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GMC Yukon XL and Yukon XL Denali



  • This is probably a question for Cliff Martin. My dealer placed an order for a YXL on 10/20/00. On the "Vehicle Order Request Detail" that the dealer faxed to me, it shows the vehicle order number as 6 letters, not numbers. Is this truly the 6 digit number that Cliff refers to on his website? There is also a BAC number on the form that has 5 zeros followed by 6 numbers. What does this represent?

    Does the fact that I have this form mean that my order was accepted? I also have a Form that says "Submit Request For Order - Confirmation". It also shows the order number as being 6 letters, not numbers.

    My concern is that my dealer has no info for me as to a TPW or if there are any constraints holding up my order. I know that it has been posted before on we can find out how to track an order.

    I would appreciate any good insight and facts.
  • My experience might help. About 3 weeks after placing order and bugging dealer about an order # and TPW, he called me with a 4 letter & 2 digit "order number". I waited a week and called the GM 800 # and was told I did not have an "accepted" order #, but merely a request #. At that point I got in dealers face over what was happening and he admitted order was not accepted due to constraint on liftgate at that time (Aug). To this day I do not know if prob was constraint or lack of an allocation. In any event, 2 weeks later he called back with a totally different order # consisting of 6 letters. This was accepted at the GM 800# and got a TPW about a week later. On the plus side the deal was struct with a handshake ($500 over in NE OH), no money changed hands until delivery, and the truck runs well.

    '01 YXL
  • My husband ordered tan Catch-alls for my 2001 Yukon XL (Polo green w/ neutral interior). The catalog indicated exact match to vehicle make and model, but they weren't even close, and the mats are on their way back. My cargo liner matches well, but it isn't a Weather-tech like I had in previous vehicles, and I believe the Weather-tech is a better product. (My husband's 2000 Yukon XL is pewter w/ neutral, and that interior carpet did better with gray mats.)
  • I am conducting a poll as to the mileage interval that people are using between oil changes on their new body style SUVs. As of 10:45am on Sunday, 11/19/2000, only 57 people have voted in the poll. The poll will close on 11/20, so if you want to be included please vote before then.

    The poll can be found at the GMSUV forum on at

    (Note To Florida Voters: You can only vote once and the results will be certified immediately upon the close of the poll. NO MANUAL RECOUNTS!)
  • I ordered my Polo Green about three weeks ago. I was wondering how you like the color on the Yukon. It is paint chip number 47 the same as the "forest green on the Chevy Suburban. I was only able to see it on the suburban. I was wondering how you like it on the yukon
  • missemisse Posts: 22
    I have been ready to order a Yukon XL since August - well, OK, almost ready to order. At first I got few responses to my internet inquiries here in Austin, TX. One dealer tried locate and found 3 or 4 Yukon XLs across the country that almost but not quite met my specs. Best price I have been able to find in our area is $1500 over invoice. I hope I can do better farther away. Thank the Lord for Advantage Miles.

    Has anyone experienced the Autoride? Is it worth $600 if we only trailer our boat 3 or 4 times a year? Is it on constraint because they can't make it work?

    I can't believe I will continue to have to listen to Veggie Tales because GM does not offer rear audio controls with the front bench seat. Does anyone know of an after-market option?

    Thanks for all the great information. Now if I can just find a great deal, I will soon be trucking!
  • to; gonefishin

    unable to find 800 number to check on XL order, can you provide ?

  • I am very happy with my Polo green XL. It is my 2nd dark green vehicle in 5 years, and I just don't get tired of it. (I traded in a platinum silver 99) My friend has a pewter Yukon waiting for her at the dealer that her husband ordered, but she wants green like mine (she has a dark green SUV now). The dealer says there aren't any green readily available. Polo Green is really sharp when it is clean, but right now mine has its "protective layer of dirt" from our sloppy weather and occasional gravel/dirt roads. Our Pewter XL always looks clean, but there are a lot of them on the road. I have NEVER seen another Polo Green XL and I have had mine since August.
  • I thought they deleted the front bench seat option for 2001? The second row audio controls are cool, and would suggest getting them...I'm about to pull out my center console and get a bench seat (aftermarket) to go there....need the extra seating, and this was the only option on the truck that I didn't get (we found this one on the dealer's lot...impulse buy...).

    Autoride is a must, whether you tow or not...I've moved many objects in the last six months and Autoride levels the truck out no matter what...It's probably the best feature of the vehicle...
  • As my brother in law was in the 3rd row of seats in my Sub yesterday putting in carseat # 3 I was standing outside handing him his daughter and I could hear the autoride adjusting the height and level of the was pretty cool and we had a smooth ride with 4 adults and 3 children on the highway...a great feature!

  • I have nothing but praise for Moore Pontiac-GMC in Canton, GA. My order has gone without a hitch! I must have sent emails through to about 11 local area dealers, and they were #1 at 500.00 over invoice. We started in Sept. Once I contacted them, I placed my order on a Yukon black onyx with 1SD package, WITH SUNROOF, and today was told today that it should be here by 11/29. Wow, never have I had such an easy deal before!! The salesperson I dealt with, Suzanne Payne, was very knowledgable, and NEVER tried to [non-permissible content removed] me! Little did she know I have been reading this newsgroup for quite a while. I am really lucky, to be getting my dream vehicle within two weeks. One hitch....I grabbed an allocation she had. Black onyx, 1SD package, towing was like it was meant to be! I have seen nothing but pewter on the road....and more and more the storm gray, which I like...I wish each of you the luck that I have had. Call Suzanne Payne at Moore Pontiac-GMC in Canton, GA. They will definitely take care of you!
  • I thought I saw a post about someone tracking a transport from a factory through a VIN number....but can't find it. Any hints?

  • I had asked my dealer about the sunroof/rear auto issue before I ordered my vehicle. She said that if there is a problem down the road with a "secondarily installed sunroof" that GMC would not cover it. Something to think about, huh?
  • zzackzzack Posts: 8


  • not necessarily the case re: the sunroof...IF (and a big if)you do it through your dealer...that is what I did so not only does the dealer cover it but the moonroof installation company gave me a 6 year warranty as well...
  • Tracking the shipment of a vehicle on the railroad only applies to vehicles shipped on the BNSF railroad. Since you are in the metro Atlanta area (same as me), your vehicle will be shipped via either CSX or Norfolk Southern. Neither of those railroads let you track an individual vehicle via the VIN number. In order to track a shipment on them, you will need to know the serial number of the railcar that your truck was loaded onto and also have a tracking account with the railroad.

    Your truck will arrive at the railyard in Dacula, GA (off of Hwy. 316 past Lawrenceville and Gwinett County airport).

  • At this point I can forget about the tracking - I'm just happy to be getting it soon! Had also asked about the tires I would be getting and was told probably Wilderness as the ones that have come in so far are, but there is a chance they might be different because mine are black-wall. Hope so. Also weird is though my Yukon was supposed to be built at the Mexico plant, it was actually built in the USA.
  • My XL arrived with Firestone tires and we told the dealer we needed them changed out. The dealer arranged for us to visit a tire dealer the next day, where a p.o. would be waiting, and they were switched to Michelin.
  • Would someone please repost the Catch All part # for the '01 Graphite interior.
    Thanks Pete
  • Wowee!!! After months of reading the Edumunds boards and tracking all the happy owners I FINALLY GOT MINE. A bright red SLT/4wd. The only disappointment is the Firestone Wilderness tires! Unlike argyletx above the dealer will not change them out for me and none of the Firestone dealers in San Diego will give me a dime for them [shows you what Firestone thinks of its own product]. Other than that, I am fired up, big time. What a treat after my 1993 GMC Suburban, no comparison.
  • Mike,

    You answered my questions about 3 weeks ago about your experiences ordering in the D/FW area.

    I am finally going this Friday to place my order and wanted to know if you had any updates to how your order with Freeman is going.

    To everyone else out there,

    Thanks again for all the hints, tips, and tricks to getting what you want for a fair price. I hope to spend some time on Cliff's website one more time before Friday to review all the great stuff he has posted before I finally take the plunge.

    Wish me Luck!!!
  • If you are going to order in the DFW area, make sure to call James Wood GMC/Chevy in both Denton and Decatur. Ask for Scott White if you call Denton, and tell him the first Polo green XL sent you!!!
  • volkovvolkov Posts: 1,306
    Dealers here have no info at all. Do the 2nd row captain's chairs remove, flip or slide to allow entry to the rear? I will probably just take one out if they are bolted down and keep it in the garage. (Love the floor space that manoeuvre created in our minivan). Will unbolting a seat leave a great big mount in the way so our dog can't lie down, or to crush our knees on when kneeling???
    Thanks in advance.
  • I have added several new polls to the GMSUV forum at as well as a new section just to house the polls.

    If anyone has a suggestion for a poll question, please feel free to send it to me.

    Clifford Martin
  • I just got the invoice today for my Yukon XL that was built on 11/14. It also had the item Z88 'delete third row floor mats' -$46.00. Have you received your vehicle yet and were you truly missing third row mats? I am curious to know what this means. Thanks
  • TO ekohler....
    Order placed Oct 26. Entered Nov3. As of Nov 20, order not accepted yet, (no tentative production week). My guess is that build week will probably not be until middle of Jan, due to 1-2 week shutdown at assembly plants, however, am unsure of shutdown schedule at Mexico plant. Thus far, no complaints with dealer. Am trying to avoid being impatient. Happy hunting !

    Mike DFW
  • I picked up the vehicle on 11/14 without the third row floor mats. I ordered the mats through the dealer parts department and received them on 11/21. PN 12497007 Mat Pkg with a list of $35.00, net of $29.75 plus tax.

    R. Spaedy
  • Is there a lift kit available for the 2001 Yukon?

    I am an Arizona resident and have ordered a 2001 Yukon with a possible bi-fuel alternative fuel vehicle conversion kit to be installed. I am trying to determine the the advantages and disadvantages of a propane vs. a cng bi-fuel vehicle. Is there anyone that would have knowledge or experience with regards to these types of vehicles?

    Thanks in advance,

  • jtbuffjtbuff Posts: 25
    They have not had any problems with firestone tires on the Yukon XL.Our 2001 came with them and to be honest with you I am quite happy withe them. I think they ride great.I think some people get al worked up over nothing.
  • My '01 LT has second row captains chairs. The passenger seat moves forward to aid in 3rd seat access. My kids (10 and 13) step between the second row seats.

    The second row captains seats do fold flat, to make a large flat area behind the drivers seat. The entire floor is not flat when both second row seats are down, in a gap exists about a foot wide between the two second row folded seats.
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