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GMC Yukon XL and Yukon XL Denali



  • soy3soy3 Posts: 1
    I have 00 Suburban, and I just came back from shopping at Costco. When I got home, I realized the soy sauce bottle leaked and cargo area of my suburban was totally soaked with one gallon of soy sauce.
    Since soy sauce is salt + water, it seems to me it is very very bad combination for a vehicle.
    I am worried about corrosion especially.

    Do you know how to clean up this mess? I want to remove the carpet on cargo area for clean up.
    Do you know how to remove carpet from cargo area? Should unscrew cargo-tie bolts to remove carpet?
    Do you know how to remove plastic cover (it seems there is a rear area heater inside) on the side of the cargo area?
    Ant suggestion appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Got my Fire Red Yukon XL, SLT/SD last week and am a happy camper. One question, though. Both front visors have a "stupid sticker" explaining that seat belts should be used for children, etc along with big yellow and red highlights. It looks like the stickers are firmly attached and I am somewhat afraid to start pulling them off for fear of botching the job. Has anyone taken these stickers off? I can't imagine having a $42,000 plus vehicle with unwanted stickers about other peoples children [I don't have any]. Thanks.
  • Have been reading this site for sometime now because I'm getting closer to my 01' XL coming in. The information discussed have been helpful....If someone could respond w/ regards to the deal w/ Sunroof and rear climate controls I would appreciate it!! Have they fixed this for 01' or has GMC still not figured out how to make the two compatible?
  • I beg to differ. The Firestone tires on the Suburbans are having tread separation problems -- just like the ones on Explorers.
    Go to the NHTSA's web site, click on Complaints, and look under 2000 Suburbans, Tahoes, Yukons and Yukon XL's. You can limit the search to Tire Complaints.
    I think that you will be surprised (shocked may be a better word) at the number of complaints related to Firestone tire problems.
    The bottom line is that GM is selling you crap that it knows is dangerous. Typical Big 3 BS.
    They probably make $100 bucks a car in additional profit by selling us Deathstones instead of a better, safer tire, like Michelins.
    The GM bean counters add it up -- they still make a huge profit even if they have to pay $2 mil in wrongful death suits here and there (more than 5 years down the road since GM will delay, fight and endlessly appeal all suits and do whatever they can to avoid paying a nickel).
  • At last, someone else has seen the light! I have felt like a single voice crying out in the Wilderness on Firestone tires for the last six months or so. They are crap and GM is not taking care of its customers by continuing to ship them on new vehicles. And your guess matches mine. The bean counters are willing to sacrifice a few lives for the sake of the bottom line.

    But that doesn't mean that we have to fall into the trap. Take the Firestones off your truck and put something else on. Those who continue to fool themselves with statements like "I've never had a problem" will change their tune soon enough when the first Firestone fails catastrophically. Why wait?
  • I suppose the other way of handling the tire issue is to always add $700 to the cost of any GM vehicle when price shopping. I'd rather not have to hassle with replacing tires on a new truck, but no one is forcing me to buy a GM truck. Sure, I want the engine and ride of the new Yukons but its still my choice about what to buy and who to buy it from.

    So long as we as customers continue to buy the product why should GM change policies. After all they are not in business for our benefit, but for their own benefit.

    The above only applies to new buyers, not those who purchased before the firestone problems came to light. Those people were not able to make an informed decision and relied on GM to their detriment.

    My bottom line, still waiting to get an order accepted for an 8.1L with 1SD and I'll probably pitch the tires after accepting delivery.
  • I live in the northeast and want to purchase a yukon xl....does anyone have a dealer to recommend who will sell this vehicle close to invoice?
  • I also believe that the BS goes much further than GM. The NHTSA has figures and stats on all Firestone tires at this point. Yet they refuse to force recalls. It appears that they are only forcing recalls for tires equipped primarily on Explorers because the Explorers, for some reason, are more prone to roll over upon tread separation.
    While it looks like just about every Firestone light truck tire is defective, regardless of where it was made, tread separation is not causing vehicles (like the Tahoe and Suburban) to roll over. Hence, the NHTSA appears to be cutting Firestone a break by limiting the recalls and thus allowing it the chance to stay in business.
    In doing so, GM, Firestone and the NHTSA are playing poker with our lives, all for the benefit of big business.
    Do I sound too much like Nader?
  • I just received our 2001 XL last week with the sunroof. Sorry to say that they still haven't figured out how to add the automatic climate control with the sunroof. I live in Southern California, where my wife and I really enjoy the sunroof, since the weather stays pretty warm here, you really do not need the auto climate control here, unlike the midwest or the east coast.

    To those commenting on the Firestone tires - even if the tires were safe, how can you trust the company! They lied to the consumers, which resulted in numerous deaths to innocent victims. As to the performance of the tires, I can tell you from first hand experience that the Firestones on the XL ride TERRIBLE!!!! You can actually feel every bump and pothole in the road. These tires make the XL ride like a heavy duty truck. After a couple of days on these "Tombstones", I changed out the tires to Michelins ( LTX 265-75-R16's ). The difference in the ride is incredible. It feels like you'r driving a car.I'm glad I made the switch, it really was worth the extra cost.

  • My dealer has told me my order for 8.1, 1SD, 3.73, sunroof XL has been confirmed. He swore to me that there is auto climate control for the front seats, but the rear seats are manual. This seems consistent with what I have read from this group. By the way, the best deal I could get in New Jersey was $2,000 over invoice -- can anyone tell me if they got better. Also, he gave me a build date of 12/18 which I have not been able to confirm with GM.

    Thanks. Doug P.
  • I took delivery of a new Yukon XL Denali a week ago and it has both a sunroof and front seat auto climate control, so I know it's possible. The second seat consists of two captain's chairs, and the overhead control for that area is manual. I really like the XL. It came with the new Michelin Cross-Terrain tires and they are terrific. If anyone has any questions, please post them. I'll be glad to answer what I can.
  • Is it possible that they put the auto climate control (with sunroof) only in the Denali, and not the XL, so this could be included as one of the upgrades in your vehicle? Because I just received our XL on November 22nd. I would be surprised if they all of a sudden added the auto climate control in the 2001's now, though it would be nice for everyone who's still planning on ordering one of these vehicles.
  • You might want to check out Ralph's in Darmouth MA. They were willing to sell me a Burb at 500 over invoice with no Advertising Fees
    For a XL try Barry's in Middletown R.I.Talk to Charlie there I order mine there in Garnet Red. But not as good a deal as Ralph's .But I wanted an XL.
  • I have a 2001 Suburban with the Tan/Neutral interior. I called Automotive Accessories Connection to order and was referred to the manufacturer to get a color number to match. Nifty told me the last two digits of the model number would be '53' in order to match the new interior. I called AAC back and they do not have that color in stock yet. Has anyone found this color to be available yet and if so where? Thanks!
  • It's not a problem if you have'nt ordered. Just tell them when you order to put it in writing that you will not take delivery with firestones. It's that easy my friend did it, he had to go to two different dealers but they did it. He got Goodyears.
  • Sounds like a good way of doing it if you have a choice of dealers.
  • I would like to relay a successful order experience on a 2001 Yukon XL here in Southern California.

    I placed an order on 10/11/00 for a for a YXL 2500, 2wd, 6.0L, 1sd, liftgate, Polo Green, at $1200 over invoice and 1% advertizing fee.

    My order was accepted on 10/20/00 with a TPW of 12/11/00. As of today the TPW is still valid and there are no constraints to hold up the build date. That's 9 weeks from order date to build date.

    What made this happen for me was careful research, most of which I learned here on this great web site and from the work that Clifford Martin has posted.

    Learning about dealer allocations and which type of dealers would have the most available, allowed me to negotiate from a position of strength. Go to a dealer who sells a lot of SUV's and trucks vs. a dealer who sells mostly cars. They will have more allocations and be willing to give you a better deal than the dealer who only has a few allocations on Yukons or Suburbans.

    I spoke with a lot of GMC fleet managers in So. CA and got a wide range of B.S. pricing. But, when the $ was on the table, most were not willing to let me walk out the door. $1500 over was possible at most of the dealers & the adv. fee. But the reason that I picked the dealer that I did was their no nonsense guaranty of available allocations and $1200. over invoice.

    The issue of Firestones has not been settled yet. But i'm sure that if I send a few customers their way - I might see a set of Michelins.

    Contact me and I will give you the name of an excellent GMC Fleet Mgr. here in Southern CA.

  • gads2gads2 Posts: 1
    I am preparing to order a 2001 Yukon XL. Since I am mostly interested in the best highway ride, I have decided to go with the 2WD. The Suburban brochure lists something called Electronic Traction Assist with 2WD models but I don't see any more information regarding it as a option. I am also planning to go with the Autoride option.
    I would be interested in pros and cons on the 2WD and Autoride. Also anything on the Limited Slip and Electronic Traction Assist on the Yukon XL. Thanks.
  • If you have a center console key which has a code "095", plz let me know.
    I have a good news for you.
  • I'm dying with curiosity. What is the significance of the key code 095?
  • Hi All,

    I know some of you out there have put a CD Changer question is, what brands are compatible with the factory Radio/CD player? I know you can get a Y adapter to split off the back of the factory radio but not sure which changers will work. In the same vein...what is that darn bar code on the radio faceplate for?

    Also, in every car I've owned (except my '67 Impala SS) my steering wheel has locked in some position when I take the key Yukon XL doesn't seem to do that. Has GM gotten rid of that feature for this truck?

    Thanks for the replies!

  • Received word from dealer today that my XL order sent in Nov 3, has been scheduled week of Dec 18. I was surprised, and had resigned myself to a build week of about mid Jan, due to Xmas shut-down. Dealer advised that a short duration constraint on "D" pkg had existed, and were it not for that, build week would have been sooner. That would have seemed a little too quick to me, But that's what I was told. My guess is dealer arrival around Jan 5 or 6. I guess I had better start breaking open the piggy bank.

    Mike DFW
  • Mike, if you turn the wheel far enough it will lock. Im not sure why you must turn so far though. Hey, was that 67 a big block? Do you still have it? Mike
  • Looking at Post 223 makes me think that I may get a nice x-mas present. My order was finally accepted on 11/10 and I have a TPW of 12/4. All after placing my original order back in the middle of July. Did any of you that had your rear windows fail ever try to lube the gaskets or make any other adjustments to the window seal? Thanks to all for the great info.
  • The barcode on the radio faceplate also has some numbers on it, they are the security code the factory set for your radio's theft-deterrent feature. Your owners manual should describe this feature and how to change the code (2001 XL manual section 3 page 31.) I choose not to change mine but removed the sticker and stuck it on that page in my manual.
  • Figoman: Nah...just had a 283 but it was an Arizona car...not a touch of rust on it when I brought it to NJ...gone now...wish I still had it though.

    lahunter: My radio did not have the theftlock activated when I got the number on the barcode had nothing to do with that.
  • Campo57 -
    In response to your question about which CD changer is compatible with your radio system in your Yukon Xl, I am at this moment having a CD changer put on our XL that works directly through the radio controls. It is an Alpine 6 disk CD changer, with a model number of: CHMS 620. The price that I paid was $238.15, including tax. I wanted to put a 10 or 12 disk changer, but I was told that I would have to make some additional modifications, and I really wanted to just go the direct route through the radio. I hope this helps.

  • I am in the process of buying a 2001 Suburban. I won't be doing any towing and am looking at the C1500's. I have seen a couple with the 5.3 liter with the 4.10 rear end. With the 4.10 rear end whateffect with that have on my expected mileage, around town acceleration and freeway speed RPM and mileage? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

  • I chose to change my code so I could get the flashing LCD. I'm no expert on thief psychology but I'd bet a flashing red light in a car would deter them more than nothing at all. well, at least the kids who aren't experts on the security features of the new cars
  • My wife has had a 1500 with 4.10 rear end for a little over a month. Our dealer told us when he has both 3.73 and 4.10 on the lot to compare people overwhelmingly choose the 4.10. When my wife had previously test driven a 3.73 she told me she thought it was sluggish. I thought the 5.3 was a borderline engine for us to tow with using the 3.73 so I told her to get the 4.10. After I have driven it a fair amount and towing with it yesterday and today, there is no doubt that I would have been disappointed with the 3.73. Only if the bulk of my mileage would be highway and with NO towing would I consider the 4.10.
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