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Mitsubishi Montero Sport



  • Bigeasyal,

    I am looking to see if you have any answers or info about my 2000 XLS Sport 4x4. It is the post #290 if you could e-mail me back with any info I would greatly appreciate it. my email is:

    Thanks. David
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    To help bottoming suspension, I would suggest you try installing air bags between the coils. I plan to do the same on my 2000 Limited 4X4. I had done this on a 1992 4-Runner, and they worked very well. Plus the ride turned out better. The suspension would not hit the rubber stopper that is removed when the air bags are installed.

    The only problem at this time, is finding somebody that makes one for the 2000 Sport. Like Air Ride or Firestone Air Rite. But they will eventually.

    I want them for hauling a boat with people. Really bottoms out bad with this weight.

    And you can adjust how much air you want for the load condition. Cost for the air bags are around $100.00. Extra cost for installation or you can install them. If you do install, it took me about 4 hrs to do the 4-Runner. Have to remove the coils and the rubber stopper. So you need to have a spring compression tool or clamps. And you will have to drill a hole through the bottom of the spring mounting plate for the air hose. May have changed design since I last did mine.
  • jrhyerjrhyer Posts: 1
    This past February, while backing out of our driveway, with 13" of snow on the ground, the drivers side mud flap bent forwards and broke away from the plastic it is attached to. Upon checking with the dealer and Mitsubishi Customer Care, I was told that this is cosmetic AND IS NOT COVERED BY WARRANTY! By the way, in order to fix the problem, you must (so I was told by the Service Manager) replace the WHOLE FENDER!
    This sounds like a design flaw, but they're sticking to their guns and I am pursuing this issue with a local TV station.
    I was wondering if other owners in Buffalo or Minneapolis, Cleveland (where they receive a whole lot more snow, than Maryland) have experienced the same problem and if so how did they get resolution.
  • Recently purchased a 2000 Sport XLS. Love it, except for 1 thing: when going
    over 55MPH, the thing WHISTLES. It is VERY annoying. The stripping around the
    front driver and passenger doors is faulty. I talked to dealer and they have had
    many complaints of this happening. What they do is remove the original stripping
    and replace it with a newer, upgraded one.

    I have a problem with the design of the doors/stripping material placement in
    the first place. If you look at practically ANY car on the road, the door (at
    the top) is flush with the roof of the car. You can’t even see the rubber/molded
    stripping. On the Sport, the stripping is ALL you see – you can see all of it.
    WHY was this designed like it is? The Montero isn’t like this. Just the SPORT!
    It just looks TACKY and obviously has flaws – an annoying whistling noise above

    Other than that, its great. Has a hard time climbing hills with out downshifting
    and gas mileage isn’t to great….but what SUV gets good gas mileage?

    Anyone find a good rear cargo liner?? Let me know, thanks, Joe
  • ucsucs Posts: 1
    I have the 2000 Montero Sport LS. The problem i am having is when you have the AC on and the compressor fires, i get some vibration sound. It is very irritating sound. The dealer says its by design. But i dont think any body would like to design like that. Did some body have this kind of problem??
  • KicKMan1KicKMan1 Posts: 45

    I live in Minnesota and, although I have not been for a winter yet, someone did back into 2000 MS scratching the bumper and bending the tailpipe and the mudfplap mounting plate. In looking at the mudflap, I don't see how the whole fender needs replacement. In fact, if I'm not mistaken mudflaps are an option. They've gotta be mounted somehow, right?
  • KicKMan1KicKMan1 Posts: 45
    Can anyone recommend an online source for OEM parts? I need to replace a tailpipe, bumper cover and step plate on my 2000 MS. Thanks for any leads.

  • fsuufmomfsuufmom Posts: 7
    Thinking of buying the MS Limited with leather within the next week or two. I live in Orlando area. Florida sales tax is 6%. Local dealers have a 1.9% financing offer for up to 60 months or $2000 rebate. It is my understanding that they are or the other. Please send the information you have for this area to me at:
  • BigEasyAl - I am thinking of buying MS LS within two weeks. I live in Milwaukee, WI. I don't know what our sales tax is. The dealers are offering 1.9% financing and 80 gallons of gas a month for 3 months. I would also like your help in whether it is better (cheaper)to buy or lease a MS. I drive about 12,000 miles a year and I like a new car every 3 to 4 years.
  • BigEasyAl - I for got my E-mail address for posting #311 cgrossmann. You can reach me at
  • KicKMan1KicKMan1 Posts: 45
    Reply to Post #290


    I read your post about your tranny running hot. It sounds to me like you should, first, try a different dealer service department (if you have that choice). Sometimes it makes a world of difference. If they give you the "could not duplicate" BS, make a bee line to your computer and hammer out a short and sweet letter to Mitsubishi Motors in Cypress, CA and let them know that your patience is short and that you expect a no-nonsense resolution immediately or you'll take them to court for the cost of a new transmission. In the meantime, strongly consider an independent transmission shop to look at it and determine why it's running hot.

    Isn't it interesting how you can have flames leaping 10 feet high out of your engine but dealers can't find the problem when it's under warranty; but the minute it's out of warranty they're able to diagnose your car from bumper to bumper.

    Keep us posted. It's in all of our interest.

  • fsuufmomfsuufmom Posts: 7
    Edmund's has just posted info. on the 2001 Montero Sport but without a picture. Has anyone seen them? Edmund's shows invoice at only $1000 more than the 2000. Any good deals out there? Thanks!
  • I'm moving from Atlanta to Cleveland and own a 99' Montero Sport LS 2wd. I'm concerned about the weather and wonder if I'm going to "lose it" with rear-wheel drive. Should I figure out some way to get a 4wd or are there any inexpensive solutions to my dilemma? I noticed you are from Chicago, so I figured you know! My email is
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    I looked at Edmunds details on the 2001 MS Sport. If you read it carefully, it is talking about the 2001 Montero and not the Sport. They goofed.
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    Although, the statistics, price, and models looks ok for it to be a 2001.
  • jdarnell1jdarnell1 Posts: 1
    How concerned should I be about the poor performance of the Sport in the offset crash test?
    (I am also considering a Ford Explorer only because it's safer and has rear air in the XLT model.)
    I am looking at a used 2000 LS ,4X4, 15,000k miles, dealer priced at $19,980. Any opinions? What should I pay?
    Please note it is now end of July 2000.
    Thanks ahead!
  • KicKMan1KicKMan1 Posts: 45
    I've been experiencing a condition in my steering column on my 2K XLS where it feels as though bumps and other road vibration are being absorbed in the steering column way more than it should. The steering wheel also shimmies sporadically at highway speeds. I've gone to the dealer and, being that it's under warranty, they didn't want to put any time into fixing it so they took the lazy route and merely balanced the tires.

    If anyone has experienced this steering column condition, please advise. Thanks.

  • fsuufmomfsuufmom Posts: 7
    After I posted, I realized that the write-up was about the Monetro and not the MSport. But you are also correct, the price makes is seem as if it is the 2001 MS. Will keep watching.

    I am still debating about the '01 Pathfinder. But it is hard to walk away from the 2000 MS deals!
  • redfd15redfd15 Posts: 4
    I'm going to purchase a new 2000 MS XLS or limited 4wd in the near future. Now that many of you have had them awhile I need to know if it's worth it or if I should wait for the 2001's or just go with a Toyota 4runner. Also, what is a good price for the Chicago area. Thanks MS owners!!! RedFD15
  • dmetzgerdmetzger Posts: 160
    I purchased a 2000 MS LTD 4X4 in Nov. 1999. So far, it has been a very good vehicle. Being a Toyota loyalist, owned several and have a T100, I choose the MS over the 4Runner, mainly due to price. The LTD 4Runner was about $5000 more. These two vehicles, if you compare, are very much alike.

    Right now, Mitsubishi is offering some very good incentives, and you should be able to get one at a great price. From what I heard, the 2001 MS is not going to be much different from the 2000. Just a price increase. Edmunds showed a $1000+ increase on the 2001, if you trust the report figures.

    This vehicle is very quiet and has a great ride for a SUV. Fuel Economy has also been good. I have not been disappointed so far. Rather, I have been surprised on how good a vehicle it is.
  • monugenmonugen Posts: 2
    A dealership in my home town has a 2000 Montero Sport XLS on his lot and I just called to get the price of it and he said that it is not a 7 passenger. I have done some research and all that I have seen say that it is. Is the 3rd seat optional? Is that maybe why this one doesn't have it? He really gave me no answers. It has 20,000 miles on it and they are asking $22,000. for it. Is this a good deal or not? I have to have at least 7 seats. Thanks for the info.
  • KicKMan1KicKMan1 Posts: 45

    I don't believe that the 3rd seat is an option in the Montero Sport. There is 7 person seating available in the Montero. Could that be what you're thinking of?
  • I have had my Montero Sport XLS (with premium package) for one month. I have one major disappointment - it simply doesn't have enough power for the size of the vehicle. When I hit the accelerator, I expect it to go, but it always starts out sluggishly. Once it finally gets up to a reasonable speed, everything is fine. Smooth ride, 18.5 to 19.5 MPG in the city, good sound system, etc.

    I'm having a little buyers remorse. Kinda wish I had gotten the 2001 Pathfinder LE. The new, more powerful engine of the Pathfinder is definitely better. Also, the interior is a little better, with climate control, power seats, etc. The 4Runner was also excellent, but a bit pricey. I saved a few bucks but I'm not sure I made the right choice. Only time will tell.
  • TIME IS RUNNING OUT THE 2001 MODELS ARE ALMOST HERE! I have a ton of research on 2000 Montero Sports and am willing to share it with anyone who asks.

    If you are considering purchasing a 2000 Montero Sport and would like information to assist you in pricing, negotiation tactics, and details on dealer installed options, email me at

    1) what model Montero Sport are you considering? There are four (4) ES, LS, XLS, and Limited
    2) do you want 2 or 4 wheel drive?
    3) what state do you live in? Rebates and incentives differ depending on what region you live in?
    4) what option packages are you considering?
    ES - does not offer any packages
    LS- preferred package (includes roof rack, side steps, and rear window deflector/spoiler)
    LS - security system (keyless remote and alarm)
    XLS - Premium package (sunroof, leather seats, 210 watt infinity stereo system)
    Limited - Leather Seating package (leather heated seats)

    What I will provide you with is: (microsoft excel & word files)
    1) a car buying process description that instructs you to negotiate with several dealers at the same time via fax.
    2) a sample cover letter to send to the dealership outlining your purchase
    3) a sample offer sheet to price out your offer and give the dealership an opportunity to match your offer or make a counter-offer
    4) a detailed car pricing worksheet that will outline in specific detail exactly how much the dealership is profiting from the sale of the particular vehicle you are buying
    5) a survey listing of the prices charged for all of the available dealer installed options (such as the trailer hitch, wire harness, wheel locks, bug guard, cargo net, CD changer, etc.)
    6) a detailed listing of the invoice pricing, MSRP, and factory option packages for all of the Montero Sport models in the event you wish to price out a different model yourself.
    7) Actual dealer invoices and pricing info.
    8) Some Montero Sport facts in the event you are unsure of what SUV you wish to purchase.
    9) Some comparitive data on how Montero Sport compares to 4runner, Explorer, and Rodeo. This info compares apples to apples each model line of each manufacturer.

    You can then use all this information to prepare to negotiate with as many dealerships as you care to. All you need to do is contact each dealership that you are willing to travel to and get the salesmanagers name, address, and fax number.

    HOWEVER, IF YOU SEND ME A DAYTIME FAX NUMBER, I can fax to you the names, addresses, and phone numbers of all the mitsubishi dealerships in your state and the surrounding states. Some of the information I have is only in paper form and can not be sent electronically. Therefore, if you want the listing of dealership names, etc. and original invoices, You must send me a daytime fax number.

    The purchase process that I advocate is as follows:
    1) You only want to deal with a salesmanager or general manager. These folks are salaried employees and accustom to dealing in fleet purchases and cutting deals as low as possible to make the sale. The success of the manager is judged by the number of units sold not the price they are sold at!
    2) Once you have decided on what model and options you want to purchase, write an offer sheet and fax it to as many dealerships as possible and to the attention of the salesmanger. The offer and cover letter should spell out everything about your purchase. Model, color, options, financing, rebates, expected purchase date, etc. and the letter should also state that you will only visit the dealership after a final price is determined.
    3) Keep a seperate folder on each offer you fax out. Once the dealership gets your fax you can bet that your phone will start ringing and unless you keep track of who you spoke to and when you spoke to them, you will begin to confuse the details of the deals.
    4) DO NOT AGREE TO PAY FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN THE NEGOTIATED PRICE OF THE VEHICLE, SALES TAX, AND NO MORE THAN $125 in licensing, title, and misc. fees. Anything else you agree to pay for is pure profit to the dealership, and you are just throwing your money away. Don't believe any claims of mandatory fees, charges, etc. They will try to sell you protection packages, fabric guard, undercoating, extended warranty, etc. Don't buy it! Remember new vehicles come with bumper to bumper warranties. 100,000 mile warranty on paint and rust thru (no need to buy paint protection or undercoating), fabrics are scotch guarded at the factory so they are able to clean soiled spots before shipping, and extended warranties from the dealership are garbage. IF you really feel the need to purchase an extended warranty, you can get a NO-Deductible 100,000 mile extended warranty that even covers wear and tear for less than $800 through And you can bring the vehicle to any national service center such as firestone, pep boys, goodyear, etc. as well as to any dealership.

    To educate yourself more on how to get the best deal in purchasing a new car, check out They have a 6 part tutorial that will open your eyes to what car dealerships have been doing to us for years.

  • I, too, have the problem with a vibration in the AC of a brand new 2000 Montero Sport. I love the vehicle, in spite of the fact that the engine is a little weak accelerating from a standstill, but the AC vibration is frustrating. When the air is off there is no problem. The problem occurs in my vehicle at around 2300 to 2700 RPM. There is bound to be something Mitsubishi cna do about this! I promise you it was not designed to do that. They just don't want to fix them. It is a shame that such a great looking and tough SUV would allow a irritating problem like a vibration to turn people off to the pleasure of driving it!
  • mbradambrada Posts: 1
    I am thinking of buying a 2000 Montero Sport Limited with the 3.5L engine. I will buy towing a Starcraft Pop-Up camper that weighs approximately 2000 lbs. I know the specs say 5000 lbs towing but would like opinions from some who have towed with this vehicle.

    Thanks in advance.
    Mark Brada
  • I just purchased a 2000 MS LTD. After a few hundred miles I also have noticed a disconnect or lose feeling in the steering on bumpy roads. I called the service department and setup an appointment. I was hoping to hear that they were aware of this problem, but they did not indicate this. Does anyone know if Mitsubishi has a fix for this? I like everything else about the vehicle, but this is giving me buyers remorse.
  • to everyone:



    very picky:

    What did you drive previous to your montero sport purchase?
  • ladyblueladyblue Posts: 326
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    Community Leader/SUV Conference
  • alexpalexp Posts: 70
    Is anyone using K&N filter in their Montero Sport? Any difference?
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