theat time in 4 wheel drive. This weekend is somewhat of a test, we head up into the mountains to get a Christmas tree.

    Sorry to ramble on, looking forward to all your posts down the road.
  • mtarrant2mtarrant2 Member Posts: 6
    Have a 2000 Mont. Sport. Anyone having problems with a vibration coming from the front end while braking?? Cant get it into the dealer until about a week...
  • dlong5dlong5 Member Posts: 1
    In regards to posting #417 by joyvic12. I also live in Colorado and frequent the ski resorts this great state has to offer. One thing I can appreciate about a vehicle driven in Colorado is one which can comfortably make the high altitude climbs of all the passes we have. Particularly the Vail Pass and the hill up to the Eisenhower from Dillon. It sounds like you most likely already have done both of these so I was wondering how the 3.5 liter Auto V6 handled the task. Did the tranny have trouble finding the right gear to attain the speed you desired? What speeds were you traveling at when you were driving these hills?

    Also, have you had it off-road yet?

    For anyone else out there: Anyone found a way to mount gas cans?
  • mudrat2mudrat2 Member Posts: 1
    Ok. Now I'm not a happy camper. I just bought a MS 2000 with 23k miles on it from a dealer in Phoenix. I've had it two whole days and the check engine light came on tonight. I hope this isn't a sign that I should have bought a Toyota.
  • mrmel1mrmel1 Member Posts: 1
    Just bought a new 2001 LS for $600 over Dealer
    Invoice. Love the vehicle but would love it more
    with fog lights. Dealer wanted 2.5 hrs labor AND
    $293 EACH for the two lights.... I called Sales
    Mgr back to see if they could help..but dealer
    cost was $525. Still a bit steep. Anyone know
    where to get some good fog lights for a reasonable
    price? I live near Sacramento and the fog is thick. Thanks.
    Mr Mel
  • mrwhipplemrwhipple Member Posts: 378
    You might try some PIAA fog lamps. They should be a lot cheaper than what you were quoted at from the dealer. They should have them listed on their website -

    -hope this helps
  • mtarrant2mtarrant2 Member Posts: 6
    I bought a new Montero Sport 2000 have only 4000 miles and the service engine also came on... Not happy at all about it. Also when braking theres a vibration coming from the front end. Hopefully these are minor problems the dealer can take care of. Way to early to be having problems.... At this point in time I would not recommend purchasing a Montero Srort...
  • klansheklanshe Member Posts: 1
    I am looking to purchase a Montero Sport XLS to take advantage of the 0/0/0 and in time for our Christmas vacation. I am leaning towards the 2WD, premium package (non-leather). Talked on the phone with the dealer in Austin and he indicated that 2000/2001 were still at the same pricing but, better opportunities to negotiate on the 2000 (makes sense). He mentioned security package, pinstriping, and special coating that just spelled added costs. Pulled up the sites and found Inv for the 2000 (w/premium and dest.) at $26,886....MSRP is at $29,577. Appreciate any guidance/suggestions (ie options to incl or items to request as part of the pkg). Thanks
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Member Posts: 160

    Sorry to hear about the problems you are having with your Sports. I have a 2000 LTD 4X4 with 14,000 miles and 13 mos. of ownership and have had only a minor rattle problem under the dash that was fixed under warranty.
    I have owned 10 new vehicles the past 20 years, 6 Toyotas, 2 Fords, 1 Chevrolet, and this Mitsubishi. The Sport, thus far, has been the least problem new vehicle I have bought. Got a good one, I quess.
    I have been a Toyota buff for many years and compare vehicles that I buy to Toyota. The Sport, I felt, was equal to the 4-Runner in every aspect. So far, it has.
    All the vehicles I have had, has had some problems. The 96 Toyota T100 4X4 SR5 Xtracab that I also own, has had the head gaskets, both rear springs, power antenna, & odometer cable replaced. Plus, the Automatic transmission linkage adjusted, so it would stay in drive, and a couple other minor glitches. Definately, not problem free. But, I still like it, and over the past 20,000 miles, it has been mostly problem free. The Tach at idle shows zero ocasionally, and the speedometer still shakes.
    Maybe, if you get the bugs worked out, the Sport you have may turn into a good one in your eyes, because thats what counts. I am impressed with mine, so far.
    Good Luck, and do not be afraid to post negatives on your Sport. We Sport owners need to be aware of both the bad and the good.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Member Posts: 160
    Just curious. Have you checked out the 2001 XS model? This has the 3.5 litre motor and is nicely equipped for less than a decked out XLS. Which you can only get the 3.0 motor.
  • mtarrant2mtarrant2 Member Posts: 6
    Thanks for your input. Had it into the dealer today and they said everything appears to be in proper working order. No idea why the engine light came on. Hopefully it was nothing.. Funny you said something about a rattling noise I have a 2000 toyota tacoma 4WD that has a rattling noise coming from what appears to be by the passengers side speaker area.Going on 5 times into the dealer, A Toy. Rep is coming out now to try and repair it.. Very aggravating... Thanks Again..
  • dnap1dnap1 Member Posts: 4
    Any else offered $500 free gas from National Fuels Corporation from the dealer with the purchase of a montero sport. I think this co. is
    a scam. I am getting the run around from the dealer.
  • lsumaclsumac Member Posts: 1
    The owner's manual suggests 87 octane gas, is that acceptable? Also, is there a 3 gallon "reserve" of some sort? I have filled up twice now right after the warning light has come on and it has only taken 16.5 gallons to fill the tank. I thought the vehicle had a 19.5 gallon tank. I appreciate any information.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Member Posts: 160
    Your gas gauge light is working correctly. You will have around a 3 gal. to use when light comes on.
  • aabadieaabadie Member Posts: 1
    I currently live in the south. I plan to make a move to the North east, maybe New jersey. Would the 4WD be a better option? I am looking at a 2001 4WD MS XLS with premium package. Has any one purchased one? how much did you pay? Thanks.
  • ivanl2ivanl2 Member Posts: 1
    I am having a problem with my wipers on my 2000 Montero Sport during snowstorms. I've had the vehicle into the dealer twice, but they have not been able to fix it. The blades have been replaced, the wipers were "tightened" which supposedly would have increased the force in which the blade is pressed against the windshield, but neither has worked. The problem is that when it snows, the wipers just push the snow and ice across the windshield. The ice then mats under the blade. We have to pull over every 2 miles to scrape the windows. Please help!!!!
  • goodcpagoodcpa Member Posts: 1
    I have a deal on a XLS, 18,000 miles, 2000 model for $17,900. You think anybody can beat it?
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