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    I currently own a Jeep Grand Cherokee that has given me nothing but problems. I have finally decided that I am going back to the foreign cars. I just started my search, and I am between a Toyota 4Runner and the Montero Sport. I have always trusted in the Toyotas, but I really like what I see and hear about the Mitsu's. Not to mention the price... a fully loaded Montero Sport saves you a couple thousand over the Toyota. Would love to hear from all you Montero Sport owners! I need to make a decision soon, so let me know what you think about yours!!!!!
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    A have a deal on a 2000 AS, 21,000 miles, fully loaded, roof rack, running boards and 4wd. They are asking 18k. Is this a good deal? Appreciate any input.

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    I want that deal on the XLS, 18,000 miles, 2000 model for $17,900. I haven't seen a deal that would beat that. I fell in love while car shopping today. I found a used 2000 Montero Sport AS 4D for $20,995. What do you think? Is that totally terrible in companions?? I looked at safety ratings for Montero Sport and it was pretty bad. I have never had an SUV so I am not all that experienced in this department. Any advice? Thanks.
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    I have always liked the 4runner, however with the current 0,0,0 promo that Mitsu is offering I could not pass up the sport. This is the first "adult" car that I have bought, so I went with the limited. I wanted leather, and the roof, and what the heck the limited has the 3.5 motor to boot. I paid nearly the same price that a friend paid for his SR5 4 runner, however his is a 5 speed and no leather. In addition both my father and brother had Mitsu truck, one with a 4 banger and the other with a 6. Both went well over 100k with nothing other than normal maintenance. I really like the Toyotas, in fact I have a Tacoma. However the sport is cheaper, and offers a financing package that got my vote.

    I hope that helps you choose. If you want the 0,0,0 you have to buy soon.
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    I didn't even consider an SUB until I was checking out the 0/0/0 promotion and saw one. I really like the Montero and need some sound advice. This will be my first "NEW" car purchase and I'm hesitant.
    #1 - Does anyone know some disadvantages to this 0/0/0 promotion?
    #2 - Whatever I buy will have to last me a good 5 years or more, does this vehicle hold its value well?
    #3 - I have heard negative comments about Mitsu's customer service. Does this need to be a concern?

    Any advice would be helpful. I'll need to make a decision soon. One other thing, does anyone know if the 0/0/0 incentive applies to the 2000 models and is there much of a difference between the 2000 and 2001 model.

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    #1 RE: 0/0/0. Good financing package. But I would STRONGLY recommend you make payments on the principle amount during the first year to offset depreciation. This way you'll be much better off when it comes time to refinance. I think Mitsu's refi at the end of the 1st year is around 9%.

    #2 RE: Holding Value. From a percentage standpoint it should do all right. Of course, with the current gas situation and the market flood of new and used SUVs, my guess is that all SUVs will see the percentage of value drop a bit. Many tout the 4Runner as the best when it comes to holding value. Probably true from a percentage standpoint. But, you also need to realize that a similarly equipped 4Runner will cost THOUSANDS more than the Montero Sport, up front. I would not worry, at all, about the MS lasting 5 years (or MUCH longer). The drive train warranty is for 5 years. Plus, the Mitsu engines in Mitsus and Chryslers that my friends own have had well over 10 years plus.

    #3 RE: Customer Service. Yes, Mitsu needs to improve here. Most people that I personally know with Mitsus have no problem, at all, with their dealers. Since Mitsu has not been a "power player" in the market, most dealers have carried the line as an addition to a major brand. So, the dollars allocated for service and service training have taken a back seat to the major brand the dealer carries...resulting in less satisfactory service results. However, with Mitsu's dramatic increase in market presence, dealers are allocating more for service, so it should improve.

    Background: I purchased a 2001 LS 4WD a little over 2 months ago, and love it. Of all the mid-sized SUVs I tested, the Sport had the best on-road ride, the most standard features for the price, and the best looks! (and most capable off-road heritage). The 3.0 V-6 could use more power, but it is more than adequate for me. You might want to test the new XS model with the 3.5 and compare it with the LS 3.0 to determine your best fit. OVERALL, I am VERY satisfied with my Montero Sport.

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    Just got a 2001 XLS 4WD ........ the next day i noticed a sound comming from the transfer case ..... it happens at around 40-50 mph ...... it sounds like wind or a slight grinding sound ...... could be a seal or could be something w/ the transmission ..... i've taken it in 3 times and the service center can't seem to fix it .... any ideas??
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    I am considering the Montero Sport but want the leather interior. The best deal I have found is a 2001 model ES. The leather upgrade is $1200 and the quality is much better than factory (I have seen some examples and the quality is superb). This puts me in to the vehicle at $22K drive out with the current rebate deal. Accessorizing to near Limited level will run about $3K as I have some great wholesale contacts. The engine will be the 3.0 but I can live with that. Any thoughts/comments on taking this approach to making a "silk purse out of a sow's ear".
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    I absolutely love my Montero Sport ES. I have a complaint about the glove box and the transmission. Does anyone else have an awful squeek in the glove box? I also have a problem with my transmission. When I get going, my Montero jerks when shifting to overdrive around 55-60 MPH. I have also had it happen when I start to pass at the same speed. It jerks 3 to 4 times before smoothing out. I have taken it to the dealer 3 times and they told me to drive it untill it goes out and then they can find whats wrong!! Any advice?
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    I'm thonking of purchasing a new (leftover) 2000 LXS. I am trading a 96 trooper. The dealer is allowing me 13,000 for my trooper and selling me the xls for @ 26,000. Does this sound like a good deal. Want to hear what owners of Sport owners have to say..
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    I just bought a 01,Montero Sport Ls.The owners manuel says the transmission will shift at a higher speed when it's cold making it jerk harder as the engine warms up. It also says that it will happen as the transmission is broken in.Does anyone know at how many miles the tranny is broken in at.
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    I have had my Montero for over a year and have 36,000 miles and the transmission jerks now more than ever!
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    Wow.I just bought my Montero last week and that doesn't sound good.I should of looked into it little more.Is this happening to anyone else.Is there some additive that will help.
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    I have a 2000 Montero Sport XLS 4WD with approx. 6500 miles on it. Took the thing back a few times for the loud and annoying shift that it makes. I must admit that after this many miles the trans shifts much smoother and the pickup is better too. Does anyone know what the biggest tire you can fit on these? I have 260s on it now. Thank you!
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    Hi, I'd like to buy a 2001 Montero Sport LTD, but I need a little more time to secure the downpayment I'd like to give. Are there any patterns as far as financing offers go. I really want the 1.9 for 5 years, but I won't be ready to buy until June/July. It seems logical that the summer months would bring out the more buyers and less special offers. What are the best times to buy in general for any car?
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    I currently own a 95 Toyota SR5. I am contemplating between the Montero Sport and another Toyota SR5 (Same as Traumullers1). Have you made a decision and why? The added features of the Montero Sport are very enticing compared to the same cost for a stripped SR5. My main concern is the questionable safety rating for the Montero Sport. Any advice or reassuring information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I posted earlier about a Toyota 4Runner or Mitsu Montero Sport... well, I went with the Mitsu and LOVE IT! I got a fantastic end of the year deal... $300. over invoice on a Limited an NO payments until 2002! Very pleased with the car! I couldn't have touched a 4Runner Limited with all the bells and whistles for $31K.
    No complaints so far... great ride, and looks great too! VERY PLEASED!
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    At first glance, the 0/0/0 deal seems good. However, once you start making payments in 2002, you'll still owe the full price of a new car on a 1 year old car. And, since the Montero will have already lost around $4000 in value, you'll be extremely upside down in the car for years to come. Beware, this is a very bad deal. If you decide you don't like the car after a few years, you'll be paying thousands to get out of the loan.
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    I have reviewed the basics of the offset crash test results and also noticed that, based upon the Edmunds review of the 2001 Montero Sport, there have been some safety enhancements for the 2001 models specifically designed to improve offset test performance.

    Does anyone out there have any basic information about these enhancements ? Specifically, can some of these additional frame reinforcements or struts be applied to the 2000 model frame ?

    The test results indicated that part of the problem with the poor "crash test dummy" results was apparently, in part, a function of the energy dissipation stitching on the lap belt. The new seat belt assemblies in the 2001 models have pre-tensioners and perhaps different stitching. Are there any good guesses on the cost of having the 2000 seat belts replaced with the 2001 mechanism ?

    Any suggestions you can provide will be greatly appreciated. Thanks !!!
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    Hi Friends,
    I have been enjoying reading the many posts about the MS. I was so close to buying a still new 2000 Rodeo ISE for $27, (had all the extras on it too), but opted for a used MS after driving it and the price for this one with 25k miles on it was $19,100. Sure wish I had seen that one that the man in Texas had first, beck of a deal he was offering. Mine is black and a real beauty. After reading some of the posts about vibrations with a/I on, and flunking noises shifting into overdrive, we took ours out to see if it did not and ours does not appear to have any of those problems, at least at this time. We too, drove all the SUV. Hated the Toyota, the Pathfinder seemed like a 4Runner lone, the Explorer is just a plain-Dane, and we narrowed it down to the MS and the Rodeo.. deal was just too good on the MS which my wife preferred after a road test and it is her car anyway. We traded in a 99 Civic so this is a real step-up for her. Love the way it feels and prefer a 2WD just because the times we would use 4WD here in Atlanta are so rare.
    Tomorrow, I am ordering a I&N Filtercharger, (do this on all my cars), and changing all the fluids immediately, (never know what is in there..). I personally only use Mobil One in my cars and usually factory or Purolater PureOne oil filters. I am looking for:
    A factory service manual
    Side steps
    hood wind deflector

    If anyone knows where a good place to shop for these items are, please drop me a note at [email protected]

    I also will add a keyless entry for her convenience right away too.
    I look forward to chatting with bigAl and the other regulars here, you sound like knowledgeable people and I have found that all knowledge is good.

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    Just to let you guys know, I had my 2000 Sport in for a tire and balance rotation at the 15,000 mile mark and it shimmied real bad after I got it back. I took it back 3 times and on the third time I asked what tire pressure they were inflated too. (Dummy me didn't check) They said, 26 lbs. Before they were at 32 lbs. I stated that this is what is causing the shimmy/vibration and instructed them to raise it back to the 32 lbs and rebalance them.

    Guess what, they run great now! The Yokohama's, I believe, need to be run at at least 30 lbs or more or they start to flop going down the road.

    Just my observation.
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    Here is a good one for you. Someone at message #259 had a tranmission overheat like crazy. It turns out that there is a Tech Bulletin #
    which replaces the transmission fluid pan with a deeper one to give the transmission more fluid. If you have a 2000 MS that is acting up or overheating, ask your dealer to replace the pan.
    By the way, do NOT use the spell checker made my first post nearly laughable, sorry about that.
    [email protected]
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    I am looking at a holdover 2000 Montero Sport XLS. I will be just another urban assault vehicle but I will be using it to tow my boat. I was wondering if anyone has pulled anything with the Montero Sport and what their opinions are. I am trading in my Ranger 4x4 which is way underpowered to tow anything. I may just wait for the XS and the 3.5 liter V6. Any thoughts or opinions are appreciated.

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    My 2001 Montero Sport Limited is a LEMON!!!! So far it's had a defective seat track, a defective 4WD engage switch, and it leaks when it rains. That was all within the first week. Now the transmission slips constantly and there is this distinctive high pitched humming noise around 40-50 mph which grates on your brain.

    I've taken it to the dealer twice for these problems. Their attitude is that the high pitched humming is louder than normal (which it didn't do before the 4WD engage switch problem), but that they can't do anything about it until the transmission actually breaks. They said hopefully it will break within my 5 year/60K warranty period. Isn't that pleasant. I'm so glad after spending $32K on a brand new car off the truck that I now have to HOPE it breaks soon so I can have it properly fixed. I drive a lot in NH at night and I've been broken down at 2 am in 20 below weather. That's why I bought a NEW car so I didn't have to worry about that and go through that again. And the transmission slips too.
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    I owned a 1997 Montero Sport LS...a beautiful red one and used it to tow an 8 and 1/2 foot closed trailer around Florida and then up to New Hampshire..also rented a U Haul from time to time....always found that the MS had plenty of power and hardly noticed the trailer in back. I did notice that I had to tow on the highway in Overdrive (I thought it wise to get out of overdrive but the temp gauge read hot within 5 miles....switched back to OD & no problem for 1500 miles).
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    Since I sold my 1997 Montero, I have missed the utility and overall enjoyment I had with the vehicle so am now looking at a 2001 XS 4WD...another red one....for only $500 over invoice and with the 1.9 financing for 60 months...seems like a good deal....any comments.
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    Folks, I bought a Montero Sport XLS in 1997 right off the truck. The Tranny has been jerky and has shifted on a regular basis for 80,000 miles. Early on I spoke with the dealer and they told me that it was a design flaw with the 3.0 engine and frankly that was the way it is.
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    Fingers went wandering on post 429 and hit enter.

    Anyway, Thanks Rascal on the TSB on the Trans. Pan on the 2000 Sports. Mine is being replaced, although I have had no problems as of yet. Dealer said they would take care of it, no problem. Nice!
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    It's gone :-). Remember that you can edit your messages within 30 minutes of posting them.

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    Per my posting above, my 2001 Montero Sport Limited is a LEMON!!!

    However, if you want to persist in buying one, don't pay $500 over invoice. I paid invoice price for mine. These dealers make plenty of money on their holdback, which you don't see. I learned how at
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    dmetzger, glad to hear your success with the tranny pan and glad I could help. I plan to have mine changed as well.

    Before I bought the MS, I drove a Rodeo...the trans clanked and clunked..the salesman told me that was normal..I said, "if that is normal, normal is not for me."

    Then he tried to tell me how that would go away. I could only laugh at such a statement..."Righttt, how, by turning the stereo all the way up?" I then drove, (each car I was thinking of) around town and up and down the interstate. I did not like the Rodeo on the highway either. The Nissan dealer would not let me on the interstate, at which point, I turned the Pathfinder around and parked it back in its I headed to my car to leave he chased me. I told him that if he did not want to let me see how the car felt on the highway, then that was what I needed to know.

    I had not really considered the MS until I saw it on the Dakar race. So, I drove it. Up and down the interstate, around town. No noises, no leaks, smooth shifting. End of story.

    Now why would some of these be so good and some so bad like the one that "unhappymontero" has? I wish I knew, I do not. I do know this, go to every message board and we will see the same thing. Some good, some terrible. My only advice, beware. Unhappymontero, I hope you take it back three times or whatever and they have to buy the cursed thing back from you. A person just should not have to pay 5 years for a lemon. Please keep us informed.

    Thanks for reading this long post and good luck to all.

  • lameslames Member Posts: 14

    I agree with your post and I hope the dealer does take care of unhappymontero. I know that I would be very disapointed and vocal if my Monter sport was acting up. So far 3,000 miles and no issues that are the fault of the car. Hopefull all of you will continue to post, both good and ill so we are aware of issues.

    A word on the Yokohama tires that came on my Montero Sport. Two weeks after purchase I went christmas tree hunting with my family. You buy permits from the forest service and head on up. Through deep snow ( a foot or so) and a very rought road they were great. A few weeks ago I went out and noticed a flat, there was a 3 inch screw in the sidewall. I call Yokohama to see if this would be covered, (OK I knew it would not be, but it never hurts to ask) The rep explained that it would not, but offered me a 50% off coupon! Very nice customer service if you ask me. So far they seem to be great tires, backed by a great company.

    Just my thoughts. I am going to schedule my first (and likely last) service with the dealer. Nothing against the dealer, but they are so far away I will likely do most of the upkeep myself.
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    I have a 2001 Montero Sport LS with approx 100 miles. Whenever the press the brake, shift from Park to Drive, the vehicle rear drops. When shifting from Park to Reverse, the rear rises.

    Is this normal? Does anyone else's vehicle do this? I don't recall this when test driving the vehicle.

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    Any comments on trusting the quality of work that a dealership can do installing:

    1. Fog lights?
    2. Hitch & Harness?

    Or, should I have them order one from the factory with those items already installed? (heard they can NOT order the XLS with the fog lights - they install those at the dealership?).

    I am getting the vehicle for $300 over invoice (not the best deal, but not too bad) and can pick it up sooner (I would think) if I let them install these 2 options.

    All comments welcome,

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    I have seen that the '01 Montero Sport XS 4WD with the 3.5L engine is now available in the D.C. area. Have a dealer quote at 27k with 1.9% Mitsu finance.

    Can only get in black or red (which is not a problem) and it seems that all of the options are pre-set other than dealer add-ons.

    Any early feedback on this model with the larger engine? Seems like a lot of value for the dollar without upgrading to the much more expensive Limited model.

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    The MS that I had for 2 days did the exact same. The one that I have now currently has 700 miles and does the exact same. I thought it was a feature of MS paid it no attention, until some of my riders started asking questions about air brakes and so on. So I called the service department and was informed that the rear rising and falling when shifting gears is a normal function of the MS LS. Contact your local service department and let me know if you receive the same response. Hopefully, we don't live in the same city/state. (Tallahassee, Florida). I'm very happy with my MS a much better purchase then my '96 Blazer that gave me nothing but heartaches.

    Let me know what you find out.
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    Whenever I press the brake, shift from Park to Drive, the vehicle rear drops. When shifting from Park to Reverse, the rear rises. My understanding this is normal functioning of the Montero Sport. I am enjoying my Montero LS very much. I research many SUV and this vehicle serves my needs. I took the Edmund's advise and believe I receive a fair deal for the vehicle. I was patent in negotiating with the dealer and let them know up front I was not out for game playing. I received quotes over the internet and calculated the amount financed at 1.9% over 5 years. I determined the monthly payment I wanted to pay and negotiated until I got the price needed to achieve my goal. I feel we both came out of the deal a winner.
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    I'm haling from the cold Minnesota tundra. It is here that I've encountered a new "problem", and I'm wondering if any other MS-owning tundra-dwellers have had the same problem.

    I recently discovered that my tailpipe was completely clogged with black ice. I realized it when I backed up against a snowbank, and when I pulled forward, the car died. I got out and took a look at the rear-end and discovered that my tailpipe was filled with rock-solid ice. I'm no mechanic, but I'm figuring this might be a problem. My pea-mechanic-brain tells me that lack of airflow to the engine is bad. I also know that there's absolutely NO WAY that my backing up into a snowbank could have caused the 5inches of solid ice accumulation that was later removed from the pipe. (the angle of the tailpipe is such that it is physically impossible, and there's no way that the snow would not have melted on a hot tailpipe if the pipe was exhausting air when it encountered the snow...which means that in order for the tailpipe to be cold enough to build up a 5inch chunk of ice, it could not possibly have been exchanging air for quite a bit of time.)

    My question for anyone who knows anything about these sorts of things: (1) What should I do now? (After the evil service department at the evil dealership knocked the ice chunk out of the tailpipe the car ran fine.) (2) Has anyone else had such a problem? (3) Is there a possibility that there was something wrong w/ the car in the first place so that ice managed to accumulate? (4) What kind of damage does/can a clogged tailpipe cause to the car's engine?

    Thanks for your response(s).

    Oh...sidenote...I also (bad luck month) recently ran over a screw which managed to wedge itself into the non-belted part of my Yokohama. Any ideas on cheap replacements? Anybody know if there's an argument (frivolous) to be made that it should be covered by warranty? (The "injury" is non-pluggable.)

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    I have a 2000 XLS and the problem started on the third day of ownership. Did you also have a problem with your 4WD indicator light flashing with key in "on" position? Even though you had never shifted it out of 2H? I am also experiencing a loud humming noise and I've had several switches replaced but the problem hasn't resolved itself. Do you notice that your vehicle's driveability seems more sluggish?

    Did you consider replacing your vehicle under the lemon law? I think this is my next step. Please respond to me directly at: [email protected]

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    I have a 2000 Mitusubishi Montero Sport and I would like to know if anyone (other than me) has a problem with the brightness of the head lights. They seem to be to bright. I get flicked constantly and its really getting on my nerves. People even pull up behind me and follow me with thier bright lights thinking I shinned mine in thier rear veiw on purpose. Spoke to the dealer but they seem to think they are fine. e-mail me please; [email protected]
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    Jen it must be bad luck or something, but I did the same thing. I called Yokohama's customer service number and while it was not covered the rep did offer me a 50% off coupon. The new tire came to $50 mounted and balanced with the coupon. I must say the the tires seem to be reasonable priced. I put new tires on a Tacoma Truck and paid well over $100 per tire. I have also been pleased with the overall performance of the Yokohama's as well. I am not trail-blazing, but I do enjoy getting off the beaten path. So far the Yokohamas have done well, especially with deep snow.

    Good luck, and keep us posted if you figure out the ice in the tail pipe issue.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Member Posts: 160
    Thanks again Rascal.

    Got the Trans. oil pan replaced. No hassles. I am lucky that I have a quality dealership that will do this on a TSB notification. I understand that they really do not have too, if you are not experiencing problems. But, I do tow a boat during the summer and pointed out that Mitsu. should want to replace the pan versus replacing a burned out transmission.

    So far, my 2000 4X4 LTD Sport has been a quality rig. Has 17,000 miles and 15 months of ownership. Three things done to it: 1) Fix small vibration rattle under dash. 2) Tightened front wheel bearings. Tire shop that does rotating/balancing said left front was a little loose. Dealership checked and tightened both front bearings. 3) And the Transmission pan replaced per TSB-00-23-008. All under warranty with no cost to me.
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    We have a 2001 Montero Sport Limited and I our experience is exactly the same as you "mysport1"! Lets work together to make sure we both can prove we have a lemon. Our car shifted, I guess, half way into 4 wheel drive and it wouldn't shift out. The light kept flashing and when I drove it home from work, it was loud and it the light flashed the whole time. Even when I turned the car off and turned it back on, the light kept flashing. We brought it in and they said the switch mechanism was "faulty". Then the whining, awful humming noise began - the worst at around 30 to 40 miles an hour. We are located in a Boston, MA suburb. UnhappyMontero is my husband. We are speaking about the same car. The worst thing of all is that due to their faulty part, we have another problem. We asked them to look into the transmission and they said "no. . . . we Mitsubishi won't let us do that. . . unless there is a problem in addition to the noise. . . you should hope that the transmission breaks down during your warranty problem and then come back." They essentially said, "tough - - - - that you bought a $32,000 car and have unreasonable and annoying noise within the first 3,000. deal with it. We want to pursue the lemon law, but we don't have a lot to go on. Obviously, the service places are covering themselves. They have written on our service sheets, "unable to duplicate customers concern". I want to rid of this car or have them fix the noise problem for free.
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    I am looking to lease a new lad in the next two months, what are people leasing a loaded lad for?
    Has anyone heard of any new equipment on the 2002?
    thanks for your help
  • unhappymonterounhappymontero Member Posts: 8
    To keep you all posted, the noise is howling now. I took it back to the dealership for its 3rd and final repair. They said it's "normal drivetrain noise." When I asked why none of the new models on the lot made that noise when test driven he didn't have an answer. He also made a comment that "it's all documented for you." Which is funny because I never asked them to specifically document anything. I think they knew I was going to pursue the lemon law and they looked at the other 2 repairs I had attempted at the other dealership and put 2 and 2 together.

    Now the right rear passenger door area leaks when it rains. According to the dealership, that problem can only be repaird on Mondays. Interesting....

    Also, when I first started coming to the dealership where I bought the car for repairs, I was a VIP customer and provided with a loaner car for free while my 2001 MS was in the shop. This last week for my 3rd repair attempt, I was not VIP anymore and "giving loaner vehicles for customers has been revoked by Mitsubishi, unless there's actually a problem with the car." Nice customer service. Do any of you get the JD Power and Associates surveys after the car goes in the shop? I filled one out and said I was unhappy with the mechanic getting grease on the leather seats, steering wheel, and carpet, unhappy with them chipping the paint on my bumper and refusing to repaint it and instead attempting to buff it out (which didn't work...I gave up on that issue), and having a defective car they wouldn't fix. When I came in this last week, after we fill out the work order he gets out his file and confronted me with my comments to JD Power and wanted to debate them with me. I asked him if anything in the JD Power wasn't true? He didn't answer. He just thinks a chipped bumper wouldn't bug him and cars get chipped in time anyways. So at the end of the day he gave me a free LOF, but didn't fix the howling noise. Told me since he gave me a free LOF, that I should give him a good review in JD Power.
  • unhappymonterounhappymontero Member Posts: 8
    Let me warn everyone else out there about another trick this Mitsubishi dealer tried to pull with me. We did the 0-0-0 program last November. We signed the finance paperwork which the dealers computer fills in the finance percent rate and number of monthly payments, etc. It was 9.4%. They call me a week later and tell me "Oh, we made a mistake. The rate should have been 9.9% so we need you and your wife to come back in and resign new loan papers or we'll have to come grab the car from you." No kidding, they really said that. I told them we have a binding contract and that we are not signing any more papers. They said because they didn't have the correct rate on the contract Mitsubishi Credit Corporation would not buy the contract from the dealership and the dealership wouldn't get paid right away. Not my problem I told them. After arguing with them on the phone every time they called me (not something I want to experience when I buy a new car), they said the paid the extra .5% out of the dealers pocket to make it 9.4%, but I still had to come in and sign new papers because they also screwed up on the monthly payment amount or, again they said this, "we will have to come grab the car from you." With the howling noise, I told them to please come grab the car from me and told them where it was parked during the daytime and night time. Eventually I received a copy of my finance contract in the mail with the terms manually changed by them with out my consent or approval. I called and asked why they changed the contract without my permission. They said they had to to get the money from Mitsubishi Credit. The dealer manager also said that because of their experience with me where I wouldn't resign a new finance contract, this Massachusetts dealer is now requiring all buyers to sign an addendum to the finance and sales contracts "requiring buyers to come in and resign on a new contract if we made a mistake. After all humans make mistakes." I couldn't believe that. A Mitsu dealership that is bargaining from a superior position and then can say, "Oh gee, we made a mistake. The price should have been $2000 more. Per the addendum, you have to pay us more money or we'll grab the car." Buyer beware!!
  • unhappymonterounhappymontero Member Posts: 8
    Check this out.

    "Mitsubishi has been forced to recall up to 700,000 cars and trucks worldwide and faces possible prosecution over hiding information on defective vehicles.

    The cover-up was detected after officials from Japan's transport ministry, acting on a tip-off, raided the company's headquarters in Tokyo earlier this month." This is an article from the Sydney Herald on July 20th.

    Real high quality company. I hope the company tanks.
  • houstonmanhoustonman Member Posts: 11
    A co worker purchased a 1999 Mustang, new in 1999. He also purchased an extended warranty, for $1140.00 which was printed on the warranty booklet provided by the insurance company.

    When I mentioned that I was in the new car market and was looking at Mustangs, he pulled out his sales contact so I could see the price he paid along with all the miscellaneous charges for plates, title, etc.

    He looked at the sales contact and noticed that price for the expended warranty was $1,440.00 instead of $1,140.00. He paid $300.00 more for the extended warranty on the sale contract.

    I doubt it was a mis-type, but it is too late now. $300.00 easy dollars to the dealer.
  • braves951braves951 Member Posts: 1
    I just bought a 2001 MS Sport LS 4x4 with 190 miles I have noticed my transmisson at speeds of 25-35 is slipping and then a noticeable JERK into gear. I noticed rolling1 has trans shifting problems. I am taking it into the shop tommorow has anyone else had a problem with their 2001 LS transmission slipping?
  • mysport1mysport1 Member Posts: 3
    I spoke with an attorney who specializes in lemon law complaints yesterday. The problem with the MD law is that there is a "substantial impairment" standard that must be met. Since the repair does not relate to safety conditions i.e. steering, braking, etc. the burden is on me. My attorney did advise that an option may be to go to the BBB. The BBB in MD will assign an investigator who will ride with me and a Mitsu representative so that I can point out my concerns. Problem with this approach is back to the substantial impairment burden. So now Mitsu Corp wants me to bring the vehicle in for the 6th time to try and resolve this problem. They've assigned a factory technician to my vehicle who is to deal directly with the service manager. Are you willing to share the name of the dealer where your vehicle has been serviced and the name of the service manager?
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