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GMC Yukon XL and Yukon XL Denali



  • Bigkahuna13, thanks for the encouragement on getting the price down on the ASC sunroof. I am going to purchase the aftermarket sunroof (same as yours) through the dealer. He came down $100 from his original quote of $1250 to $1150. He admitted that if my deal was a normal retail deal he would have been able to come down further.

    This dealer honored a GM Supplier price of $42,545 on a 2001 Denali XL (order has been accepted with order # in hand). Given that this price is about $300 under Factory invoice I wasn't going to quibble over trying to get another $150 off the sunroof. By the way I checked with the installer and he wanted to charge me $1295 and would not negotiate.

    All in all the dealer has been fair and I am looking forward to receiving a delivery date.
  • don434don434 Posts: 43
    About Sept. 15 th the Helm group said our service manuals would be in by end of October.
    I called them yesterday and now they tell me it may well be January or February before we can obtain GMT01CK8 Service manuals for our 2001 Veh.
    For past two months I check the net at for availability and will continue to do this - will post when manuals are available.
  • Since Edmunds is doing work on this site and it has been up and down a lot for the past few days and is scheduled to be going through changes for a few days to come, I wanted to remind everyone that I sponsor a free mailing list on eGroups. It is a way to keep in touch if the Edmunds site goes down again.

    The list is devoted to the full sized, new body style GM SUVs and is called 'GMSUV'. To subscribe please go to

    Clifford Martin
  • My Yukon Xl 8.1 had a build date of 10/30, I called the dealer to check on the status of the Xl. He called me back and said that is was on time and that they had already begun building it. My question is: how many days does it take to build it? I understand it takes about 17 days to ship it out to the dealer once it is completed. Also, does the 3/4 ton sit higher in the rear than the 1/2 ton? This web-site has been like a bible for me since I became interested in the Yukon XL - I have definitely been educated! Thanks
  • yes, the rear seat higher
  • rocko7 you might also want to visit my web site for lots of information on these SUVs. The site is at It contains lists for defects and problems that other owners have experienced with the vehicles, as well as links to many other good sites, news and rumors, and much more.

    Clifford Martin
  • Congrats on your new Denali! I was wondering if you could talk about the true color of the interior. Describe the two tone color as to whether the Pewter is a light grey or really a neutral. Are the seat inserts really graphite or a slightly shade of light gray? Also describe the color of the dash and the silver paint. I have one on order with Pewter and am scared that the color will be too grey. Thanks.
  • andyl2andyl2 Posts: 84
    Please let us know what you paid and what options are included (if any).
  • The Pewter interior trim color is a light grey with darker grey insert
  • Some may remember my previous post. My '01 XL would crank, fire and die, time after time. They reprogrammed the security system to recognize the keys, explaining that they might have to replace the module. Well, it failed to start the next morning and they did indeed replace the module. I got it back today. Unfortunately, they didn't put the ignition switch together properly and a small turn of the switch, even without the key, turns on the red battery light and the gear indicator lights above the steering wheel. Now it has to go back in the shop monday to have the switch re-indexed or replaced.

    For those keeping score, the XL has spent 9 nights in my garage, 7 nights in theirs.

    I hinted to the sales manager that a new set of Michelins to replace the "Deathstones" might make me feel a lot better about my truck.

    More later.

    Steve in Bossier City
  • What is the break in mileage for a new 01 XL? I'll be traveling about 900 miles to pick mine up and I'm wondering what I'll be limited to.
    S. Fl
  • The owners manual says 55 mph max for first 500, no steady speeds, no sudden starts or stops.
  • Today, I received a call from dealer advising that my XL order was entered and accepted today. I specifically asked if there were any constraints, and was told there were none. I plan to drop by Monday and pick up a hard copy of order.
    1/2ton 2wd 1sd, autoride, center buckets,
    QC3 wheels, liftgate, 3.73, black/tan.

    I am reasonably certain that there is a 1-2 week shutdown during Christmas, anybody know how Thanksgiving affects assembly line ?

  • Thanks for the response.

  • Clifford -

    I have visited your sight so many times I know it BETTER than the back of my hand. I have actually printed out the sections on defects, the order process, and the checklist when you pick up your new vehicle. I still have the question of how many days does it take to build the truck at the plant. Thanks Cliff for all the information.

  • Seeking recommendations for 20001 Suburban. Thanks.
  • don434don434 Posts: 43
    He`s good but not that that good.Sorry - couldn`t resist the chance to kid you on your typo.
  • Just curious, but where did you buy your XL?
  • After more than 10 months of research on the burbs and XL's, I bought one a few days ago. Thank you town hall for all of the wonderful information.
    I purchased a 2001 Indigo Blue LT suburban w/med grey/graphite leather interior; sunroof; second row buckets and liftgate. For people shopping in the So. California area, I paid $37,950. (competitive for this area). Purchased at Showcase Chevrolet in Westminister. There were also deals all w/in $500. at Quality Chev. in Escondido, Mossy Chev. in Encinitas, and even a YukXL at a good price, at Escondido Jeep/GMC.
    I have a question for the "well informed" in this townhall. Can you suggest an antenna for my onstar that will retract at the push of a button? The 'burb fits in the garage. However, I have to manually lower the antenna to pull in.
    I am really enjoying this vehicle!
  • Curtis,
    For my 2001 Suburban I purchased a Bugflector II made by Auto Ventshade Company. It is the same color as the paint, Summit White, it fits perfectly, is installed using the existing holes in the vehicle hood in just a short time using only a screwdriver. This product comes in a number of colors to match the color of your vehicle exactly. It blends in with the vehicle so it is not at all obtrusive. I am satisfied with mine and would recommend this product to you.
  • My OnStar antenna kept hitting the garage door so I hinged it horizontally, parallel to the window. OnStar still works great, the antenna is more of a stealth antenna and no more twanggggg on the garage door.

  • Rocko7: I seem to remember someone once saying it took 17 hours from start to finish to build one of these SUVs. Depending upon what time of day the truck begins on the assembly line, it can take from 1 to 2 calendar days to complete it. It then may spend some time in QC, if there are problems noted while it goes down the line, to fix the problems. It could be shipped out the same day it is completed or the next day.

    In summary, if everything goes perfect, I think a truck can be built and shipped within the same 24 hr period.
  • By the year 20,001, the scientists will have figured out how to eliminate all bugs, so there will not be any companies making bug deflectors.

    For the model year 2001 vehicles, I recommend the Lund Interceptor model bug deflectors. These attach with plastic/nylon clips that fit holes already in the underside of the hood. It takes less than 5 minutes to install and only requires a phillips head screwdriver. For a Yukon you would use model 18064.
  • I do not believe anyone makes a 'power' OnStar antennae. I too have a problem with the OnStar antennae standing too tall for the garage door. I have my OnStar tilted at a 45 degree angle and it works well even though it looks a little funny.
  • 2001 - Suburban 2500 - We have had an intermittent squeak in the brakes, since new, that sounds like the wear indicators that squeak when brake pads are low. Anyone else hearing this sound and have suggestions?

    Also thanks to all for the suggestions on the On-Star antenna. We have the same problem with our garage door and I was concerned about On-Star performance if it was not vertical.
  • Sorry about the typo. Thanks for the replies, comic and otherwise...
  • curtissilver-

    I also have the Lund Interceptor installed on my 2001 Suburban. It took less than 10 minutes to install and uses the factory holes in the underside of the hood. It is barely visible from the driver's seat and allows for easy cleaning between the deflector and the hood. I have a picture of it at the website below:

  • On the Lund bug deflectors, has anyone tried the clear version as contrasted to the smoke colored?
  • I've ordered from Southern GM. Finally got my allocation. I've been waiting since January.
  • We are looking at a 2001 Yukon XL that was made in Mexico. What have been the experiences with Made in Mexico vehicles so far? Should we keep looking for a U.S. one?
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