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GMC Yukon XL and Yukon XL Denali



  • Because all the new cars/trucks have oil sender switches they rely on the ignition switch being on to get a voltage signal. When you turn the switch to the on position it should "0" when you start the oil pump will pressurize the oil sender switch changing the voltage making the needle move. With no voltage the needle may rest anywhere on the gauge. Hope this helps
  • To my knowledge all Subs & YXL's are made in Mexico. My 01 YXL had excellent delivered quality. A GM quality control engineer I know says Mexican quality far surpasses that of the Janesville (WI) plant (Tahoes & Yukons). Don't know about the Texas plant.
  • tspathos, congrats on the new vehicle. Sounds like you got an excellent deal, pretty close to invoice. Any tips on how to do that? I'm in San Jose CA and dealers claim they'll only take MSRP.
  • jtbuffjtbuff Posts: 25
    Picked up our 2001 Yukon XL on Oct.17th. It was made in Mexico and have been really satisfied. It's a great vehicle.
  • Stopped by the dealer to evaluate Pewter on the
    Denali interior. The woodgrain appears to be fake
    with a grey tint to it on the Pewter (Grey)
    interior. Very disappointing. Hopefully
    aftermarket will have an option to replace with
    real wood. The pieces that are woodgrain are the
    surround of the instrument cluster. (Full across
    coming down around the On-Star and Back under the
    steering wheel to the driver door and Up). There
    are woodgrain covers on each of the front seat
    power window, locks, and power mirrors.
    Additionally there is a wood grain strip around the
    cd, trip computer, cup holder assembly on the
    console. If one wanted to replace the wood grain
    pieces with plastic, the only one that looks like a
    unique piece compared to the standard Yuk and Sub
    would be the lower console. I could be wrong but
    these are my impressions. My dealer agreed that
    the wood was fake and even said one of the trade
    rags mentioned the plastic wood grain. To see
    pictures go to I
    hope the natural/sandstone/shale interior has
    non-grey wood grain trim or it will look awful.

    Other impressions: Very upscale vehicle. The 6.0
    engine has a distinctive strong sound to it. The
    transmission oil temperature guage fits nicely in
    the instrument cluster and is on lower left. The
    teal background instrument lighting is cool. The
    Denali I saw had the sunroof with auto-temp control
    for the front. Stereo sounds great and 10 way
    seats are very comfy. The front facia limits front
    ground clearance and might not lend itself to the
    cornstalks of pheasant hunting land. The Pewter is
    definitely grey! The grill is very striking and
    distinctive with lots of chrome! This will be a
    headturner. I talked to one owner who said the
    steering is unique when returning to center. Not
    bad not good, just had to get used to it. Made in
    Janesville, WI. It would have been nice if GM used
    chrome instead of the silver paint like the
    European Dealers have on the console. GM needs a
    GPS option for this vehicle. That's all for now.
  • about 1 1/2 weeks ago. Absolutely LOVE it...Car handles and rides beautifully. Have a little over 200 miles so too early for gas mileage (5.3 Vortec and 4.10 axle) check. Don't see any fit and finish problems. My 'burb is grey 1500 LT with most options except 2nd row buckets and sun roof.

    The oil pressure gage on my suburban also reads toward the high side. Oil level is fine. I will ask about it when I'm near dealership.

    Bought Suburban at Ourisman Chevrolet in Marlow Heights, MD--$300 over invoice...If anyone in Washington D.C. area is interested in buying from my salesman, let me know and I'll give you name so I can get the referral money...

    One other interesting thing I found--was in the autonation website and was looking through inventory of Suburbans. They list the price of the suburbans they have in stock approximately $3000 OVER MSRP--I have yet to see any surburbans with a sticker of $46,000. Then when you click on an individual vehicle, it will list their price as the MSRP and (here's the killer) list inthe savings column that you save the $3000 markup...I think it's unfair advertising...

    Again thanks to all who contribute. Column has been extremely interesting and informative.

    Steve K.
  • All,

    I received some information from a contributor to this site and he indicates that the wood in the Denali is real even though it looks artificial. This info was related to him directly from the brand manager.
  • GMC has Polo Green metallic & Chevrolet has Forest Green. Are these the same colors? Are they built on the same line?
    S. Fl
  • A friend of mine in your area might be interesting in ordering a Suburban or Tahoe. I would like to give him your Ourisman lead. I was unable to contact your email address...
  • don434don434 Posts: 43
    In Topic #3260 Post 181 you will find two antennas made by Antenna Specialists Company. Both are low profile antennas. The standard antenna now in use in GM trucks is a 3 db gain antenna. The longer wire of this gain antenna gets most of the vertical wire above the top of the grounded metal of the roof. The shorter 1/4 wave antennas are unity gain so the range may be less unless you have enough height in your garage to mount the new antenna in the center of your roof. Actually directly above the drivers head but centered side to side would be O.K.
    So much of quality of operation depends upon the cell locations in your area - are they numerous, are they local to your normal travel paths or do you frequently travel in between cities and out of cell range. If someone wants more options I`ll ask other manufacturers for info. Just wanted you all to realize there are other antennas available.

    I am a little concerned about operating the antenna in the full horizontal mode. Usually if you parallel a grounded metal surface with an antenna radiating RF power you cause a reflected or standing wave. This action would cause higher than normal current flow in the output transistor stages.
  • To answer your question about the Polo Green and the Chevy Forest Green. It is paint chip number 47 for both of them. According to my dealer it is the exact same paint. I just ordered my polo green xl two days ago.
  • I've had my order in for about 4 weeks and no joy, today the autoride opens ups and then 1SD is the problem. When did you place your order and better yet, from who? Could you list what you were able to order?

  • tag8tag8 Posts: 1
    My understanding is that the wood is real as well (although it appears fake). A couple of reliable sources provided verification.

    However, I wish there were more of it. I still can't quite understand why they bothered to put such a miniscule amount in a vehicle of this class. I mean what's with the razor thin strips around the instrument panel and center cluster? I had hoped it would look more like the ML or LX 470. Could doing so have added much more than a hundred or two to the cost?

    Also, I had hoped GM would have sort of dressed up the metal center seat brackets. They really stick out like a sore thumb. Again how much would it have cost to "skirt" those things?
  • Any experiences installing an air bag cutoff switch in 2000-01?
  • I got my TPW of 11/6 about 1 month back for a Yukon XL, 4wd/slt/etc. So, today, 11/7, I checked with the dealer for my VIN #. Then I ran it through Burlington Norther RR at and, lo and behold, it was shipped on 11/6 and arrives in San Diego on 11/9. WOW. Is the Internet great, or what? Now, I can't hardly wait. I've been reading the Edmunds Yukon sites for several months and now ITS MY TURN TO GET MY YUKON XL!!!!!!!!
  • liquidlab: Thank you for the part numbers for the armrest/window switch woodgrain pieces. I am making the assumption that these are just for the front two armrests. Are the rear armrests also woodgrained?

    I plan to get this 'factory' woodgrain to install in my 2000 Yukon. Did you get a part number and price for the piece that goes around the main instrument cluster? It looks like it will also fit the standard Yukon.

    I was hoping that the Denali had woodgrain on the overhead consoles, but from what I heard it does not. This is a shame.

  • If you don't hear back from Steve K, I too got mine from Ourisman and was EXTREMELY satisfied with the professional treatment and the deal we received. I don't want to step on Steve K's toes, but if you don't hear back, post your address and I will provide the information to you.
  • Cliff, I thought that I read a long time ago that you were going to or did buy an aftermarket woodgrain kit. I wonder what it would cost to buy all the Danali wood pieces as opposed to the aftermarket kit? Probably a lot. Mike
  • I'm glad to hear that some of you are getting your YukonXL's. I put in my order on Sept. 25th and still can't get it through. I ordered a 2500 4x4 Onyx Black, 8.1 vortec , autoride, roof lamps, 4.10 axle, graphite cloth, just about everything I ordered is being limited even the panel doors and I just talked to my dealer yesterday and he said that the graphite cloth is now on constraint. This really bum's me out.
  • I was going to buy the Sherwood woodgrain kit for my Yukon, but didn't do it (so far) for two reasons. #1) Money: After paying for the Yukon, tire exchange on the Yukon, and a transmission job on my Bonneville, I was running out of money. So I decided to wait. #2) Denali Announced: When the Denali was announced and I saw it was going to have woodgrain dash pieces, I decided to wait further to see what they looked like and if they would fit my Yukon. I will have to evaluate the cost of the factory woodgrain parts vs. the Sherwood kit (which has much more woodgrain pieces) to see which is the best value, best fit, and which one I like better. Eventually I will get woodgrain on my Yukon.

  • The rear armrests don't have woodgrain.
    Also the instrument cluster is not the same.
    On the Denali the Onstar module is placed lower on the panel.
    Where you have the 2 blanking cover under the onstar on my 2001.
  • Michigander1:

    Sounds like we are in the same boat. I ordered the same vehicle (only an LT Sub) about a week after you. Where do you get your info on constraints and limited availabilities. I have been watching "assembly line" page, but the limited availabilities listed there do not match what my dealer tells me on Fridays (after he tells me he ws unable to process my order). Is there a site for up to date, details on constraints? What is limited availability anyway?

  • Someone on this board had a website for checking on current constraints on the yukon. Could who ever knows that website, please post it again. I can not find it and I have some questions on some constraints that my dealer is telling me about on the Yukon.
  • I sent you an E-mail with both my E-mail addresses. Let me know if you haven't received it...

    Steve K.
  • diamond6:

    Go to, click on "industry reference" then click on assembly lines. I have been watching this for a few weeks, but the "limited availability" items for the Suburban/Yukon XL do not change very much from week to week. They also do not match what my dealer is telling me regarding constraints. I wonder how accurate and current the information is. The page is updated weekly every Monday.
  • atmospheres:

    I ordered the LT with graphite leather interior. Over the past four weeks I have been told by my dealer that one or more constraints on autoride, the LT package and the 8.1L engine have prevented my order from being accepted. Last week he told me there were 8.1L engines available, but the LT package and autoride were constrained. I wonder what will be unavailable tomorrow.
  • All of the literature on the Denali (including the Dealer brochures)states the dash and other trim pieces are "Black Cherry Woodgrain". I would think this advertising would require it to be real wood as opposed to plastic. Anyone have anymore facts on whether or not the trim is real wood?
  • I'm no expert in wood but i would imagine that it is actually a wood veneer "The art of veneering is simply taking a thin slice of wood from a log and glueing it to something".
    So i guess that "black cherry woodgrain" could actually be a form of "wood".
    Does it feel like wood?
    Does it look like wood?....well maybe
    Is it flat out ugly?...probably not
    If I didn't already own a denali xl would i want to put that stuff in my suburban?...Definetly not!!

    This is just a personal each his own.
  • Rickhess, I have been also keeping watch on Wheels and it was my dealer that said that this week it was the cloth graphite that rejected my order. He wanted to know if I wanted to change to the lighter interior (pewter cloth ). I don't want that lighter cloth and I really don't like it. I have a big dog that goes everywhere we go and that's why I don't want the leather.

    Atmospheres and Rickhess
    when you ordered your Yukon XL's did you notice that in the 2001 GMC Yukon brochure on page 7 under "Autoride" that it say's that the autoride is standard with the 8100 engine? You would think that when it say's standard, it would mean it comes with, when you order the 8100 engine, the computer charges you for the autoride. I have called the GMC 800 number and they did not even have the new 2001 brochure. I have also called General Motors headquarters here in Michigan and they can't even give me a answer.
    In the Chevy Sub brochure it say's that you have to order autoride with the 8100 engine, but Chevy and GMC's pricing is different. I have a address for someone else at GMC in Pontiac, Michigan to write to. I'll let you know what I find out.
    Maybe if were lucky we'll get ours before the 2002's come out.
  • Is anyone have problems getting delivery for their window. I have been waiting 3 months for a motor. Just wondering if it the dealer or GM.
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