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Mitsubishi Montero Sport



  • rolling1rolling1 Member Posts: 7
    Well it's 4500 miles later and my tranny still slips when I stop fast and take off before a complete stop.Who ever programed these trannys was'nt very smart.Plus the vibration at 50+mph is still there. It feels like the tranny needs a higher gear. I'm starting to wonder if it's engine harmonics.Braves951 please let me know how it went at the dealer.
  • lameslames Member Posts: 14
    Unhappy and others, please keep us posted. I got my limited sport in November and it has been great. I even drove back 45 minutes to the dealer I bought it from for its first service and they we great, quick and clean. Kourm in Puyallup, if any local Western Washington people want to know. Even though I have had no problems, I want to hear about others experience in case my sport gives me issues. Good luck all!
  • ruoregonruoregon Member Posts: 8
    Can anyone give me an update on "real world" mileage for both the 3.0 & the 3.5?
  • mantle7mantle7 Member Posts: 2
    I have been reading all the messages plus I am hearing the company is having trouble. Before I spend what I consider alot of cash, I would like input from some to see if my doubts are valid or if I am just a worry wart. HELP!!!!!
  • hlb10hlb10 Member Posts: 4
    I took a three hour trip a few weeks ago and got 21.5 miles/gal. and I only had 450 miles on the vehicle. I have not tested the city gas mileage yet. I expect about 18-20 in the city and 21-24 on
    the highway once the vehicle is broken in. Will get back with you at a later date. I am not having any problems so far with my Montero Sport. I now have 1200 miles on it.
  • williamd3williamd3 Member Posts: 4
    Yesterday I bought a 97 Montero Sport with 37,000 miles on it. With 75 of my miles on the vehicle it has developed a problem with the transmission. It is a 5 speed and as I was pulling away from a light it was almost impossible to get it into second. It shifted smoothly a couple of times and then became almost impossible. I managed to get it home, 10 miles in second gear with no stops. Prior to this with my 75 miles of experience with this car it was the easiest shifting 5 speed I have ever owned.

    What is the likely problem?

    What is the likelihood the dealer will let me return the car for an exchange?

    When it is fixed am I headed for an unreliable car?
  • williamd3williamd3 Member Posts: 4
    Update on my last note #459. The dealership took the Montero back. I do not know what the problem was, but will find out when they know. I will be getting a different SUV from them.
  • dchyornydchyorny Member Posts: 47
    Is there anything out-there that will increase the horse power to my 2000 Mont. Sprt. XLS? A chip or......?
  • bulltracbulltrac Member Posts: 1
    I'm in the market for an SUV. The Monterro Sport is high on my list but reading about all the transmission troubles in the townhall posts I'm reconsidering.
    1. How prevalent is the transmission problem
    2. Will the new 3.5L XS engine help with this problem?
  • stufischstufisch Member Posts: 1
    I've recently become addicted to off-road desert travels (death valley/saline valley), while the CR-V was able to (thanks, Skid Plate!) make it through some rough terrain, I'm looking for more ground clearance ... the 1.9% and mountain bike deal caught my attention, so I'm interested in learning about others who use their 2000 or 2001 Montero for *OFF ROAD* use ... are you happy with it?

    I'm thinking of going for the Leather and it's upped the price to where I want to make sure I'm not gonna be stuck with a car that doesn't do what I want ... any alternative suggestions or confirmations?
  • brokeasajokebrokeasajoke Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone have any feedback for me on the new 2001 Monty. I see alot of people have posted messages on the Sport but not the Limited. Where I live you don't see many of the Monty LTDs. Is that a plus or a negative??????????

    Any INFO greatly appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • ravnfanravnfan Member Posts: 1
    Hello All,

    I realize everyone is different. But I just wanted to make sure I put at least one POSITIVE post on this site to let you all know I absolutely LOVE my '01 MS XS. I have almost 4,000 miles on mine so far and, knock on wood, no problems. In my opinion, it is the absolute BEST-looking SUV on the road. I love the looks, the interior, the ride...just about everything. The ONLY complaint I could think of is the brakes are a lil' spongey but I got used to them.

    Have fun,
  • tommcttommct Member Posts: 1
    Since I bought my 2000 m.s. in Nov.99 I've had trans. problems . First service visit said just a fluid leak, problem didnt go away. Another visit said same. Now one year later problem is worse,the vehicle drops out of gear and slams back in even at 70 mph. Now the truck stalls because it cant find a gear. The last time it happened in an intersection the service eng. soon light came on. When I brought it in the told me nothing was wrong, the emergency light malfunctioned ,knowing full well the history of this problem , lied and said the vehicle was safe for my family to travel in. Now I know with all the complaints ,mitsubishi is stonewalling m.s. owners .the car sits in the driveway because it is unsafe. I dont know what to do next, has anyone had any satisfaction with lemon laws. Please let me know your experiences. All I know is the company should be forced to buy them all back and they know why.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Member Posts: 160
    I have had my Sport for 18 mos and 18,500 miles and has been a very good vehicle, so far. I do have a very good dealership that is willing to do just about anything you ask. Seems that no matter what make you buy, there are lemons. But don,t give up on correcting the problem. There is a phone number in you owners manual to call to take it to the next level above the dealership. And if they refuse to do anything, hate to say it, the next choice is legal. But you better have good documentation.

    If you can, try a different dealership. May or may not help, but it is worth a try.

    So far, I have not been sorry that I purchased the Sport. I have been a Toyota loyalist for may years, and this vehicle has been just as good, if not better, than the previous 4-Runner I have owned.
  • degregoriodegregorio Member Posts: 1
    Hello all,
    I just bought a 2001 Montero sport LS and was
    wondering about how to polish the alloy wheels.
    The wheels are a sort of pitted, rough alloy,
    not smooth. I suppose I could still use the metal polish I've always used on my cars, but I wanted to make sure.
  • ab1kenobiab1kenobi Member Posts: 1
    Hello all... just came back from dealer tonight with $500 deposit already down for a 2000 LS with 19,000 miles. The original sticker was $22,500 but we (wife & I) got them down to $20,600. We just love the look and ride of this SUV over the competition. Any opinions on this deal? Consider that we live outside of Boston where prices are always higher than the national average. Need some responses ASAP!

  • nhayesnhayes Member Posts: 1
    We did the manufacturer's research 18 months ago when we were in the market to purchase an SUV, I only wish we'd read town hall discussions such as these...If I can prevent anyone from being "taken" has we have been, I'm glad. We purchased a 1999 Sport, in July '99. The oil pump and transmission went out in October '00. We had a terrible time dealing with Mits. Motors. They refused to cover any of the repairs under warranty, and our dealership was very "hands-off" even to the point that they would not offer a rental car/loaner while the repairs were being done because "Mits. had not authorized such." My husband and I both work full time jobs, have three small children and I am in graduate school fulltime, so you can imagine the headache, inconvenience, and stress that a disabled car, dishonest and evasive manufacturer, and "hands-off" dealership can cause. We paid an unthinkable amount of money for repairs to this "still new" vehicle, and now 4 months later, the same problems have occurred and the vehicle is not drivable!!! You can imagine our disgust! If you are looking to own a foreign vehicle, please, please, please consider Toyota, Mercedes, and Honda....but leave this MITS Montero Sport ALONE!!!!!It has been a nightmare for us!!!
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Member Posts: 160
    I am curious. How many miles do you have on your Sport. The warranty period for drivetrain is 5 yr or 60,000 miles. The drivetrain waranty covers engine, transmission, driveline, differentials, and axles.
  • jrobjrob Member Posts: 1
    I have a 97" Sport w/ 62000 miles on it, and have loved far. Now I'm having a vibration in the rear end and after balancing tires 4 times and rotating them, it still occcurs. Took it to Mitsu yesterday for service, and they said it needed a transmission fluid flush and that should keep it from "bogging down". Of course the vibration continued on the way home from the dealership. I called them and asked if it could be the universal joint, and he said that they hadn't seen problems w/ that and went back to transmission discussions. He said that if I had kept up w/ the services at a mitsu dealer, they were pretty lenient w/ items even if they're not under warranty. We'll see. If any one has had similar problems, please advise.

  • sandmantechsandmantech Member Posts: 4
    I am just wondering....

    For those of you who had problem with the Montero Sport, is the car made in Japan or US? (You can tell by the VIN. If it starts with "J", it is made in Japan.)
  • salas89salas89 Member Posts: 1
    My wife and I have just traded in our '99 XLS. After 60,000 miles in less than two years we
    had NO problems other than the three recalls which were resolved in a timely fashion.
    The recalls were a concern, but basically putting 5 years worth of miles in 1 1/2 years,
    we have been very satisfied. I hope this '01 XLS is just as good. Remember to read some other
    reviews and you'll find dissatisfied customers with Toyota, Honda, etc. Mitsubishi has also made many
    good refinements to this '01 XLS.
  • kenarookenaroo Member Posts: 1
    I own a 1998 MS ES 2wd with 63k miles. It's a great SUV The only problem I have had is a seam in the drivers seat came unstiched. The dealer took care of that under warranty.

    I have upgraded the wheels to 17" low profile street tires and added tint. Besides that, I have kept it stock. I have had no other problems and plan on driving it for 200+K miles.

    I owned an mighty max pickup with the same motor and transmission and drove it for over 285k without any major problems. This was achieved by changing the oil regular and following the owners manual on replacing timing belts and other preventative maintanence recommendations.
  • torioltoriol Member Posts: 1
    I'm sorry to see so many people having so many problems with their Montero Sports. I absolutely love my MS XLS! I purchased my 1998 XLS in summer 1997 when they no longer had any new fully loaded 1997 LSs on any of the lots in Georgia. I actually got a call from the dock when it arrived in Long Beach from Japan. It was delivered to my driveway in Atlanta. I gave up the keys to my 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse and the MS and I have been in love ever since.

    I currently have 96,000 miles on it (yep, 96K). I've driven it across country 3 times in 20 months (GA to LA; LA to NY; DC to LA) and it performed marvelously on every trip and every day in between and since. We even went through a particularly bad winter in DC and the truck proved up to the task.

    I have only had it serviced at Mitsubishi dealerships in Lithia Srings, GA; Rockville, MD and Long Beach, CA. They've all taken excellent care of us. And we've only been in for routine maintenance, recalls, and breaks (once). We're due for new tires but I'll take it to a discount tire place for that - my dealership mechanic recommended a good one. :o)

    My Eclipse was a great car (60K miles) and my Montero Sport will be handed down to my 18 year old son on his 19th birthday this summer. I can't bear to part with it.
  • dmc01dmc01 Member Posts: 3
    I am intending on test driving a Montero Sport but am wondering about how roomy the driver's seat is.

    I am Six foot three inches tall and am wondering if someone with my height can comfortably fit into this car (I tried to test drive a Ford Escape for instance any my legs couldn't fit under the steering wheel). Any comments and/or sharing of experiences would be appreciated.

  • al63017al63017 Member Posts: 149
    Seriously thinking about buying XS for 27445.00.
    Love my Honda CRV but just a little too small and plain looking. Hope I will not regret the change but I really like the looks and most info I see seems to be pretty positive about this vehicle. It has 3.5 engine which people seem to like. Financing is 1.9 and you even get a bike through April. Anybody getting better pricing. They say that is 100 over invoice with 545.00 freight and then about 3% for advertising they pay.
    What do you think???? Thanks
    CRV gets 23 mpg overall--wonder if XS will be close to 20 mpg????
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Member Posts: 160
    If you have a 99 or newer Sport, which has the INVESCII transmission, there is TSB-01-23-007 to fix the problem of your transmission shifting eratic upon heavy acceleration between gears. It seems to have also cured, when you floor it, the hesitation problem. Makes it more responsive.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Mitsubishi's Montero Sport Comes Loaded With Fun


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  • captainpurplecaptainpurple Member Posts: 1
    Hi all,

    doesn't seem to be much activity on this board, but I'll give this a shot. I'm seriously considering this vehicle, but have reservations about the 3.0 L V6. Has anyone towed a boat with it? How does it perform towing the average 18' inboard?

    I may upgrade to the XS from the XLS for the 3.5L, any thoughts?

    And lastly, what trim level is the XS? I can't seem to find any info on where it fits on the scale...ES, LS, XLS, ?XS?, LTD ?

    Thanks alot!
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Member Posts: 160
    I pull two different boats. I have the 2000 MS LTD 4X4. It pulls both boats very well. The 3.5 engine in the LTD and XS is a very torquey motor. It has a longer stroke and smaller bore than most engines in its size, which provides better torque, thus better towing. I average 15 mpg when I tow, and I usually drive around 60-65.

    I would recomend XS or LTD with the 3.5. The 3.0 will do it, but it will strain. But, how often do you pull the boat? If not very much, than the 3.0 would probably be OK and gets better gas mileage when not pulling. Something to think about.

    The XS is more like the LS, but has the larger 3.5 motor, XLS wheels, and titanium dash and trim. Comes in only bright red and black, so far.
  • unhappymonterounhappymontero Member Posts: 8
    I mailed in my lemon law letter to Mitsubishi last Tuesday via Certified mail return receipt requested. Still haven't heard from them.

    Howling noise continues to get louder at 40 - 50 mph.

    Feel like the service managers are all covering each others backs. I had it serviced one week ago for a steering grinding noise. Undoubtedly the service manager at this new dealership read about some notes about me on their Mitsu service computer system. The service manager went through this big explanation about how there was nothing detected with regard to my steering noise complaint and it couldn't be reproduced when in the middle of the conversation the mechanic walked in from the shop and told me "yeah, i heard that noise too. while I was doing the lube oil and filter i noticed there was no grease on your bushings. it seems as though the last dealer to do the last LOF failed to do that. so I put some on and it seems okay now." I laughed heartily inside. the service manager looked dumbfounded, like right out of a movie. pretty funny.

    So anyhow, i'm waiting to hear back from them. With all the complaints on trannys, i'm going to use others feedback from this chat board as part of my application to the arbitration panel (assuming they don't fix it) The funny thing is they have never even opened up and looked at the transmission!!

    I also plan to write letter(s) to the president of Mitsubishi America and call him as well. I'm not going to stand idly by.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Mitsubishi's Montero sports utility vehicle, made in Japan, bucked the trend of dropping demand for SUVs.

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  • volleyhart1volleyhart1 Member Posts: 2
    My wife and I bought an XS 3.5 last weekend and have enjoyed it so far. The 3.5 does provide a noticeable pop that the 3.0 did not have, although we haven't towed anything with it right now. I'm not sure what they're current promotion is, but we were able to get the 1.9% financing and that sealed the deal. We pay less in interest payments than the $1750 they were going to give us as a rebate, so it worked out well. Did you buy it?
  • georgepiegeorgepie Member Posts: 1
    I recently bought a MS XS with the 3.5 L engine.
    Very smooth. However, I noticed that at 65 miles/hour the tachometer indicates approximately 2700 RPM . It seemed a bit high to me. The tires are the standard P255/70 R16 .

    Can anybody tell me if this is normal ?
  • jaynedough123jaynedough123 Member Posts: 11
    How much did you guys pay for the XS and were they 4wd's?
  • volleyhart1volleyhart1 Member Posts: 2
    to finance the whole thing you could be looking at $27k+. Ours was the XS 4WD, we've loved it.
  • al63017al63017 Member Posts: 149
    Since I was driving Honda CRV and driving many miles to work each day and getting minimum of 23mpg I was scared off Sport with price of gas and less mpg. Bought 2001 RAV4 which is loaded and like it much more that CRV. CRV is great car just too plain--RAV4 is loaded and more plush and better looking in my opinion. They changed those so much for 2001. Drove one in 2000 and did not like it at all. Know you will like the Sport they are great looking vehicles and I think most people have had good success with them. With 1.9 and around 27,000 you can not go wrong. Enjoy as I am sure you will. How is your gas mileage????
  • jman14jman14 Member Posts: 1
    What is "TSB-01-23-007"? And where do I go to get this?
  • crusse2crusse2 Member Posts: 1
    Just a response to the question from DMC01, I own a 2001 MS 3.5XS and I am also 6'3". I have plenty of head and leg room, but if you get one with a moonroof, you will have problems! I test drove an XLS w/ sunroof and could barely get my legs under the steering wheel and my head brushed the ceiling. However, the models without a sunroof did not have this problem and are much roomier.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Member Posts: 160
    This is a Technical Service Bulletin from Mitsubishi that addresses eratic shifting on 99,00, and some 01 automatic transmissions on the Montero Sport. To obtain a copy, you need to talk to a dealership. The NHTSA site may have a brief explanation of what it is. But it will not tell you much.
  • keshiafkeshiaf Member Posts: 3
    I had my first oil change about 2 weeks ago. On Sunday my engine began to run rough and loud (almost sounded like a diesel engine. Then valves began to knock. This occurred off and on during driving on Sunday. I checked the oil and for leaks every thing was okay. Monday and Tuesday functioned normally. Yesterday it started all over again and today its fine. I called the service department on Monday but of course they can't get me in until Friday. Can Any One Help/Provide Me With Any Type of Information regarding this problem.

    I also have a random noise coming from the engine that sounds like a belt is locking up for about a second then it unlocks and the noise stops. The dealership says the vehicle is fine and they heard no noise.
  • unhappymonterounhappymontero Member Posts: 8
    Good news!! After I sent in my lemon law final repair demand letter, I received a phone call from Chad Blake, the local Mitsubishi rep who was extremely friendly. He had me take the MS into Boch Mitsubishi of Norwood, MA. I was handled personally by Dennis Detolo and THEY FIXED THE PROBLEM!!! The horribling howling humming noise was caused by a defective rear differential. They took 5 days to find the problem and fix it which I am very happy about. Apparently if the rear differential is not perfectly centered or there is space, then that causes the humming noise. The part is worth $2200. I was handled with the utmost care and respect by Dennis Detolo. It was raining and he even wiped water off the inside of the door where it got a little wet when he and I got out of the car. I can't say enough praise for Dennis Detolo and Boch Mitsubishi. Even though it's about 20 miles away, I will be taking the car to them from now on.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Good deal; it's always nice to hear a success story! (Guess you'll have to think about dumping your user name now ).

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  • jadedejadede Member Posts: 6
    Drove one yesterday. Very disappointed. Weak engine, high cruising rpm. Felt cheap inside. No opening glass on rear door. Why not? For the price I guess its a good compromise. But to buy I wouldn't.
  • unhappymonterounhappymontero Member Posts: 8
    I've seen the above posts regarding high RPMs on the freeway. This bothered me too, but I did some research. The Montero Sport auto transmission has only 4 speeds and no overdrive. So that freeway driving at 2700 RPM is just the way it is. It does cause a noisier ride on the freeway because the engine is revving higher, but that's just something I've grown used to.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Member Posts: 160
    The Montero Sport has overdrive. It is the fourth gear, like many other 4 speed automatic overdrive transmissions. Some of the newer vehicles now have 5 speed automatic transmissions.
    The reason why the Sport runs high RPM at highway speeds, is that it has low gearing. 4.90 rear axle ratio on the LTD. The lowest I have seen on a SUV.

    If you look at your manufacture ratings on where your horsepower and torque is made, it is also higher on the RPM scale. this is not a bad thing. It is producing its power at its most efficient range. My 2000 is rated at 200 hp @ 5000 RPM. Torque is rated at 228 lbs-ft @ 3500 RPM. Most SUV's in this class produce their maxim power high on the RPM range. Fuel economy may suffer very slightly and maybe not, because the motor is not working as hard to maintain momentum. I have noticed that mine goes up hills, here in Montana, extremely well. Shifts down very seldom. I do like the way it operates.

    Also, most 4-speed transmissions run like they have another gear because the torque converter unlocks in fourth gear and RPM's increase 500, until it needs more power, then it will shift into third. Some Third gears will work the same way fourth does with the torque converter locking and unlocking. What happens when the torque converter unlocks, the transmission is now allowed to slip more, to produce more power. When locked, it is in a mode like a manual transmission. Tried to explain this simply.

    My 2000 MS LTD 4X4 has 20,000 miles and 19 mos of ownership. It has been a great vehicle, so far. I have been impressed. I am a loyal Toyota owner. This vehicle I took a chance over the 4-Runner, and have not been sorry.
  • dr_suvdr_suv Member Posts: 12
    For the past 3 days I have been driving a Rented Montero Sport XLS (Had to Deliver a couple of Computer Servers to a client and took advantage of needing the larger cargo area). Being an owner of a 2000 RX 300, I must admit the ride of the Montero Sport is impressive. It is very tight and responsive and the brakes are great. I don't care too much for the interior decor and I think the rear seat is a less comfortable than my smaller RX300 but it is a decent ride. I felt very in contol at 80-85 miles an hour and it was pretty quiet. I did notice the ear-piercing wind noise (open only rear windows) that some RX 300 ownwers complained about. Anyway anyone considering this truck, I give 2 thumbs up from my
    Rental experience.
  • highwaydudehighwaydude Member Posts: 1
    I'm owner of a 98 montero sport LS 4x4, and just about to hit the 90,000 mile mark. After 3 years of ownership, I have never had one major problem with the SUV. Rides great, handles good, gets admired in parking lots, and beats looking like an Explorer or Blazer thats on every corner. My only negative feedback would be that it lacks power, considering now you can get a Ford Escape with a bigger engine and cheaper. Another comment I'd like to say is that when I approach 65mph or 70 cruising down the expressway, there becomes a wind noise from the right side mirror that is very distracting. Does anyone else get this problem?
    The days are numbered before I trade it in for a new 2001 with the special APR rates. Might consider the 3.5engine. Otherwise the Escape might win.... ugh.
  • dchyornydchyorny Member Posts: 47
    Have you reprogrammed your own vehicles' transmission? If so, has it made a big difference? Or did you just read this? Just curious, because I want to look into this. When did this "reprogram" come out. I have a 2000 MS XLS and would seriously consider doing this. In fact I will call the dealership right now. Keep you posted.
  • suepoasuepoa Member Posts: 7
    I'll be ready to purchase a MS XLS late this year but would like to know if I should hold out for a 2002 model or look for a good close-out deal on a 2001 if there isn't much change between the two years.

    Has anyone heard anything yet???
  • jaynedough123jaynedough123 Member Posts: 11
    I don't know about the 2002 MS but I just bought an XS 2 wks ago. I do over a 100 miles a day in my car. Early impressions - I like the ride. I like the placement of the controls. I am very glad I bought the XS because I think its underpowered so I don't even want to think about how underpowered I would have thought the regular MS would have been. Minor annoyances - lack of storage space up front(glove box is dinky), the big side mirror - it looks dumb and just wayyyy too big, the cloth upholstery on the doors and the armrest - these are going to be filthy within a year(and no I intentionally did not want leather) , the steering wheel vinyl cover stuff - its sewn with thread and is already falling apart in a couple of spots, the side step deals you get into the car with(don't know what you call them) just look plain flimsy and impractical - they are poles instead of having a flat surface, the tilt wheel control -who designed that crap????

    I know this sounds like a negative review but it isn't meant to be.Overall I like this vehicle Its just little stuff that I don't think a $25K vehicle should have problems with. The major negative about this vehicle is the cheap uphosltery and cheap interior surfaces. . Having driven American vehicles for a while, I had forgotten how cheap Japanese vehicles' uphosltery was. BTW I don't believe I have ver recieved so many compliments on a vehicle as I have on this one.
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