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GMC Yukon XL and Yukon XL Denali



  • I want to order a 2001 Suburban with the liftgate. However, the dealer is telling me there is a constraint on that item and so it can't be ordered until the constraint is lifted by GM. Anyone know why the constraint? Anyone hear when the constraint may be lifted?
  • 1) Autoride is aware of trailering (uses the tow/haul transmission mode setting as input to the suspension computer), but does not adjust the ride height because leveling is not required due to the heavy overload springs. It is very stable and corners well. No interference with equalizer hitch.

    2)The torque limiting in 1st gear is not an issue for towing, since you will be in 2nd or 3rd for the steep grades anyhow. The torque in first gear is not bad - even with 1000lbs of trailer tongue weight, you can spin the tires on launch if you are not careful. The 8.1L is very strong on the hills - outpulls the diesels.

    3) The acceleration for the DuraMax is not likely to be better than the 8.1L. In tests, the 8.1L beats every time. In the Suburban, the Duramax will be derated even further and will likely be a dog (but gets good mileage).

    4) The ball height with 1000lbs equalized tongue weight is about 1.5" to 2" higher than '96 1/2T.

    5) The liftgate is the way to go if you can get one. A good compromise between the old tailgate and barn doors. Plenty of clearance for most trailers.

    6) When in doubt, go for the 4.10 ratio. If you get the 3.73 and it is not good enough, it is very expensive to upgrade ($1500).
  • tasillotasillo Posts: 51
    I have to weigh in on the rear doos issue. Had a '97 Sub with barn doors. Grew to like them because they were convenient, however I found if my hands were full, it was difficult enough to open the first door, let alone reach the handle mounted on the inside of the 2nd door and release it. Also, hated the blind spot in the middle of the rearview (hides poles and trees when backing at an angle). However, the old tailgate/liftgate arrangement was a joke! Open the tailgate and you couldn't reach into the back of the vehicle!

    My new Tahoe has the liftgate. It is perfect! A lift of the handle an the gate rises by itself to load. Wiper/Washer mean no need for the deflector my old Sub needed. Ability to open the glass is excellent for light packages or packing the cargo area to the gills. Finally, an unobstructed view out the rear with no blindspots.

    Just turned 10k and except for an occasional transmission glitch as reported in these forums, no problems at all.
  • Do anybody know how to do it using a bathroom scale (250lb max)
  • Place scale up to chin... Lay tongue on scale.

    Just kidding...

    How about using two or more scales to share the weight with some wood blocks?
  • heatwave3heatwave3 Posts: 462
    I recently placed my order for a Garnet Red Denali XL. My Dealer expects TPW within 2-3 weeks. He contacted me today to let me know their first Yukon Denali arrived today. Planning to take a peek tomorrow.

    For those interested, it has the factory sunroof. salesman informed me that there are no climate controls accessible to the second row seats and that the rear controls are located between the rear view mirror and the sunroof. the controls are manual with fan and temp controls. The front climate controls are on the center dash console.

    The earlier discussion with bigkahuna 13 and my dealer make it a clear choice to go without the factory sunroof and put in the aftermarket. The aftermarket, which uses the GM sunroof frame and motor is the way to go. You'll end up w/ "true" climate controls in three locations 1) dash for front seats 2) ceiling near rear view mirror for driver to control rear climate controls and 3) an additional controller (true climate controls) for the rear passengers to control. The driver can lock out the rear controller to avoid pesky little fingers from playing with the rear controls. Hope this helps anyone considering a new Denali and considering the sunroof.

    Will update once I get my TPW.
  • ... yesterday afternoon! It is of the more proletarian variety (LS with cloth seats (40/20/40), but it was built to my specs (premium ride, trailering pkg, pwr seats, locker, fender flares, ..) so it is obviously just the ticket.

    Purchased through my employers' fleet leasing program so got an exceptional deal.

    I had the dealer change the LEs to Michelin LTX 265/75R16 before delivery - looks and rides real nice now. did not get much credit for the LEs, but I am happy with the outcome.

    Have been watching this board for awhile and must thank all participants for the excellent information and commentary.

  • Mon 10/23 closed deal on vehicle based on
    guarantee of allocation and immed.
    order entry. Would call with order
    Tues 10/24 no call
    Wed 10/25 no call, finally I called at noon and
    spoke to sales rep who hem-hawed
    around and promised to find out status
    and call me back ASAP.
    Thur 10/26 no call...showed up unannounced at
    dealer and cornered sales rep. When
    pressed he could not produce order
    number. Listened to lame BS story
    about how order procedure "really
    works". I made a few negative
    references to his character, as well
    as my assessment of the dealership,
    yanked my deposit, and walked.
    Thur 10/26 By 6pm had same deal with another
    dealer who appears to have their act
    together. We'll see...
    Spec note; be sure to pay special attention to "adjustments" line on ProSpec printout...they
    vary from dealer to dealer. I found $200.00 diff on one dealers printout.

    New dealer; Freeman
    750/over + 400 adj

  • Krey asked who I was dealimg with in Oregon. It is Ron Roberts with Friendly GMC. Ordered 3/4 ton XL @ $500.00 over invoice no problem. No TPW yet he's estimating only 30 days afte build date supplied to him. Got CA. emmisions at N/C. I will put in american sunroof here in So. CA. I was told at a tire dealer that 18" wheels were not safe on a 3/4 ton vehicle. Anyone else come across this? Do the Axis Vortex come in 16" if I must stick with 16" :(. I will used R.W. in sylmar to put monitors in the headrests, as well as nerfbars.
  • soho52soho52 Posts: 1
    On September 12 I placed my order for a 2001 Suburban LT. Things included - Black, moon roof, trailer package, locking differential, rear audio, and skid plate.To date GM has not accepted my order due to limited availability and constraints. Every Friday my dealer has me call to place order again because he says Friday his the day he gets his allocations. We tried again today but no go ,however ,GM can make a LS with all the same options except heated seats with memory.
    Could someone explain why they can make one and not the other? Are there any other differences? Should I buy or wait? Price difference is around $100. Thanks for your help.
  • Paul, for the hundred bucks, we sure enjoy the heated seats but don't use the memory. The same position works for both of us. GM works in(or doesn't)strange ways. Its hard to make a decision when you have no idea how long the constraint will last. Good luck with your order. Mike
  • Lever principle -- you need a fixed pivot point (short piece of 4x4 lumber, or a 2x4 on edge if you're careful) and a lever (a ~5' piece of 2x4). For this technique, the precision of distances only matters as much as you care about the precision of the weight measurement. Likewise, smaller pivot areas (triangles) improve precision -- but this a trailer tongue we're talking about.

    Put the scale and 4x4 on the ground, so that the distance between their centers is 4'. Put some small scrap material (1x2, 2x2, or similar) in the center of the scale -- this makes the weighing spot the center of the scale, rather than a sloped board resting on the edge of the scale, and can help level out the long 2x4. Put the longer 2x4 across the pivot piece and the scale.

    Now you have a ratio scale -- place your trailer tongue 1' from the 4x4, and the scale will read 1'/4' (1/4) of the actual weight; with a 250lb scale, you can measure up to 1000lb. Place the tongue 8" from the middle of the 4x4 and the scale will read 1/6th of the actual weight (8"/48"). 6" from the middle of the 4x4 will result in a reading 1/8th of the actual weight (0.5'/4'), for a limit of 2000lb. Etc. Go weigh an elephant this way, if you can get him to stand on a 2x4. ;-)

    Hope that helps, and that I didn't make it too convoluted.

    Side note regarding orders/constraints for those still paying attention -- today was my 3rd week trying to order an XL 2500/8.1. Last two weeks hit a constraint on the 8.1 engine. Today, the engine's available but not the autoride. I *don't* *want* the autoride, but it's required with the engine for some reason I still fail to grasp. So the order got bounced again, waiting for an option that I don't want but which is required for the option I won't go without.
  • After you have the system set up, but before you put the tongue on it, check the weight indicated by the scale. Subtract this weight from the tongue weight measurements you take.
  • I saw the Axis Vector on-line and the site said it was only available in 18". We ordered a truck from Ron Roberts today too. After being told by two Oakland area dealers that paying MSRP was the norm we decided to look north. We're looking for wheels, running boards and the entertainment center now. I can't wait to get the truck and add all the new accessories to it. Good luck on finding wheels. We're going to go with 17" wheels. My husband said he thinks that's a safe size, we went with a 1/2 ton, 2wd truck.
  • I work at a large volume dealership, and we special order 75% of our Suburbans and Tahoes. The problems you addressed about constraints from the factory are very valid. The first problem is that GM has gone to a new ordering system that allocates vehicles to each dealership. For instance, every Friday we receive our allocation, which may include 30 LS Suburbans and 10 LT Suburbans. We then use those allocated vehicles to place our special orders. There have been weeks that we didn't receive any allocation for Suburbans, so orders had to wait for the next Friday. In other words, we can't just order what our customer wants anytime. The constraint issues have to do with the suppliers that GM gets their parts from. The liftgate is currently on constraint because demand exceeded their projections, and the liftgates are being used on Tahoes with the third seat option.
    It is very frustrating, but if time isn't an issue, your order will go thru. You will be very pleased with the new Suburban or Tahoe. I drive a 1997 Suburban, and the changes in 2001 are definitely tied to a smoother more luxurious ride without loosing it's functionality!
    By the way, I saw some of the posting showing prices of $750 over invoice. I sell Suburbans and Tahoes for $400 over, and we have trailers that deliver them all over the country.
  • jimveejimvee Posts: 11
    and it's official: i'm not getting auto climate with the sunroof (1SD + sunroof = no auto a/c). they even changed the sticker: delivered two XLs to the dealer at the same time and the other one was just like mine, but no sunroof. it's sticker had auto. climate listed under the 1SD package, mine did not. Also, i noticed that the map lights/homelink/rear a/c controls on my unit are slightly lower and more forward than the non-sunroof units (to make more room for the sunroof, i guess). hope this doesn't intervere with rear view mirror (was after hours and couldn't get inside the vehicle yet).

    since the GMC media site clearly and specifically stated that the sunroof vs. auto climate thing was fixed this year, my theory is that they didn't change anything from the '00s to the '01s. The vehicle was so popular, i wonder if they just rolled through the model change? if you look back at the posts there was hardly a week this summer that someone didn't have a TPW. Hmmm. So that--maybe--explains why it took awhile to get the new colors introduced, and it probably also means that those of us that have bought early '01s probably are not enjoying any of the minor engine upgrades bragged about at the GMC media site, either. By the way: thought I read on Cliff's site that the running boards were being installed at the factory for '01s? Mine and the other unit both had the running boards boxed up and inside the truck--further evidence that the "real" '01s are not coming off the line yet?

    Oh well, still can't wait to get in and drive it home!
  • Have fun with your new toy. From what your saying, this sounds like false advertising. How would you know that the engine tweeks are present? Aren't there laws against this? The Figmoman
  • Mike,

    I am also in the Fort Worth side of the D/FW area and see that you ordered from Freeman. How much/long did you look around for pricing and would you share the name of the dealer that you were first dealing with and then left?

    Please keep your progress posted on your order - between you and Cliff's website, I am considering ordering a vehicle for the first time.

    I have enjoyed reading this post over the past few months and I am getting close to ordering my family our Christmas present in time to go skiing.

    Thanks to all who take time to share with us "rookies" out here.
  • Well, my new (9 days old, 410 miles) '01 Yukon XL refused to start yesterday morning. It had plenty of battery, spun the starter okay, "caught" and then stopped. Surprised, I tried again and got the same result. I tried all the tricks I knew...accelerator pedal positions, in and out of park, neutral, brake on, brake off, wiggled the fuses and modules in the electrical center and..nothing. I called OnStar and the dealer and sat, waiting for roadside assistance. After 30 minutes I tried it again and...still nothing. (Nearly 50 tries so far.)

    Dejected, I went in the house and whined to my wife that I really wished it would start...just I wouldn't have to have it towed to the dealership. As I went outside to try one last time, she said a prayer and...a started! I drove it to the dealership where it sits, waiting for Monday and the service department to open.

    Bummed in Bossier City

  • bgould1bgould1 Posts: 19

    Sounds like you've found another bad crankshaft sensor. There have been several reported on this list recently. Bad news is that the dealers didn't seem to have this part in stock.
  • larryk5larryk5 Posts: 25
    Been following some of your post and believe your XL was built in Mexico about the same time as mine. My build date was Oct 5 and I took delivery Oct 19. If you could email and let me know what the outcome of your trouble was I would be curious to keep an eye out for the same problem.

  • To ekohler...Dealer you asked about is Alan Young GMC. I have purchased 3 new trucks there, but, it is not the same store it used to be. The people I dealt with are all gone. I had offered 750.00 over inv. which was accepted without further negotiation. I advised sales rep that sale was contingent upon dealer having allocation, and order to be entered next day. To be honest, I don't think any dealer can really guarantee allocations, or the ability to get factory order accepted. I gave this dealer a few days just to see how they would handle. I left because they were not honest and upfront with me. Freeman was no#2 on my geographic proximity map, however, I was pretty sure they would be in the ballpark on price. When I presented them with the same sale rqmts, they advised that, although, they could not absolutely promise allocation, and the ability to order immed., they have been so far receiving all the allocations they need. They are a new dealer, and may be getting a few more allocations due to this.
    Wood/Decatur....850.00 over...(BIG dealer w/lots
    of allocations, and straight shooters)
    Did not directly contact any other dealers, however, sent 3 requests via web services, and got 1 response with an actual price of about 1100.00 over, but did not name the dealer.....?
    I think it will be unlikely to get below 750.00 in this market area, although not impossible.
    Note: many sales in this area have been at very near MSRP.
    Sorry, folks, didn't mean to be so longwinded....

  • Bigkauna, don't be alarmed when I tell you I am from Alabama. I got a laugh from your bits of humor inserted in your posts. Don't take the long lost brother thing personal. I hope you are a Yankees fan and in that case floating on cloud nine.

    We took delivery of our Suburban last Tuesday and I have not been allowed to drive it. I am instead driving the Town & Country with 'FOR SALE' signs all over it. However I can add a little to the liftgate question. The glass requires about 5" clearance behind the bumper to open freely. The whole liftgate requires about 20". The rear A/C controls with our sunroof do not bother me because the kids would just fight over them anyway, but I would not have accepted the Sub without the liftgate. I must admit though the stupidity of something as simple as rerouting wires for the controls does make me wonder what pointy head made that call in Detroit. He/she must have an 8, 6, 4 and 20 month old like somebody I am near and dear to.
  • I had the same problem on my 01 yukon xl with the 8100 vortec.
    Brand new and the problem was the crankshaft sensor.It seems to be a major problem with many yukons.
    Let's try to do something about it,why you guys that had the same problem E-mail me to see how many we are.
    I want you to know that after this problem,my PCM went bad.
  • My 96 sub had a great place for sunglasses with the overhead. Now I don't have anyplace to put them. Watcha guys and gals doing now?? Looking for some good ideas.
  • gbartzgbartz Posts: 2
    I ordered a 2001 Suburban, Pewter, 1500 4X4, sunroof, Autoride, skid plates, the whole banana.
    My order was accepted on Sept. 12 and was confirmed by a call to Chevrolet service center. I have a file number etc. As of today, 10/30 they still do not have a built date. From what I am reading here it sounds like it is probably suffering a long list of constraints. Oh yeah, I got the liftgate too. Does this long of a delay seem reasonable? I was able to place this order as a GMO thanks to my dad who retired after 40 years with the big GM.Thanks
  • kreykrey Posts: 41
    First, I'm in the market for an aftermarket sunroof for my 2001 Yukon. Anybody have any suggestions and price quotes?

    Next, gbartz, check out the following page and you'll see what your problems are (they change weekly). If you're flexible with some of your options (like the sunroof & liftgate), you can get a TPW almost immediately. FWIW, if you've ordered the LT AND you want to keep the auto-climate control AND the rear passenger heating/ac controls, you HAVE to go to an aftermarket sunroof.
  • andyl2andyl2 Posts: 84
    A friend of mine picked up his 2001 Denali on Saturday and loves it. He ordered black with tan interior, no options. He said the interior is very nice and the truck is very powerful. The spare is a 16" mounted on an aluminum wheel (the other tires are 17" Michlein Cross Terrains). Has anyone else noticed this problem?
  • heatwave3heatwave3 Posts: 462
    For those interested (krey) in an aftermarket sunroof the following site should be of interest.
    American Sunroof uses the same motor, frame and glass used by GM. Interesting enough, ASC's sunroof comes with a six year parts and labor warranty. I have no affiliation with ASC, however I am definitely intending to use their product on my newly ordered Denali XL. My dealer works with a local ASC dealer and recommended them to me. You'll find a map on their site that will identify a local dealer anywhere in the US and Canada. Prices seem to range for the unit used on the Yukon XL from $1,000 - $1,200. I hope this info is helpful.
  • I badgered the service guys into looking at my XL this evening. They hooked it up to the "driveability" station and the computer identified the security system as the culprit. The tech reprogrammed it, checked both of my keys and told me, if it does it again, the security module will have to be replaced. They have had problems with more than one of these. As for it finally starting, I had waited a while before the final try. The technician told me to wait at least 10 minutes after a non-start like that, during which the security system will reset. The nex try, it may recognize the key.

    Security module shuts off fuel flow, which is what it sounded like was happening.

    Doughnuts for the service department next morning I'm not working.

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