GMC Yukon XL and Yukon XL Denali



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    Rancho makes one but I do not think you need it for your application. You are just replacing the stock shocks with air adjustment ones, right?
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    i am adding airbags to it, not the air shocks, so i have to keep the shocks somewhere. how much is that rancho kit? i could not find it on their site. thanks
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    I don't have the catalog here at work but try Performance Products in Van Nuys, CA for a price quote...
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    I have driven a neighbors 1/2 ton with the 5.3, a 2000 3/4 ton with the 6.0 (4.10 rearend) and I ultimately bought the 8.1 with 3.73 gears. I felt that the 2000 6.0 felt about the same as the 5.3. Each has good power off the line but if I was going up hills or trying to accelerate on the freeway, I felt that the torque was inadequate for the weight of the vehicle. Based on that I bought the 8.1. You will pay the price at the pump for the big block. In addition, the 2001 has slightly more horse power and torque than the 2000. My advice is to drive both and decide for yourself.
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    The GM powertrain site still does not have the 2001 engine specs. You can find them here, however:

    or, start here and find it under "Division Media":

    After driving a 6.0L and being unimpressed, I bought the 8.1L and never regretted it. The 8.1L/4.10 drives and tows great, but it is thirsty.

    My only minor complaint is that under full throttle acceleration, unloaded, at cold temperatures (<30degF), the shift is sloppy at about 55-60mph - could be an engine or transmission control defect, transmission slip, or maybe the engine controller is limiting torque. This does not happen when tow/haul mode is engaged, or when AutoTrac is engaged (but when either of these are on, the 0-60 times increase by about 3/4sec).
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    Another option is the Yukon Denali XL. It has a 320 HP 6 Liter engine. The transmission is geared differently thna the 2500 series truck which will improve acceleration, especially in 1st and 2nd gear. The transmission is heavier duty than the standard 1500 series transmission and the engine has an oil cooler which the 1500 series does not. A trans temp guage is also included. This will not work for those of you that have very heavy trailering needs, but will work for those who want more power and find that the 6 liter in the 2500 does not have enough power (the increased power over the 1500 series is offset by the change in the transmission gearing).
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    I took delivery of my black Denali XL two days ago. What a wonderful vehicle! I think it is well worth the extra cost.

    While driving home from the dealership I immediately noticed a problem:
    Above 50 mph there is a significant rattle somewhere near the rear wheels. This is definitely wind related and did not change with varying rpm.
    Tonight with my wife driving, I confirmed this bilateral rattle near the rear wheels above 50 mph. I believe this rattle is coming from the splash protector/cowling located just inside and above the rear wheels. When manually shaken it seems to produce a similar sound on the exterior.

    Has anyone out there experienced this problem? If so how was it remedied? Please help.
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    Capt Bill,
    Horse Power curves are available in 2001 YXL brochure on page 30.
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    Thanks for the site urls, that is exactly what I was looking for. Could you tell me what you are getting for mpg and 0-60 times. My 91 3/4t 4x4
    w/5.7L, typically gets about 7-9 mpg in town and
    12-15 on the hiway - depends an how much a/c I
    have to use. Part of the in-town problem is that I have a heavy foot, but part of it is that, at
    195 hp, I have to drive it hard just to get any where. I couldn't begin to tell you how many times I have nearly 'bought it' trying to enter
    a hiway with an uphill on-ramp. I promised myself
    that until they came out with a Sub with some power, I wasn't going to buy another one. Well, they did, and now I don't have an excuse. So its
    back to monthly payments again.
    In your opinion, what difference would a 3.73 rear gear make in mpg?
    Thanks again for the info.
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    I have several questions on options.
    1) Can you get Autoride w/o the 8.1L eng.?
    2) Can you get a locking rear differential w/o
    the 8.1L eng.?
    3) Is the electronic climate control (comes
    with the LT pkg) available on an LS, if so,
    what is the option code?
    Thanks for any info.
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    No I don't have the rear A/C control since I have the sunroof.
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    I am considering a 8.1 with 4:10 for occasional heavy towing, 3 to 4 horses and camping equipment. But I also need to consider several 4500 mile trips a year with no towing.

    Option 2 would be 8.1 with 3.73 and just plan on down shifting when necessary when towing in the mountains.

    There have been very few responses to the previous questions about what to expect in the way of gas mileage for either of these two combinations. It also be helpful to know how many miles on the vehicle, since my past experience with subs has been that the consumption improves as everything loosens up.

    Thank you in advance for you experience and insights. I am ready to buy, but just getting the final configuration down pat.
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    Do you have the part number for that assembly. When I asked the kind gentlemen behind the parts counter at my Chewy dealership, he gave me a what the beck you talking about' look. Not very helpful. Thanks
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    Darn spell check changed my spelling of Chevy to Chewy and heck to beck...oh well.
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    I have about 3000 miles on a 8.1 with 3.73 gears. I get about 9 around town and 11 to 11.5 on the freeway. For an average I would say that it is 10 MPG that seems to matter very little whether you are towing or in the mountains. Unless you are up near the limit of the tow ratings I am willing to bet you will have to do very little down shifting when towing because of the immense torque that the engine puts out at around 1000-1500 RPM's. (I tow a 5000 pound boat). Like wise I doubt that the 4.10 gears make that much difference either. Net/Net if you are going to do a lot of towing I would opt for the 4.10 gears.
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    I had heard a rumor that Chevrolet was toying with the idea of stuffing the vortex 8100 into a 2002 Suburban 1500 and badging it as a Suburban SS. Has anyone heard about this?
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    Does anyone know if the black "wheel lip moldings" are standard on all 3/4 ton Yukon XLs or is it just the 4x4?

    One more request: If anyone has a 3/4 ton Yukon AL with the black "wheel lip moldings", could you please let me know your IN number. According to the Chevrolet parts person, he can use the IN to locate part numbers for the moldings.

    If you prefer not to post your IN number, maybe you could mail it to me at [email protected]

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    I just left my local Chevy dealer in total amazement. I just now noticed the neutral inserts in the door panels and the bottom half of the dash. I was looking at the light gray cloth interior that had the almond (neutral) inserts. It is unbelievable that Chevrolet could make such a blantant mistake. I was ready to order an 01' Suburban until I saw this. The colors do not compliment each other at all. In fact, it looks as if the factory ran short on parts and just put what ever they had on the inside. I presently own a 96' burb and was ready to make the jump to the new style. Now I am stranded, cannot stand this new color mistake by GM, will not buy a non GM SUV. Does anyone else feel like I do concerning the new "netural" door inserts and bottom half of the dash a different color?
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    Part # is 15 04 43 70.
    Just remember that it is for a Neutral interior color trim.
    If you have another color,the part # will be different but the part guy can punch this # and find the part # for other color.
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    I have a 2001 XL 2500
    Vin # 3GKGK26GX1G111987
    The litlle black flares look very good.
    I also have 2 rectangular cut-out in the chrome part of the bumper, on both side of the licence plate.
    I think it is only on the 8100 Vortec, not the 6000.
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    Oh no should I get the Yuon XL 3/4 ton already for delivery on Jan. 28th or go out instead and buy the Volvo V70t wagon?
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    I have a Yukon XL 3/4 ton SLT (white) waiting for a train in Silao, Mexico (built 2 weeks ahead of the TPW!).

    My question: Are the fender flairs on this vehicle going to be body colored or black?


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    After going to several gmc dealers, I found a partsman who knew of those black factory wheel moldings on the 2001 3/4 ton XL... L.F.#15747829 R.F.#15747830,L.R.#15750081 and R.R.#15750082. I know the front fenders on the yukon are same as XL but no one will verify if the rear moldings will fit the yukon. If anyone knows,please post. Also be prepared to spend $125.00 each(wholesale price).
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    does anyone know of a GMC dealer in the southeast selling Yukon XL's for $500 or less under invoice price?
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    There is a dealer located in Shelbyville, Tenn. that sells these vehicles for $200 under invoice price. (per Edmunds policy, I can not post the url link to this dealer. If you send me an email, I will send it to you privately) I do not know one that will sell it for $500 under invoice unless you can purchase under the GMO or GMS employee discount program.
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    If you go to you can click on "New Car Pricing" and follow the selection steps to the 2500. Here you can get all the option codes and their availability with the 2500 you are looking for. At the end of each option, it will tell you if it has restrictions such as the lack of auto climate control with a sunroof.

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    Southern GM called today and said they'd gotten invoice on my Yukon XL and that it should be on their lot in 7 - 10 business days. Wish they hadn't said it was build on Friday the 12th... Oh, well that's better than tomorrow... the day after long weekend.
    It's a US build... everything I wanted but auto ride which was on constraint when order preferenced and accepted in mid-December.

    Is the National Advertising fee legit... wasn't part of Southern's $200 under invoice pricing when I placed order in late April????
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    On the GMC the fender flares are only about a half inch high and I've never seen anything but black. They are a smooth finish so they could be painted if you wanted. Hope this helps, Suburbansrule
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    Captbill1 -

    MPG on 8.1L is ~9mpg city (lead foot) and maybe 10-11 highway (80mph). 7-8mpg 7500lb trailer in mountains. 8.1L/4.10/LT26575R16. 1" suspension height increase. 4500ft elevation.

    Just for fun, I measured the 0-60 times (not very scientific & not very ideal conditions). Anyway, the 0-60 was ~9.1s @ cold temp (-2degC), 4500 ft elevation, slick roads limiting starting speed (sand on road to melt ice). 0-60 increases to ~9.7s if limited to third gear (no overdrive), if tow/haul is engaged, or if AutoTrac is engaged. I thought that AutoTrac might help the 0-60 times because of the low-traction surfaces, but it didn't (however, it was more stable - plunged straight ahead instead of fishtailing). Since it got better 0-60 times when overdrive was enabled, it seems like the 3.73's might have better unloaded 0-60 times. Published specs say <8.5s 0-60 under more ideal conditions. In any case, it is not exactly a sports car, but it is certainly respectable for a big truck and plenty of fun to drive - especially "off of the line". I think the 1500's (unloaded) have similar 0-60 times, but they seem weak off-the-line and don't have the seat-of-pants feel of the big block. When towing, there is no comparison.

    The auto climate control is available on the GMC version (SLE), but not the Chevy version (LS). I wanted the climate control, but not leather seats and rock catchers, so I had to buy the YukonXL SLE intead of the Burb LS/LT. I think the exterior styling is better on the GMC anyway, especially compared to the Chevy LS which has black door handles and trim.

    You can get a locking differential with any engine, but only the 8.1L comes with the extra-heavy-duty rear drivetrain (and maybe only when you also order the 12000lb-tow-capacity 4.10 ratio?).

    The small "wheel flares" on the GMC are black, but not objectionable since they are small and highlight the black tires - I like them. I don't much like the black flares that they often put on the Burbs.

    Interesting tidbit:
    A real weird vehicle is the "2001 GMC Suburban 2500" that they sell in Saudi Arabia. It is two-tone with a GMC YukonXL grill, GMC YukonXL side trim applied like the Chevrolet Suburban trim (in the middle section only), and the large Chevrolet Suburban wheel flares!
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    A word of caution for those looking to upgrade the bulbs on your factory foglights: Do NOT use the 50 watt bulbs (# 885). The heat generated by these bulbs will blister the chrome reflective plating of the plastic housing, on the inside, above the bulb. (Been there, done that.) The 38 watt bulb (# 893)is a better bet, because it is not as hot as the 50 watt bulb. I cannot honestly say if it causes any blistering, because I had already did the damage with the 50 watt bulbs. If anyone has any feedback on the 38 watt replacement, please post for others. (In my opinion, the foglights are cheap and do not belong on a $ 40K vehicle. It just gives me an excuse to upgrade to a set of PIAAs.)
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    I am very close to ordering a Yukon XL. I have some concerns about quality, but I think it is the best vehicle for my needs. My question is about towing. I currently tow a 5,000 pd travel trailer with a 96 Chevy K1500 5.7 with a 3.73 rear. This truck has performed very well with this size trailer. I only tow the trailer maybe 10 times a season. I think a 1/2 ton would be fine for me, but I have read a lot of comments about the larger engine in the 3/4 ton being much better. I really think it would be overkill and I am looking for the best milage I can get since I do not tow that often. Any comments greatly appreciated.
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    Does anyone know if the transmission temperature gauge on the 3/4 ton XL be added to the 1/2 ton XL. I've always installed one on my tow vehicles. When ordering my 1/2 ton XL, the trans / temp gauge was only available on the 3/4 ton XL. The spot on the 1/2 ton instrument cluster is unused, but I do not know if there is just a plug there, or if the whole cluster is different for the 3/4 ton XL. I really want to add one, & that would be the perfect spot. Has anyone installed one there, or have ideas on a different location for the gauge ??? Also, is the factory auxilary trans-cooler big enough, or should I install a larger one ??? Any ideas ?? I tow a 6500 pound trailer occasionaly.

    For anyone looking for some real floor mats, I ordered & got mine through GMC. They are a perfect match in color, carpeted, contured & fit perfectly, & have a raised rim around the edges to catch the water. I have a complete set of (2) front, (1) piece center row (bench seat), & (1) piece 3rd row. Total cost about $160 wholesale @ the dealer. I just love this 2001 XL, no trips back to the dealer, except to pick up the floors mats. Got it 10/26/00. Dave
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    I guess message #423 did not cut the mustard?
  • drb2002drb2002 Member Posts: 72
    It is included on the Yukon XL Denali (1/2 ton), so I would guess it may be possible. You may want to inquire on the Denali board?

    I just looked up the specs at and the factory codes are as follows for the 3/4 ton, 1/2 ton, and Denali platforms.

    MT1 Automatic, 4-Speed w/Overdrive
    Includes Auxiliary Transmission Oil Cooling.

    M30 Automatic, 4-Speed w/Overdrive
    Denali Includes H.D. Auxiliary Transmission Cooling.

    M32 Automatic, 4-Speed w/Overdrive
    Denali Includes H.D. Auxiliary Transmission Cooling.

    You will have to look up these different trannys somewhere to find the answer... Sorry, I lack the time right now

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    mmmmmmmmmmmmm...did someone say Suburban SS?

    8.1 in a 1500...I'm listening! Anybody have any further info?

    It would look great in the driveway next to my '95 Impala SS too!
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    If you are happy with the '96 5.7L/3.73, then you would probably be satisfied with the 5.3L/4.10 (definitely get the 4.10's to make up for the torque loss). If the 10 trips/yr are short, on mostly flat terrain, and at moderate temperature, then the 1/2T should be fine. The transmission is usually the first thing to go (although some people have a lot of trouble with the 1/2T differential also). I agree that the 8.1L would be overkill if you are satisfied with the performance of the smaller engine already.

    If you want peace-of-mind for longer trips (heavier transmission and drivetrain, suspension stability, stronger brakes, transmission temp guage) then go for the 3/4T (the 3/4T 6.0L should have about the same tow performance as your 1/2T 5.7L). The heavier drivetrain friction and slightly larger engine results in lower gas mileage, so you have to choose between durability (3/4T) or gas mileage (1/2T).

    Another consideration is how long you will keep the vehicle. If it is in warranty, durability doesn't matter as much since GM (or the next owner) will foot the repair bill due to the towing wear. However, if towing much beyond the warranty period, the 3/4T durability makes sense (you can afford to spend a lot more $ on gas to prevent a ~$3500 transmission repair). Most transmission failure of towing vehicles is not instantaneous, it is the eventual result of ongoing wear due to load and temperature.

    The cost of 1/2T vs 3/4T should be pretty close, since AutoRide load leveling would probably be a must-have on the spring-coil 1/2T and is not needed on the 6.0L 3/4T which still has overload spring-leafs.

    Good luck
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    I know the Z71 Suburban should be available for ordering soon, but I was hoping someone out there may have some information on when it will be available, and if anyone may have opinions on why this looks like a great vehicle or why it is not worth buying.

    Any help or information would be great!!!
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    Anyone having cold air at the lower right passenger side at all heater settings? And what have you done about it? GM says thats the way it`is supposed to be. Into arbitration 1st or 2nd of February. Anybody been there and done that? The differential has been changed also due to whining-it not me. Mex made, to.
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    Anyone have any suggestions on after market alloys wheels for my new pewter 2wd 1500LT. We love it, but would like a different wheel. Like to keep the tires (firestone 265/70/16s), but would 17in or 18 in look better?
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    Thanks for your input, as well as others who replied.
    The mileage your getting sounds about like my 1991 5.7L. I live in eastern Kansas and am at about 1000ft elev. so might do a little better. I'm not expecting too much though. Basically, anyone who buys a Burb or an XL and worries very much about mpg's, bought the wrong vehicle. I considered getting an XL, but the people at the local GMC dealership were about as dumb as posts about the truck and their shop isn't too great either. So I nixed that idea.

    As a matter of fact, I put in an order yesterday, Monday, for a 2500 4x4 w/8.1L in Redfire Metallic. Got it for $500 over invoice. I could have probably done a little better, but $200 0r $300 less only makes $12 diference in payments, so it wasn't worth my time to haggle. I've dealt with the dealer before(bought my 1978 from him). However, and isn't there always one of those, I found out that the Redfire paint is on constraint, 8 weeks for a 1500 and unknown for the 2500. Go figure. I can't imagine what the problem could be, but intend to call every # I can to find out.

    I'm pretty much with you on the feel of acceleration. I drove a '57 2dr hardtop with a 325 hp 327 for 19 yrs. I bought the car in 1963 (that dates me) and put the 327 in before I went overseas as a USMC chopper pilot in 1969. It had plenty of giddy-up. By the way, did you put the 265 tires on aftermarket or did they come with the XL? The best I could do ordering were 245 on/off roads.
    The Arabian version sounds like it was built out of spare parts.
    As an aside has anyone experienced any fuel transfer pump problems?
    I personally don't care too much for the idea of 2 tanks. I've never heard of a failure-proof transfer system. I called the Chevy dealer the other day to find out what it costs to replace one of the little critters - between $400 and $500, not to mention the intense grief it would cause if it happened some of the places I've been in Wyoming.
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    Thought I'd share my first two weeks impressions on my 2001 8.1 2500 4x4 LT, 3.73 Suburban. The short answer is: I wouldn't trade this truck for any other vehicle on the planet. Here are some other thoughts:

    -Acceleration for a big truck is awesome.
    -First tank of gas during break in was 12.5 MPG while I was babying it. I'm getting about 11.5 now in mixed city/highway. Shows that the driver can affect the mileage somewhat. However, I can't resist punching it now and again.
    -Seats are the best of any vehicle I have ever owned. Love the heaters.
    -So far the vehicle is tight. My previous Suburbans('78 a '95) were loose and rattled from the minute they were driven off the lot
    -Vehicle came with f_____g Firestones. Now has Michelin LTX M+S LT 245/75R16s except for the spare. Can't find anyone who wants the Deathstones. Love the Michelins; I've used this tire for years and have had good luck with it. Even at GMs recommended inflations (50 front, 80 rear), the ride is as good as any 1500 Suburban or pickup I have ever experienced. Impressive what GM has done with the suspension.
    -Hate the auto headlights and daylight idiot lights. Will be installing the after-market switch that returns the headlight control to the "adult" mode instead of the current "let us hold your hand, my child" mode.
    -Sound system is marginally OK and will doubtless please anyone who is not a serious in-car music fan. I'm taking it all out and putting in Alpine and JL Audio equipment. Will report on that later.

    The ordering experience was good, but my situation was unique in that I ordered it thru an overseas buying service in Saudi Arabia. Paid about $500 over invoice, and most of that was in fees to the delivering dealer in Texas. Took 2 months from placing order until it arrived at the dealer. No constraints except couldn't get Redfire paint.

    Good luck to capbill1 on his quest. I called everyone and their sister to get my truck in Redfire. I mean to say I was downright ugly. To no avail, however. GM will simply not build a 2500 in Redfire at this time and no one can tell me why not. I think it is because of the wheel flares not being able to match the body or something, but I'm only guessing. Went with the Forest Green/Polo Green (color 47) and I like it just fine. It comes with matching wheel flares, door handles, and mirrors. It is a classy color.

    More later.
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    Did you get floor mats that look just like the catch-alls and cover almost all the floor surface to protect from spills etc.? What about the cargo area?

    I have a Denali XL that I just picked up and want to keep looking nice in spite of teenagers.

    The price sounds awfully good for that many mats!
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    Have you received prices for the Catch-Alls? Only a few local shops here in Salt lake carried them, and all I got was a "huh" when asking for mats for a Yukon XL Denali.

    Does the Yukon XL take the same mats? I would think so, but would hate to order and send back.

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    My Yukon does not seem to have that problem, but it has been noted by quite a few others. On another BB some posters have said that GM is "well aware of the problem" and is working on a fix.

    You are apparently NOT alone.
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    I'm happy to hear your impressions. Makes me feel better about getting the 8.1. Could you tell me when you ordered? Just to give me a frame of reference for how long this Redfire thing has been going on. It seems strange to me that the color is on constraint for Suburbans but not for Tahoes - its the same color! One site "LeasePlan USA" says "add 8 weeks" for the 1500 Suburbans and unknown for the 2500s. Wheels Inc just says "unknown". In your statement ' one can tell me why not." I think you can substitute the word
    will for can with a very high degree of accuracy. Both of the above sites give lists of constraints and production delays. I can send the urls if anyone is interested. I can only think that GM feels that it is necessary to cover their backside for some reason on this issue possibly a concern that someone might figure out a way to start a legal hassel of some kind. Oh well, we can but try. Even if I don't get any answers I may feel better having had the opportunity to tell
    someone what I think of their practices and procedures.
    I've been thinking seriously myself about the Forest Green. Can't quite get my wife to go for it though.
    Your assessment of the sound system is interesting and echos others I've seen in this discussion. In my case I may not notice it - about 1,000 hours in helicopters that had a cockpit noise level around 90 - 100 db, with ear protection, has made me deaf as a post from
    6,000 cycles on up.
    I'm with you on the headlight/daytime running light thing. I think they tend to confuse people more on closure rates, than they help with visibility.
    Wish me luck folks, I'm off to joust with the Dragon.
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    Can anyone share with me info on how I can track the shipment of my truck to Southern GM???
    Any help most appreciated.
  • vinnie6vinnie6 Member Posts: 20
    My truck was ordered on 16 Oct 00 and arrived at the dealer on 20 Dec 00. However, once I was informed that the Redfire color wasn't going to be available for my 2500, I stopped the order for about 10 days while I (from Saudi Arabia, no less) attempted to get some answers (read: threw a tantrum) as to what was going on. Of course, I had no luck. So on 26 Oct 00 I reinstated the order in Forest Green. The service placed the order with whomever in GM they deal with and the vehicle arrived at the dealer in less than 2 months.

    I need to stress, however, that I believe this buying service is given special consideration by GM. They are sanctioned by GM to sell their vehicles to American expatriats living overseas for delivery in the states. They promise to have a vehicle ready for delivery on a certain date and, from folks I have talked to, always make it. They seem to be given priority on production and on contrained items because, at the time I placed my order, this forum and others were reporting constraints on a number on options (liftgates and 8.1 engines--to name two), but there was no problems with my truck at all. It came in just as I ordered. Built in Mexico.

    The Redfire paint color problem has been going on since at least July. I tried to place an order for a Yukon XL in July and the color was on constraint for all vehicles. Later GMC announced that they would never have Redfire available in 2500s so I shifted to Chevy. Chevy rep said "no problem", factory rep said "no problem" (I was told), the GM Buypower website would allow you to configure a 2500 Suburban in Redfire, the Chevy website shows it as available, and the GM media site shows it. But try to order it and you will be disappointed. You are absolutely right when you say that the operative word is "won't tell me" instead of "can't tell me". The folks I've talked to treat the issue as if it is some huge company trade secret. The secret is out: they are screwed up.

    I have been off this board for some time and posted this before, but it may be interesting for some to know that GM provides its overseas customers choices it doesn't offer Americans. In Saudi Arabia where I just left there are many more colors available for 2001 (including the colors discontinued from last year) AND you can still get factory two-tone if you want it. Not so here, as you doubtless know.

    I have always loved my Suburbans and can't imagine not having one, but this whole thing with GM and paint has me baffled. The Suburban/Tahoe/Yukon/Yukon Lite family is offered in only nine colors and four of them are shades of white/black. Ford and Chrysler both offer many more interesting colors on their vehicles with two-tones and other trim options. H__l, every other GM pickup/SUV I see on the road is Pewter. Surely the largest automaker in the world can do better than this.
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    If you put the last 8 digits of your VIN (should be available from Southern)into the tracking portion of the Burlington Northern Santa Fe website, you should be able to track your progress. Many appear to be shipped on this railroad. Union Pacific has a similar feature, but you must get the train car # from the dealer.
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    The carpeted floormats I ordered & bought through GMC look much like the "catch-alls", with the raised rim, & are a perfect match in color & fit. They cover all the floor area like any good mat should. I bought them for the front, center, & 3rd rows. I was not able to find any listing for "catch-all's" for anything but the front seat on the 2001 XL. I checked my receipt, here are the GMC part # & prices I got for the light grey interior as follows:
    part #______List_______I paid
    Front pair (driver & passenger)________12497644____$80.00_____$68.00
    Center row (1) piece mat (bench seat)__12497653____$66.07_____$56.16
    3rd row (1) piece mat________________12497659____$66.07_____$56.16

    The nice thing about these mats also, is that even w/ the raised rim, the center row seat is able to slide forward & not interfer with the mat. A cargo area mat was also available, but I will go with a "Huskyliner" mat as I have on my 93 Sub. The "Huskyliner" cargo mat is available in (2) lengths, short #2170 (behind 3rd row) & long #2270 (behind 2nd row all the way to the back).
    I've got one of each. They are rubberized & have a high 2" lip to contain any wet spillage or mud from anything I put there. I believe the XL & the Denali XL mats would all be the same size. Check w/ your dealer if in doubt. Hope this helps. Dave
  • wdc783wdc783 Member Posts: 5
    Thanks for the info you provided on shopping for a yukon XL. i will follow-up on it.
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