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Mitsubishi Montero Sport



  • They said my sport would be ready today and that they replaced the rear-hatch hydraulics which suspend the hatch open. They also replaced the hinges. The service manager wasn't entirely confident the sound will go away though. The service people at Mitsu are being terrific about this, it may just be the vehicle (a lemon?). With the hydaulics not connected, the sound stopped. With the hatch open the sound goes away too. It came back when they replaced the hydraulics so it appears to be a combination of the pressure applied by the hydraulics and the position of the hatch itself. The saga continues.....
  • Hello all,

    I have a beautiful, Royal Blue/Sudan Beige MS Ltd 2WD for sale. Leather, CD, ABS, 3.5L V6, <27000 miles. Love it, just trying to 'lighten my load'. Asking price is $22,000. Check out pictures at <A HREF="">


  • Mysport,

    Please let me know if your service dept. has any success with the "popping" noise. Since I last posted, I have not made any attempt to solve the problem. I plan to take it back to the dealer when I get a chance. It certainly isn't a noise that I am content to live with.
  • Dropapple & Subtropical,

    You don't have to provide your email address to anybody on this post. You should be very wary when people are asking for your email address to send you valuable "information". If BigEasyAl want to share his "ton of data", he could do everybody a favor and post it here. Otherwise, don't be surprise when your mailbox are filled with junks ...

    Safe surfing ...
  • They solved my missalignment problem!!! Yeah!! I waited a few days to be sure, but up my bumpy driveway and not a sound. It took replacing the hydraulic arms, hinges and all hatch stoppers but it worked. My thanks to the terrific guys at Danvers Mitsubishi!! It took a week of effort though. Hurry and secure the parts necessary to fix this. I have a feeling they'll be a run on them. My crew needed to go to NH to get parts. I'm soooo happy.
  • Mike,
    I agee that you don't have to provide your email address. However, when you ask such specific questions and wish to get it, it would help those of us who can truly help to provide the data to them specifically. Did you read my suggestion to Dropapple and Suptropical, to go to post #326? Did you yourself go to post #326? I challenge you to send me a direct email at

    The valuable information and ton of data are several Microsoft Word documents and several Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets and scanned copies of actual dealer invoices for each and every model of the montero sport. In total it is 28 pages of data for each of the seven models of the montero sport (ES 2wd, LS 2wd, LS 4wd, XLS 2wd, XLS 4 wd, Limited 2 wd, and Limited 4wd) When you add to that the fact that each model line has either a preferred package, premium package, or leather seating package the permiatation goes from seven to thirteen, each with 28 pages of data, comparisons to other SUV models, purchase negotiation letters, a listing of all the mitsubishi dealers in every state, etc. Do the math Mike, 28 pages of data times 13 permiatations equals 364 pages of data. In my own words, "valuable information, and a ton of data". To post that much information on this site is impossible.

    I bought my new 2000 MS Limited for $350 under invoice, and got the factory trailer hitch/wire harness installed, front bug guard and sunroof wind deflector installed, rear gargo net and husky rear gargo liner, wheel locks, two additional transponder ignition keys, and additional alarm remote control unit, leather seat cleaner and conditioner, and 6 oil changes; in all about $1,500 worth of extra's for just $500.

    If people wish to post questions on the board and are willing to take whatever advice that "might" come, that's there choice. I just suggested that they read my post #326 and either provide an email address with their post or email me directly. I am not afraid to help, and I have almost always given my email address with my post.

    See for yourself, if I don't have a ton of data! Email me directly and ask for data on any 2000 model Montero Sport and then prepare to make a retraction on your post # 368. If you honestly think that the information I will provide to you is not valuable, you can say so on this board and I will never post on this board again. But on the other hand, if you do see the merits of the data I send, please be man enough to say so.

    P.S. Mike, this is the type of response that should not be made on this board. And is exactly why I am a proponent of those that make specific comments or ask specific questions to post there email address. Why should everyone in the world have to read this, when it is specifically ment only for you. Go read post #284, #271, and 269 also.
  • If I can reach but one person, I've saved them alot of hassle. Stay away from Riverside Mitsubishi in Auburn, MA. I purchased a 2001 montero sport ltd. Love it, it's great. However customer service at this dealership is terrible.
    They have no equipment to inspect your vehicle and their service dept. has no equipment. They fail to tell you this once they "get their sale"!
    They won't even pay for the inspection or give you a loaner car (due to front end alignment that they need to do). You drop 30,000 plus and not even a lousy drive up the street to get the vehicle inspected. This along with the arrogance of the salesman, general manager and the owner make for an unpleasant experience. Requested my car be cleaned on the inside and salesman states " you don't want that shiny shi* in your vehicle". Who's he to judge what I want after having brought a brand new vehicle. The owner knows he has an unhappy customer and doesn't even care. Whatever happenned to the customer is always right? Oh well stay away, that's the best advice I can give....
  • Edmund's road test of the 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Sport XS is now available. Here's the direct link to First Drive: 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Sport XS, by Ed Hellwig. What do you think?

    Happy Motoring. ;-)

    Pocahontas, Host
  • I just came off a nine-day experience with a rental Montero Sport (it only had 300 miles when I got it) and was really disappointed with the vehicle (my vehicle got rear ended and was in the shop)...and we had considered it a candidate in making our purchase. Just thought I would remind all that it is never a bad idea to either take the vehicle for the weekend, if the dealer will let you, or rent one for a few days.

    I'm not here to bash MS, praise another vehicle or give my assessment in more much of that is individual preference...but I was just surprised that, after what I have read out here, my wife and I found so much to dislike about the MS, and thought I would forward this caveat- spend some time with it before you buy it!!!
  • when accelerating with my ac on from 2000 to 3000
    rpm the engine vibrates and is loud like it is whining anyone else with this problem
    I plan to take it to the dealer as soon as I
    get a chance.
    This started at 300 miles
  • I answered your question earlier. I took my XLS 2000 Sport in with the same problem. They checked it and found that I had too much compression gas in my AC. They took it all out, put it in at the right level and the problem disappeared completely. Tell them to check your freon level. I bet that is your problem. Let me know if that works. My email address
  • My Montero Sport came with AM/FM radio with single CD and i would like to upgrade it.
    Any suggestions on CD changers?
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    Congratulations on your purchase! Did you buy 2000 or 2001 Sport?
  • woohoowoohoo Posts: 2
    Just looking around on the web for Montero stuff. Last nite I came home with a 2000 Montero Sport XLS. Absolutely LOVE IT!

    I did all my homework, then test drove a Grand Cherokee, Ford Explorer and this one. Took it home overnite (good way to get a buyer addicted!), and bought it the next afternoon.

    The Jeep was too narrow and the Ford - well, it just didn't do anything for me. Also considered a 4Runner (too expensive for what you get and it's less powerful).

    I've owned Nissan's for years (cars), and I'm truly faithful, but hate the Pathfinder - the way it drives (same comment on the 4Runner price/value), and the XTerra was too small and drove similar to the Pathfinder.

    Anyway, I feel like it's Christmas! If I'm paying this kind of money for a vehicle....
    I WANT TO LOVE TO DRIVE IT! Woooooo Hooooo!
  • woohoowoohoo Posts: 2
    I just bought a used 2000 4WD XLS last nite and paid 21K (at the dealer).

    Don't know what model the 00 your looking at is, but see it's also a 2WD. You might want to call your bank - on-line pricing is not right for 00's but my bank had the right info. I know, because I just went through this yesterday.

    The wholesale on mine was 20,6somthing, and the retail was almost 24K. If you look it up for mine on the internet it gives much higher (not updated or mileage considering) pricing.
    So, call the bank. :)
  • Hi again,

    Got no response from my first post. I don't want to spam, but I really need to sell. This is the last time I'll post on this forum:

    I have a beautiful, Royal Blue/Sudan Beige Montero Sport Limited 2WD for sale. Leather, CD, ABS, 3.5L V6,

    If you're not very close to Austin, we could work out something fair on the delivery side.


  • So I just bought a Montero Sport XLS 4WD. During the two weeks I've had it, the 4WD indicator light flashes intermittently. First Friday nite when I stopped for gas. Monday a.m. at cold start. Tuesday a.m. at cold start. Thursday cold start. When I took it to dealer they could not find any error codes. At no time have I moved the 4WD lever out of 2WD. Has anyone heard of this problem?
  • dnap1dnap1 Posts: 4
    How much do cargo covers cost for the 2000 sport
  • Cargo Cover from the dealership is around $120 - $150. Shop around by calling other dealership's parts departments and asking for the price.

    A second option is They sell original factory parts at a discount.
  • I'm going to buy either a 4Runner Limited or a Montero Sport Limited very soon. Is saving about 5 grand with the MS and better finance offers worth it over Toyota reliability and other 4Runner options like power seats and the disappearing rear glass? Please help! Thanks
  • The popping sound in the rear is defective hydralic (sp) lifts on the tailgate
  • 2000 Sport Limited 4WD 10000 miles leather
    loaded CD Silencer Alarm
    Asking $27000.
    email me at
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    4 Runner vs Sport. Read post 322 as well. To date, I am still very satisfied.
  • I would like to ask post #381 (woohoo) the mileage on the used 2000 Montero Sport XLS 4wd. I am in a similar situation close to a purchase and want to know how probable my chances are of talking down a 24K to 21K (my max). Miles on this vehicle are 15000. Thanks
  • dnap1dnap1 Posts: 4
    I was offered a $500 free gas offer when I bought my montero sport it has been some time now and I have not gotten anything in the mail for it. I called the dealer and they gave me an address to write to. It has now been two weeks and nothing!!
    Anyone else with the same problems. Am I being had.
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    Calling dealer is not good enough, go there in person, cnofront salesman and sales manager. Be loud and persistant. This is breach of contract, they promised that and they have to meet that. That address they gave, did not promised you anything, the dealer did.
  • Hey Bigeasyal, I am interested in trying to buy one of the remaining 2000 Montero Sport. Any prcinging info would be greatly appreciated. Please email to Thank you.
  • I purchased a new 2000 LS Montero Sport 4X4 about 7 months ago and have been having problems with it stalling/poor acceleration since I bought it. I just got done talking to the dealer and now they are telling me Mitsubishi issued an advisory that says to let the car warm up in the morning before I drive it and that I now have to use Premium gas in it. Anyone else see a problem with this? I find it kind of rediculous that I buy a brand new car and have to let it warm up like an old beater or else it will stall on me. I also am frustrated that I now need to run Premium gas in the car when this was not the case when I purchased it. GAS IS EXPENSIVE ENOUGH! Any advice/comments would be appreciated.
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    pecorjas...have your dealer certify that engine is up to spec and that you need to use premium gas (US premium gas, 93 octaine) and then go to the different dealership, but do not show them your papers, for the second opinion. There is a thin line in the "premium gas" definition. All specs and manuals are translated from Japanese. US 89 octaine, is considered "premium" in most of the countries, where some of them are still using 66 ocataine leaded gas. In the winter time, gas is "spiked" with diffrent chemicals that do affect performance, but will not stall the car.
    Try to use different ga station, it is possible if you are using some older, cheaper places, their gas tanks are filled with water or some other stuff. Whatever you do, just remeber, your dealer is not giving the righr answers. Warming car is wise, especially in the new cars, but we are talking 30 seconds up to a minute, not the 10 minutes "warming". It is probably in your manual, that says "warm for ...seconds". Ask your dealer about that advisory (that you would like to have a copy of it, or chance to read it) and what prompted that advisory.
  • Hey gang,
    I'm in the market for a 2000 Montero Sport, and have found one that looks pretty good. However, like a lot of rental cars the dealer bought at auction, the keyless entry is missing. I walked out rather than pay an extra $114 for the part. This morning I called another dealer to get prices for keyless entries, and learned something I hadn't understood before. The 2000 models have a key with a transponder in it; if you just get a key made at the hardware store it will unlock the door but it WON'T start the car. You have to get keys made (and programmed) at the dealership. So, since this car only has one key, it will cost me $48 to buy another key, and the keyless entries are $114 each PLUS the labor to program them. No wonder the dealer was so reluctant to replace the keyless entry! But as far as I'm concerned, this is an almost-new car and it's missing a part, just the same as if it were missing the spare tire, and I can't believe they can't buy the stuff I need for less than retail.

    Also, this car has no trailer hitch. I was told that there's no "towing package" with the Montero Sport, and the cost to have a dealer put on a hitch is $224 for the hitch and $60 for the wiring harness, plus labor of course. Other than that there should be "no problem" (where have we heard that before) towing a small trailer.

    Opinions or comments, anyone?
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