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GMC Yukon XL and Yukon XL Denali



  • Ron , took my dealer 3 to 4 weeks to get one. Mike
  • As of this past Wednesday, all of the window regulators (motors) are on national backorder. The parts department at a local Chevy dealer told me that when they need a regulator they place the part order using some special critical status type order code. That way they go to an assembly line and pull motors from there to ship to the dealership. They said under normal methods they wouldn't get a motor until next year.
  • After 10 months of waiting, I actually have a Denali XL on order. Ok, I was just ordering an XL last January, but couldn't resist the 6.0L, AWD, etc. So I waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited, and waited.

    You get the point...

    The reason I am announcing this is that it was accepted in Garnet Red!

  • I seem to have done the same thing as DRB2002. I finally placed my order for a Garnet Red Denali XL on 10/28 and received my TPW of 12/18 today. Dealer informed me that it should arrive in late Jan. '01. Does this timetable align with other delivery schedules experienced by those on this forum? Any recommendation on how best to track progress other than calling my sales rep?
  • andyl2andyl2 Posts: 84
    I drove a Denali today (regular, not XL). It was black with gray interior. The acceleration is excellent. The stereo sounds great! The only 2 problems I noted is that the center portion of the console pops open when the large door is closed and the compartment along side the 3rd seat is difficult to open and close. The ride was very good and it was exceptionally quiet. The Michelin Cross Terrain are very quiet tires. They hold the road very well (no squealing while cornering). The ABS stopped very quickly when pushed hard.
  • I'm just now reaching 10K miles on my '00 Suburban. Here's a few observations you might want to consider...

    1. Defects at delivery. I had one defect detected the day of delivery. The front left speaker had significant static.

    2. Defects the first month. The infamous "in a drum" noise was detected, and was unbearable when at freeway speeds and only one rear window down. Opening a second window reduced the noise.

    3. Hot light. While backing my trailer into it's storage spot on a particularly hot day (~106F), the Check Temperature warning light came on. There was no problem while pulling, just the during the slow process of backing into a very tight spot which takes about 15 minutes.

    Repair on 1. and 2. After one month, nothing else developed, so I took the vehicle in. A new speaker was ordered and took two weeks to arrive. Ultimately, it turned out to be a loose ground, so after 6 weeks of static, it was repaired in 4 minutes. Regarding the "in a drum noise". The dealer's responses ranged from "I don't hear anything" to "It's the anti-skid surface on the freeway" to "It's in specs" to "They all seem to do it" to "Drive with your windows up".

    Summary of 1., 2. and 3. Chevrolet service has not improved since I bought my '89 Suburban. I plan on buying the $149 service manual and doing it myself, as the dealers seem to want the vehicle for a day to diagnose and a day to repair and who has that much time. However, I'm still stuck if warranty parts are needed. The good news is that the '00 came with few defects, and was a much better and tighter product than my '89. Regarding the heating problem. When I ordered the "trailer towing package", I thought it came with a supplemental fan and extra cooling. From what I can tell, the package only included the hitch, wiring, and the brake pigtale.

    4. Mileage. The mileage is pretty good, better than the '89. I've been getting 16 to 17 mpg commuting by freeway 30 miles each way to work. I got 18.5 mpg on one long trip, but most longer trips seem to be around 17.5 mpg. Pulling my 22' trailer, I got 14 mpg, but the trip was too short to really put much faith in that number.

    5. Pulling. The 5.3L does not have the low end power of the '89 5.7L even when it had 150,000 miles on it. This lack of low end power did change the trailer towing experience, especially getting going from a dead stop and for backing. However, at freeway speeds, the '00 pulled fine. I did find that allowing it to wind up to higher RPMs did improve the pulling power, but this is not much help from a dead stop, but worked well on grades.

    6. Chains. With the P265 70 R16 tires, the manual says to not use tire chains on the rear or front. Upon inspection, I see why. The space between the tire sidewall and vital components like shocks and emergency brake cable is only 1/4 to 1/2 inches. While 4 wheel drive is pretty good, it won't get past chain control in many areas. Any ideas on what to use? Spikes Spiders are nearly $400 and may not come large enough anyway. Anyone ever try the Spiders?

    7. Overall, the '00 is a nice vehicle if you can put up with crummy Chevrolet service. I do because the Suburban is a great family and work vehicle...too bad Lexus does't make.
  • Folks, if the noise you seem to be describing is what I think it is you are wasting time going to th service department and complaining. I have had 4 vehicles that did the same thing. A 1999 F-250 crew cab truck, a 1987 Jeep Cherokee, a 1990 Saab 900, and a 1980 Volkswagen Scirocco. All of them had a noise that would come up at certain speeds involving windows being open to a certain point. It is sort of a roar usually pulsating and causing pressure in your ears sometimes. The Jeep and the Ford truck involve the rear windows, the Saab and the Scirocco were sunroof driven. I think it is simply an aerodynamics problem that can't be fixed, with the possible exception of a windscreen for the sunroof. I had to adjust the windows to the point where I could get ventilation but not the noise. I doubt that it could even be anticipated in wind tunnel testing.
  • chorchchorch Posts: 10
    Had the same effect on my last 2 Buicks if I opened one of the back windows with the others closed. Or any combination unless fully opened. Tend to believe its aerodynamics.
  • My TPW is next week, but I want to start researching some custom wheels for my GMC 3/4 yukon XL. At this point, I know it comes with 16" wheels, but I need some specific bolt pattern information to help out on my available wheel choices. The same goes for thread size for the associated lugs..Thanks.
  • I just posted copies of 3 recall notices at the GMSUV forum at in the TSB & Service Tips section.

    The recalls effect the 2000 GMC Yukon & Yukon XL as well as the 2000 Chevrolet Tahoe & Suburban.

    Clifford Martin
  • Check @
  • Shredder,

    I live in Fremont and was frustrated w/ the local area dealers' refusal to budge off of MSRP ("but we're giving you $2,500 off our asking price" what a deal!)

    Did some web surfing and searching, and somehow managed to land up @ Guy Schmidt GMC in Glendale. Was given a deal of $1500 over invoice (although now it seems that that has been lowered further - $900 I believe). Ordered and received, last month, a 2001 XL which now has 2000+ miles on it. The process was pretty easy and painless. Everything was conducted over the phone and with a few fax transmissions. What a breeze!! Sales guy was Larry Totter. You can have them deliver it to SJ or fly in to Burbank, and they'll pick you up at the airport.

    Just my experience. Sounds like tspathos has a few more dealers there in So Cal that might be giving a better break in price.

    Good Luck!
  • Just arrived back in Florida yesterday after picking up our new Suburban LT at Marchant Chevy in Ravenal, SC (near Charleston) last week. $98 over invoice. It took about eight weeks from placing the order with the dealer to delivery. We were delayed in getting up to SC so we didn't actually pick it up until last Thursday.
    If you're in the SE or mid-Atlantic states, you probably can't find a better price or a better dealer. If you're interested, let me know and I'll give you our salesman's name
  • I'm interested in getting a set of Catch-All mats for our new Suburban but need to know how well their 'gray' color matches the light grey carpet GM uses in 2001 Suburbans. Our interior color combination is Lt. Grey / Neutral.
    Also, since we have 2nd row bucket seats, is there a one-piece Catch-All that would cover the second and third row foot areas as well as the 'walkway' between the 2nd row seats?
  • I have a printout that says Vehicle Order Detail with a vehicle order number for a 2001 Denali XL. The salesman said this unit was being "built for stock." What does this mean? We could've bought this one or build one specifically that supposedly would take longer, but we liked this one just fine. I haven't gotten a TPW yet, but just finalized two days ago. Does this sound like I really might get a car? I had a somewhat similar situation with another dealer a couple of months ago,(for $500 invoice)supposedly to go into production on 10/15, but he can't get me any other info and doesn't return my calls.
    him, so I tried someone else.
  • I just wanted to let you know, one test drive and I was sold. I had the opportunity to stop by and talk to two of the most helpful and knowledgeable guys you would ever want to run into while modifying your truck and on top of that, John threw me the keys to his truck for a test drive. This system was quiet at idle with a perfect throaty note under throttle and not a hint of resonance. To say I was impressed is an understatement. There is a definite performance improvement that you can feel both in the seat and with the foot with little trade off in interior comfort.
    Quality also looks to be top notch, I was allowed to look over the shop and the product in there waiting to be shipped and I have to say these guys are serious about their work. They have their own dyno, that says a lot in itself.
    Just a note, I wasn't paid to say this, I paid to say this. My truck goes in Thursday morning. Pete
  • I am conducting two polls at the GMSUV forum at

    The first poll is about what mileage interval people are using between their oil changes.

    The second poll is whether or not I should continue with the GM SUV Information Web Site

    Please feel free to stop by and vote.

    Clifford Martin
  • Maybe it's just me but I think the Denali chrome grill is GAUDY. I much prefer the standard black Yukon grill. Does anyone know if they are easily interchangeable. If so, I'd look for someone with a regular Yukon/XL grill to swap with me.
  • They can not be easily exchanged with a standard Yukon. The center grill is permanently attached to the chrome/plastic pieces that go around the headlight assemblies. The headlight assemblies (namely the parking light/turn signal portion) is a different shape on the Denali from the regular Yukon.
  • Does anyone have experience w/ the different manufacturers of the overhead TV / VCP consoles for the new SUB / XL's? Shopping around the local custom shops everyone is saying that the Audiovox has the best reputation. I am looking for the full console that wraps the front and rear A/C controls. (No sunroof) I think that the full console looks more custom than the separate unit.

    Also, one shop I was in on Friday had a new Sub w/ sunroof and overhead TV console. They just used the universal pod and mounted it right behind the sunroof. Looked pretty good.

    Thanks for your help.
  • I have the ~7" Audiovox overhead TV in my 2001 Suburban. I went with a DVD player instead of a VCP. The console does NOT incorporate front and rear climate controls - it is rear only. I don't have a sunroof, but I was told by the installer that the Audiovox console for the new body style GM SUV's does not go all the way to the front. I didn't really care whether it did or not, so I didn't press the issue. The DVD player was installed where the CD holder was below the cassette deck. We (and our kids) love it. Especially on long trips - we just took a vacation from Indiana to Florida, and it was on almost the whole way there and back. I haven't taken any pictures of it yet, but if you'd like to see what it looks like, I'm sure I can take some and put them on my website. Let me know if you have any specific questions.

  • I received my invoice today with the option Z88 listed as "DELETE THIRD ROW FLOOR MATS" $46.00-. The dealer didn't know anything about it. I ordered the 1SD with everything, does anyone know anything about this? Where can I pick up a match to the other mats?

    Thanks Clifford for the info on the hour meter.
  • dustyonedustyone Posts: 262
    Chains and clearance. Have you looked at cables?
    I had cables for my truck tires and they worked great. Light weight, easy to install, no noise and lasted longer than chains. Just a thought....
  • balserbalser Posts: 90
    If anyone wants to save a little money on TV/VCR units, we bought two 5" AC/DC TV's and and AC/DC VCR. The VCR fits under the second row of seats. One TV sits neatly on top of the center console using nylon lashing straps available at camping or outdoor shops. You can still open the console if you loop the strap around the lid. The second TV straps to the lower back frame of the second row seats for the third seat passengers. A couple of headphone jack splitters from Radio Shack and you're all set. It takes only about 10 minutes to put in when we want to use it.

    The whole thing cost about $500, and we get to use the TV's and the VCR in the kids' rooms when the units are not in the 'burb. We had a conversion van with a dedicated TV/VCR unit and never really got our money's worth.
  • I am trying to decide when to buy a new Suburban 2500. I will probably need to order one to get what I want, so actual delivery would probably be in January 2001 now. My question is when does the model year change on Suburbans and what would be the earliest date next year that I could get a 2002? The best deal my local dealer will give me is $1000 over plus $450 for adv. I am considering going to a dealer out of state.

    Also does anyone have any first hand mileage numbers for a 2500 8.1 liter with the 4.10 axle? I am curious about freeway mileage (75-80 mph) and in town mileage, and also towing 6-8000 lb. trailer.

  • wademwadem Posts: 1
    I to ordered a 2001 Yukon XL 3/4 ton 8.1,4:10 1sd with every option on 8-22-00 got a tpw of 10-16 and then move to 10-30. Built on 10-31 I also had the third row mats deleted.No big deal at least everything else is there. Will have to order from parts dept.
  • I have the gray catch-alls in my 2001 Suburban. The color matches very well and the fit is great. We have the second row bench seat so I can't help with the fit for buckets.
  • We ordered a Yukon XL about three weeks ago. The dealer said the order was accepted and we got a code. I called the dealer the next week thinking that I would get a TPW, but I didn't. He said he would check on a regular basis and get back to me. I called the GMC customer service number and was told that the order had been received, but not accepted. He said that it could be a few weeks in between being received and accepted so I should not worry. Is this true. We ordered a black truck and I know that's on limited availability. I would be willing to take a white truck if it would cut the wait time down considerably. I'd appreciate the input from anyone who has been through this process. Thanks!
  • This waiting period varies. My order has been in a week, and accepted. At this point I still do not have a TPW. I have been reading this board for 10 months now, and you just need to be patient.

  • Current "contstraints" on Yukons/Tahoes/Suburbans are identified at
    Click on "Industry Reference" and then "Assembly Lines." Scroll to GM Trucks and check it out.
    Right now, it appears that there is limited availability on Cargo Doors, the LT Option Package (1SC), Redfire Metallic color, Autoride, and Sunroof.
    I believe therefore that the order process may be slow if you have selected any one of those options.
    I have also heard that the liftgate option was on constraint, but this web site does not identify it.
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