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Toyota 4Runner



  • peter78peter78 Posts: 284
    66 MPH at 2,000 RPM. Maybe the tires are different or the instruments are off? Still you should be showing just around 60 MPH at 2,000 RPM. I wonder if you do have a different rear end. Maybe Cliffy can give us his views.
  • beagles3beagles3 Posts: 132
    The rig has just under 3,000 mi,so, it still has the factory Bridgestone HT's that are P265/16. I just find it hard to believe that I have 4.10's? Or even 3.90's?
  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    Just kidding! I am sure you have 4.10 gearing. Unless Toyota workers put in the wrong gearing.
  • beagles3beagles3 Posts: 132
    Alright, I probably have the 4.10's...Obviously , I am not a mechanic,so, I will rest assured that my friends here at Edmunds are in the know..Thanks for the input..The bottom line is that this veh just drives differently than my old,so, I think to put my mind to rest, I will take a trip to the dealer and have them check it out:)
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    You know, there is a way to determine in your own driveway what rear-end ratio you have.

    Put the rear of the car on jack stands with the engine off and car in neutral. You should be able to turn the rear tires by hand.

    Turn the rear wheel one turn. Count how many revolutions the driveshaft makes. The shaft will make 4.1 revolutions for one turn of the rear wheel with 4.10 gears. Simple.
  • Most of the old models had 4:10. The old 31x10.50x15 tire option even came with 4:55 gearing. That was a nice set up.
  • beagles3beagles3 Posts: 132
    Thanks to all for your thoughtful input...It's going to the dealer tomorrow for a test ride by the Service Mgr. I will also drive another 02' Limited in order to compare...So funny, because it drives great without the overdrive off (gas mileage suffers),but, only have the problem with the OD on?
  • peter78peter78 Posts: 284
    Beagles3, I am glad your going to the service department. Your gearing sounds a lot like my 2WD SR5 with a 3.73 rear end. Let us know what you find out.
  • beagles3beagles3 Posts: 132
    Thanks for listening to me...
  • I've been reading this board for the past few months, and I would like to thank all of the participants for the very useful information they have provided. I am a transplanted Midwesterner who has lived in California the past 20 years. I am moving back to the Midwest (Minnesota) next year and have been waiting for the new 4Runner to come out to replace my aging (but great) Camry, so that I have four-wheel drive capability for winter driving, among other things. Like many of you I was sorely disappointed by the cladding, as I have always loved the look of the classic 4Runner. So I am currently trying to decide between the 2003 Sport and the Limited, since I want the X-REAS suspension. My dilemma is I hate the cladding of the Sport, but don't want all the added (and expensive) luxuries of the Limited that I don't want or need. Since I'll be on gravel roads part of the time, the cladding may be a benefit. I have two questions for you knowledgeable folks: (1) The cladding also seems like it may be beneficial in snow country where the roads are salted, because plastic cladding may diminish problems with rusting caused by road salt--does anyone have any experience (as in knowledge about other plastic-cladded vehicles that have come before the 2003 4Runner) or comment on that? (2) When I lived in the Midwest, I wasn't what you would call a savvy buyer, and dealers were always trying to sell undercoating. That's not an issue in California, but should I be getting some sort of extra protection on my 4Runner in anticipation of my return to snow country? Thanks very much for your input.
  • A lot of rust results from water(esp. salty water) being trapped in a cavity or space that can't be cleaned or flushed well. Door panels, rocker panels, behind trim pieces, etc. That brings up the question of whether the cladding on the 4Runners(remember, the Limited has cladding too) will act as a trap too. Other vehicles that I have seen in my area that have had their cladding removed after a number of years seem to have quite an accumulation of salty dirt in the area behind the cladding and sometimes rust.

    Regarding undercoating, the black tar-like substances were infamous for peeling back over time and trapping the moisture, and salt, if present, and actually ACCELERATING the rusting process! I don't know about the wax-based types.

    I think common wisdom in the trade is that undercoating is at least a waste of money, and possibly counter-productive.

    I've seen early 90's 4Runners that have rusted(from behind)all over the lower edges of the bodies that had been used in heavily salted areas. Cladding wasn't present. I certainly hope Toyota has like many later manufacturers gotten much better at corrosion resistant techniques.

    Hope that helps.
  • I rented a 2003 4Runner Sport Edition for a few days from a dealership here in Colorado and did an extensive test drive. A couple more things I noticed that make this new model a no sale for me.

    1) When driving at night and using the turn signals the light reflects off the visor. The location of the turn signal indicator, right above the circular dash, is the cause. The light reflects off the glossy silver finish.

    2) When driving during the day in certain sunny conditions the reflection of silver gloss tri-circular dash and area around the radio, heater, etc. reflects into the top third of the front window. To see that bright reflection in the window is a distraction.

    I turned the car in last Friday. When I got back in my 2000 4Runner SR5 it was "Oh what a feeling!" I had not realized how much stress it was to deal with all the lousy design features of the new 4Runner.

    Now that I'm totally committed to my 2000 I'm going to get the fog light package, supercharger and have an air suspension installed... and problably get a new premium sound system installed. Thank goodness I've taken care of my 2000 to this day.
  • vodgutvodgut Posts: 162
    Where were you able to rent the new 4Runner? How much was it to do so? I'm considering possibly buying one, and renting one for a bit might be a good way to have an extended test drive. I'm in the north Denver area, so there's a decent chance where you rented from would be convenient. Thanks...
  • After weeks checking out the new runners and reading all of the very helpful posts on Edmunds. I bought the V6 Sport in Titanium. Although, the cladding has taken some time for me to get use too, I think it goes fairly well with titanium. I only have several hundred miles driving time but the handling, ride, and increased power is certainly an improvement over my G3. The new V6 with 4 speed auto is as smooth as any engine I have owned. I wanted the option of 2 wheel drive and better mileage that the V6 offers. My major complaint is the low back lighting on radio and heater panels. It is difficult to read without wearing my reading glasses. I do not need glasses for driving thus it is a pain to read the digital read outs. [However, the lighting certainly got better when my son removed the plastic coating that the dealer failed to remove on delivery]. I love my 96' [100 K] but over time I believe the G4 will become my favorite over my previous G2 and G3 models.
    Certainly, the value is in the new models. I paid a little over $31 K for the Sport which is only $1500 more than I paid for my seven year old SR5.
    Next week heading over the mountains to Bend so I will see how the new rig handles in mountain snow and ice. Will follow up with report and gas mileage.

    PS The cladding may be more of a problem with us runner nuts as family and friends have all[one exception] commented how much they liked it!!!
  • Thanks for your input. I should have clarified that it's the contrasting gray cladding of the SR5 and Sport that I dislike, because I detest that two-tone look. I did wonder if the seam where the cladding meets the rest of the body would have a tendency to trap salt, water, etc., particularly as the vehicle aged. I guess the answer is frequent car washes on the warmer winter days to wash off the salt, since I hope to keep the new 4Runner as long or longer than I have had my '93 Camry. Thanks.
  • morrymorry Posts: 24
    I just bought a new 4Runner last night. I have been looking at the Sequoia for 2 years and was finally ready to purchase it. When I went to the dealer on Wednesday, I hapenend to see the new 4Runner. Oh, what a feeling! I gave it a test drive and fell in love. Yesterday, I went back (after price researching) and looked again. Two and one half hours later I signed the papers. Because I wanted navigation, they had to locate me one. Evidently, there are none in our region so they went to another. I will pick it up next week.

    Although my family is happy for me, they can't truly appreciate what I am feeling like all of you can. I am so excited that I almost can't wait. After it comes in and I have driven it for a while, I'll let you all know my thoughts.

    Happy and healthy holidays to all!
  • Going to test drive a new 4Runner Limited tomorrow. Are people paying MSRP for them? If not, how much are dealers coming off MSRP?
  • tfuzztfuzz Posts: 93
    We had a brief exchange a while back about folks accidentally driving the new Runners in 4th (overdrive off). Just today I was coming back from a trip with two fellow employees. We took my '03 Runner. I was sitting in back reading the newspaper while one of my pals was driving. It suddenly occurred to me that something didn't feel quite right. I looked over his shoulder and, sure enough, he was driving in 4th--he had no idea he had overdrive off.

    I am beginning to wonder how many people inadvertently drive with OD off due to the design of the gear shift gates. This may be something Toyota really needs to fix. Out of 4 people who have driven my Runner 2, and maybe 3 (not sure about my wife but I have my suspicions), have made this mistake. At the very least I think an orange "OD OFF" light is warranted (rather than just just lighting the green 4, instead of D, on the gear indicator). My Sienna had the "OD OFF" light and it helped me a time or two (I found the button in the end of the shift lever pretty easy to push inadvertently--and caught my wife driving with OD off a time or two).
  • gage3gage3 Posts: 4
    redline65, I paid $100 over invoice on my LTD (and they had to order/get one, I didn't buy the ones on the lot) and it wasn't even a fight.
  • kjack100kjack100 Posts: 133
    I think if you got $3000 off sticker, you'd be doing well.
  • 2cents on road salt. Running a portable sprinkle under your vehicle regularly will greatly reduce salt deposits from the under chassis. 15 mins in fwd, 15 mins mid and 15 mins aft is what I do after driving through salted roads. I also have a pressure washer that I religiously utilize to clean underneath my 4runner(carefull with the pressure though) to flush out salt and dirt form hard to get areas.
  • I just purchased a 2002 4-Runner SR5 and wanted to know if anybody could point me to the best solution for a pet ramp for getting my 110 lbs. BMD in the back. I'd like something that is easy to move in and out/easily stored. Also, it would be great if someone could direct me to the posts that talk about roof racks. Thanks for the help.
  • Many of the Internet pet supply site have folding ramps that will meet your needs. Check Care-a-lot. A Google search for folding dog ramp and for PetStep will give you more hits. if you want to make your own, go to:

    for instructions and pictures of a homemade ramp.

  • gflorgflor Posts: 2
    I'm reeling between the 4runner vs Sequoia vs Honda Pilot.

    I like the power, ride and quietness of the 4runner, but find the rear seat legroom lacking and wish for the extra seating.

    Sequoia is nice but the find the acceleration not equal to the runner. Good looking though and nice room.

    The Pilot seems like a nice compromise between the Sequoia and 4Runner. My feeling noise level is slightly more and power slightly less. Interior is not as apportioned as the Toy's.

    Anyone else have comments on these.
  • peter78peter78 Posts: 284
    Car and Driver tested the new premium mid-size SUV's. The results were as follows:

    8.)GMC Envoy SLT

    7.)Land Rover Discovery SE

    6.)Lincoln Aviator

    5.)Volvo XC90 T6

    4.)BMW X5 3.0i

    3.)Acura MDX

    2.)Lexus GX470

    1.)Volkswagen Touareg

    As I can re-call the Acura won the last comparison at Car and Driver. The Lexus GX470, which has a full frame, came in second by Car and Driver is not bad. Now, I wonder how much difference is there between the GX470 and the 4Runner.

  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    Off-roading should be very similar between the two. The major difference is in LUXURY and ride comfort. The GX is supposedly significantly quieter with more headroom.
  • The GX has a much raised roofline to give the headroom needed for the rear seats. It also offers the air-ride and adjustable suspension settings. The mechanicals are pretty much the same. So the things to consider are the looks, avail. of 3rd seat, height affecting handling, luxury features, warranty, and of course, pricing.

    Hope this helps.

  • We were looking at those three also. Our impressions were:

    Pilot: not enough amenities (sunroof, heated seats, power passenger seat, dual zone A/C, etc..), third row seat is useless (unless you have kids under 10 or so), it didn't seem to have much power when you floored it. The engine was very quiet and the ride was comfortable, it drives much like a car.

    4Runner: no third row, a little pricey even in the V6, cargo capacity wasn't that great. Ride is comfortable and the engine is quiet, I love those Toyota engines.

    Sequoia: this is the one we wanted the most. It has it all, plenty of room (even in the third row), all of the amenities you could ask for, nice ride, quiet engine. But the price was way too much for us, optioned out how we like it would run well over $40K.

    My suggestion would be to drive a GMC Envoy XL. It has a great deal of room (plenty in the 3rd row), decent acceleration, smooth engine (inline-6), comfortable ride, plenty of available amenities (heated 8-way power seats and power lumbar for both driver and passenger). Plus right now GM is offering 0% interest up to 60 months. You could save thousands of bucks...
  • intmed99intmed99 Posts: 485
    The Envoy has had it's share of multiple quality problems. IF i were to get the Envoy XL, i would get the optional 5.3L V8 to carry all that extra weight.

    However, i would seriously consider the Yukon +/- Denali BEFORE the Envoy XL...i just think it is better built.
  • The salesperson at the GMC dealership told me they got an Envoy XL with the 5.3L V8 and they had mucho transmission problems with it. I would be more hesitant to buy it with the new engine than with the one that has been out for a few years. Hopefully GM has had time to work out most of the quality issues on the 4.2L Envoy in that time, but you never know...

    To be honest, if I were shopping in the Yukon/Denali price range I would most likely buy the Sequoia.
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