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GMC Yukon XL and Yukon XL Denali



  • stakeoutstakeout Posts: 173
    I have a '99 Subn.. have had a wet carpet problem after a rain a few times.. finally found the 'service bulletin' on it from the NHTSA( National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) site at then click on 'safety problems' nand this site should pop-up then go to any of the sites listed.. if you click on 'Technical Service Bulletins' a site will come up ..just put in your make model year and all Tech Svc Bulletins will come up for it...

    here's the Tech Svc Bulletin for my '99 Subn

    Service Bulletin Number: 000866001

    Bulletin Sequence Number: 968

    Date of Bulletin: 0001

    NHTSA Item Number: SB609708


    Model: SUBURBAN

    Year: 1999



    have to get over to my dealer and lay it on him...

    ALSO has anyone else heard about that GM coupon on Suburbans for current owners.. is it legit...?? My dealer hasn't heard about it.. or refuses to verify it..


  • jcgarjcgar Posts: 1
    Talked to my local dealer today about 1000
    dollar customer loyalty program for current sub/tahoe owners..mine too is expected in any day.
    He told me that I can bring title or current registration for proof of ownership, and that should be enough. Thought that I would pass this along.
    Also, you can't beat these guys on a great deal... get this: $98.00 over FACTORY INVOICE!
    NO B.S. They will build it over the phone. Took me ten minutes to order mine. Very knowledgeable salesperson... Jim Cowley. They are located in South Carolina, and will drop ship to a dealership close to you, anywhere in the U.S.
    Look up website: Good professional people.
  • jamesk4jamesk4 Posts: 55
    Is this just for Suburbans, or does it apply to YXL's too. I have a YXL on order that is to be built on 3-5-01.
  • btenbten Posts: 28
    Just ordered a Z71 yesterday. It is only available in Black, White, Green, or Pewter. I ordered the peweter one. I had to pay $1000 over Invoice vs. $500 for other Subs. There was one thing that was different from the brochure. The lights on the back of the luggage rack were not available. The Z71 includes the LS package. The seats are not heated and do not have the power lumbar feature. I drove an LT(4X4) and a Z71 back to back. The Z71 was slightly stiffer, but was still a great ride. The tires were Goodyears (that alone saves over $700). I really like the heavy duty luggage rack with roller, and the monochrome finish to the grill and bumpers. I didn't order the convience package ($187 for a garage door opener and self dimming mirror seemed expensive.
  • Thanks for the info..
  • rl4u2crl4u2c Posts: 1
    Took possession of my Charcoal grey 3/4 ton LS 4X4 last tuesday.. couldn't find one with the 8.1 that we liked so opted for the 6.0. Couldn't tell the difference driving without really romping
    on it. But even the 6.0 is quicker than the Seq. or Exc. 4.10 gears really help out. Can't wait to get it out on the highway. Its
    a beautiful truck. GM's got a winner with this new body style and it fits in my garage. No complaints from this Colorado family.
  • heatwave3heatwave3 Posts: 462
    bmoss1: The '01 Denali XL has a 6.0L, 3.73 rear, 320hp and 365 ft. lbs. of torque with a tow capacity of 8400lbs compared to the '92 2500 Suburban with 7.4L, 4.10 rear, 230hp and 385 ft lbs of torque and a tow capacity of 10,000lbs.

    The '01 3/4 ton 4wd comes in 4 variations: 8.1L, 4.10, 12,000lbs; 8.1L, 3.73, 10,500lbs; 6.0L, 4.10 10,000lbs; 6.0L, 3.73, 8,000lbs

    I traded the '92 Sub in on the '01 DXL in January. The ride differences are like night and day. Can't compare the new 3/4 ton to the old one, but I am sure there is a significant improvement. The 3/4 ton however, will always have a "bouncier" ride than the 1/2 ton due to the leaf springs in the rear. This is particularly true when the rear suspension is unsprung (no load).

    The whole point of the leaf spring suspension is to provide for a greater loading on the rear suspension than a coil and shock setup could provide. The combination of the 4.10 rear with leaf springs (and the xtra torque of the 7.4L) are the reasons my '92 3/4 ton had a greater tow capacity even though the new DXL has greater hp.

    In the end, I traded the xtra 1600 lbs tow capacity for the greater comfort of the 1/2 ton suspension in the DXL. BTW, for those with the 8.1L and 4.10 rear, where do you find a tow bar and ball with a 12,000 lb rating? The largest I have seen in catalogs is 10,000lbs.

    Yes, the driver side window comes up wet several days after a rain or the car wash. I was thinking it was just because of the cold weather in the NE and when the weather warms up it will dry out quicker.

    No, I haven't had "cold feet" syndrome in the front passenger floor area. I have front and rear climate control set-up.
  • To respond to the two folks who responded to my message about Carbargains, I guess everyone is entitled to his or her suspicions. All I know is this organization enabled me to get a Yukon XL for 200 over invoice when the best price I could get before that was 1000 over invoice, and to do so with no hassle. As to the question of why it's a .org and not a .gov, I don't know. I am going by the report that the Today show had on this organization. I understood them to say this was a wing of the consumer protection agency of the fed. gov. Again, it worked great for me. I've never had a better car buying experience.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Here's the Today show story (and video):Thinking about buying a car online?. Congrats on the Yukon!

    Vans, SUVs, and Aftermarket & Accessories message boards
  • rb71rb71 Posts: 2
    The '01 Yukon XL in Garnet Red is sitting in my driveway after only a 7-week order process. Excellent experience and only $12 over invoice. I plan on installing a brake controller for a trailer soon, but don't really want to screw it into the panel below the steering wheel. I'm thinking abbut putting it in the storage area where the CDs/cassettes can be stored (under the radio), as it has a closing door and is nicely hidden when not in use.

    Do these little units generate any heat? Has anyone done this before?
  • rleonardrleonard Posts: 17
    Hi Heatwave #664 Do you have the moon roof? If not have you operated in below 50 degree weather? It appears that moon roof equiped YukonXL and Denalli XL with moon roof have a different htr/ac system and don`t have cold air problem.
  • rb71rb71 Posts: 2
    We ordered our '01 Yukon XL on Jan 2 of 2001. Ordered Garnet Red with 1SC and other options. I worked with dealer in North Carolina who sells all their ordered vehicles for $200 below invoice. They do have a $212 "processing fee", but at that price, I really didn't argue about it much. The invoice includes a 1% ad fee which seems to be standard for the area. All was done over the phone; I knew the exact options and pricing, and put the deposit down.

    I called GMC the next week and they said to call back in 2 weeks, that the order should be in the system by then. Two weeks later, they gave an estimated TPW of 2/5. So far, so good. I called the week of 2/5 to see if they were still on schedule, and the person indicated that the vehicle wasn't entered into the system yet?! After insisting that it was and that she check again, she "found it" and indicated there was no TPW for it and had no idea when it would get built. I called the salesman and he didn't really put a lot of trust into what the GMC folks had to say, but assured me things were going fine. I called GMC the next Wednesday, and viola, they said the truck had been built and shipped. I drove down and picked it up on 2/23 (even though they offered door-to-door delivery for only $100).

    I was very happy with the process and wouldn't think twice about doing it again. The dealership is Biggs GMC/Pontiac in Elizabeth City, NC and the salesman (who was excellent) was Mike Douglas. If you contact him, please mention my name as a referral; maybe I'll get a hat or something.

    Anyway, we love the truck, and this board has really helped in doing the research necessary to make an informed purchase.

    Jeff Bishop
  • Some of you are talking about loyalty certificates for $1000. Have any of you been able to actually get the $1000. off of the vehicle or are the coupons something thats happening in the near future? Someone mentioned showing a current registration to the dealer did that work without or in place of the coupon? Does anyone know how long the coupons are good for (specifically a date) I have a new suburban coming in the end of the month so any info will be appreciated. The dealer told me to plan on a 16 to 20 week wait and its going to be here in 8 weeks from the day we ordered it. Thanks in advance for all responses. Suburbansrule
  • btenbten Posts: 28
    I noticed in the Houston paper on Saturday that several dealers has statements in their ads that stated something like this:

    Suburban Owners - Ask about $1000 Loyalty Rebates on new Suburbans.

    Same thing for the Tahoe.
  • heatwave3heatwave3 Posts: 462
    71landcruiser: I haven't seen alot of news on the 2002 Subs or Yukons, however the one thing I did see is pretty interesting. The 2002 Subs and YXLs will have an option (or standard, not sure) for a "suicide door" behind the second row doors that hinges at the rear and provides access to the third row seating. Can only be opened when the second row door is open. Very Interesting. Kind of like the access doors on the pickups that open to provide entry to rear bench seat.

    rleonard: Yes, I have the moonroof, however I had it installed aftermarket through the dealer. This way I could have the rear climate controls and the moonroof. I used the ASC which is the same sunroof/moonroof used by GM. Cannot tell the difference and it comes with a lifetime warranty. Also has one touch close feature and auto close ten seconds after the ignition is turned off. Neither feature is available from the factory. You can read more on the sunroofs at
  • csotbcsotb Posts: 8
    We have a 2000 K2500 Suburban and I'm not sure if the transfer pump between the secondary and primary tanks is working. When we fill the tank when the low fuel warning light is on and gas gauge on empty, we're only able to put in 20-something gallons. My understanding is that when the primary tank is down to 5 gallons, the 11.5 gallons is transferred to it from the secondary, which should mean the gas gauge goes back up to almost 1/2. When the guage is on empty, it should mean both tanks are low. Does anyone have any comments? The owner's manual is useless!!!
  • pcalpcal Posts: 5
    Help! I've had my 2001 Tahoe 5 months and it has started making a clicking noise from the engine(sounds like valves). I took it in last week and the serviceman agreed that (in his words!) that is definetly not a good sound! He called to say it was ready and said it was fine that it had a carbon build up and they had decarbonized it. Picked it up Friday night and believe it or not its clicking even louder. When called he now says that Tahoe engines are just a little loud. Feeling like he was giving me the run around, I spoke with him again this morning and told him it's not the loudness it's the distinctive clicking sound thats a problem. I'm scheduled to take it in again in the morning. Any advice!!!!!
  • dfwk2500dfwk2500 Posts: 68
    Had some brief discussions on this issue in a another forum. The information I learned there is that there are two separate sending units, one for each tank. Somehow the computer knows how to merge the two readings to arrive at the correct reading for both tanks on the instrument panel guage. Have not heard of anyone having a problem with the pump yet, but have heard of two folks having had the sending unit for the tank above the spare tire go out. I believe when that happened, they had a reading that they were close to out of gas when one of the tanks was still full. I'll look for those postings and try to copy them over here. Unfortunately, I have not found too many people knowledgeable about the exact operation of these two tanks.
  • dfwk2500dfwk2500 Posts: 68
    Here are the contents of the 3 posts about these tanks. Hope it helps:

    1) Does anyone know how the dual fuel tanks on the 3/4 ton work. From just looking underneath there is a main tank
    along the inside frame rail and a secondary tank up above the spare. The fuel filler fills the secondary which has a
    large fill hose running to the main tank. Apparently by filling the secondary tank it runs over to the primary. My
    questions deal with how the fuel gauge works and the flow between tanks. The GMC brochure is silent on the dual
    tanks, but the Chevy brochure says that when the primary tank gets down to 5 gallons, a "turbine pump" pumps
    the fuel from the secondary tank. Does anyone know how this works? Or if there is a fail safe system in place? Also
    which tank does the gauge read from, or is it a combination of both? My fear is the gauge reads from both based on
    my recent fill ups. The level in the gauge and the amount of fuel added makes sense. But what if the pump between
    tanks stops functioning? Could my gauge read a 1/4 tank when the engine stops running for lack of fuel because
    the secondary tank still has 10 gallons of fuel, but the pump won't transfer it?

    2) I was wondering the same thing. I just got my 8.1 a month ago and it has been in the shop for a week waiting on a
    part (left from axle boot had a leak). In addition, my gas gauge intermittently doesn't work. I have filled up twice
    and drove a few feet and the needle goes to empty, the first time it came back within 10 minutes and the last time it
    still registered empty when I took it into the shop for the boot. I didn't even know there was two tanks until I picked
    up my truck last night and saw that they had ordered a sender unit for the lower tank. That tells me there are
    actually two sending units, but how they work together is beyond me at this point. I am also in DFW (Valley Ranch)

    3) After reading the first post for the request of help on 2 tank operation, I read the 2000 Service manual. They guide
    you through the replacement of the two senders, they advise that the resistance varies from 40 to 250 ohms, the
    leads go thru connector C-152, BUT I cannot find a description of how the circuit truely operates.
    Page 8-702 does say that :
    The resistance values only reflect the specified fuel level when the signal circuits for both the primary and secondary
    fuel level sensors are tied together. Will try fo find something else Sunday and will post if found.
    BTW I had hoped to find something on a pump to move gas from one tank to the other - as one person mention -
    but no luck. The above paragraph was found under a 39 Gallon Tank section.

    Sorry to be so long, but I don't think I'm allowed to reference the other forum where these were located.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Acutally a link to the other forum is probably better. Those messages are most likely copyrighted by the other forum and really shouldn't be posted elsewhere without the express written permission (etc., etc., like major league baseball....).

    Vans, SUVs, and Aftermarket & Accessories message boards
  • buster27buster27 Posts: 28
    Earlier this weekend, people were asking about a $1000 customer loyalty coupon. Got mine in the mail today. It is good towards the purchase of a Chevy Suburban or Tahoe. No mention of being able to use it on a GMC Yukon XL/Yukon.
    I currently own a Chevy Suburban. Maybe current owners of GMC Suburbans will get a coupon for a GMC.
    The coupon is good through March 1 - June 30.
  • dfwk2500dfwk2500 Posts: 68
    Here is the link, hope it works:,

    After all those exchanges a month or so ago about posting other links, it is a wonder anyone knows what is "acceptable" any more.

  • rdtaylorrdtaylor Posts: 21
    rb71 -

    I don't think you would want to hide the electric brake controller. For safety, you need access to it for adjustment and/or manual activation.

    There are correctly-spaced mounting holes provided on the bottom of the dash below the steering column (no screws needed - use 2 bolts).
    The controller is very innocuous when mounted.
  • dustyonedustyone Posts: 262
    It is not a rumor anymore. Just receive the rebate certificate in the
    mail. It is good for $1000 toward a 2001 Tahoe or Suburban if purchased
    between 3/1/01 and 6/30/01. Can be used with new or lease from stock
    or ordered vehicle as well as with other rebate or incentives. Currently own a '99 Tahoe and have ordered a '01 2500 4WD LT 3/1/01
  • stakeoutstakeout Posts: 173
    I was on the phone with Chevy Customer Service this morning.. transferred me to 1-800-950-2438 ' Chevy Incentives Customer Service'.. they said that all current Tahoe & Suburban owners would get one..if not, all you have to do is mention Loyalty Incentive Program & show proof of current ownership of Tahoe or Suburban.. very helpful ..

    two hours later.. what do I receive in the mail.. yop.. the Chevy $1000 Loyalty Coupon...

    since I own a '99 Suburban.. my wife's looking for a new 2001.Subn...great timing..

    now the question is... should we wait for the new quarterly incentives to come out on 4/3/01 .. looking for a lease.. both Chevy & Ford quarters begin that day...

    currently 36 mo residual on '01 Subn is 52%... butt the BAD point.. lease interest rate is 9.3%.. very very poor... what to do... need that Lease rate to come down at least 2 percentage points to get a decent deal... also been looking at an '01 Expedition E-B 4wd.. had one back in '97 when 24 mo. residuals were at a whopping super-good 76%.. those days are gone.. right now '01 Expedition 36 mo residual is 45% with 6% interest rate... plus $1000 cash back..

    whoever makes the best deal gets it..basically same MSRP on both trucks at around $42K... sure would like my wife to use that $1000 Chevy Loyalty coupon.. we shall see.. it's her call since it's her truck.. I never ..repeat never.. tell her which one to pick.. it'll always come back to haunt ya' :)

    thanx all for the help..
  • Thanks for the info on the coupons, very helpful and the timing is going to be perfect for me.
  • rhanson3rhanson3 Posts: 69
    For those who have them, does it say they can or cannot be transferred to someone else. Is your name on them? I dont have a coupon but if I go the chevy rout, sure would like to save the money.
  • jamesk4jamesk4 Posts: 55
    I too inquired about the "Coupon" today. I found out that what the above posts stated is correct, however, there is one MAJOR restriction. You cannot use your Suburban coupon or title at a GMC dealer and you cannot use your GMC coupon or title at a Chevy dealer. Since I presently have a "burb", and now want to purchase a GMC YLX, guess what, I am out of luck.

    I truly believe that General Motors would rather play games than sell vehicles. What difference does it make as long as I buy a GM SUV???????

    Billion Dollar Corporation with a .50 (fifty cent) mindset.

    No wonder sales are off.

    I spoke with a GMC dealer today that said he was ready to call a bunch of customers that had "burbs" until he read the fine print.

    If you feel like I do, go to the GM website and let them know your thoughts, we the public should have some say so since we are the ones spending our $40,000 on their SUV.
  • ppwagenppwagen Posts: 1
    My left front brake locks up during hard braking. I have replaced the cal, brake pads twice and turned the rotors. what now
  • rhanson3rhanson3 Posts: 69
    Does it look like you could give a non-gm owner the coupon to use? Or is your name printed right on it. Thanks
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