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Ford Escape



  • k9cop1k9cop1 Posts: 78
    I ordered my car (XLT4x4) last month. I called my salesman about the latest price increase ($186 on base) & he informed me that my deal still stands. The better news is that any incentives that are in effect when my car is delivered, will be honored. The bad news is that if they (Ford) had any intentions of giving rebates or low rate loans, they probably wouldn't have raised the price on the car. Seems a little counter productive heh?
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    Guys do it all the time, too. I've been car shopping with (male) friends several times so I could act as their first baseman and help keep them focused in similar predicaments. Grab the numbers (I recommend Edmunds' True Market Value, naturally) and grab a friend, and hang on tight to your checkbook. There's million's of cars out there, and if you walk away from one today, they'll be ten more tomorrow to choose from.

    Also, check out our Womens Auto Center Board.

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  • I got my tax return yesterday and ready to order my Tribute or Escape. The only problems for me are which vechicle handle snow better? which one has the comfortable seat? which one has a better suspension?
  • Hey, everyone needs some help, especially the first time out (and the second, and third...).

    Ya know, it helps a lot to bring 2 friends with when car shopping. The reason for 2 is that you don't want to end up with the car someone else wants (if you brought one friend, and THEY talked you into something). Two friends can also help ask you and the dealer questions which you might not think of. You should write down on a piece of paper what you are looking for before you even go there. Include color, options, etc.

    Then, do as someone else said, and sleep on it. Go elsewhere and compare prices/packages/deals. Then come back here and ask away.

    Good luck.

    P.S. Don't forget to check out JEEP Wrangler before you buy anything. Take one for a test drive. I bet if you do, you'll want one.
  • I have been at the dealers almost every night for the last week or so - and I think I have memorized every msg. post. Whiel I have swayed on vehicle choice - I must say I really like the Escape - I test drove the V6 last night - the yellow one ohyes! - and coming out of an Explorer sport because I hate the cornering/driving feel and going into the Escape feels right to me - but not my pocket.

    I know I should have asked about the invoice, etc. - I know the sticker was 24.6 - but I am leasing and with $1,500 down they want 425 a mon/36mos. Is this unreasonable - I already suffered price shock when I was looking at the Sebring for 398mo/39mos. (dont you just love the extra 3 months + yearly registration fee).

    What makes it worse it that my salesperson is a friend of many years so I have a certain trust - and he hays after starting at 2000 down and 465 month - I should jump now - especialy if I want the yellow because they go quickly. I need a sanity check here - do these numbers sound very wrong or right?

    ALso, I understand the reidual is low because they dont know how the market will do - but what is the market does well and I am spending a fortunate in lease payments because of low residual value?!

  • k9cop1k9cop1 Posts: 78
    You sound like your afraid your going to miss the opportunity of a lifetime. Its a "CAR" for heavens sake. I am no expert on leasing, but go to "" for a better grip on the facts about leasing new vehicles.
    I don't know what options you picked but my sticker was 23,700 & my invoice was about 22,000.
    Nice profit huh?
    Also, if you really trusted your "friend", would you be here now??
    Good Luck!
  • 1. Color:
    I have talked to dealers in my area, and the statement about yellow is a lie. When they asked me about colour, they usually say "yellow is the hottest color", but then if you ask them to look around for blue or green, they can't find one. "But I can get you a yellow one yesterday", she said. ALSO, they are -not- going to run out (see point 3).

    2. Leasing:
    I am not an expert on leasing either - but I am paying 450 / month on a 60 month (credit union) loan. (I bought on the X-plan.) I don't know what the advantages are to leasing,
    if it is more expensive, but again, has lots of info.

    --> my credit union offers something called a "payment shaver loan" which works like a
    lease. So even if you want to lease, you don't need to finance at the dealer.

    3. Dealers:
    Go to and put in your geographics. You can find dozens of dealers. Each will have two or three Escapes, one of them will always have close to exactly the car you want (they don't come w/ that many different option sets) -- so relax, let them
    sweat over you instead of the other way around. Shop at another dealer and compare their stories. Get more info.

    P.S. If you are considering -buying-, check out the X-Plan (see post 172) and save 1500-1800 bucks.
  • tegotego Posts: 1
    I ordered my XLT 4wd on Nov.7, and here it is approaching week 14. I live in KC where they are built. I have been assured by my dealer that it has been built and is being processed by the quality control people, they supposedly have a backlog. Can anyone who ordered a vehicle at approximately this time tell me the status of their order or have they been driving them for weeks? Its not like its stuck on some rail going cross country. Sign me-starting to really lose patience.
  • Re: #301 1jimv1, #304 steve_ HOST, #306 sasquatch_2000, and #307 melissannh

    You guys are great with this "sleep on it mentality," but have you ever heard of a little something called "impulse buying?" Our friend Melissannh is falling victim to it as we speak! I, too, am definitely an impulse buyer, but have somehow been staying in control, although I'm not sure how (not enough money, mostly). :) I almost leased the Escape last October for $330/month for 4 years. But...the guys at work talked me out of it, and it was the best thing I ever did.

    Now, I've had the time to research the vehicle, test drive other vehicles (Jeep Wrangler is just not what I want, nor my style sasquatch -- I did look at the Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo, but backed off based on price and it really is too much vehicle for me), and I KNOW I definitely want an Escape. I want a black (yeah, yeah, I'll be washing it plenty) XLT, 4X4 V6 (for the tough MN winters). The only other accessories I care about are: moonroof, center console (which I can't imagine not having -- where do you put your arm?!?!), and the split back seat (hence the XLT). Remote keyless entry is cool, and also standard with just the XLS. So...I think I've got my bases covered...hopefully I'll run across a good deal!

    It's just convincing my parents that I want a NEW vehicle that is the stalling point for me right now (in addition to saving a few more bucks for a down payment). They seem to think I should wait until at least the 2nd year of a new model...they'd like to see me buy used actually. But hey, it's my life, right?

    I understand where Melissannh is coming from though. There is this urgency around getting the vehicle right away, right that second, otherwise it will be gone. But, the fact of the matter is that if we can wait long enough, more options will be available (no boundaries option, recalls taken care of, etc.).
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    "They seem to think I should wait until at least the 2nd year of a new model..."

    A very good point, seriously.
  • "It's just convincing my parents that I want a NEW vehicle that is the stalling point for me right now..."

    Sounds like that would be easy. It is convincing them you NEED it that will be tough.

    center console: Your arm (hands, really) should be at 10 and 2.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,457
    It took me about a year to buy my last car. Anticipation and delayed gratification is fun, builts character and puts off the inevitable letdown when the rear quarter panel gets its first parking lot ding :-).

    More good leasing info in Lease Questions - Ask Here

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  • I have been hearing from a couple of sources that besides fuel smell problems, many new owners of the 2001 Ford Escape are experiencing transmission problems. Can anyone out there confirm that this is a problem?
  • I'm getting ready to order an Escape through an interned dealer. Do I have to pay taxes on it since it is strictly an interned purchase? If so do I pay taxes based on my state rate or the state the dealer is located in?
  • Well - its not so much *impulse* when my current lease is up March 12 and I am already over my miles (in a sad way - 24,000 over @15cents/mi - hey - it was my first lease and I learned).

    So now I am just accruing more miles - and the sooner I return my vehicle the less I pay - so there is urgency that I don't care for. (I wont get all soft on you - but msg. boards like this do help to reinforce sanity at very insane times. Is amusing to see my emotion interpreted by other adults = Your right - I seem panicky and I don't want to be - but I am.) There is an endorphin rush though just walking into the showroom........I think its the new car smell trigerring a mixture of fear and anticipation, coupled with a sense of new excitement - its almost as good as.......ok you get the point....

    I received several sales calls inquiring if I will take the 36mo/$425 lease - through gritted teeth I said I had to still think about it - I have shopped around - there is a dealer that does custom work/upgrades on a lot of their cars - which is a great selling tactic - I looked at a Suzuki Grand Vitara XL-7 with a custom theater DVD player in the backseat for the kids - with surround sound. Of course, my 6yr old promptly jumped in the back and of course they were playing A Bugs Life. I have to admit it was very cool - a cool $1,900 option. But that XL-7 worked out to be around 425 month too - and I get the satisfaction of knowing I am NOT getting a 1st year car.

    You would think car companies would sell the first year at great prices - to sort of "test market" the 1st yr model, high sales&lots of drivers - they could work out all the inevitable quirks quickly.....but I guess that makes too much sense.

    I am glad I waited because I didnt have the confidence I needed to sign - but the Escape I want is the fully loaded Yellow (I too need a moonroof - boy when did I get so spoiled), and I dont expect it to last the week at the dealer....

    OKAY _ Have another question for you knowledgeable folks -!
    Are Presidents Day sales "gimmicky", or will I really incur good value if I wait it out - and look at lease options/programs then? Remember every mile I drive KA*CHING - .15 cents - but is it worth it to wait 2 more weekends?! Thanks people! ;-)
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    Regardless of where you buy your vehicle or who you buy it through, you will pay sales tax if your state charges sales tax on vehicles when you initially register it. This applies to used vehicles also, even if you already own it, if you register in another state you will have to pay tax.
  • k9cop1k9cop1 Posts: 78
    Holidays are just excuses to drag you in to the dealership. The only true way to find out is get a quote BEFORE the holiday & present the same deal on the "sale" day. If the price is lower (substantially), then I'm wrong.
    Good Luck!
  • I just bought a new Escape 4X4 V6 with all the trimmings. It's so fun to drive in it gets great gas mileage. I have about 600 miles already from driving all over the place. I haven't experienced this so-called brake dust problem either. I looked at the RAV4, Tracker, Vitara, and CR-V. I really think it came down to my salesperson. He didn't try to rip me off or take advantage of me. All of the other dealerships, including the ones here in G.J. were a nightmare to deal with.
    I live in Grand Junction, CO and I drove to Greeley just to get it. I found out about Ford dealer's internet department through a friend living in Denver. The dealer ordered it just the way I wanted and only asked $200 over invoice plus dealer handling $159.00. I am sure that the internet is the way to buy one. If you live in or near Colorado I can give you the dealers name, address etc.
    I hope this helps! :)

    my email is [email protected] if you need further info.
  • Interesting story, thought I'd share it. Received my medium wedgewood blue XLT last week. Ordered on October 30, 2000,loaded with everything but the leather package. Upon delivery, the vehicle did not come with the privacy glass as I ordered. The salesman said, "oops" and assured me that the dealership would order the glass and install as soon as the glass was received from the factory. Reluctantly, I took possession of the vehicle without the glass as I ordered. After 1 week, the salesman called and stated that the glass was in and I could drop the vehicle off for installation. I was amazed at the speed in which the dealer and factory responded to my issue. Upon dropping the vehicle off at the service department, I spoke with the Service manager and commended them on being so quick to rectify the issue. The service manager informed me that they never ordered the glass and did not "do" glass work in the shop, it was always sent to outside glass shops. Suspicious, I instructed the service manager to look into the issue and call me back. Ultimately, my salesman had made arrangements to have my existing glass tinted and he misled me on the day of delivery to "secure the deal". I immediately contacted the store G.M. to discuss the deceptive sales practice of the salesman. I was told that his salesman would never had done that and that there was no way that they would replace my glass in the vehicle. He further added that,"quite frankly, since I bought my vehicle under the x-plan, I received it for well below the cost that he could have sold it for and that he could have sold it 5 times over since I took possession last Wednesday. I was absolutely floored and offended by the General Manager's arrogance and lack of good customer service and have learned a valuable lesson. I have since notified Ford Customer Service as well as the x-plan Department of the Company. I have spoken with the owner of the dealership and he has apologized for the G.M.'s comments. Unfortunately, what should have been a pleasant experience has been soured by deceptive practice and lack of good customer service.

    My wife and I really love the vehicle but are really put off by the practices and the principal of the whole incident. We do not want to wait another 14 weeks for another vehicle and with the exception of the privacy glass, we think this is an outstanding vehicle. Had the salesman been up-front about his intentions to tint instead of replace, I'm sure we could have worked things out and I probably would have taken delivery anyway.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on where I can go to get some satisfaction with this issue? Also, can anyone give me some advice on
    window tinting and whether I should consider it.

    Oh by the way, the name of the Dealership:

    Sutton Ford, Matteson, Illinois (708)720-8000. The General Managers name is Ken Perry and the salesman name is John Crawford. Steer clear of this high volume dealership, their practices are less than admirable.
  • suvshopper4suvshopper4 Posts: 1,110
    You are outraged that the dealership is going to tint your existing windows, rather than replace them with the factory-tinted windows you ordered. If this is the worst thing that has happened to you at a car dealership, then I think you must lead a charmed life.

    How have you been harmed by all this? Yes, you have been misled into thinking that the dealer is going to tint the existing glass as opposed to replacing it, but how is that such a big deal? Will the locally-tinted windows be inferior to the ones the factory would have installed? Does it justify your outrage and time spent trying to make the dealer's employees look like criminals for it? Again, if this is your worst complaint about buying a new vehicle, count your blessings and move on.
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    "Will the locally-tinted windows be inferior to the ones the factory would have installed?"

    YES, they will.
  • Just to let you know, I live in Omaha. A local dealer was offering 3 year, 349 down, 349/month
    lease on new Escapes (12,000 miles/yr)
  • Differences in regional prices killme - especially when viewied from somone in New Jersey - which I beleive has tthe top spot in most expensive places to live - so naturally - they are going to charge the highest price they can in NJ for a vehicle - that obviusly in NE is amuch better deal.

    I would be very interested to know if this is perceived as an expensive deal to you - if the ratio is the same or not......

    I wonder - if I took one way car rental to Omaha - bought the vehicle - I would spend maybe 200 to get out there - and then save what would have been my 1500 down payment (less your 349) and my 425/monthly payment x 36 months - versus your 349 paymentx36mo Thats $3,887 in savings!

    There some interesting food for thought in what "convience factors" would prevent me from doing that...hhmmmm...........
  • The issue is not a matter of being "Misled" but rather being flat out lied to. The salesman stated that he ordered the glass. The salesman stated that the glass was in. The salesman stated that it would take the service team 4-5 hours to "install" the glass.

    My comments were not to bad mouth the vehicle but rather, to point out the extremely poor customer service that I received while purchasing my new vehicle.

    With regard to "counting my blessings", I think it is a pathetic shame that any consumer would expect and accept cheating and lies while making a purchase of such significance. In my opinion, what the sales person did was criminal. Furthermore, for the dealership to accept his practice and arrogantly state that they could have made much more money on the deal with a "take it or leave it" attitude astounds me.

    No... it's not the end of the world, but unless consumers are willing to stand up to this type of behavior, we can continue to expect being treated in this manner. Make no mistake, we really love the vehicle but the dealership deserves some wrath for their unethical business practices.
  • robr2robr2 BostonPosts: 8,863
    One thing to note is that many manufacturers will specify "residency restrictions may apply". Here in MA, I have seen GM ads for special financing and lease rates that note that. Basically, model X is selling poorly here, lets advertise it here only. Also, I imagine the regional dealer groups are often underwriting the program, not the manufacturer. Do your homework on it. If that isn't the case, go for it.

    Also, IMHO, 425 a month for a lease seems outrageous. I think you could buy an Escape for that with a 48 mo loan - that is unless you get bored with vehicles very easily.
  • k9cop1k9cop1 Posts: 78
    After market tinted glass usually entails a "peel & stick" plastic paper product. Unless this is done exceptionly well, you'll eventually end up w/bubbling & blistering. Also, you can not use glass cleaner on it or it may desinegrate. The paper must go all the way to the bottom of the "moving" windows(front & rear passenger)& not quite to the top (window gasket).Also,check the motor vehicle laws in your state in regard to what degree(darkness)of tint is acceptable.
    A good detailer should warranty his(her)work for at least a year.
    As far as the "deception" angle is concerned. I concur that the salesman was less than forth right & should be reprimanded. The manager should be fired since he is ultimately responsible for his salemans actions.
    Good Luck!
  • k9cop1k9cop1 Posts: 78
    I ordered an 4WD XLT with moon roof, 3.0 engine & tinted glass on Jan.15. I just got the "vin" yesterday. My salesman says this only means that they have the order & are working on it.
    My question is: What of the options that are listed as N/C or $0.00(tow package & 16"tires I/full cladding)? Are they automatically included on the vehicle even though they are not listed on the order form (contract)?
    Thanks for any input!
  • I thought I saw a link to track automobiles once they were built and turned over to the railroad for shipment to their destination via Burlington Northern Santa Fe railway. Does anyone know if this is true and the link? Thank you, EWR
  • thirdsuvthirdsuv Posts: 209
    For people who feel they really need heated seats

    for their leather you can get aftermarket heaters

    put in by most customizers. Factory heater seats are nothing more then a heater pad placed between leather slipcover and foam cushion.

    For the DIY'ers, here is a link that sell the heaters for about $160 canadaian (about $100US).

    lastly, To suvshopper4 about tint....

    seems like you'd fit

    right in at that dealership since you must be either a foolish buyer or a slimey salesman. Aftermarket tint sucks and it looks like crap compared to factory tint.

  • rysterryster Posts: 571

    It may be a good idea to try and obtain a complete listing of all options and features that should be on the vehicle you ordered.

    Several years ago I placed an order for a new Dodge Shadow S. At the time I ordered, I specified the options I wanted in addition to the standard features. When the vehicle arrived 10 weeks later, it was missing several of the features that were supposed to have been standard and even a couple that I had specified as options.

    For example, it was supposed to have alloy wheels standard. Instead it arrived with steel wheels with wheel covers. It was supposed to have speed control, but it wasn't installed. Even the hood installed on the car was different than what should have been on it. When we asked the dealer what had happened, he stated that we ordered in the middle of the model year and that the assembly line had begun re-tooling for the '93 model year. So I had received a '92 model year car re configured to some '93 model year cosmetic and content changes (namely the elimination of standard speed control, alloy wheels were no longer standard, different style hood, etc.) We declined the car and kept looking elsewhere.

    If I were to ever order a vehicle again, I would get a complete listing attached to the order of all features (both standard and chosen as options) that should be on the vehicle at delivery. That way, if anything is missing it is carder for the dealer to make up excuses or try to sneak in a different vehicle just to fill the order.

    Just my $.02

  • k9cop1k9cop1 Posts: 78
    Thanks for the reply. I called my salesman & he stated that those items(Tow pack.. & 16" wheels) are considered "standard "equipment(even though they are listed in the "options" section) since there is "no charge" for them & if I DID NOT want them I would have to request that they be left off the car. We'll see when the car gets here!
    My next question to all is : What is the average wait for a vehicle after you receive the "vin" #?
  • I waited about nine weeks total for my Escape to arrive. Your dealer should know when it will be built and shipped. The tow package and 16" wheels come standard with the XLT V6 4WD no matter what. Hope this helps!
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    Car Camping in the Escape is an easy and inexpensive weekend adventure. With the privacy tint glass there is a comfortable level of privacy. By sliding the front seats forward, removing the rear seat cushions to the front seat, and folding rear seatbacks flat you get 74" sleeping length for two. That is about the same length as your standard bed at home. But there will be a gap in the flat floor between the forward edge of the folded down seats and the back of the front seats. You can always stuff that gap but a neater way would be to make two drop-in floor extenders, one for each side. These are just half-inch plywood pieces cut in the shape of the gap and then feet are added to set the height even with the rest of the floor when you drop them in. If you like the added comfort of folding cots, two 24" wide stretcher style will fit if they are high enough to clear the top of the console and if you select them carefully since the fit will be close at the feet and at the outside rails of the pair. When there is only one driver-camper you can set up the bed on the passenger side and still drive on the driver side. To get fresh air and no mosquitoes you can tie a net over the outside of the rear window opening and have the window open or partly open. You can also tie a net over the outside of the open moonroof and still close it easily from inside if it starts to rain. The ties could be bungie type. Enjoy this easy camping often in any weather all year round. You can drive a lot farther and see a lot more places. And you can't do this in the other mini suvs!
  • I have decided to wait until the 2002 model year to purchase my Escape. I love the car, I'm just not sure I have the stomach for a first year model. Anyway, I've been reading the posts about the X-plan and would like to take advantage of that program. One of the posts mentioned that this program is being discontinued by eaa, and that anyone interested should get her PIN soon, like this month. My question is, does anyone know exactly how long the PINs are good for? Can I start applying for the PIN today, but not get the car until October? I know, it's only $40 if it does lapse, but...

    Second question, any thoughts about avoiding the first month of a new model year? I wonder what the production delays will be in the fall...

    Thanks for any advice.
  • k9cop1k9cop1 Posts: 78
    I tried that link & inputed my vin #. I keep getting error messages!
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    Check the " Trace on a VIN using last 8 pos" option and enter LAST 8 letter/number symbols of your VIN.
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    are they good for?( karma_pup) Post #337
    When you apply there is a question to answer such as when do you intend to buy, within 3mos? 6mos? one year? that implies that it is good for up to a year, but why not contact them by phone when you join and they may be able to answer your specific questions accurately. Have your credit card and social security number handy. Someone posted that they got their membership number and PIN number over the phone on the same call when they joined. You can get the EAA phone number on Be sure to ask them about qualification for Ford Escape since I think only Escape/Tribune qualification may be expiring, not the X/S Plans for other models. They will send you a membership card later to prove you are a member when you pick up your car. You just need your membership number and PIN to buy it. That's how I ordered mine and it was no problem with the dealer since the Ford computer will have a record to check your PIN too. Hope this helps.
  • Instead of relocating the removed passenger-side rear seat cushion to the front seat, I found that I was able to put it underneath the folded down cushion, between it and the front seat when it was moved to its most forward position. There's still a slight depresssion, but it's no where near as great as just having a big empty space. Just stuffing an unused coat of some sort would likely be enough to fill it.

    However, this technique won't work with the driver-side rear seat cushion because it's too wide and will interfer with those models equipped with the console.

    The truly aggravating thing about this whole camper, converting-the-seats-to-a-bad business is that if Mazda/Ford had used front seats with removable headrests, it might have been possible to simply lay both front seats down completely flat in conjunctions with the flat-folded rear seat and the rear cushions removed. You'd have some real stretching room with no gaps, then.
  • scnamescname Posts: 296
    Do you guys sleep with head in the front or in the back?
  • k9cop1k9cop1 Posts: 78
    This worked a little bit better. It came up with "1 found,1 not found" I guess its not on the choo choo yet! LOL
  • thanks for all of the above info on these plans and the EAA. (i've got an aviation interest, so it suite me just fine.)

    only other question is, would one also be able to take advantage of a college/grad student discount and financing with the X plan also?

  • tronsr1tronsr1 Posts: 149
    The answer to both questions is "YES", you can use all the benefits of rebates, student rebates and any availabe financing.
  • Thanks NORT...

    Another thought came to mind, any chance the MACH system also plays MP3 music? Lot nicer to have 200 titles on one CD that can read MP3 than have wires running around from a portable player.
  • 204meca204meca Posts: 370
    I am considering swapping my OE Wilderness HTs for Bridgestone Dualer LT. According to the Tire Rack site, these handle better in all regards & are quieter & smoother. Have any of you upgraded to an aftermarket tire? Was it a good move?
  • I amlooking a purchasing a SUV and the Ford Escape is one the I really like. What does every9one think of theirs?? Any options that are good, bad etc etc?? Any info would be great.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Ford isn't known for the quality of tire they put on their vehicles. I changed my tires on my 4x4 Ford vehicle and it made a huge difference in my 4x4 excursions. If you have a Discount Tire/Americas tire store near you, they take trade in value on your tires if they have low miles. This will help offset the cost to you to swap out tires. Good luck.
  • bironbbironb Posts: 63
    Read the postings in the Edmunds Mazda Tribute/Ford Escape problems forum and also That should help you decide I know it helped me.

    Good Luck
  • Can I take the side bars off easily or are they welded on. Also, heard a lot about the fuel smell problem. My question also is where are all these Escapes, Is Ford holding back because of a problem, there sure are plenty of Explorer and Expeditions around on the East Coast.
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    The side bars are bolted on.

    The fuel smell fix has been engineered and will be announced very soon when there are enough replacement gaskets and manifolds available.

    Demand for Escape is so high that dealers sell out their stock quickly and factory orders have taken about three months with the heavy ordering for spring. The assembly line always ran fast and long trying to catch up with demand. Parts vendors are struggling to keep up the pace.
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