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GMC Yukon XL and Yukon XL Denali



  • skipjack2skipjack2 Posts: 29
    Dustyone, when you upgraded to Michelins, as I did, did you take in consideration the 4% speeometer error or did you have it corrected. You should be going about 4 miles further per 100 miles than the speeometer indicates. At 65, you would be doing about 67.7 MPH with out a correction, asuming that the speeommeter was accurate to start with. With a computer on board, I'm thinking it should be, but have not been able to get mine corrected. Skipjack 2
  • y2kgtsy2kgts Posts: 48
    We have had this jewel since last June, having sold our '93 GMC Suburban to our neighbor with 165,000 miles on it (3 sets of tires, 1 alternator, 2 sets of brake pads, 2 sets of shocks, 1 radiator - that's it). It is loaded with all the goodies (and is 4x4) and we added the push bar/brush guard and off-road lights before a big trip out west (4,200 miles round trip). Installed a 13.3" drop-down Flexvision LCD TV and Pioneer portable DVD with wireless headphones for the kiddies. It also has a switch to throw it on the truck speakers if we all want to listen to the local TV news as we travel, as well as a game hook up and 110 outlet. Here is our truck:


    We have had a few problems in 17,000 miles: Two dead window motors, bad relay for rear A/C (first dealer said there was no rear A/C with a factory sunroof - insisted the sunroof was aftermarket!), and two problems that it is going in for on Friday. First, the "security" message lights up in the message center frequently, often while driving. The second problem is that it sometimes fails to start, although it turns over fine. I wait ten minutes and it fires right up, almost like it is flooded. It is the 5.3 motor, which has been awesome other than that. Any ideas on the security message or failure to start? Thanks either way!


  • moss6moss6 Posts: 12
    I do have a hypertech but I don't see why telling the computer it is geared 4.30 would increase torque; if so telling it that it had smaller tires I suppose would do the same thing. This then in your reasoning would make the sensors read higher torque resistance than what was really there therefore adjusting the fuel mixture richer? If so then what do the exhaust sensors then do with the richer exhaust gasses. Have you personaly tried and achieved torque improvement?
  • warzonectxwarzonectx Posts: 26
    how fast do the Chevy Suburban go. can the Cruise Control hold the speed going up hill. email me is you have enny info or post it. my email is cool
  • campo57campo57 Posts: 94
    Nice looking YXL.

    No thoughts on the security light but the no start thing sounds like what happened to my Bonneville a while back. Have them check the Crankshaft Position Sensor. Do you have any problems with it while driving (cutting out, running rough, etc.)? That's what was going on with my Bonne and the dealer gave me the standard "cannot duplicate" every time I dropped it off (even had it towed in once but of course, it started right up and it never set a DTC in the computer.) The only way they found it was I told them to keep the car until they fixed it and they put a real-time scanner on it and drove the car. It finally happened while they were driving it and found out it was the crank sensor.

    Hope that helps.

  • lambdaprolambdapro Posts: 51
    No, I meant put in the real 4.3 gears. Since you have the hypertech, you can program the system so that the speedometer and everything else works accurately. The same reason that your 4.1 with non-stock tires is effectively a 3.93. The 4.3 would end up a 4.12 or some such. I'm just saying that upping the gears gets you cheap torque to the rubber.
  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    Check out this

    You will have to read but in the middle it is mentioned of this problem.

    (sorry bout the popups)

    There is a lady (truck chic) who had this problem on her sierra. She can definitly help you out


  • ryanbabryanbab Posts: 7,240
    you dont have to become a member to post

  • dustyonedustyone Posts: 262
    I have not corrected for the larger tire size. I figure that it is within tolerance anyway. I have checked the odometer with a number of mile markers. It is spot on. So if the speedometer is incorrect, I don't care since I run at the speed limit or 4 to 5 miles over anyway. (I have a speed limiting governor sitting in the passengers seat)
  • rhanson3rhanson3 Posts: 69
    Question re. torque. I switched from stock 265-70-16 to 265-70-17 tires and wheels. Has my torque increased or decreased? I am still trying to decide wether or not to have dealer try to recalibrate. I hardly ever tow, if I am getting better mileage with a lower torque by not reclabrating I might leave it alone. Thanks
  • I was just wondering what kind of gas mileage everyone got on their first tank of gas with the 8.1 engine . I know it gets better after the break-in. Got my Yukon XL a weekago today. It's a awesome truck.
  • lambdaprolambdapro Posts: 51
    Your torque at the rubber has gone down just a bit. This is the equivalent of changing your rear end down numerically from say a 4.10 to a 3.98. You are probably getting slightly better gas mileage on the highway. Your speedometer would be off about 3% (about 32 inch versus 31 inch). That is about 2 mph at 60. So drive a little slower than the speedo says in school zones, construction areas, enforcement areas.
  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    I have a 2001 3/4 ton YXL 6L w/3:73 and 245's. I wouldn't think the axle would make the mileage drop like that! I get 14 city, and 17 highway not towing, when towing a 4000 lb car + trailer and equipment behind I get 15 hwy. I don't have any problems at takeoff, loaded or unloaded.
  • rhanson3rhanson3 Posts: 69
    Thanks for the information. I have the 3.73 transmission so am I really at 3.62? This will help my mileage some, any down side that you can think of. The only towing I do is to pull a 3000 lb boat out of the water, drive 1 mile and put in the garage. I am trying to decide if I should have the dealer try to reprogram it for the larger tires. What would you do? Thanks
  • slipperyslippery Posts: 7
    I noticed the use of the hypertech units was mentioned in several posts. What kind of results do you feel you had in performance,shifting,or economy.I have a 5.3 with 3.73 rearend and would like to see some improvement in shifting and power in the 35 to 65mph range.
  • stakeoutstakeout Posts: 173
    anyone have the best.. repeat thee BEST polish for removing black paint swirls.. anything better than Meguiars or Mother's .. if not, which of their products do you recommend...

    I've tried the new Meguiar's Scratch Remover in the black tube... no good... I know they used to make a 'Swirl remover' product.. not anymore...

    any comments are appreciated..

  • steve6666steve6666 Posts: 8
    01 Yukon, Have had since Dec '00. Pulls to right or left when road slopes in the direction of the slope, very severely. Can't let go of wheel or it takes off for a rabbit. Been to dealer and they agree it is a problem, but can't seem to make it better. Finally took to a good alignment shop and they have it set at max caster and it is better. Have tried change of tires also. Anyone having the problem? I know new suspension is more sensitive, but this is not good. Previous 96 Yukon would track straight forever. Have R70/265's on now, the original tires.
  • ssmilesssmiles Posts: 35
    I have a 2001 Suburban Z71. I have driven LT's / LS's in the past and based on my experience, the ride is noticeably stiffer. It definately caters to off-road use, but is still quite comfortable on the highway. If you don't plan on going off the pavement, I'd say stick with the other trims. Of course, the Z71 has a distinct/clean look compared to others. But looks aren't everything. I have not seen a single person complain about the available Autoride suspension available on other trims.
  • y2kgtsy2kgts Posts: 48
    First off, the black paint swirls: I have nothing but black cars and show a couple of them. For swirl marks use 3M Swirl Mark Remover (Part #051131) for dark cars. Use it like a wax but not too forceful - it will polish it down nicely. You will then want to use your favorite wax or polish after you have used this stuff. I prefer Zaino ( for my show stuff, but it is a bit more expensive and you may do just as well with off the shelf stuff. BTW, I found the 3M Swirl Remover at Pep Boys, but have not seen it elsewhere. I know many paint shops use it successfully.

    I also wanted to thank Ryan for pointing me in the right direction on the "Odds and Ends" problems I am having with my Y2K YXL. I am pretty sure it is the PassLock system coupled with a bad ignition cluster from what I have read. This would cause both the "security" message and the occasional failure to start. Campo, I appreciate your thoughts and have shared that problem before. I had two '87 Grand Nationals and they BOTH had bad crankshaft sensors. One tended to leave me stranded until the dealer figured it out on the fourth try. The second car was fixed the first time it happened, of course. Thanks again for the help!


    PS. I haven't seen a thread on mileage for the 5.3, but I am VERY happy with mine: Roughly 15 mpg in the city and 19 mpg on the highway. Compared to my '93 with 12/16 and much less power (5.7), we are thrilled. Try a Dodge Durango that gets 11/14 - THAT stinks!
  • skipjack2skipjack2 Posts: 29
    I had a new Yukon (95) that wandered on the road. Similar to what you describe. Turned out the front tires were over inflated. I reduced the tire pressure and the truck then tracked like it should. I always look at the tires to see what maximum pressure/load is and never exceed that, and if not carrying a load, I use a little less pressure. I'm sure that this has been checked (or should have been) before they reset the alignment. Skipjack2
  • gpvsgpvs Posts: 214
    I too have owned a couple of black cars and the swirls are visible if you have it. I have used products from Griots Garage. Try it. I'm hooked with their products, they're expensive though, but to me, it's worth it since it does the job.
  • I think that the Hypertech can adjust programming for tire sizes every 1/4 inch. I don't know about the dealer. You might ask if/how much for the programming from your dealer. I don't know if I would bother for 3%. And your mileage is 3% better than you thought. Your boat hauling is no problem.
  • stakeoutstakeout Posts: 173
    y2kgts:..thanx for the 3m swirl remover info..& was looking for some decent 'show car' products ... every 'regular' off the shelf product I've tried in the past like Mequiars & Mothers.. no good.. I've had black cars in the past also ..over the counter polishes/waxes worked okay on my wife's older 'emerald green'( almost a black-green) Q45 that she drove a few years back.. not so far with her new 1 month old Black '01 Subn 4wd LT :(

    also re: gas mileage .. my '99 ( WHITE and easy to keep clean ) Subn LT 4wd 5.7L gets 15+mpg around town and 'mixed' driving and 17-18 over the road Interstate driving with 44K miles on it.. so far her new '01 Subn 5.3L gets 15+mpg mixed driving around town and 18 on a couple short trips of 100+ miles from Myrtle Beach to Charleston SC on Rt 17...

    gpvs I just found the Griots Garage site.. will check out their car care products.. thanx...

    I just become a 'fanatic' when I see swirl marks in dark cars.. :)

    thanx again..

  • y2kgtsy2kgts Posts: 48
    The way we found the Zaino stuff was through the various message boards for show cars - Vettes, Vipers, etc. I ended up reading some of their testimonials and saw that many of those folks owned black cars. My "show" car has endured 14,000 miles of drag racing, road racing, autocrossing (yes, with a cone or two knocked down) and still looks great. It is as black as they come and shines like a mirror. The Zaino spray-mist is excellent between washes, especially when used with a California duster. I ended up buying it by the case for all of my cars. After all, black is the hardest to keep clean, but when it is - wow!! Keep us posted.

  • btenbten Posts: 28
    I agree with ssmiles. I test drove a 4wd Z71 and LT back to back on some rather rough roads. The Z71 is a little stiffer, as you would expect. The best ride probably comes with an LT with Autoride. I don't think Autoride is available with the LS. (not sure about the Yukon XL). Looks are not every thing, but I really like the looks of my Z71. (btw. ssmiles- do you have people asking you if it is a Tahoe rather than a Sub. I get a lot of "it sure looks shorter than a suburban" type comments (the first from my wife when I drove it home!))
  • y2kgtsy2kgts Posts: 48
    Just a quick note on my Yukon XL with the intermittent security message lighting up. Having followed Ryan's lead, I mentioned the PassLock problems to the dealership. They said that they have already had other GM SUV's and trucks come in with similar problems. There was even a TSB (Technical Service Bulletin) issued by GM for it. They said they are frequently bad. They replaced the PassLock sensor and so far, so good. I noticed that the security light now flashes when the doors are open, which it did not do before. They say this is also what caused it to fail to start on occasion. We shall see!

    Thanks again for the help.

  • rhanson3rhanson3 Posts: 69
    My Lund Trident bug shield on my XL makes to much front windshield noise. I have even calked on the top and sides of the windshield as people have suggested with no success. I had it painted to match the truck and it looks great. Has any else had success with another brand, I see them on lots of 2000 & 2001 sub's and XL's and can't imagine they make the noise that mine does.
  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    If you push the lock button while the door is open the light should go solid, and after you close the door it stays on for around 30 seconds or so. Just FYI.
  • jgmilbergjgmilberg Posts: 872
    I have one, also painted to match, it is made by a company called image. I had to wait for 3.5 weeks to get it, but it fits good, looks great, and matches paint color perfect. I noticed no wind noise change with the shield on. Image paints them at their factory on an order basis, so nothing sits around. It cost $95 at the local truck accessory store. They have now switched to a clear Bugflector II, they have a quicker lead time getting the clear one and having a local shop paint them. A co-worker will only put Bugflector bug shields on his trucks, he says they are the best he has used and never noticed any wind noise either. Others have posted that the GM Parts dept at the dealer can get them through the GM accessory catalog, color matched with the GM logo. Might be able to find one on under the accessory page.
  • cwhit3cwhit3 Posts: 6
    I know that GM dealers can pull up from some database (I guess GM's) a print out of the actual invoice on a used vehicle using the VIN number. This shows the used vehicle's factory installed options and other information about the manufacture of the specific vehicle. I am shopping for a used Yukon XL and would like to be able to use the VIN number of vehicles advertised on the internet to research to find out how the vehicle was equipped at the factory, where made, etc. Is there any way that a web head can get access to a database to do the same thing that the dealer can do?
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