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GMC Yukon XL and Yukon XL Denali



  • ssmilesssmiles Posts: 35
    Order placed on March 1st. Received a telephone call from my dealer in Southern California today. They said mine has been built, and has already been shipped from the plant in Mexico to the "Star craft Vans" plant in Elk hart, Indiana for final conversion to Z71 trim?? I had no idea it had to be built at two different locations, anyone got an answer to that? They gave me the full vin on it and said I should have possession by end of April. Just a few days ago, the dealer said all they had was an order acknowledgment on it. Sounds like some communication problems.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Wow mexico to indiana to california

    What color is your burb? Ill keep on eye out for it.

    Kinda wierd that they would send it to the van place. I have been by there a few times and all i really see is a bunch of full size vans sitting in their huge lot that have things like ceiling extended,things added to the body, custom wheels.

    What all extra comes on the Z71 burb?

  • ssmilesssmiles Posts: 35
    Only 4 color choices for Z71 trim (Black, White, Pewter, Green). I'm getting white. If you get the Z71 package, which is only available on LS Burbs, you get nicer roof rack, tube style assist steps, circular fog lamps, stiffer off-road suspension, leather seating, 17" wheels/tires, skid plates, Z71 badging and a distinct clean look (no molding or chrome-everything is body paint color). The web site has a picture and more info on it.
  • rdtaylorrdtaylor Posts: 21
    Wow - I can't believe Chevy would build an 8.1L 2500 Suburban without the tow package. Pretty ridiculous. The GMC models all come with the tow package as standard equipment. The skid plates and block heater can be easily added.

    Unlike the 1500 models, I suspect the 8.1L 2500 models have the full cooling equipment package anyway (the $141 trailer package probably adds only the hitch, and maybe the brake wiring harness). I would investigate further. If that is the case, you could simply add a after-market hitch. The way to know for sure is to look at the actual option codes on the vehicle (not the invoice, which is only a subset of the actual build options). The dealer should have an exhaustive list of each option code ans should be able to tell what cooling options were installed.
  • rhanson3rhanson3 Posts: 69
    I just put on Denali 17" wheels 265-70-17 on my 2001 yukon XL which had 265-70-16 on it.
    I have read this thread and I am very confused. Can the dealer re-calibrate or do I have to buy a jet control unit or? If someone could help it would be greatly appreciated. My understanding is the the transmission shifting also get re-calibrated.
  • alfred7alfred7 Posts: 3
    I have a 2001 Suburban with factory wheel flares and factory running boards(assist steps) I have checked on after market molded fitted mud flaps and was told that they are available for the rear but not the front when you have the factory assist steps. Has anyone experienced this problem or call you give me a web site for this item. Thanks Al
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Regarding the reverse warning system, you may want to drop by the Reverse warning systems topic in the Aftermarket & Accessories message board.

    Vans, SUVs, and Aftermarket & Accessories message boards
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240

    Check out my site i have pics of these mudfaps on my 2000 silverado w/flares.

  • jtbuffjtbuff Posts: 25
    rleonard,did you find out anything about cold air?
  • naitovenaitove Posts: 6
    Do any dealers stock Z71 Subs or do you have to special order them. Are they available with a choice of cloth or leather? Are the front seats buckets or bench? Has anyone seen the lights on the roof rack? If so, what do they do? If anyone has one already please email me at [email protected]
    Thanks, John
  • btenbten Posts: 28

    Dealers do stock them. They do not stay very long. I test drove one before I ordered mine. they only come with leather, with bucket seats. The seats are the same ones that come in an upgraded LS. The lights on the roof rack are not available.
  • stoli2stoli2 Posts: 6
    Can someone help me with a basic question. I drove through the dealers lot today in my city.
    They had about 20 new 2001 Suburbans. My question is this, I only saw one that had the 1500 emblem or badge on the side of the vehicle. I am a newbie as I just starting looking at suburbans. What does the 1500 represent . I was wondering wy the emblem was not on the other suburbans
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    1500 = 1/2 ton

    2500 = 3/4 ton

    3500 = 1 ton

    Can you tell me what the differences are between the Trident and Interceptor on the Yukon?? Is the Trident a thicker material, does it stand more upright on the hood, or is it a sturdier version of the Interceptor with a similar profile? Does it mount in the factory holes, or is drilling required?? Thanks.
  • hawkeye9hawkeye9 Posts: 2
    rpi:noisey fuel pump
    I had a new fuel pump put on my 2000 suburban in jan 01
    and the dealer indicated all new fuel pumps were noisey.
    He said they would replace it but it wouldn't be any
    quieter than the one already on it. So i just left it alone and after about 2-months it quieted down and I don't notice it. But I know what you are describing, because mine was noisey enough to notice it inside the truck.
  • ssmilesssmiles Posts: 35

    I ordered my Z71 on March 1st. Dealer called a few days ago, gave me the VIN and said I should have it by the end of this month. I'll let you know when it comes via the e-mail you provided.
  • naitovenaitove Posts: 6
    Got a GM Buypower response from a dealer today who told me Z71 option was not available yet on Suburban.
  • rickhessrickhess Posts: 18
    4th gear in Tow/Haul Mode

    I have a 2001 Suburban 2500 LT 4x4 w/ 8.1 L. I was towing my 6600 lb (dry wt.) travel trailer for the first time this past weekend. In tow/haul mode the transmission would not shift into 4th gear, even though there was plenty of rpm's and torque available. I ended up towing in regular drive, and with very few exceptions, spent the entire time comfortably in 4th gear.

    Does anyone know if tow/haul atomatically locks out 4th gear? If so, I probably will tow in regular drive since I seem to have plenty of hp and torque without the added rpm's allowed by tow/haul mode. Thanks.

  • btenbten Posts: 28

    Two answers to your questions. Go to GM BuyerPower on this site. Fill in for a Chev. Sub. model type 1/2 ton 4wd Z71. Put in 77479 for the zipcode. Click the dealer starting with MAC (the fourth one, I think.) You will see he has 4 Z71's in stock.

    Also on gmbuyerpower, if you will build your own, select the 1/2 ton 4wd LS. In the options, you will see a selection for Z71 off road package, $10,818. I would print copies of this and show them to your dealer. (I double checked all of this before I wrote this note.
  • oulunetoulunet Posts: 1
    How much should I pay for a 1990 4x4 Suburban in relatively good condition with 204,000 miles on it? $2000? Or should I just forget about a vehicle with this many miles?

  • stoli2stoli2 Posts: 6
    Can someone tell me why the 1500 badge if you would is on the side of some suburbans and not others. I like the looks of the 1500 emblem. Is it an option or special edition. Could someone help me with the question
  • the 1500/2500 badges are definitely the norm, the only vehicles I've seen w/o them have had ALL the badging removed by the owner as part of their own customization. I have read that these badges are merely placed on with a simple adhesive, so maybe they are put on the dealer? (although I would be surprised to learn this.)
  • buster27buster27 Posts: 28
    Not true about the badges. I took delivery of a 3/4 ton Suburban LT last month. No where on the truck is a 2500 badge. I didn't take it off.
    On my previous Suburbans, there was a badge, but not this one. Don't know if it's a new thing or not.
  • eversonseversons Posts: 38
    I frequently put several large extension ladders on top of my Yukon XL. The roof racks seem to have been designed so that ladders will slip off the top of the truck and slide down the side of the vehicle (after I untie them).

    Are there any after market accessories that will keep the ladders where I want them? Does the special Z71 off road package roof rack do a better job keeping things from falling off?


  • fiber700fiber700 Posts: 18
    Has anyone thought that maybe GM is trying to save a buck per vehicle and is now eliminating the badges in a cost savings move......
  • larrys7larrys7 Posts: 35
    I've been selling/installing automotive accessories for over 12 years now. My opinion LUND has the BEST PRODUCT on the market!!
    view at:

    I prefer the Interceptor - Painted to match
    No drilling on new GM or Fords. Just installed on my 01 Yukon Denali XL. Painted white. A easy 1 minute job. Put plastic plugs in the square OEM holes & screws in fine. Unless you get old stock, then get out your drill & measuring tool - a 2-4 minute job on some applications

    I have a few customers that prefer the Avenger (Smoke only). Yet very sleek/small. Kinda close for me.

    Then if you do not like anything wrapped around, just a hood protector - Defender (smoke only). Would be an option.

    Lots to chose from out there. If you have a black vehicle - purchase smoke & Kylon the back side with semigloss - quick & easy. This makes it a pure black like the vehicle. Remember to keep plenty of wax on them for the shine & easy to clean off when covered with bugs. Keep your receipt - LIFETIME WARRANTY!! **Interceptor is my choice & again highly recommend! My reason for install is protecting the hood from chips.

    3M makes a Scotchcal kits (clear vinyl) hood kits ready for install for those that hate bug shields - another option.
    Don't wait to long - the bugs are out in high force here in Missouri already - If you travel on two lane roads - the last thing you want is a small rock to chip your paint.
  • mitch43mitch43 Posts: 10
    I just picked up my 01 Yukon SLT w/ Autoride (based on the advice from this discussion) and 1sd. I haven't even driven it, but the wife has and loves it so far. I have two question, however, that I hope somebody can help with. First, there is an antenna (I assume for the Onstar/cellular phone) mounted on the drivers side rear window (by third row of seats) that extends about 6-8 inches above the roof when up. It is rigid (not flexible)and flips down only by coming towards you (i.e., away from the vehicle, not towards the front or back). With my 7 foot garage, it will surely be clipped off before too long. Any suggestions about either replacing or relocating it? Second, to access the third row seats, it is very easy to pull the second row seat bottom up and forward and swing down the second row seat back, which allows you step on the carpeted flipped down second row seat back to reach the third row. With three kids ages 7 and under, it will not take long for the second row seat back back to get VERY dirty. Any suggestions on how to prevent it from getting dirty? Maybe velcro another carpet mat onto to it?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  • rauch56 or others, I experienced the same thing, carpets on driver and driver side second row soaked after driving through heavy rains. Any clues that I might offer the Service Department?

  • I installed 50 watt bulbs in 2001 Burb and the heat melted the factory units beyond repair.

    Anyone have experience with the PIAA of similar size? Can they use the OEM switch?

    Thanks again.
  • mmcnamarammcnamara Posts: 27
    I've decided that the base Suburban 1500 2wd (vinyl seats, etc.) may be the vehicle for my family needs, but I've yet to see any on the road or at a dealership. One of my concerns is that the front-only air conditioning may not be enough to cool the interior, and my other concern regards the build time- I see that others have had lengthy waits to take delivery. Given that Chevrolet will no doubt profit less on this configuration than on a loaded vehicle, will the build date be pushed back indefinitely as long as other orders are received? Dealers are quite vague on this matter.
    Any feedback on this and on other member's experiences with base Suburbans is appreciated. Thanks!
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