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Chevy Blazer/GMC Jimmy



  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Among the highest rebates are $3,000 on the Chevrolet Blazer and Oldsmobile Bravada.

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  • fantomfantom Posts: 211
    Not only is there a $3000 rebate, you can also get another $1500 off a 2001 Bravada, if you have a 1996 or newer Oldsmobile via their Owner Loyalty Program. I'm tempted to trade my 1997 Bravada that has 54,000 miles and very few problems. There are few '01 Bravadas around and you also get a 5 year/60,000 mile GM warranty.

    Of course the '01 is "old" technology and when you go to sell it, Oldsmobile will be just a memory. Think I'll keep what I have.
  • Just got my 97 Blazer back from the shop on July 6th now its going back on on July 24th.
    Transmission - Reverse is gone. The forward gears still work but shifting is erratic.
    I hope GM does a better design job with the new Trailblazer. This one is a flipping piece
    of cow dung. I do hope someone associated with GM reads through these groups. I've always been a loyal Chevy man but this is just too much. If I hadn't bought the extended warranty I'd
    have torched the damn thing by now and collected the insurance money.
  • The 1999 and on Blazer/Jimmy are excellent buys. Although the 2002 Envoy is the ultimate the 2001 is loaded with features at a much reduced price than the 2002. Good Luck!

    Of course, since this posting is much after the time you posted, have you purchased a vehicle by now, and what brand/make?

  • homer61388homer61388 Posts: 54
    No my niece hasn't purchased one of these suv's yet. She is still wondering about which is the most reliable. One of her friends had a 1998 blazer LS and had the worst trouble with it. The brakes wore out at 13,000 miles and then one day when traveling home from work the steering wheel began getting very hot and started smoking! This never got fixed by the dealer so she traded it in and got a 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee so far no problems. So after that story she decided to rethink about getting the blazer. She likes the Mountaineer with the V8 and all-wheel drive. It seems to me that she will probably get that. She just has to wait and see if the dealer takes more money off either the blazer or cherokee so she will just wait a few more weeks before she makes a decision.
  • khunterkhunter Posts: 1
    My Blazer has 55k on it, 4.3L, 4 speed Auto. While sitting at a stop light, the engine began to idle very rough. At speed the motor is running fine. The Check engine light has come on but I'm unsure of how to retrieve the codes. Any idea on what this is and how do I get the codes out.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    I think you need some sort of computer scan tool to pull the codes from the computer, as well as a book that tells you what the code is. You'll then need to diagnose it from that. A service manual for your truck may be helpful.

    Or, you can just get your vehicle serviced at a GM dealership and let them deal with the problem. At the very least, they should be able to tell you what the problem is.

    Good luck and please keep us updated!

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  • klitzkeklitzke Posts: 1
    For all the 99 Blazer owners out there with the launch shudder problem,just want you to know gm just bought mine back. Price I paid for it plus interest on loan. Only problem now do I buy a trailblazer?
  • Wheel bearing on 99 Jimmy frooze up at 50,000 miles.Does anyone know if these are no-maintaince sealed? Recommended maintaince? Any similar problems?
  • abc246abc246 Posts: 305
    Was it a front one? Front ones are sealed and rear ones should be lubed by diff oil.
  • It was a front one. Lost wheel on interstate. 51000 miles should I try going against GM? Any other cases you've heard of.
  • abc246abc246 Posts: 305
    Yours is the first I know of, but you have higher mileage than the average. My 99 Blazer also has 50K. Ball joints have been replaced but not the wheel bearings, yet.

    I would report it to the gov at,

    Click on the cartoon man on the above site and fill out the form. You may get your money back if there is a recall and may save someones life if there is a problem.

  • I just bought a 99 LT in April with 73000X miles on it. It is loaded, and in show room condition, the sales women who owned it put all highway miles on it. She told me the only thing that went bad was the sepentine belt,the tires are still original and you can still put a penny in the tread and Abes head goes all the way to his eyes. P.S. I just love it.
  • I am thinking about buying a 95 chevy blazer. i would appreciate any advice.
    this car has 98k miles and i was wondering how many miles you can get out of a blazer.
    any opinion would be helpful !

    please email me @ [email protected]
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    "only thing that went bad was the sepentine belt,"

    My moms engine had this really loud knocking about a month ago on her 2000 blazer with around 15K

    Turned out that belt was bad
  • '95s were notorious for EGR and CPI problems... '95-'99 have sporatic Dexcool coolant problems...brakes are undersized, however, '97 and up have four-wheel disc.
  • abc246abc246 Posts: 305
    Check the hood mounting bracket on passengers side. This is a common problem that sounds like the front end. Check out google or deja news groups, many people had this noise and it was the hood.

    The other rattle area is the oil pan skid plate, if so equipped. The frame seems to flex and use this skid plate as a support.
  • i have a 98gmc jimmy. i here a slight humming noise in front driving at about 20 to 55mph. im thinking it could be the bearings also my trans dip stick and tube are rusty is this something to worry about.getting back to the noise i here, it gets louder when it rains, is this normal. im going to wait til my extended warranty kicks in then i going to get it checked out.
    any thoughts here please reply???
  • Can anyone help me with this problem? I have a 98 Blazer, which has been running fantastic until now. My vehicle had been running for over an hour when I first noticed that the speedometer needle wasn't working and was jumping numbers. I then came to a stop and it sounded as if it had stalled, but it had not. Immediately my ABS light came on. When I started up from the stop, it sounded like I was 'gunning' it (a similar sound like if you were going up a steep hill, a real pulling sound). I couldn't accelerate over 10mph and the speedometer needle wasn't working period, not even jumping. Once I park and let it sit for many hours, the problem is gone and works fine again. I took it to the Chevy dealer, who had it for over a week and they couldn't diagnose anything. This has happened since getting it back from the dealer. It tends to happen when I've been driving it for an extended period of time, when it's really warmed up. I'm afraid to drive it long distances. Has anyone had similar experiences or any suggestions? Thanks
  • hengheng Posts: 411
    there are some posts a while back on the rusty dip stick
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    New Rollover Ratings and New Crash Test Results

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  • Hello to everyone,
    I'm belarussian owner of ChevyBlazer'95 LT and have question about using car roof for carring luggage. I have roof rails on the top of my car. So the question is -
    Can I put luggage directly on the roof and secure it to the roof rails or I need to use special roof boxes or carrier baskets for this purpose? Because I think, the Chevrolet Blazer had reinforced roof.
    Could you help me with answer, please.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Thank you,
  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    Welcome to the Town hall! I am certain that the Blazer owners in this forum will be happy to provide you with the information you seek.

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  • abc246abc246 Posts: 305
    The roof is very strong and has rub strips to prevent damage so I think you can use it without any extra stuff. The major concern is changing the handling if too much weigh is put on the roof because the SUV will become top heavy, making it more prone to rollover. I think the load limit is 150 or 200 lbs.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    There has been a request for a Chevy Blazer Owners club. If any other owners are interested, please let me know.

    Senior Host
    Owners Clubs
  • My 99 4wd LT Blazer is nearing the end of lease. It has been a great vehicle, the 2nd Blazer I've had, and I'm thinking of buying it. The buy-out is $24,000Canadian, but the book value is only $21,000Canadian. My dealer has offered it to me for $22,000 which seems fair enough. It has only 74,000kilometers on the odometer and is loaded with a 6-pack CD and a power sun roof. I've never had a breakdown in it, nor in the previous 1996Blazer. Am I lucky, or is this normal for Blazers? What can I expect in the next 3 years if I do buy it? Anyone have major problems with the 99 LT that I should be aware of?
  • tbcreativetbcreative Posts: 357
    Geologist1, I have been a GM loyalist for as long as I can remember, but I'm probably trading my '98 GMC Jimmy SLS 4x4 in for the all-new '03 4Runner. While GM just made #3 in the quality ratings, second to Toyota and Honda, a first for domestic manufacturers in a long time, I'm fed up with all the things that have gone wrong on my truck. It's been a love/hate relationship. While I love many aspects of my truck, I've had an awful lot of problems with annoying things, like having my catalytic converter replaced twice, and 2 of my fan speeds going out, not to mention a rattle in my sunroof when it's tilted open. Most of the things were covered under warrenty, but I just lost the 2 fan speeds last week, and I've been living with the rattle for some time. I live in Arizona, where it's 109º today, so the fan is pretty critical. Fortunately I have the high speed, but then it's blasting all the time, unless I want to fry.

    I ordered my truck with exactly what I wanted on it, so I had to wait 2 months before I got it, then I had to take it back within the first month for problems! I swear it felt like I took it back in every month that first year of owning it. It has been pretty problem-free over the last 2 years, with the exception of replaced battery (the 3rd already), a new alternator, new Monroe Reflex shocks, and the addition of BF Goodrich All-Terrain T/A KO tires. I gotta tell you, the shocks and tires made a HUGE difference in the rough ride I was getting (I have the Euro/Off-road suspension).

    Personally, I wouldn't buy the Blazer, but it sounds like you may have gotten a good one. So if you're happy with it and take care of it with regular service, you might be just fine. I was considering the new Trailblazer or Envoy, because they're getting good praise, and my dad loves his Envoy SLT, but they lowered the ground clearance, especially where the rocker panels are concerned. I actually take my truck off-road, so I've had it with GM.

    I've always liked the looks and ground clearance of the 4Runner, but have been unimpressed with the power, interior, and value. It looks like the all-new one will turn all that around and give me the quality I deserve. I don't want to spend the $ on a gas-guzzling H2, so Toyota here I come!

    For a long list of disgruntled posts that discuss all kinds of problems, check out the Chevy Blazer/GMC Jimmy Problems forum. Best of luck to you in your decision.
  • Thanks to tbcreative for your feedback. But I've read before that the stock of 98 GMC Jimmys contained a lot of lemons. Did GM solve the many problems by the time they produced the 99 Chevy Blazer? Or will some of those problems emerge once I become the owner?
    I hear what you say about the new larger GM SUVs. My dealer tells me they are what the US market wants. Huh. Not what I want at all. And yes, I might be leaving the fold of loyal GM Owners (my wife has a Cadillac STS, both my daughters have new cavaliers). I might decide to get a Hyundai Santa Fe. It's not a Blazer and cant do lots of things the Blazer can, but it is new technology and its the right size. The reports on line are excellent as is customer satisfaction. What do you think?
    Anyway, thanks.
  • That price sounds high. I got a 99 LT a year ago with 73000 on the clock, it never had a problem, by me or former owner. I paid $15.000 U.S. for mine and its fully loaded,I mean loaded.
  • tbcreativetbcreative Posts: 357
    Geologist1, I'm not really sure about solving the problems by '99, but by the end of my first year of owning my '98 Jimmy, my service manager told me (when we were joking about how well we had gotten to know each other) that there were quite a few issues GM had addressed with the S series in general, the catalytic converter being one of them. I really didn't follow what issues came up for the '99s, but like I mentioned in my last post, my dad bought a 2000 GMC Envoy (the older body style), and had almost no problems with it. Even though he liked that one fine, he traded his for the new Envoy because of the new inline 6, better suspension, more technological advancements, size increase, and great design. But, he only had the 2000 for a little over a year, so who knows what may have gone wrong after that. Maybe nothing. My uncle had a '97 Jimmy SLE 4x4, and had only minor problems with it, but complained that the engine seemed under-powered compared to mine. I have a K&N filtercharger, but he said he had driven a couple of others too. He traded his Jimmy for the new Trailblazer last summer and has been thrilled with it.

    I wish I could share more than my limited experiences, but I hope some of this helps. Your Blazer may be fine for a few years, but what sticks in the back of my mind as I contemplate my next vehicle, is the issue you point out about technology. This platform was introduced in '95, which means development began about 2 years prior, so our trucks are, technologically, about 9 years old.

    I'd like to know more about your time frame for getting a new SUV before I give my 2 cents on the Santa Fe. Because if you can wait, and you like their styling, I would recommend checking out the new Kia Sorento and Nissan Murano when they come out within the next few months. If you haven't seen pictures yet, let me know and I'll point you in the right direction. Also, have you considered the Toyota Highlander or Saturn Vue? It sounds like it may be a little too big for you, but have you considered the new Honda Pilot? I drove one last weekend, and OH MAN what a great vehicle! If I didn't require 4Lo, this would be a major contender for the '03 4Runner. I'm still going to try to see if my wife may be interested in considering it instead of a mini van. ;o)

    Sorry for the lengthy post, but I hope I'm helping in your quandary!
  • The comments and discussion about my 99Blazer ARE very helpful. My lease ends June 30 so I have less than 2 weeks to decide. Toyota Highlander is very expensive here - about $5000 more than a loaded Bravada and almost as big, so not for me. I cant wait for the Kia nor Nissan, thought the Vue a bit 'cheap' (I like leather seats - not available on Vue here), and the Honda Pilot hasn't appeared here yet... right now my decision will be either the buy-out or the Santa Fe. Again, many thanks to all. Food for thought.
  • tbcreativetbcreative Posts: 357
    I have one more question for you and I'll leave you to your decision. Have you considered the Ford Escape, Mazda Tribute, or Land Rover Freelander? They seem like great vehicles, have gotten good reviews, and my neighbors love their Tribute. They're a little smaller in cargo room than our trucks, but I was just curious whether or not you had considered them.

    It's a shame the Highlander is so expensive in Canada. I was parked next to one the other night and was comparing the size and it looks almost identical in length and width to my truck. I didn't think about it being very big until you mentioned it was almost as big as the Bravada. Anyway, it's just too bad that isn't an affordable option. What about the all-new Trailblazer/Envoy/Bravada? Too big?

    Okay, that's enough out of me. I'll quit bugging you... I just like to help because even though there's a new SUV cropping up every minute, the decision is still tough for finding the right vehicle for your needs and budget, which is what I went through before I got my Jimmy, and am now going through again while debating what my next truck will be. Right now it looks like that will be the '03 4Runner, but who knows...
  • mtnrosemtnrose Posts: 1
    Hello Everyone! I just registered for this list. I have a 1991 S-10 Blazer with 190,000 miles on it. I have only 2 basic complaints about it -the paint was awful and lack of power (have to turn off the AC to pass anyone). It was garage kept for all but the last year. The paint started peeling off in sheets about 3 years ago. Until this year the only thing mechanical I had to replace was the alternator. I have had to have a lot of work done to it this year and so my decision to buy a new vehicle.

    The last time it was in the shop I rented a TrailBlazer and it was just too big for me. It was comfy and peppy, etc. but I felt like I was driving a large truck.

    I have been glued to my computer in the evenings for the past 4 weeks researching SUVs. I've come to realize just how much I do love my S-10 Blazer.

    I live in the mountains and really need 4wheel lo gear. None of the new smaller car-based SUVs have that capability. I hate the idea that the auto companies are now building SUVs at the small size and large. I need a "medium" like my S-10 Blazer.

    Tomorrow I am going to test drive a 2002 Blazer and a Ford Explorer Sport. I'll let you know how my test drives go. I have friends on both sides - some love Chevy and some love Ford. My dad was always a Chevy man. The first car that I remember him having was a 56 Blue and White 2-door Chevy. I loved that car.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Welcome to Town Hall. You've probably already seen this link, but in case you missed it, it's our Comparison Test: 2002 Midsize SUVs.

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  • gigagiga Posts: 1
    We are looking at a 1996 S10 Blazer and were considering purchase, but after reading the messages posted, I'm very disappointed. This particular vehicle is extremely clean bodied (I can't find a nick on it) and the interior is in almost as good condition but after an extended test drive this morning I decided I better come here for some feedback! It has the rusty dipstick and fill tube down several inches from the top and the SES light was on. Looked like new oil so the dealer took it in to see what the problem was with the light. It also (after being driven 35 miles and warming up good) had the dragging and revving sensation with very slow acceleration only when accelerating from a complete stop. Trans shifted out beautiful with no noise or even being able to feel it except when going from park to reverse and then to drive. Slight jerk to reverse and a little harder to drive only sometimes. Now I know this sounds like a lot but we are only in a position to buy a Cheaper used vehicle as a second but I really need reliability. After several major back surgeries I can't comfortably drive most sedans so that limits us as to what we can purchase. Trucks and SUVs are expensive here! So I'm wondering now if we should consider this vehicle even if the dealer will repair the problems. They want $7000 for it but thought that might not be bad considering I have to worry! Any ideas or thoughts out there....would sure like to know if these problems are usually gone after repairs or just keep reoccurring. Would appreciate a little feedback
  • tdnelsontdnelson Posts: 2
    Have '97 Blazer with tranny problem. Original tranny was completely rebuilt after failing which included tranny fluid getting hot and spewing out the overflow tube. Put all new parts in including new pump and also had shop add external tranny cooler. Was working great until on short trip this morning when fluid started overflowing again and was hot. Fortunately, took extended maintenance on tranny rebuild but am getting very frusturated at this situation. Thoughts??
  • debmcdebmc Posts: 1
    have a reclining rear seat likethe Honda CR-V?
  • Bought a 99 Blazer LS in Canada & drove home to FL. all seems fine -- have about 35K mi. on it. After reading some of the "Sad tales" on here-am a little concerned. But all well now. I did find the PCV vac. hose plugged when I replaced the valve. Am unable to fig why some nerd would do that.

  • I would never plug the PCV valve hose, because it draws out the vapors from the valvetrain area.

    The breather hose from the valve cover to the air intake hose, on the other hand, is a source of oil vapor, which has been known to collect on the throttle body bore, and eventually cause a sticky accelerator pedal, as it causes a ridge to form where the bore and the butterfly meet. If you ever remove the throttle body, the intake manifold walls will be covered with oil vapor residue. I disconnected my hose, plugged the hole in the intake, and stuck a K&N breather on the valve cover. It traps the oil vapor, and only requires periodic cleaning (yearly).
  • I'm considering purchasing a 2000 GMC Jimmy SLT.
    It's from a dealer and has 29,855 miles and the asking price is $16,299. According to online sources, the private transaction average is $16,200 and dealer trade in is $13,000.

    If I could get a decent price on this vehicle, what reasons if any should I not purchase it?
    What are the pros/cons of this model and year?

    Thanks in advance for your help.
  • poisendartfrog. Tks for the reply. Yes, I do wonder about the hose from the eng. to the intake-covered inside with oil. What is the K&N valve you mention ???? Tks again

  • Hey guys,
    I'm only 17 and got the 2001 GMC Jimmy for the duration of my parents lease since my dad got a company car. I absolutely love this car. NO PROBLEMS besides major break squeak at 30k miles. It went away after 4k miles of driving (strange)...this is a great car, but when it's windy watch out and hold on. The 4wd is great, and the 4wd LOW is awesome along with using 1st gear when off roading. Ultimate grip and no slip when using the right tires.
    overall, I give the car a 90% rating. Some minor issues such as the break problem, but my dealer Bill Rapp in Syracuse, along with the best sales guy Larry I. made our buying and owning great!
    We've had 3 Jimmy's...1996, 2000,2001. All were solid and matence free.

  • hengheng Posts: 411
    Just changed the oem uniroyal junk (close to wear bars at 27K miles)with Michelin LTX M/S on my 2000.

    Drove up some state forest roads with ~5 inches of snow on them. Lo range and didn't miss a beat. I made the mistake of not getting posi traction and got stuck back a year or so ago. So I opted for tires with a deep blocky tread just short of AT tires. Makes a difference.

    BTW, a friend has a 99(?) with close to 100k on it and only routine maintenence stuff.
  • My father was a Gm man and I followed him by buying mostly Gm in my life. But since owning '95 Blazer LT 4wd loaded, I will never even consider Gm again. I see in post 140 that somone had a plugged pcv valve hose. Well I can tell you if they have it plugged , you might as well get out your wallet because they are expensive (for a pcv valve) and I had to buy 2 in the 100 k I had my blazer.

    But that was the smallest of my problems with my lemon. First was the wiper motor quitting in the middle of a S.Florda monsoon downpour more than once. Had to have it replace under warranty. The brakes didn't work properly if you hit them going over road imperfections . The computer controlled antilock system was not programmed properly and they never did reprogram it right. I allmost killed a few people in that thing and I am a conservative driver. I was scared to death in that thing.

    The list goes on and on. I could write for an hour about the 100k miles in that beast. You buy a Gm and you can be sure you will make a lot of new aquainttences in the form of the people in the dealerships service department.

    I've had my J vin number (made in Japan) Camry for 36K miles and have not had a problem. I wont buy a toyota made in this country either after that blazer . It was that bad. I am also in love with the BMW Z4 and was considering one of those until I found out it is made in South Carolina.
    Just my nickles worth.
  • I'm sorry, but a PCV valve is expensive? It's under $10, and I replace mine every 30,000 miles, takes less than 30 seconds to pop in a new one....
  • hengheng Posts: 411
    about my 2000 Jimmy going the distance. There are lots of posts here on problems. But I thought I offer a little positive experience.

    Getting a lemon is a bad experience and some vehicles are known to be troublesome but if I write off every model that someone has posted as a lemon, there would literally be no vehicles left. Meaning - someone has related a real bad experience on every model topic I've come across in Edmunds town hall. What is one to do?
  • Just paid $2.48 for one (I can live with that) The hose on a Cheve V-6 from valve cover to intake ducts---it seems to serve the same purpose as a PCV with NO valve. What gives ??? It does get oily inside and could// cause some sticking on throttle plate as other posters have stated.I am unable to see its need IF the eng. has an operating PCV valve ?????

  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    was like $2 for my 5.3 V-8

    I bought 4 for under $10
  • ron_mron_m Posts: 188
    I am interested in buying an older SUV to drive when it's snowy, icy, rainy, etc. The 1989 Chevy
    Blazer 4X4 2-door is one of the vehicles that I
    am considering. I have some questions regarding
    this particular year model Blazer.

    1) Were the transmissions in these vehicles very

    2) Were the engines and drivetrains pretty decent
    in these vehicles overall?

    3) How did the original paint hold up for you?

    4) Were the interior components robust?
    (e.g. Door handles, control knobs/levers/switches)

    5) Gas mileage decent?

    6) Electrical problems?

    7) Steering problems?

    8) Overall trim/finish?

    Thanks in advance for any information that you
    are willing to share with me regarding the 1989


    Ron M.
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