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    Thanks for the information on mats. I will definetly look into these and see about ordering some. I like the idea of a Husky for the back also. I Am writing the numbers down and calling to see what I come up with. Thanks!
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    vinnie saw u were planning on installing aftermarket switch to disable day time running lights and auto headlights do u or anyone else know who makes this kit and where i can get one for my 2001 denali xl thanks
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    I have seen burbs and Yukon XL's with the 2nd row bench seat where the head rests either flip back or are fixed in place. To fold the 2nd seat with the fixed version you have to move the front seats forward, a real pain. I prefer to have the ones that flip back. Is there any way to make cetrain you get these. I can't believe GM on this one. I am buying the burb to hall things, and not have to move my front seat forward when I want to. I am over 6' and need the front leg room.

    Paul O
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    After reading through the forum and with your input I am pretty much convinced to go with a 3/4 ton with the 6L for towing. My wife says if I am spending $35,000+ I am keeping it for a while! I hope to place the order soon. Thanks for your help.
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    Just got it about 2 weeks ago. It is really nice. The color is even better then expected. I bet this color will be a big hit. I put chrome rocker panels on it and it is very sharp. I do feel some cold air coming in on the passenger side with a strong cross wind. I sure hope they get a fix for it.
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    Where did you get your chrome rocker panels? How much?
    S. Fl
    70 degrees here
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    Besides the cold air on the passenger side of my 2001 Yukon XL a vibration has started up.After It warms up it stops. It has just started doing this.Was wondering if anyone else is having this problem.Hope I didn't get a lemon.
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    I had my dealer throw them in on the deal. They installed them as well. If you were to buy them they would run about $130.
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    I have heard through other sources that Chevy is offering a rebate of $1000 on Suburbans. This may be a regional program but I hear it is definitely on in the Idaho and Utah areas. If you have any info please email me since I'm picking my new one up soon. Thanks!!
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    would like for anyone who has purchased an SUV through Southern GM in Shelbyville if they would share their shopping experience with me. thanks
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    1/08/01 I took delivery of a Polo Green Yukon XL I ordered from Southern GM in Tennessee. I live in Homestead, Fl. What would you like to know?
    S. Fl
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    how much did the actual price change, if any, from say when you placed your order to accepting delivery? Were there any unexpected charges?
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    I am about to take delivery of a 2001 Yukon XL LT 2500/8.1/4.10. (Ordered 9/3/00, delivery scheduled for 1/29/01).

    I have noticed that the receiver hitches on these vehicles indicate that they have a maximum weight carrying capacity of 5000 lbs and a 600 lb tongue weight. The weight distribution capacity is much greater.

    I will be towing a boat trailer weighing 8600 lbs. The trailer uses surge brakes and is not adaptable to a weight distribution system, and hence is designated as weight carrying.

    This presents my question/problem:

    The dealer insists that the 5000 maximum weight carrying capacity sticker on the hitch is referring to the bumper hitch, however as the capacity sticker is adhered to the platform receiver hitch itself, I do not have complete faith in what I feel is a "guess" by the dealer. Not that $300 more on top of a $46000 MSRP truck is a lot of money...but it is an annoyance nonetheless.

    I find it interesting that GMC would produce a vehicle with a 12,000 lb towing capacity and then introduce a weak-link in the form of a 5000 lb capacity hitch that effectively limits the true capacity of the vehicle.

    But is my boat...(my NICE boat) that is being towed.. I want to make certain that the equipment I am using is compatible.

    My question is this:

    Does anyone truely know if the factory hitch is capable of towing the 8600 lb. boat?

    If not, does anyone know of a GMC hitch that is compatible? .. the idea being that I prefer all of the equipment on the truck to be covered under the GMC warranty.

    My research turns up a hitch made by Reese (TITAN) and another by Putnam that has a 10,000 lb weigth carrying capacity. Has anyone had experience installing those hitches?

    Lastly...does aanyone need a factory hitch??? :) I have a feeling.... ~~~~~~~~

    Thanks for your help.
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    I have only seen Yukons and Tahoes with the larger headrests that fold back! The Denali XL does have somewhat larger headrests on the "bench", but I don't recall from the auto show whether or not they folded back? We need one of the Denali XL guys (mine arrives 2/2/01) to answer the question.

    PS. I did complain to the rep about your gripe at the 2000 auto show last year :)
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    Actually they did deliver as promised. $200.00 under invoice. A couple of things though that were annoying. It was 2-weeks short of 1 year to take delivery. I ordered a 2000 on Jan. 31-2000 and was bumped sometime in the spring to a 2001 order.I took delivery on 1/8/01. A year is a long time to wait. Make sure you know how you are going to pay for the vehicle. They will only take cash or a cashiers check not a bank draft. I also had it shipped to Homestead, Fl which worked out OK. Nice vehicle but I'm not sure it was worth the wait. I would ask how many people are ahed of you and how long it will take. They are honest folks.
    Good Luck!
    S. Fl
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    Alevy1... I have a '00 YukonXL 1500 w/platform hitch -- but its a class 3 hitch -- The Reese Titan is a Class 4 -- and will tow 10,000# with no sweat. I believe they bolt on like the class 3 hitches -- just a higher tensile steel. Hope this helps..
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    vinnie thanks for the info as far as the headrest the 2001 denali headrest for the 2nd row seats fold back for putting the seat down picking up my truck tonight
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    The specified rating of the YukonXL 3/4T hitch for weight-carrying (no weight-distributing equalizer hitch) is definitely only 5000lbs (600lb tongue weight) as you suspected, contrary to what the dealer has told you.

    The after-market class V hitches with a 10K-12K weight-carrying rating should be fine.

    However, in reality, you are unlikely to have problems using the stock hitch unless your ball mount has a long moment arm. But for $200, it is probably not worth the risk.

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    Great site for aftermarket parts. I noticed the switch was located next to an air bag switch. My 2001 XL does not have a passenger side airbag switch, is this an option?
    S. Fl.
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    Edmunds list the Z71 options to include the LS Trim plus Leather, Front buckets, Onstar, Wheel Flares, 17" Alum wheels w/ 265 off road tires, tubular assist steps, Fog Lights, Skid Plates, Locking Diff, Carpeted Fl mats, Z71 Supension, Body color grille,bumper,door handles and mirrors. Invoice 9303 MSRP 10818. Can anyone verify these options. I live in Charlotte and I've been checking thru GM Buy Power and can not find a Z71. Plus I want Redfire Metallic. Does anyone know how long it would take to order it.
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    That air bag switch is actually in a GM truck. The switch is not an available "option" in the Yuk/sub vehicles. If anyone has ordered the air bag switch and installed it themselves, I would love to hear about the work involved!

    I would think that a side by side comparison of the factory service manuals for the GM trucks and subs would answer the question. Ok, who has one of each :)

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    My wife has just informed me that my sixth child is on the way. As a result I am now in the market for a Yukon LX. I am considering the leather option, but have never had leather with kids. Can anyone with experience tell me which is preferred leather or cloth when you have young children. I understand that with the Yukon the third seat is not leather, how does it hold up?
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    I have been looking at the Suburban/Yukon XL as a replacement vehicle for my '91 GMC Suburban. The Suburbans seems to be substantially the same vehilce as the Yukon XL except for the way the options are arranged. My question is: is there any difference between the cloth upholstery used in the Suburban vs. that used in the Yukon XL? I have driven a Suburban and it did not seem to have the best quality upholstery. In addition one of the door panels had come loose on the demostrator I was driving. I wonder if the Yukon XL has higher quality upholstery. Or are these two vehicles really identical?

    Other than the way the options are presented and the slightly higher price, is there any other significant difference?
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    joal: Congrats on #6. We had a 94 Suburban with cloth and up to 3 kids (born 92, 95 & 98). The gray cloth held up pretty well, but after a while the ground in snacks, juice, etc. took its toll. Our 95 Honda had leather (at the time we did not want it but that was the only way to get the V6 & sunroof my wife wanted) until it was totalled a few months ago it handled the kids better than the cloth as long as we conditioned it once or twice a year. The excess heat here in Texas was not a problem with the leather as the kids were usually in cloth car seats anyway. We just took delivery of a 2001 Yukon XL with leather. Because of the seat belt adjusters 2 of our 3 are out of car seats and have not yet destroyed the leather. My wife feels it will be easier to keep up the appearances of the leather based on the experience with the 94 Sub and the Honda. Just to be on the safe side, and because the kids are old enough to follow rules, there is currently no food allowed in the new XL and the only allowable beverage is water. The only risk to the leather is that it I don't think it is as easy to fix a tear or rip in the seat. As my wife sees it, a red slurpee cleans up on leather better than on cloth. Also, our XL has leather on all seats, including the third seat. Hope this helps.
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    Don't be fooled, the third seat is vinyl, as are the sides of the first and second row. The only leather surfaces are the seating surfaces, and only the first and second row. GM was kind enough to clarify this in their 2001 brochure. I wasn't thrilled about this, but that is the way it is on my 2001 XL. I think that the third row on the Denalis are leather, though.
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    Congrats on #6 - I'm stopping at 5 myself.

    I personally prefer the cloth seats with kids (or for myself, for that matter - the leather/vinyl seats are not as comfortable). They are easy to clean with a damp rag and the upholstery attachment on a carpet cleaner every year or two. The cloth seats are more comfortable for climate extremes. Kids can easily scratch or tear leather from a loose rivet on their jeans or a pencil in their back pocket.

    The bigger problem with kids is the carpet, particularly with the ridiculously ineffective "mats" that they provide on the Yukon/Burb. However, you can buy custom-fit mats that actually protect the carpet.
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    of the two Service Manuals.
    The one GMT00CK8 Service Manual covers the Silverado, Tahoe, Suburban, Sierra, Yukon and the Yukon XL for the 2000 model year.
    The 2001 model year WILL BE covered by the GMT01CK8 Service Manual - a set of four volumes if it is as large as the 2000 Service Manuals.
    Yesterday "Helm" told me that the 2001 manuals may be ready by end of Feb. Whenever you call they just give you a date one or two months out.

    Will look at my copy tomorrow and try to locate the wiring diagrams for the various models. Look for a post then.
    Smile it`s good for the heart.
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    Young children and small adults have been killed by air bag deployment. This circuit should not be worked on by untrained back yard mechanics - in my lowly opinion. Accidental air bag deployment can severely harm or kill.
    Having said the above, here is what I have learned from the 2000 service manual. On a pictorial displaying the Inflatable Restraint Component Zoning, they list item 9 as a "Inflatable Restraint IP Module Switch ( Pickup Only )

    We have a problem in attempting to install a simple on off switch to disable the air bag. The difference between the Pickup and other modules is extensive.
    There is a Inflatable Restraint Sensing and Diagnostic Module ( SDM ) which has extra circuits in the pickup. These contact points do not show in the " Utilities " wiring diagram.

    There is also an extra part known as a Inflatable Restraint IP Module Switch which is transistorized - NOT a common simple SPST switch. This switch wires to the SDM but the contact points are only there in the pickup.

    If you modify this circuit - you may well be violating Federal Law. You also would open yourself to Legal Problems if a adult is injured due to you deletion of a safety feature on your truck.

    Would suggest keeping the child in the rear where it`s safer anyway and use the front seat for medium or large sized adults.
    Only one person`s view. I`m sure some will say do whatever is req`d. Your choice - just wanted you to think of several possible ramifications.
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    Spill some milk or juice on cloth and you have stains and permanent smell. Cloth covered seats smell over time. Period. Leather can be easily wiped and cleaned. Your car will always smell good, not like old rotten food. Just my 2 cents.
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    First off if I had to regularly put 8 people in one vehicle I'd be looking at the Excursion due to significantly more interior room vs 'burb/xl.

    Sure the leather is likely to be easier to clean up, but I get the guy that cleans my upholstery/carpets at home to do the cloth interior of the 4RNR and it comes out looking and smelling good. I have a 2 year old and did have 3 dogs that rode frequently. The biggest issue with leather in the burb is that it only comes with front buckets and not the bench seat versions. In order to get leather it costs one seating position. I find the bench seat more comfortable than the buckets. The center console is a waste of space as well. If black leather were available in bench seats I'd say get that, but it's not. I don't think that grey or light tan leather are going to be very easy to keep clean.

    BTW I had a 99 sierra LT, w buckets/grey leather and I now have a 'burb LS w grey cloth.
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    Hi all, I've just signed up although I've been reading your posts for a few weeks. We have a '98 Toyota 4Runner and have been very happy with it, but it's a bit small for me (I'm about 6'3") and it fills up pretty quickly when we go on trips, even with just my wife, dog and me. We are considering getting a larger vehicle and I've always like the Suburban, and now I qualify for employee pricing. I would prefer to get a 2001 2500 LS 4x4 with the 6.0l, but they seem to be scarce here. There are some extra savings to be had on 2000 models, but after reading about various problems on the 2000 Yukon/Yukon XL/Tahoe/Suburban (especially the rear passenger door power windows) I'm hesitant about taking a chance on a 2000. Sorry for being long winded, but my basic question is this: other than the increase in power of the 6.0l from 2000 to 2001 (from 300 hp to 320hp, 355 lb/ft to 360 lb/ft) have any other improvements been made to address problems encountered in 2000 models? Has anyone driven otherwise identical 2000 and 2001 K2500s with the 6.0l, and if so was there any noticeble performance differences? Finally, has anyone heard if the Duramax diesel will be offered on the 2500 for 2002?
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    I forgot to include this in my previous post, but has anyone found an aftermarket skidplate to protect the gas tank? I don't understand why GM doesn't include one with the skid plate package. Dodge is guilty of the same thing with the Ram pickup. Both vehicles have this huge plastic gas tank on the belly just daring a sharp object to poke holes in just have to shake your head.. Thanks for any info.
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    Hello everyone, great information. As I get ready to purchase a 2001 Yukon LX.. How many of you are pleased and would purchase an LX all over again? Thanks for the input!
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    Thats Yukon XL....
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    Does anyone know of a GMC dealer in the Southeast Alabama / Georgia area that will price a special order on a Yukon XL for $500.00 or less over invoice? This information would be helpful.
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    My 2000 Suburban has leather on the seating surfaces of the third seat, with vinyl on the sides.
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    Well, if that's the case, leave it to GM to raise the price and cheapen the vehicle. I feel like I got swindled by GM - maybe I should have tried harder to get a 2000 XL instead of a 2001.
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    What is the difference between the standard axle ratio and the optional 4.1 ratio? Most of my driving is interstate driving at 75mph. What are the advantages and disadvantages of each? Thanks.
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    There is a dealer, Southern GM, located in Shelbyville, Tenn. (outside of Nashville) that sells Yukons for $200 BELOW invoice price.
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    Simple analysis: The lower the rear axle ratio, the better the gas mileage. The higher the rear axle ratio the more power given during initial movement, hence better for towing.

    I went with the standard axle ratio, 3.42, on my Yukon in order to get the best gas mileage and because I do not tow anything.
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    I don't know what kind of mileage folks are getting in Subs and XLs with the standard (3.73)ratio as opposed to the 4.10, hopefully there will be some responses that give actual mpg's. However, here are some numbers to play with.

    A 3.73 gear needs 3.73 turns of the driveshaft to turn the axle 1 turn. A 4.10 dear needs 4.1. Pretty obvious so far. If you have to indicate 1,000 rpm on the tachometer to drive 60 mph - which may be fairly close to reality - with a 3.73 gear that means that in 1 minute you will travel 1 mile and use 1,000 turns of the engine. A 4.10 gear is about 10% greater than the 3.73, actually 9.92%, but close enough for govt. work. That means that with everything else left the same, if you slipped a set of 4.1 gears in the truck, it would indicate 1,100 rpm on the tach at 60 mph. That's an extra 100 turns per mile. Not very much, but in 100 miles that's 10,000 turns of the engine, or 100,000 for a 1,000 mile trip.

    Not real scientific, but basically if you tow alot its good to have the 4.10 gears, better start up and better pull up hills; if the vast majority of your driving is around town or highway with nothing hooked to the back, 3.73 gears will work great.
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    Yes, I would order this vehicle again. It is one terrific vehicle for the price. This comment comes from a die hard blue oval fan and former Lincoln Navigator owner.
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    Has anyone heard that a bug shield is not recommended for the Denali?Someone said that it obstructs flow for heater and a/c.
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    We have five kids and are currently driving a 10 yr. old Olds Silhouette. We're finally looking at new SUVs, and have narrowed it down. I've done a fair amount of research, but am still confused by what I consider to be a fairly significant price difference between the Suburban and the Yukon XL. I was under the impression that they are essentially the exact same car. The Chevy salesman told me they are exactly the same except for the grill. The GMC salesman told me that the Yukon's appointments are more luxury oriented and that there is a better suspension system that makes it a smoother ride. Anybody have any advice at all? My gut is that I like the Yukon a little better, but am trying to decide if the few stylistic things I like are worth the extra few thousand dollars. We're also deciding between cloth and leather, so I'm enjoying reading through all these posts. I'm glad I found this board in time to help us make a well informed decision.
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    Other than the grill and side body moldings, they are the same truck with the same available options. I chose the Sub because I didn't like the grill on th XL.

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    On my 97 5.7 Tahoe, you can turn off the daytime driving lights by slightly depressing the emergency brake. You will have a message on the dash that your parking brake is on to remind you, but it will not effect engaging the brake.

    I am trying to decide today on a 2500 XL or a Denali XL, with the 3.73 only available. I am towing 8000/trailer lb boat in relative flat country and don't think I will ever be anywhere else. I may tow a 7,500 Travel Trailer in hill conditions though. I like the Denali and pulled my boat over a high rise brige on demo and it seemed to have enough power. It felt a litte car like with the extra tonge weight. Will a longer wheel base XL improve on this?? I have been towing both with my Tahoe, 3.42 ratio in drive, with no real problems, other than a little strain with the trailer in steep hills. I went down a size in tires 245/235 and improved my ratio to 3.60. Pulled better! I am thinking of going with the 6.0 in a 2500XL and installing bigger tires (245/265/275) to reduce the ratio back to the 3.90/3.80 area. Would I see an improvment in fuel consumption if I did this? (hiway, non towing.) Any input appreciated. I have sold my Tawhoe and need to buy a new one this week skipjack2 [email protected]
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    I don't understand your comment that a Yukon XL is thousands more than a Suburban. I own a 2001 Suburban LT, leather, autoride, 4WD, etc. and sat down with both a GMC dealer and Chevy dealer during negotiation. We compared invoice prices and the two were $105 apart (we did make some assumptions because option packages are different). We went with the Suburban because selling price was lower -- even though we were initially in the market for GMC -- and the front-end is now preferable to me.
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    The bottom lines MSRP on the Suburban LS and the Yukon SLE that we are looking at end up being roughly $37872 for the Burb and $39595 for the Yukon. Those are both with cloth seats (leather is still something we're deciding upon), and the 1SB, locking differential, liftgate and running boards for the Suburban,but just the running boards and locking differential for the Yukon. If we go with leather, then it changes to $40277 or $41645, so it gets it a little closer, but not much. Maybe I'm not figuring something right, but it seems like close to a $2000 difference for the exact same car with a different grill and different outside body moldings?
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