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Jeep Wrangler



  • tired_old_davetired_old_dave Posts: 710
    edited May 2011
    "I'd just like to know the honest story about the Wrangler's mechanical reliability before sinking money into one. My use for this vehicle will be mostly highway (yes I know about its horrific gas mileage) and the only time it'll be off road will be to pull my jonboat to a boat ramp for offloading at a lake. "

    Highway, and towing even a jon boat - look elsewhere.

    mac24 hit it on the head.

    The wrangler has issues but not like living in your garage and online with the liberty crd. We plan to keep our H3 and Rubicon but I get mopar grease under my fingernails. If our garage was longer there would be a truck(s) in there.
  • I would NEVER run my Wrangler through a carwash with the soft top on. I bought the Dual Top option, so I also have a fiberglass hardtop which is fine to go through the automated carwash.

    The owner's manual even states to NEVER take the soft top through the carwash
  • Transmission is dripping red on garage floor.

    Should've bought the bill stine steering damper sooner.
  • Just saw a post on another forum about '08-'09 tranny lines and a recall? Wish my leak was as simple as a tranny line. Got on the list yesterday and should get in for repairs next week at the latest.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Transmission is dripping red on garage floor.
    Should've bought the bill stine steering damper sooner.

    What connection are you making between the damper and the transmission leak?
  • No connection.

    First, tranny reference-
    Just an update to an earlier post about mechanical reliability of the JK.
    First real problem-tranny(and torque converter?) again.
    Earlier tranny issue resulted in the hayden cooler install.

    Second, the bilstein reference-
    JK is first solid front axle vehicle owned, front end gave a couple of wiggles on I-35 bumps.

    Checked ball joints and track bar bolts to my limit of ability. And while I don't consider the tokico stabilizer junk by any means, the hd bilstein is truly hd. Some say a good sfa doesn't need a stabilizer, some admit to getting 100k miles on their stabilizer, and some say a properly aligned front end does indeed need a stabilizer.

    Almost feels like a brand new front end. Will let the pros who don't wear trifocals and who don't have tired old hands fine tune the checking of the front end.

    Sorry if I confused you by not putting more empty lines between the two sentences or by not posting each one separately.
  • mlove2mlove2 Posts: 2
    Who has had electrical issues? I have a 2010 Saraha, now waiting on a part that may take 3 months to get. I am considering lawsuits due to lack of support and or help from Jeep. They seem to have no parts to fix the problem. Not a happy Jeep owner.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Which part are you waiting on? Does the disaster in Japan have any bearing on the time delay?
    You can always see if the 'lemon law' applies for this issue in your state.
    Much cheaper than lawsuits. ;)
  • mlove2mlove2 Posts: 2
    Total Power module, I think they have no vendors from there past problems. I don't think the disaster in Japan has anything to do with this problem. Looking into lemon law as this has not been the only problem. I just don't understand why they can't get them from the factory where they build Jeeps. Why wait on a company to build parts when customers are without their car. They don't care!
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Why wait on a company to build parts when customers are without their car.

    I do have some understanding of how frustrating it must be, but the answer to the question is obvious; your Jeep is already sold and the profit taken, so the remaining parts are needed for fresh production.

    No, they don't care, but if you become enough of a nuisance it'll be less distracting to take care of you than to ignore you.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    "Have you held off on a car purchase because you're waiting for a better deal? Or did you go ahead and buy because you assume car prices could just rise even further this summer? An Associated Press reporter would like to talk with you. Please send your contact information to Aaron Lewis at [email protected]"
  • russ_2204russ_2204 Posts: 2
    Ok, I have a 2001 Wrangler Sport, 4.0L, 6cyl, Automatic , 130K miles

    This is what it's doing...

    Crank it up in the morning and I usually let it warm up for a few minutes. Put it in reverse, back up , brake and shift to Drive, let off of the brake and it either dies or jumps and struggles to go. And while going into 2nd gear you can hear it kind of rev*(sp) up high and then it goes on into 3rd gear as you gain speed ,but once you get onto the highway and continue at the normal speed (55+) for a while its fine.

    Next, during the first 10-15 minutes of driving. You come to a red light, so holding the break while at the red light . It will start jumping , as if it's trying to go on its on. But after driving for say, 20+ minutes it won't do that.

    Also, sometimes when making a turn , lets just say onto another street (regular 90 degree turn ) you can hear it kind of rev up when straightening back up out of the turn . It's like it kind of hesitates in mid turn.

    And after driving it for a while it wont do it when you crank it back up and go again. (Warmed up I suppose)

    Also, the engine light has periodically come on and gone off over the last 4 years.

    It has mostly been sitting for the past 1 1/2 -2 years as I am driving a different vehicle. And I have not taken it anywhere to have it checked on either. But it has been doing this for the past 3 years , so the sitting up part has nothing to do with it.

    Any information , thoughts , insight would really help me out!!
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Have you taken it to Autozone or such to have the check engine light codes? Based on your description, it sounds like the throttle sensor. 'Strain' on the engine from the steering pump may not be helping, but it may be worth it.

    I'd also check the plugs/wires and do a general tune up to make sure the basics are all working. Air filter been changed recently?

  • tired_old_davetired_old_dave Posts: 710
    edited June 2011
    Lately with the jku 3.8 using 5w20 synthetic oil, the motor is sounding as bad as the malibu 3.5 did using 5w30 mobil 1 (probably before the reformulation or re re formulation).

    On other websites, "Jim..." and "goody..." admitted using 5w30. "caterham" has no use for redline 5w20 but 0-20 is good.

    Some Texas dealers fought the powers, verbal agreement only (hearsay) re: feds?, and use 5w30 and won't void warranties.

    Heard and felt a 3.8 with four quarts of synthetic 5w20 and two quarts of redline 5w20. Quiet, smooth, pulls like the rings are sealing and the chain is lubed.

    To the poor poster on another forum, maybe try the above and quit pulling your upper intake off (and possibly needing the overesized bolts for stripped threads) to get your valve covers off to silence your noisy motor (as heard on you tube).

    On a side note, has anyone cleaned or examined the map sensor after some miles. That upper intake sure needs a catch can.
  • Tracking down a local CJD parts guy and found him back at his parts desk. He said the service writer that was there about the time I got rid of the CRD was back. She remembered me and I remembered her.

    At least it is here in Grapevine and not miles and miles away. I hope they can make it like new again or it will be like the CRD-we will drink from the cup of dexcool (like winter2 never buying a gm again), and we will never visit mopar again. Hilldweller went from the JK to the Powerwagon and saw his picture in the 4wp magazine. We went from the CRD to the JK. Hope he got what he wanted and enjoys his new truck.

    The JK is unique and we do want it fixed even with all its' weaknesses. It is built with the bare minimum to be what it is - start mods and you should've just bought a frame and built from there.
  • Tami and Shawn at Grapevine Jeep.
  • tired_old_davetired_old_dave Posts: 710
    edited July 2011
    Thank you Petersens for the 2010 article about the older grand cherokee tranny redo. The dei titianium heat wrap on the cross over tube in front of the tranny pan may have been what gave me back my tranny performance (excluding any results from the tranny service done by the dealer). Guessing it was the wrap because that was your final fix to get those temps down. The hayden 30k btu cooler didn't seem to be enough.

    Several weeks ago, right before Ed's humerous sunday article, a poster on another wrangler forum bemoaned all the shifting on his automatic. It was around midnight, I was tired, and had been experiencing the same and I almost broke out in laughter. I had been fighting winds and heat with the a/c on keeping up with or leading the flow on the interstate. It almost felt like our old six speed sixty horse toyota wagon. The 42r was doing 4-2-3-4-3-4-3-4-2-3-4 ad nauseum. Or with o/d off 3-2-3-2-3-2-3 either way it was driving me crazy. This weekend with the wind and against the wind, those crazy days are gone. Guess I added the heat wrap based on Petersens and that the tranny expert talked about the 42rle sensor driven shift patterns (higher temp algorithm?)

    Got that dvd in the mail petersen's. While it may be fun to watch and while I seem to remember getting one years ago, looks like it probably is going back unwatched. Another thing on my growing todo list.

    On a side note, the factory battery died at 43k miles and 26 months. Looking for an odyssey on the net, found the battery plus store where we recycle our ups batteries. Bought their blue top 2x battery/deep cycle unit. agm brass posts very heavy five year warranty.
  • pj123pj123 Posts: 1
    Hi there - not sure if this is current.... but I am interested in a Sahara if you still have one? Thanks P
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    Nope, that was a ten year old post, plus we aren't set up for buying and selling on the forum.

    Try the AutoTrader link from the main page
    (Search Used Cars in Your Area) or your local Craigslist.
  • fairviewfairview Posts: 20
    Apparently my ECM has crapped out. It will not communicate with any diagnostic tools. I have seen a couple of companies on the net that claim they will sell me a remanufacured unit for about $200 to $400. Anybody have experience with buying a reman ECM, good experience, bad experience, recommendations? Thanks.

  • dbull11dbull11 Posts: 1
    I have a 98 jeep wrangler Sahara and when I start it, it misfires, and has no power. I have already changed out the catalytic converter put a new coil distributor, and crank sensor none have worked running out of money please help.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    The first step is to diagnose the problem, not to change expensive parts at random.

    The first step in the diagnosis is to have any codes read that are being held in the 'computer'.

    You can get that done free at any AutoZone. Once you know what the fault codes are you have a starting point on the road to fixing the problem.
  • Finally made time to get relief from the hot roof. Is that why a cool front is coming to Texas.

    We ordered the grey hothead headliners last week and I installed them yesterday. A brief ride this am and I was kicking myself again for waiting too long to do something. At least we got the labor day discount and free shipping.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    edited September 2011
    What's not to like?

    2012 Jeep Wrangler First Drive (Inside Line)

    Pretty glowing review over at the Detroit News. Surprised to learn that the 4 door Unlimited outsells the two door.

  • TSJay and Mac24. Are you guys still hanging around here? I'm still driving my 2000 red TJ.
    Have not checked in here in years.
    Come back.
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    I look in from time to time, as does ericpl, but Tom's not here any more.
  • roadburnerroadburner Posts: 14,328
    I check in every now and then as well; I still have the 1999 Sahara I bought in 2002. Nothing Jeep has built since interests me at all- with the exception of the 2006 Unlimited Rubicon...

    Mine: 1995 318ti Club Sport; 2014 M235i; 2009 Cooper Clubman; 1999 Wrangler; 1996 Speed Triple Challenge Cup Replica Wife's: 2015 X1 xDrive28i Son's: 2009 328i

  • Hey!

    I'm new here! I am so looking to buy a Jeep. My wife and a I finally agreed on a third "Fun" vehicle! Of course, Jeep is the first name that came. We've been poking around the web, looking for used Jeeps. She wants a newer one, like 1985-2000. I was thinking a real old WWII Willy's type.

    Did Ford make the Willy's? If I get a 40's Willy's and I setting myself up for a lot of repair work / maintenance? Am I better off with a newer one?

    What is the difference between the square headlights and the round? (Boy, do I have a lot of questions...)


  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    edited November 2011
    Ford made a lot of them but Kaiser and AM General made some too.

    Here's a recent pic of a '74 posted on the forums.

  • Steve,

    Thanks for the welcome! I was unable to pull up the picture, but I hope to keep in touch here as I have lots of questions.

    Any suggestions on the best website(s) to search fro used Jeeps? (Edmunds seems to only have much newer ones.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    edited November 2011
    Best place is to find a local Jeep club. Those folks will know who's selling and what's good and bad about the ones on the market locally.

    btw, let me know if you can't see this:

  • Steve,

    Thanks for the tip! I still did not see the pic you attached. I'm on a Mac....?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    edited November 2011
    Dunno, I'm seeing it but maybe it's cached locally on my PC. Anyone else not seeing the '74 Ford MUTT?
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    I can see it, maybe it's a Mac thing?
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    If I get a 40's Willy's and I setting myself up for a lot of repair work / maintenance? Am I better off with a newer one?
    Yes to both questions unless you buy an immaculately restored one,

    What is the difference between the square headlights and the round?
    It's easier to measure the circumference of a square headlight with a ruler, than it is a round one! :P

    Seriously, early Jeeps (CJs) had round headlights, in '87 the YJ appeared with 'trendy' square ones, and in '97 round ones returned on the TJ and have remained ever since.

    For the differences between CJs, YJs, TJs, and JKs use Google.
  • So, now...after trying to pick up a 2000 Wrangler at an auction that went for $3,490 (very close to my budget limit), it needed way to much repair to make it worth it (for me).
    Now, I'm turning my attention to a CJ5 or 7. I'm finding many of these are WAY more than my budget allows (about 4K).
    Am I waisting my time?
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Am I waisting my time?

    Maybe. Certainly cross-shopping a CJ and TJ is an apples and oranges comparison, as about the only thing they have in common is a similar profile.

    I'm afraid $3.5K won't buy much of any kind of Wrangler. The 2K model you missed out on must have been a basket case to sell at that price.

    You have three choices:
    1: At least double your budget.
    2: Accept that what you buy will need work.
    3: Forget about it.
  • Well...I found a wacko to sell me the perfect MY budget! I picked up a 1999 Wrangler with 109,000 miles, very nice,very clean; 4-cylinder, soft top. Needs very little body work and the frame is in great shape (My Mechanic inspected and approved it. He also told me if I don't buy it right now, then HE will!)
    My first Jeep! I'm so happy and so proud!
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Congratulations! I didn't realize you were considering the 2.5 4 cyl models (hope you got a manual transmission).
    I think you'll be much happier than if you'd bought an old CJ.
  • Thanks,

    I actually was only interested in a CJ 7, but I got a call from a buddy of a buddy...and we saw this Wrangler and more importantly, saw the was a done deal, on the spot!

    If I knew how to post a picture here.
  • Can I bring my sort top TJ through a car wash?
  • mac24mac24 Posts: 3,910
    Can I bring my sort top TJ through a car wash?

    You should be ok with the 'touchless' type.

    P.S. Proof reading before posting is always a good idea. ;)
  • Hello! I too, am about to buy a Wrangler [mid 90's]! Do you mind telling me what your bargain price was you paid? I am looking at 4000.00 for mine. Higher mileage than yours and older, but it looks and runs sharp. Any thoughts would be welcomed.
  • Hey,

    Good luck and welcome the the world of "Jeep Pride".

    We searched for a long time to find the right Jeep at the right price. We also had a wonderful friend help us out who is an Auto-Broker of sorts and deals with car buying and selling all the time.

    We traveled from our home in Connecticut; 2 hours South West to New Jersey to look at a CJ. (too expensive) Then we traveled 3 hours back North to Massachusetts to look at another CJ. (Junk) On our way home, we got a call from someone 15 minutes from our house selling a '99 TJ. We bought that one cash on site for $3,500

    The most challenging part of the ordeal was sticking to our budget. My experienced friend, Bill, was very helpful. Our budget was between 3,000 and 4,000...not a penny more. You'll find junks with rotted frames for 1,000, 2,000 or even 3,000...and you'll find nicely restored CJ's for 7,8,9K! You'll see some TJ's at $5,000 to $15,000...Stick to your budget!!!! There is one out there!

    If your looking for a TJ, I suggest looking in a lot of places, and take your time. Craigslist; local papers; specialized Jeep sites; and keep posting in the blogs, you may find a seller who has your interest in mind.!

    I'll speak to my friend, Bill and see if he is willing to help you out (via email and/or phone). (He does have a lot of experience...and connections!) Let me know your contact info and I might be able to put you in touch.

    Good luck and have a great holiday.


    PS: The coolest thing about Jeep ownership is the "wave". Check it out! (Jeep owners wave to each other almost always!)
  • I have a 2001 Jeep Wrangler with a 4.0L engine. I bought it from an individual who had started the process of installing single exhaust headers. He did have the dual oxygen sensors installed into the header where the front 3 and rear 3 cylinders would see the correct sensor. My question and problem is this; if I install both downstream o2 sensors in the single exhaust pipe downstream of the header, will this prevent the computer from regulating fuel enrichment correctly.

    My fear is that the oxygen sensors downstream of the header in the comingled exhaust gases will trigger 1/2 of the injectors to add fuel and the other sensor will see the exhaust as too rich and lean out the opposite 3 cylinders.

    Is there a fix for this problem or will there be a problem with this setup?

    Thanks Tim
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    edited January 2012
    I've been out of the loop for a bit, but I'm still here too.

    Kermit is still running and finally back in the garage. Had a runin with another Jeep a few years ago and hosed up my front bumper and light hoop a bit, but my friend and I built a custom stinger and grille hoop for it. Also built a rear deck setup that now holds a cargo basket above the tonneau cover. GREAT for holding my recovery gear and cooler and making them easily accessible.


    Also got a new passenger fender and hood to fix the messed up ones from my flop a few years ago. Plans this year include a new belly up setup, flat fenders, and an upgraded front cage with reinforced stock cage in back.

    TSJAY sold his Thelma Jane TJ a few weeks ago. He lost the love for offroading after Ross Allen (his dog) passed away. :( He still frequents another site though.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    Pretty slick. Say hi to Tom for us.
  • erickplerickpl Posts: 2,735
    Will do. :)

    This past year was really busy so I didn't get to play in the dirt as much as I wanted. My one big trip saw my TJ get flooded inside with mud halfway up the back of the tub. Had to totally take the interior out to clean it up and spray out the mud. Fortunately, the amplifiers survived. :)

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