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Saturn Vue Electrical Problems



  • daddyo6daddyo6 Posts: 1
    I have a 2006 vue that is blowing the a/c blower fuse on the main block under the hood . I noticed it happens when the weather is reaches the 90's . The fuse blows before the car even gets started . any advise
  • I AM having similar problems! Most recent happened on vacation 1200 miles from home. Problems started just after purchase in May 2008. Dry conditions in summer. Locks popped up and down and almost all dash indicator lights and gauges "freaked out." Had the kids in the car and had to limp it home with the hazards on in the dark. Less than 1000 miles. They said it was the body control module and replaced it. Twice it had unexplained dead battery. Dealer has no record of tow in for this. :( FYI I had to wait 4 hours for Saturn Roadside Assistance. Fast forward to July 2009 and SAME problems of car freaking out are happening. Came off highway after approx. 2.5 hours straight driving, filled tank and ran through car wash just previous to reoccurence of problem. Dried under hood in the sun, and then just check engine light was on. Onstar diagnostics came back with all kinds of freaked out codes. Dealer in Orlando claimed they found corrosion on grounding strap cable. They filed it and applied dialectric grease. Said they hoped it would fix it. They cleared the codes. Car drove 1200 miles and now same freaking out problems again in the driveway after a home garden hose wash. On the way to the dealer. Saturn customer service far less helpful or interested than Onstar.
  • Hiker67Hiker67 Posts: 10
    I have an '04 Vue, with 56,000 miles. Daytime running lights quit a few months ago. Local mechanic checked wiring and, for $110 in labor, diagnosed it as either the resistor or the main computer. Quoted me $50 + labor for the resistor, so I had him try it. He just called and said the wrong part came in, and they can't get the right part. Other than that, it's been working lately. I'll drive it without the daytime running lights, rather than pay the $480 you referred to. Thanks for the information.
    Shortly after we got the vehicle (It was 2 years old and had 17,000 miles on it), the sunroof was left open during a rain shower. That seemed to trigger interior lights staying on and coming on while we were driving. Banging on the lights themselves didn't seem to help, but working the switch on the driver's side of the dash board (the one the door pushes) seemed to help. It hasn't acted up for a while now.
    We're happy enough with the vehicle for now, but I'll think hard before I get another Saturn.
  • Hiker67Hiker67 Posts: 10
    Yesterday afternoon, our '04 Vue freaked out like so many of you said. Shifting from 1st to 2nd, it died. Restarted, and drove downhill to town. It repeated this behavior a couple times, and we decided to turn around. Up hill on the way home, it really lagged on the power. If it was in neutral a little, I could rev the engine and get going. I hate to do that to my transmission and clutch. Also experienced the weird electrical stuff: turn signal indicator on dash would blink really fast or really slow when the turn signal was on.
    Thanks for all your comments. I guess, in some warped way, it's comforting to know we're not the only ones suffering from these things.
  • I have a 2002 Saturn Vue and have had electrical problems on and off since 2005.
    Basically, I believe it all stems from my sunroof. Both drains to the sunroof have had issues, getting clogged or broken. This causes water to be leaked down the pillar and into some electrical component. Eventually the water dries and the electrical issues disappear. I live in Florida so dont have an explanation for the "cold" issues.

    A summary of my issues throughout the years that have corrected themselves with time once the vehicle had time to dry out: Every door lock had issues not working at somepoint, thankfully not at the same time. Interior lights coming on & flashing w/o any prompting. Alarm going off for no reason. Transmission not shifting out of second gear. Rear wiper staying on when in the office position.

    After leaving the sunroof propped up in the rain, I am now struggling with my latest battle. No dash controls & No power steering. The check engine light/ service engine light comes on. My mechanic couldnt figure it out and said I would need to go to Saturn as it was likely the Body Control Module. I refuse to go because I know it will dry out over time. I'd rather save my money then contribute it to the ponzi scheme of dealership service!

    Does anyone know where the BCM is? If I could figure out where it is and put a cool blow dryer on it, I am confident I could fix the issue.
  • 2002 model sunroof drains also were clogged causing the same problem. then after being unclogged, drain broke and caused additional leaking into electrical components. I wish my car didnt have a sunroof! nothing but problems!
  • did you ever get this worked out?
    i have the same issue and suspect it is from water getting into the electical components from my sunroof.
    i am hoping it dries out bc i really dont want to donate a significant portion of my saving to the dealership! but driving around w no dash controls and no power steering is getting old quick!
  • any info on why i have no power steering assist at all? checked all fuses they are ok
    If your vehicle has electronic power steering, than you might want to check the power steering motor on the steering column.
  • I have a 06 VUE and the interior HVAC fan has quit working .... all fuses, relay switch and resistor board check out OK anyone with similar issues?
    Replace the fan, should correct the problem.
  • I have a 2004 with the same electrical issues mentioned here. The tail lights do not work (only the brake lights), the dash lights are out, and the CD/radio/clock don't work. Did anyone ever find a fix to this problem?

  • Hiker67Hiker67 Posts: 10
    As I understand it, there are two ground collection locations on the vehicle. We have had issues again with our 2004 Vue. The interior turn signal indicator lights would glow when too many electrical accessories (headlights, fans, AC, windows, wipers, etc.) were running. It got to the point that the car would basically die whenever the AC or defroster (which also runs the compressor) were on. Both front turn signals would flash when either one was on. The common diagnosis was A BAD GROUND. I ended up running a wire (16 ga.) from the ground wire on the horn to the body ground, to the driver's side of the engine, where one of the 2 cables from the negative battery terminal attaches to the body. This has solved my problem for the time being. It was tough to find, as the horn ground had enough contact to light my circuit tester, but not enough for the horn to work properly.
    What I have done is bypass the place where the ground contact is broken. Although it works, I believe I would be better off to actually find where the ground is broken and get that point working again. Right now, all the stuff on that circuit (turn signals, compressor, horn, etc.) are using the horn ground and my patch wire to get enough ground to operate properly.
  • Hiker67Hiker67 Posts: 10
    Does anyone know where the horn ground, or the harness it feeds into, ultimately makes contact with the body to get grounded back to the battery? (See Post #77 for more details of my problems.) I understand there are two "ground collection points", for lack of more technical language. The negative battery terminal has 2 cables running from it, one to the body on the driver's side of the engine, and the other, from what I can tell, to the engine itself. I have a ground contact problem somewhere between the horn and the place where it's supposed to ground to the body, I believe.
  • 2004 vue with slight belt slippage at initial acceleration experienced reduced power light (with the actual reduction in power), check engine light and traction control light.
    Restarting engine removed everything but check engine light. Is there any possible connection between the lights and the belt slippage? I have read enough nightmares about chronic problems with the reduced power light... this is my first
    No connection possible. If your belt is slipping than you might want to think about replacing the belt tensioner also, this is a sign of it wearing out. I'd advise taking to dealer to have reduced power light checked, especially if your Vue has the VTI transmission in it.
  • kflokflo Posts: 1
    My 2002 vue manual shift stalled during a uturn. When I went to restart, it was absolutely dead. Everything shut down, power windows, door locks, radio, brake lights, even the hazard light, which just made some terrible whining noise when i tried to activate it. I had to be towed home. There was no problem with the car before this. I have tried the battery but it has 12.7 volts, so not the battery. Has anyone else experienced this sudden total shutdown? From reading some of the other posts it sounds like i am lucky to have not experienced problems sooner.
  • pkk1pkk1 Posts: 2
    for the sixth time within this month,the gas,temperature and speedometer gauges on the panel of my 2002 saturn vue went to zero with the steering wheel being so hard to control.Anybody out there encountered such problem before, and how was it solved? Thanks
  • sounds like your ecm (electronic control module)
    any way water could be leaking in through your sunroof? thats what gave me the problem.
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    Its a problem with your BCM (body control module). It controls everything electrical in your Vue. If yours needed to be replaced you would not be the 1st...There could be one or both of 2 problems:

    1. The BCM needs to be replaced - Dealer only repair as they have to program it to your make and model. Since there are no Saturn dealers left, go to a Chevy dealer, the Equinox is essentially the same vehicle. About $ 600.00 give or take...Its located behind and just below your radio.

    2. The grounds for the BCM need to be checked. They tend to get corroded on early models and will cause the same problems that you describe. They are located under the hood on the right as you're looking from the front.

    Good Luck
  • I recently had to jump my 06 Saturn Vue. Now the radio does not work. The fuse is fine and it will take and eject a cd but nothing else. Nothing comes up on the screen accept when you push eject and there is no disc in it displays NO DISC. Any ideas?
  • I need help or ideas, or anyone or any mechanic know of any similar problem. I am single mom of 3 and about to lose everything due to the problems this vehicle is having. I can't afford to keep paying people to look at it with no answers. My 2004 vue maybe 6 months ago started acting strange - stalling out in the middle of driving. Dashboard lights would go out and car would stall, sometimes lights would come back on and car start back up and continue driving - other times just stall out completely. Sometimes it won't start, no dashboard lights work at all each time it won't start. Then it goes days acting normally. Then there are days where it is stalling and not starting constantly. Sometimes when it stalls the dashboard lights flicker on and off like crazy. This is a dangerous situation especially with kids in the car, and I am limited to how far I can go and not going on the highway due to not knowing when this is going to happen. This sometimes seems to happen more often when I have the DVD player plugged into the lighter outlet, or when the radio is on, but not all the time. My mobile mechanic first replaced the ignition switch but that did not solve the problem. He told me, and I have been told by others, that electrical problems are difficult if not impossible to find. I am looking for some help or answers or similar experience. thanks to anyone with some suggestions. :cry:
  • I have a 2006 Saturn Vue - V6 AWD. What just started is the 10amp fuse blows inside the car for my tail lights as soon as I turn on my car. The engine does not need to be running. The if I press the brake my 15amp fuse in the engine compartment blows. I had a trailer hitch installed last summer 2009 but have not had any problems with it. Could the trailer hitch wiring be causing the problem or could it be the BCM or could it be the ground. I know if I go to the dealer it will be more than I want to spend.
  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I am from GM Customer Service. I know you don't want to go to the dealership, however I would recommend at least going to get the vehicle diagnosed. It could very well be something from the wiring from your trailer plug but, you cannot be sure without someone looking at it. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • Am having trouble deciding, with GM having shut down Saturn wondering if major purchase like this worth it. Considering a used '09 21K miles, carfax 1-owner/1 accident (rear-end collision): will problems start AFTER 36K miles, extended wrnty who covers? GM dealer? Interior comfort a plus, a SUV that doesn't look like a truck my other considerations...please help?

  • gmcustsvcgmcustsvc Posts: 4,251
    I am from GM Customer Service. As far as the warranty is concerned it depends on who it’s through. If it’s a GM warranty then any GM dealership should honor the warranty on the vehicle. GM warranty transfers to the new owner. However, if it’s a dealer warranty, you will have to have the work done at that specific dealership in order for it to be covered under warranty. Thank you,
    Mariah GM Customer Service
  • scott192scott192 Posts: 1
    I had the same problem with my 1999 Mitsubishi Montero. It seems that it was a grounding issue. I had someone run an extra ground wire from my alternatator to the the negative post on my battery or to any good ground on the car. I have not had a problem since. I read a lot of posts that said they all had the same problem after the battery or alternator had been replaced. That was when my problems started also. It should cost you very little to have someone run the wire.
  • m0mmylovem0mmylove Posts: 2
    edited April 2010
    my dash lights are blinking like crazy, lost power steering, no sound from radio, electric locks wont work, its starts just fine and my windows work just fine? anyone know what part this could be to fix it..
  • my 2003 saturn vue just started doing the same thing? what was wrong with yours? what part was it? and how much did it cost?
  • 442dude442dude Posts: 373
    One of 2 problems:

    1 - Body Control Module failure - A dealer only repair about $ 600-700

    2- Body Control Module grounding issue - a lot cheaper than # 1 since they have to clean the grounds under the hood.
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