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    You need to help me out here:

    >Because you have a 3/4 ton it should have come with I rated tires. I rated tires support more weight than a I or I rated tire. < Huh? The highest load rating in a LT tire they make is an E, 10 ply. Did you run Edmund's funky spell check on this?

    >I put Michelin LTX 275 70 HR 16. The are HR rated for speed 114 MPH and A rated for heat< Michelin doesn't show any LTX in that size. A 75 series, yes, but not a 70 series, and it's an E load rating.
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    I was hit by the funky spell checker. I meant E rated tires. I also did mean LTX M/S 275 70 HR 16. They are not an E rated tire. I put these on because I did not need an E rated tire and wanted to get the Firestones off. The following URL gives you the different sizes for the Michelin LTX tires. You can also look at other Michelin truck tires on the site by clicking around some. Having to do over I would have gone with the Michelin Cross Terrain in the 265 70 R16. The diameter of the tire would have remained the same and the tire appears to be better for the snow.
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    First off, everyone needs to know that when you type a capital "e" on this Edmunds site - it sometimes prints as an "I". So, that is probably why the confusion on message #353.

    My YXL is a 2001, 2500, 2WD with the new 6.0 I engine and 3.73 gears. It still has less than 500 miles on it, so I can't accurately assess it's true performance and gas mileage. I can say to all who are considering a similarly equipped model that I absolutely love everything about this vehicle, except for the undersized tires that came with it.

    The 3/4 ton suspension is very smooth and I like it better than the 1/2 Ton. The 6.0L engine is also very smooth, responsive and has alot of power. The 3.73 gears are excellent on the highway and the torque around town is perfect.

    I still have alot of tire questions. The door jam specifies a 255 / 70 / 16 tire. But the YXL came with 245's. So, is the speedometer calibrated for a 245 or 255 Tire? I haven't seen any 255 size tires on any YXL's or Subs.

    Since, The Michelin LTX - M/S is a Mud and Snow Tire - Is this tire quiet enough for highway and road driving in dry conditions on goad roads? Does anyone know anything about the LTX - A/S tire? Do 265's rub with the stock wheel?

    It seems that the GMC Dealership and tire store employees do not know enough about which tires are best suited for this vehicle. So, hope that some of you will continue to share your thoughts and experiences about your tire choices with the rest of us who need to know more.

  • whatever7whatever7 Member Posts: 19
    I have not had any issues with the 275's rubbing on the wheel wells. They are wider than the 265's and based on that I am guessing that you should not have a problem.
  • mrhaney1mrhaney1 Member Posts: 7
    Paul, I have a '00 2500 with 3.73 with 8000 miles on it. Got it 04/07/00 and most of the miles are trips of 4 to 5 hundred miles one way. I'm getting 17 - 18 mpg. Have not checked close for around town driving but looks around 14. I would pay ever what it cost in gas for the 2500,It,s well worth the cost over the 1500.
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    I placed my order Sept.14th, 1SD, Auto-ride, skid plates,cargo doors,White ext, pewter leather, dealer notified me to be built,Nov.14th, then Nov.20th then Dec. 12th now will not be built until sometime in February!!Constraints?None,not the problem. Frustration doesn't even begin to tell how we are feeling. The dealer is doing everything as far as locating, I've altered my options and colors, except auto-ride and cargo doors. We sometimes carry heavy pay-load and am yet to get a straight answer on the effect on payload and auto-ride, in the aspect of more or less weight. If anyone can answer this, I would welcome your info.
  • azbassazbass Member Posts: 5
    I have 265-75 LTXs on my 2500 and I can't hear 'em at all at any speed
  • layne65layne65 Member Posts: 12
    I feel your frustration! It took me a long time to get a tpw which right now is set for next week. :) Hopefully I will have a truck soon.

    On auto ride..everyone I have heard has said it is well worth it in every aspect.

    You might look at bigger dealer with more volume in sales if you get tired of waiting. The more you pay or go with bigger dealer it seems the faster you get your vehicle. Good luck.
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    After reading all the posts on how hard it is to get the vehicle you want I feel pretty lucky. I received a letter from my local GMC dealer, which I have done business with in the past. As part of a Customer Appreciation sale, they are selling any vehicle on their lot for $1 under invoice. I did my research on Edmunds site to make sure it was the $1 under the true invoice price and much to my amazement, it was, and there was no catch - everything was on the up-and-up! They had a decent selection of Yukon XL's and I picked out the one I liked, a Pewter SLT and an hour later, I was driving it home. That was last Friday... one week later I can't say anything bad about the vehicle. I have not noticed any of the problems some of the other visitors to this site have indicated. One quick question though - I did not purchase the extended warranty - does anyone have any thoughts on this? Should I purchase an after sale warranty? They run about $1400 to give you protection from 36,000 to 70,000 miles or from year 3 -year 7.
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    >I also did mean LTX M/S 275 70 HR 16.< Again, neither my source nor the Michelin web-site shows a tire of this size in this aspect ratio. Check your numbers. Irrespective, are you using a P, or an LT?

    IMO, the Michelin LTX M+S is the best all-weather SUV *road* tire made, period; extremely quiet, great handling, and tremendous wear provided you ROTATE! The AT has a slightly more aggressive tread, as does the brand new "SUV" tire; better off road, but a tad noisier. Unfortunately, the "SUV" only comes in the P series, not the LT.

    For a large truck, like a Yukon/YukonXL, putting on a P (as in Passenger car) series tire is the WRONG thing to do. The factories do this for insurance and cost cutting reasons, not because it is the most appropriate tire. P series are 4 ply tires, whereas LT (as in Light Truck) start out as 6 ply and go up from there; they are otherwise identical. There is a BIG difference in handling, not to mention load capability and resistance to sidewall cut. Additionally, there is no loss of comfort unless you go up to the E, 10 ply.

    My $0.02 worth.
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    In the Denali News group, a question came up about backup alarms, like the one offered on the Escapade. I spoke to the manager for PoronUSA and he is offering this special program for Edmunds users:

    From John:


    Thanks for the link. For your efforts, please tell your folks at Edmunds
    Town hall that we are offering a special just for them. We are going to take
    an additional $50.00 off of our mini3LV and our micro2LV bring the price to
    $149.99 for the mini3LV and $129.99 for the micro2LV. This offer is of
    course open to you also.

    They can place their order by calling us at: 800-869-8866 or through our
    web site at:

    Since this offer is for the Edmunds Town hall people, we will not be
    adjusting our web site prices. If they are ordering on-line, in the comment
    section, put in "Edmunds" and we will take $50.00 off. If they are phoning
    us, all they have to do is mention "Edmunds".

    Once again, thanks for your interest and thanks for tell others about us.

  • fellersfellers Member Posts: 18
    In my previous post, I mistyped Cadillac's Flagship. Let's hope its not an Escapade :-)
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    The LT265/75R16 does not rub on the 2001 K2500. They also fit and wear fine on the 6.5" factory rims (although most if not all tire makers specify a 7" minimum for that size tire). For a taller tire on factory rims, LT255/85R16 will work. Some people have put LT285/75R16 on factory rims, but this is well out of tolerance and unusual tire wear will likely result. One other consideration is tire chain clearance - there isn't any if you put on larger tires.

    I highly recommend the Michelin LTX A/T (all-terrain), although I guess that would be a strange choice for a 2WD paved road vehicle.

    However, you will probably notice the power loss on your 6.0L/3.73. It is not as noticeable on 8.1L/4.10. On either vehicle, the effective tow rating will decrease (although perhaps not on the 8.1L/4.10, since the 12000 lb rating is determined by the hitch capacity, not necessarily the drivetrain).

    I don't know why your sub says 255/70R16 on the door jamb (my 2001 says 245/75R16). In any case, these are little tires (slightly wider, but shorter than the LT245's). Maybe GM is going to switch to using these shorter tires for 2wd applications soon? They already use 265/70R16 for 1/2 tons - approx same height but wider than the 245/75R16.
  • comorecomore Member Posts: 2
    I have 275/70-16 Pirelli scorpion AT on my 2001 K1500 Sub. They work great and I did not notice any rubbing as a result of the wider size. I also have the Michlin 245/75-16 LTX Load Range E on my 1 ton GMC Crew Cab and they are wonderful. They replaced the General tires ($@#@%) that came with the truck after only 17000 miles. So far I have 20000 miles on them and they still look like new. A good site to look for tires and read customers testimony would be the On the Autoride, I think it is worth every penny. GM is installing the Autoride on the 8.1 3/4 ton subs which mean they should be able to handle one hell of a load. I have a question concerning the rear audio, did you receive a welcoming package from GM and if you did what did it include? Were the rear audio headphone included? If not, what did you get and from where. Thanks
  • gonefishingonefishin Member Posts: 10
    Took the 2001 YXL to dealer Tues to fix the cold draft from behind the glove compartment. Busted out on first try. Then they called GM and also heard that GM has a major problem. GM is "working " on it but no fix yet. Meanwhile my dealer spent four hours fabricating a deflecter to minimize the problem until GM gets its act together. Meanwhile my solution is to head to Florida for 3 months.
  • jtbuffjtbuff Member Posts: 25
    Thanks gonefishin.Taking mine to the dealership Monday I'll see what they say.Came across the Ohio turnpike last weekend and it was a little cold on the legs.Nice idea about going to Florida.
  • campo57campo57 Member Posts: 94
    I just found out something...BF Goodrich doesn't make tires...haven't since 1986! Here's a blurb from their website:

    BFGoodrich - We Don't Sell Tires

    We sold the tire business in 1986!. The BFGoodrich Company has not made or sold tires in more than a decade. This business was sold to Michelin, which continues to sell tires under the BFGoodrich brand. For more information, select the link

    Seems when you buy BF Goodrich's, they're made by Michelin.

  • tawoetawoe Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for SC reference. I'm looking for 3/4 ton Suburb, 6.0, 3.73 2WD LT. They do have better prices than south FL. Did you pay extra for your tag? How does buying out of state effect FL Lemon law rights? (GM is buying back my 99 Tahoe, so the support has become important to me) Still like yours?
  • jonrfraserjonrfraser Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2000 Yukon AL with pewter interior, quad captains chairs and the third bench seat. I am looking for some nice floor mats that would match the interior and cover not only the area in front of the seats but also between the middle row captains chairs. This is a high traffic area for the kids. Here in Missouri, the state uses black cinders on the roadways to help during ice and snow and this gets everywhere. Thanks for the info.
  • bstrandbbstrandb Member Posts: 12
    We paid $13 for a SC temporary (transit?) tag, then the normal license and registration fees when we got back to Orlando. The dealer also collected $300 SC sales tax which Florida credited us for when we registered. The paper work was no more complicated than purchasing a vehicle locally.

    I did a little research on lemon laws and it seems to be a gray area as to whether we'd be covered under Florida or SC law. If you're really concerned you might want to call the Attorney's general office in each state.

    We picked up the Suburban in early November and now have about 3,000 miles on it. Not a bit of trouble! Only hassle was trying to break it in right on the drive back. It's really hard to stay between 50 and 60 on I-95
  • garry101garry101 Member Posts: 5
    My 3/4 ton 2001 Yukon XL should be arriving late Jan. I came to realise though as I wait, I am selling another vehicle to make room for the Yukon and I'm not sure of the proper way to private sell that vehicle. Does anyone have a checklist on how to sell and protect the seller as well as the buyer for a private sell in California? Thanks so much!!!!!
  • don4341don4341 Member Posts: 69
    Was going to sell my 1992 Suburban last year. Used Edmunds form which generated a Window Ticket - 8 1/2" x 11". This form listed all the options, mileage, price, etc. Looks much like the form you would find on a new car.
    Also scan this site I`m sure they have items to be considered when selling. A second source would be Cliffords site @ gmsuv.
  • jimmy19gjimmy19g Member Posts: 2
    is there any way to order the two tone paint on the 2001 youkon xl or get the meadow green color, the dealer told me you can order special colors as a fleet order of minimum 5 units, i thought the meadow green pewter stripes, and tan interior look best. we have plenty on the lots in michigan, detroit area, also denalis, had eight sold six in one week! also is the auto ride worth the xtra money, i don't tow much.
  • ryanbabryanbab Member Posts: 7,240


    The LT285/75/R16 tire fit the stock rims fine.

    I had the cheap Fstones (AT's) for 10K miles. The new tires make a huge difference i cant believe it. Only downside is road noise. More aggressive tread and larger tire = road noise

    BEAWARE also only way to reprogram your speedo is by buying an aftermarket programmer like a hypertech ($300) gm wont recalibrate for tire sizes other than what they offer GRRRRRRRRR. Cost me $20 from the dealership to find that out.

    Also i have fender flares and mudflaps on my truck and no rubbing whatsoever.

  • balserbalser Member Posts: 90
    Some time ago, there were a couple of posts that mentioned using a dome light out of a Tahoe to replace the unswitched third row light in the Suburban. I didn't see any follow up. Has anyone tried this? Has anyone found after market lights more like the aircraft style in the previous generation Subs?

    Also, someone else was researching the maximum wattage bulb that could be installed in the factory fog lights. Any luck (or recommendations) on this?

  • whatever7whatever7 Member Posts: 19
    If you look at the bottom of that URL that I sent you it will mention the LTX 275 70 HR 16. It was a truck tire that was specifically designed for the Toyota Landcruiser. To do it again I would go with the 265 70 R16 as they are essentially the same height as the 245 75 R16 that came with the truck. This keeps the same final drive ratio and speedometer settings.
  • lucnoellucnoel Member Posts: 31
    Gm use bulb # 880 that only put out 27 watts.
    You can change to bulb # 885 which is exactly the same except it is 50 watts.
    On my 2001 Yukon Xl, i replaced the 3rd row light by a 2nd row light that have the reading lights in it.
    The wiring is already there in the 3rd row light to plug it.
    You just have to trim the headliner a little bit to make it fit.
    If you need more infos, E-mail me.
  • mnbuckymnbucky Member Posts: 16
    Is it true that all you did was purchase a 2nd row light assembly and were able to mount it in place of the standard 3rd row fixture. I'm not concerned about trimming the headliner -- as long as the new fixture can be mounted securely. Also, how much did it cost? Thanks.
  • kreykrey Member Posts: 41
    OK, now I'm with you. You're right, there is a P series, "B" load rating, 4 ply tire in that size made specifically as an OEM tire for the Toyota LC and some of the 4runners. It threw me off because it's listed in the OEM section of the catalogue, and it never would have occured to me to use it for a large SUV application like a Yukon/YukonXL. Additionally, the tread design is a little different on it than all the other M+S tires.

    Frankly though, I wouldn't recommend putting a passenger car, B load rating, 4 ply tire on any SUV, unless it was, say, a RAV4. To put those on a big SUV that's going to used to haul a lot of people and stuff is, in my opinion, simply not wise. But, that's just my opinion.
  • lucnoellucnoel Member Posts: 31
    Yes, that'all.
    Remove your 2nd row light and you will see how it is mounted.
    you have a little gap about 1/16 wide to put a screwdriver between the plastic lens and the base.
    pull the lens down and you are done.
    the 2nd row light has a plug with 3 wires and the 3rd row light has a plug with only 2 wires but the wiring coming from the headliner already has the correct 3 wires plug.
    Cost of the lamp is $34.25 full retail but I only paid $25,69.
  • bpfergusonbpferguson Member Posts: 1
    I'm considering buying a 2001 Suburban with either the 8.1 or 6.0 liter engine. I tow a 3 horse trailer that weighs 7000 to 8000 lbs when loaded. What kind of mileage are people experiencing with these motors ? I love the 8.1 but am concerned about what kind of fuel economy I can expect when I'm not towing.
  • rcsuttonrcsutton Member Posts: 35
    I think you guy's have gone over this but I can't seem to find the answer. Just got my new Yukon XL from Southern GM and notice they arrived with the dreaded " Firestone Wilderness " tires. What is the best way to get them replaced? Do I write a letter and complain that they thump? Is there a TSB out there or a recall? I'm not sure what my next step should be.
    78 degrees in S. Fl
  • redgunredgun Member Posts: 4
    I have the same problem on 01 YXL. It is only noticeable when the headlights are on (not the daytime running lights). I plan to take it to the dealer. Any additional info appreciated.
  • grogman1grogman1 Member Posts: 76

    I was at large dealership today trying to put together the price of my trade and the cost of a new YXL. I asked the sales guy about the tires and he indicated the dealership got a memo that basically said the recall had been expanded to include additional models of the Firestone tires but he didn't know if tires on the YXL's on his lot were included under the recall and from there, brushed off the issue.
  • msncowtnmsncowtn Member Posts: 18
    TO jimmy19g....suggest you ctc a good local body shop for tu-tone. I got a quote last month from a local shop a friend had used, of 350.00. This included area across the lift gate, which the factory never tu-toned. It also included clear coat. Takes 2 days. I have not made a final decision yet, just got my XL Jan06, and I am thinking it looks pretty good just the way it is. (Black w/painted gold striping).... The Autoride is great. There is marked difference. This system is not necessarily for towing or loads. It is effective loaded or empty. I believe it is the same or very similar to the system Cadilac has been using. Shock damping is monitored 30 times per second, and adjusted to the road conditions and suspension activity. A lot of sales people are clueless as to what it is, or what is does.
  • don4341don4341 Member Posts: 69
    As far as I know the Instrument Panel lights are not on with just Daytime Running Lights.
    The dimmer resistor is in series with the I.P. lights.The dimmer you make the Instrument Panel Lights the more wattage you drop across the dimmer switch - making it hotter. Reducing the amount of dimming reduces the heat.
    Until they redesign the dimmer circuit you have to put up with a hot dimmer switch area. It is normal.
    Please advise if your I.P. lights come on with the Daytime Run Lights. I don`t. think they do.
  • mrmarcummrmarcum Member Posts: 4
    Got my 2001 XL in November. I have 6.0 L with 4:10 rear end. I just have 1900 miles on it so far and am getting 10 mpg on surface streets and 13 on interstate driving. I have a 7000 lb travel trailer I plan to pull, but I problbly will not be towing until Spring.

    Anybody else care to comment on mileage for 6.0 Liter engine?
  • dxccp140dxccp140 Member Posts: 6
    I have seen several post regarding accesories for the yxl. I have a 01' and am looking for a good looking bug deflector that matches the color of my truck (pewter). Any web sites or suggestions would be helpful!! By the way the information and general chit chat fellow burb and xl owners provide is cool stuff, it helped a lot when we went to nego. the deal for ours (12/00). Man we are very impressed w/ this ride it's unmatched!!
  • maabmaab Member Posts: 41
    What do you guys think of brake performance on Suburbans? I heard it's a great improvment over previous years. Eventhough, I don't expect the performance to compare to Porsche (where brake is NOW), I wonder changing with Brembo brakes might improve it.
  • twindudetwindude Member Posts: 3
    Do you have the rear a/c controls? I have a 2000 sub with rear controls and the 2nd row light lens appears to be different size then the 3rd row one.
  • msncowtnmsncowtn Member Posts: 18
    To maab....regarding brakes on "01" models... just took delivery of an XL last Saturday. I am truly impressed with brake system performance. It stops like my wife's Acura. It's hard to belie you are stopping a 5k l. tank with almost no effort. Of course, have not really put to the test, but initial indications are, that this baby will stop on a dime.
  • redgunredgun Member Posts: 4

    You are right about the IP lights and the headlights. I haven't asked the dealer about a TSB yet,
    but I will. Thanks for the reply.
    Does anyone know what tires are now shipping on the new YXL. 2500. I do not like the Firestone
    Steeltex 245s. Bummer!!!


    Mileage on 01 YXL. 2500 with 6.0 and 4.01 is around 10 in town and 13 to 14 highway. I had
    thought it would be higher.
  • whatever7whatever7 Member Posts: 19
    I get about 9 MPG around town and 11 to 11.5 on the freeway. It does not seem to matter much if you are towing, driving in the mountains it basically gets around an average of 10.
  • rcsuttonrcsutton Member Posts: 35
    I think you guy's have gone over this but I can't seem to find the answer. Just got my new Yukon XL from Southern GM and notice they arrived with the dreaded "
    Firestone Wilderness " tires. What is the best way to get them replaced? Do I write
    a letter and complain that they thump? Is there a TSB out there or a recall? I'm not
    sure what my next step should be.
    78 degrees in S. Fl
  • azbassazbass Member Posts: 5
    I just bought a new 2000 Sub (4.10 gears) a few weeks ago. With about 1200 miles on it I've been averaging around 14 mpg whether I drive on the highway or in town.
  • mrmarcummrmarcum Member Posts: 4
    I agree whole heartedly with Mike/DFW. Brake performance is much better than my previous Chevy Van or my wife's Grand Am.

    Thanks to those who commented on mileage. For don4341, 10 in town and 13/14 on the road is pretty much in line. I had a Chevy Van 3/4 ton, 5.7L (350 cu in) with 3:42 rear end. It got 11 in town and 14.5 to 15 on the road. I'm hoping mileage will go up maybe 1/2 mpg by 5000 miles or so.

    Don't get me wrong. I love my YXL. I have yet to find anything wrong after having it 6 weeks and am truly impressed with engine, performance, interior, and the list goes on................ and besides, IT'S A TANK!
  • captbill1captbill1 Member Posts: 6
    Does anyone on the list know where I can find
    horsepower and torque curve graphs for these engines? GM used to put them in the brochures
    for Suburbans. Now all they give is the
    rpm at which the the maximum for each is developed. I would
    like to see how flat - or steep - each curve is. Also, does anyone know why the autoride package is required with the 8.1litre? I don't have a problem with the requirement - would probably order it any way. I have had 2 3/4 4x4 Subs;
    a 1978 and a 1991(which I am in the process of trading for a 2001), both of which I ordered new. I am having a tough time deciding whether to go for the 8.1 or the 6.0 engine. I don't plan to do much towing, so that's not the issue, I just don't want to pay a big penalty in the fuel mileage department to have the extra power. I plan to get it with the 3.73 gears. Any comments or info on the relative merits of these 2 engines will be appreciated.
  • kappaboykappaboy Member Posts: 2
    I have a 99 2wd 1500 suburban and want to add air lift helper springs to the front. but to do it i need a shock relocation kit, anyone know where i can find one? thanks
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