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Ford Escape



  • Almost decided on an Escape XLT 4x4 and got a good quote for 700$ over invoice in the following config... what do you guys think ? it's 8 to 10 weeks wait for this built to order... is there any chance i can get a better quote ? or get it sooner ?

    U04 4DR 4X4 XLT $21025 $19642.00
    103" WHEELBASE
    991 3.0L DURATEC V6 1480 1332.00
    444 4-SPD AUTO O/D NC NC
    T63 P235/70RX16 OWL NC NC
    43M POWER MOONROOF 585 527.00
    588 AM/FM 6-DISC 585 527.00
    64S WHLS, 16 ALUM NC NC
    67A SIDE AIR BAGS 345 310.00
    7 US GAL GAS $14.35
    DEST AND DELIV 540 540.00
    TOTAL BASE AND OPTIONS 24560 22997.35
  • I have nearly 6,000 miles on my Escape now. Once in a while I have a faint fuel smell. The fix is reportedly coming out. Other than that, I have had no problems or complaints. Escape is quick, will out handle most any SUV on the road, including the high dollar ones. Fuel mileage has been near Fords estimate. Have no problem with cladding being "Sand Blasted". Was not happy with Firestones, replaced with Michelins. Read the review link in message number 251.
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    If you buy this retail off the lot or if the dealer can trade this in for you from another dealer or the dealer already has this coming in as dealer stock within two weeks then you are receiving retail services that might be worth as much as the 700 to you to get the car without a wait.

    But if it is just ordering it to these specifications from the factory and waiting through all of the approximately 10 to 12 weeks it will probably take (not the completely unrealistic 8 to 10 weeks you were told), then I recommend that you move back up on these postings and read post # 172. Also 171 and 210 should be helpful. If you have a trade in, that can be handled separately when you order with the understanding that there could be a slight adjustment for added mileage while you wait for your new vehicle. You could save over 900. That's how we help each other with information.
  • plustoplusto Posts: 3
    I have a V6 Escape XLT. The specifications Claim that it gives 18mpg city. I have already 6000 miles and an average of 12mpg driving at posted speed limits. I feel ripped off by Ford becuase that was one of my consideration for buying an Escape; the 18mpg. Does anybody have the same mpg problem? And what can I do about this?
  • My order took 15 weeks to deliver, the sales rep's original estimate was much less time (see post #230). Take the rep's e.t.a. with a huge grain of salt, your vehicle will probably be late.

    Also, as far as trade-in adjustments go, mine was not changed from the initial estimate even though I put 2K on the odometer while I was patiently awaiting the Escape. Which either tells me they made plenty of money on the deal or were worried about my 'customer satisfaction levels' because delivery was delayed. Maybe it was a combination of both. It did say on the contract that trade-in price could be adjusted. I was pleased the dealer did not try to change the value of the trade.

    I must mention that the dealer also "threw in" an incentive that was not available when I ordered the car and had been offered and expired in the month before I picked up the car. I noted the paper work was dated 12/31 while I was signing to accept delivery, falling within the month of the incentive offer. Even though the Escape was not delivered until early January, I pressed for the deal and the dealer added it. May I suggest that you hold the dealer to any incentives or offers you may be entitled to in spite of any delays encountered.

    Good luck with your order!
  • Reply to post #243

    Note that heated seats is not an available option. If you live anywhere that gets chilly in the winter, that is a big draw back. Leather can be cold on the rump.

    I just traded in my Accord Coupe with leather, and until the seat heaters kicked in, it could get uncomfortable. I decided that I probably would not get leather again.

  • We have had our Escape XLS V6 4X4 for 3500 miles and still love it!

    Gas Mileage: It started out bad, but has improved over the last couple trips. Around 20 MPG average between hwy/city. A note: the ODO reads low. I used mile markers from the highway and determined after 12 miles I lost 3 tenths of a mile. Either the state is wrong or the ODO is.

    4X4 as 4X2: Dec. was a bad month for Michigan weather. 50+ inches of snow for the month. And I had fun! I switched to 4X4 once, just to see what happens, otherwise, I have left it in Auto and I can barely tell when the 4X4 kicks in. And the snow has been bad enough where it has to kick in. My sister-in-law had her drive way plowed to narrow for her Olds 98, so I used the Escape to knock down the sides (playing) so the snow could be shoveled away. No problems.

    After market Accessories: If anyone has leads, I would appreciate it. All I found was Yakima makes a system that can attach to almost any roof system. I was looking for a low-profile ski enclosure, that was what I found (Yakima is a bit price though). Haven't really looked for anything else.

    Seat belt clicking: There was an annoying clicking from the driver side seat belt. I took it into the dealer and they replaced the seat belt unit (?) but the clicking has re appeared. I was mistaken in my original diagnosis: the velocity lock for the pensioner. It seems to be coming from the swivel loop the seat belt travels through at the shoulder. My guess is that there is a washer that is not tight (so the mount can swivel). It has been too cold for me to check into it further, so I have been living with the click.

    Comparisons: When we started looking into the mini-SUV market we test drove Kia and Honda as well. My take: Kia doesn't hit the pocket book as hard, but has less power, smaller, and has poor stability, while the CR was bigger (not as big as the Escape), better power (not like my V6) and looked better, but the $18k for a '97 with decent miles just didn't seem to be a bargain. The 20 minute drive we took in the Escape sold me, even after I saw all of the complaints here at the Town Hall.

    To anyone still on the fence: if you have tried it but are concerned about recalls, etc., get one anyway if you have patience. I have found Ford to be prompt (I received a recall notice already, and it has been dealt with) with dealing with the problems with this new vehicle.

  • thanks 1jimv1 for post #255
    i went and read all the posts you pointed me to. Just have some questions, perhaps someone on this thread can help with.

    EAA sounds like a great organization to join. What happens after i apply online and pay the 40$ ? do i have to wait for a Membership card to be sent to me ? can i immediatly walk into any ford dealer, tell them i'm on plan X and ask them to order the car for me ?

    basically, can anyone help walk me through the entier purchase process for plan X through ?

    appreciate the help, but i want to ensure that i have all my ducks in a row and get the right discounts.

    thanks !
  • nwwoodsnwwoods Posts: 21
    When you are a member of an organization that is in Ford's Supplier Recognition Program (a/k/a X Plan), the organization has a code number.

    (Presumeably EAA tells you what their code number is in the members-only area of their web site, which you get access to once you join.)

    Once you have a code number, you can go to to get assigned a PIN.

    Take your membership card (or other proof that you are a member of the organization) and PIN and:
    • Visit a dealer. Ask for the Fleet Sales person.

    • Identify yourself as an X-plan (or S-plan for Mazda) participant (by virtue of PIN and proof of membership from above.)

    • Select a vehicle.

    • Arrange for delivery.

    Note that dealer participation is voluntary, however most dealers will accept X plan deals.

    Specific to EAA, also look at:
  • I have found my Escape to be an excellent value.
    My gas milage is slowly creeping up in the cty,but my highway miles are at about 22.5MPG at between 65-80MPH.So I can't really complain. My wife does all of the city driving[normally 10 in. in any direction and the car never gets up to proper operating temps]This will eat up the MPG.
    I'll say one thing,this vehicle can lull you into a false sense of security. The handling is almost too good for an SUV. find myself driving it like a sports car at times and I enter a corner and it will remind me.I have had it slide[General Tires 15"]with some roll in the body.I get out of the excellarater and it straitens right up.It does scare you though.Overall though this vehicle seems very safe and is a lot of fun to drive.
    I'm hoping to start seeing aftermarket products soon,like grille guards and lights,specificly for the Escape.
    I haven't had any problems with my clading wipers,or fuel smell and mine was purchased Oct.27,2000.
    I think anyone that purchases one of these vehicles should be very pleased.It is very functional,comfortable and FUN to drive.
  • After reading post 172, I joined EAA, got my membership # and PIN #, and started looking for
    an Escape.

    Now, I have a green XLT V6 4x4 w/ Side-step bars. It's wonderful - I've only had it for two days so

    What I learned when using the X plan:

    1. It took a while (for me) to get the pin, so
    don't have time-sensitive plans depending on
    the purchase date till you have the pin. I also
    had to phone EAA to get the PIN, I don't know if
    they normally email it or not...

    2. Some dealers don't sell fast-moving lot cars
    on the X plan. Others will sell anything on X-plan, so if they say no, keep looking. Plenty of dealers exist that will sell anything on X. Never accept a substandard dealer if you can help it.

    3. You can go to Ford's and get numbers for ford dealers in your area - there is a tab at the bottom to get more (I missed this first time). Just start calling dealers until you find one that has the car you want and go there.

    4. Dealers will offer to call around and dealer trade for you - you can let them try, but in my experience they can never find anything that someone is willing to trade - find the dealer yourself, it's easier. Don't let yourself feel obligated to compromise for a salesperson because they got paid by the hour to use a phone on your behalf.

    5. They will NOT give you as much for your trade-in on X-plan, because they can't get
    it back on retail price negotiations, so you
    might want to sell your trade in seperate.

    6. Don't compromise on options until you've called
    twenty or thirty dealers - just my opinion, but I would rather drive 100 miles at a maximum of $20 round trip in fuel costs than pay for an 100 dollar option I don't want, or lose an $100 option
    I want.

    7. Don't give up till you've seen the window paper with your own eyes - I've had dealers misrepresent these (I do believe that it was an honest mistake), don't let this wear you down. They are selling hammers, you want a wrench, so keep looking.

    Thanks Jim, and Rutegar, for the X-plan info!
    Kevin Bealer
  • rutegerruteger Posts: 60
    Glad we could help.

    Here's a couple of additional points on using the X or S plan:

    1. While it does take a little time and patience to get the proper documentation, you can get do everything through the webside, i.e. obtain the X/S plan PIN and printout for the dealer. You have to navigate through the website ( member's area, and it can be done relatively easily and quickly once you have the eaa member number that they email to you.

    2. Trade-ins. Doing a trade-in on a plan is exactly the same as doing one without. In other words, just like getting the price of a vehicle *before* telling them you have a trade, *don't* tell them you're going to use the S or X plan until *after* they've appraised your vehicle. It's harder for them to low-ball your trade that way. That's how I did it and I'm sure if I had went in and announced that I was going to use the S-plan prior to the appraisal, I wouldn't have gotten as much for my trade.

    The flip-side of this is that you won't know if the dealer will do the plan price *at all* until after the appraisal, so you may have just wasted the time waiting for the appraisal if they won't do the plan price under any circumstances.

    I took the chance, got a decent appraisal, then told them I was entitled to the plan price, and although they hedged a bit, they did the deal anyway. It's true that you might have to sell your trade-in vehicle on your own to reap the benefits of the plan price. Otherwise, getting the plan price deal with a miserable trade-in negates any of the plan price advantage.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    Last I read this was going to be available in the Feb/Mar time frame. Anyone heard anything different?
  • Hello, I am seeking some advice here. I don't quite understand why Ford/Mazda does not offer manual transmission option with 3L V6 engine on Escape/Tribute. I consider driving as a fun thing to do, and only manual transmission can get me there. In my opinion, driving an auto transmission vehicle is so boring, even though I realize most of you think it is convenient. All the vehicles I've owned so far are featured with manual transmission anyway.
    Escape is such a great mini SUV. A friend of mine has one and I test drove it and love it very much. Now I really want to get one for my own. Unfortunately it comes with a dilemma. Since Escape does not have the option I want with V6 engine, the only obvious choice is to get a relatively weak 2 L engine with manual transmission.
    As a matter of fact, I just ordered an Escape XLT 4x4 with manual transmission earlier this week through a local Ford dealer with only $200 deposit. Now I just start wondering if it is a right decision. Could anybody give me suggestion on this issue? Well, I may sound stubborn here, but manual transmission is really my bottom line in the decision on new car purchasing!!
    Thanks a lot.
  • joletjolet Posts: 1
    I am getting ready to purchase an Escape (I THINK!) and want to know which is the better and safer size tire. Also, are people sticking with the Firestone? If you request another brand do you pay for that or for installation. Thanks!
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    Getting exactly what we want when we want it is the bottom line for most of us here, so we share information on what is there. See posts 534 and 538 on Mazda Tribute/Ford Escape Problems. 1jimv1 "Mazda Tribute/ Ford Escape problems" Jan 24, 2001 10:29am Now the 2.3 is scheduled by Ford for phase in on the 2001 Ranger FWD/Manual in midyear (Feb-Mar) so it can also be available to use in Escape and we think Ford will phase it in because the 2.0 hasn't been popular. But we only know for Sure that it will be offered in Sept on the 2002. The V6 won't be offered with MT in 2002. Be sure to test drive a 2.0/MT if that is not what your friend has. You need to order what you will like when you get it! You can change or cancel your order with the dealer if you don't wait too long. You do have a problem to sort through so good luck with it!
  • I agree with sharpimager. I too prefer the fun of driving a 5 spd. transmission. Unfortunately the V6 Escape doesn't come with manual transmission. I have driven the 4 cyl. with 5 spd. It seemed adequate but there was only 2 people in the vehicle. If the V6 came with a manual transmissoin I would buy it right away! Does anyone own the 4 cyl. model with manual transmission? I would like to know how it is when driving up a steep hill with the air conditioner and loaded with at least 4 passengers and lots of heavy cargo. Thanks.
  • I went to the Ford web site, and tried to put together a V6 5 speed, but it wouldn't let me.

    I thought I was doing something wrong. Sheesh!!!!
  • Who is familiar with upgrading tires? Has anyone done this yet?

    Can you go from 225/75R15 up to say:
    245/70R15, 255/70R15, 255/75R15, 265/70R15, 265/75R15, 30x9.50R15, 31x10.50R15, 8.750R16.50
    9.50R16.50, 285/75R16?

    How do all these sizes compare? What are differences between old and new sizings? (*I know the 70 or 75 is aspect ratio, and the last number is rim size, but I am looking for widths and heights).

    What I am looking for is a tough tire (can take rocks and curbs) which is tall, but not too too wide.

    Thanks in advance.
  • What I'm wondering is, I'm thinking about buying an Escape, but I'm very concerned about all the recalls it's had.

    Is this a problem or is Ford just being conservative because of the Explorer and making sure that the Escape dosen't have any major problems as it seems that all the recalls have been tweaks rather than major fixes? Is this just the better safer than sorry theory in action?
  • k9cop1k9cop1 Posts: 78
    I heard of a shutdown of two Ford plants in Ohio today. Are the Escapes made in Ohio? I hope not. I'm waiting on an XLT ordered on the 15th of Jan.
  • tincup47tincup47 Posts: 1,508
    They wouldn't shut down a plant that is building vehicles that are hot sellers.
  • The Escapes and Tributes are made in Claycomo (Kansas City), Missouri so they won't be apart of the closures.

    As far as the recalls, Ford has been excellent at addressing them. Yes, there have been five, some dangerous at that. However, 4 of the 5 recalls were stop sale or stop production notices meaning that none (if any) of the affected Escapes/Tributes reached the consumer's hands. These recalls only affected a small percentage of the cars (between 500 and 2000 produced) and were a while back. Nonetheless they were all handled promptly and succesfully without any casualties or injuries. The recall that made it to our doorsteps was the windshield wiper recall.

    I wouldn't be concerned about buying an Escape/Tribute in the near future, the only problem I forsee is finding one with all the options you want. People are also speculating about a recall to owners about the fuel smell in the cars. You can make that six recalls when it happens, but Dealers are already fixing the problem.
  • I ordered an Escape the middle of November and it was manufactured the beginning of December. I have had a VIN number since then, but no Escape. The salesman at my local dealer has tried to find out why the Escape is made but not shipped. He called Detroit and was told it was held for parts. I ordered from a big volume dealership and they are down to 2 Escapes with orders piling up. They tried to dealer trade but nobody seems to have any Escapes. The dealer said they had several Escapes showing the same status as mine. Is there a problem that anyone is aware of?
  • skyrebskyreb Posts: 129
    I also have an Escape on order (since early Nov). My dealer told me yesterday (also confirmed by a second dealer) the problem is the shortage of ABS brake parts. Apparently Ford has told dealers they can order Escapes without ABS (XLS). Both dealers advised it will be mid February before the supply of ABS parts is resolved.
    Over the past several months I have read the ABS problem is a design defect ... not just a supply problem. If there is a "silver lining" when we finally receive our new vehicles, they will have the newly designed brakes. Hopefully they will also have the new intake manifold gasket, which I strongly suspect is the cause of some Escapes with fuel smell, and in many instances poor gasoline mileage.
  • Well, after reading all of the posts here and there and everywhere, went and test drove an Escape. Wow! It is just what I have been looking for! I Ordered an XLT 4x4 V6 with pretty much everything on it. Now the wait begins! The salesman told me 6 to 8 weeks. I laughed. The sales manager said 10 to 12 weeks. I laughed. I expect it in 12 to 16 weeks. I will give updates here when I get information from the dealer.
    I ordered my Escape on 1/20/01. They wanted me to take the one off the lot (exactly like the one I ordered except for color) but I wanted to order one in the hopes that by the time they make it all of the bugs will be worked out.
    My salesman called me on 1/24/01 to let me know that the vehicle had been ordered. He told me he will call whenever he gets any information on the progress of the vehicle.
    The next time he calls with information I will post it here so you can all wait with me!
  • I am getting close to ordering an Escape 4wd XLT. The dealer is claiming a different invoice price than edmunds shows. In trying to find the difference i checked Kelly's also. They show a base invoice for a 4wd xlt of $19642, while edmunds shows 19,456. Anybody know for sure the correct base invoice? also, the dealer is claiming a 2%holdback plus the blue oval 1.25%. Edmunds shows 3%. anybody know for sure what the actual holdback for the escape is? and if ptmcairn is reading, you sent me an email once naming the salesman you dealt with at bo beuckman and the price you got but I lost it with a hard ddrive crash. If you are reading I would appreciate you emailing me with that again. (Thanks in advance Pete) [email protected]

    Thanks for any help.

    joe H
  • dpdssmdpdssm Posts: 10
    I have been on and off here since Sept . My Escape was ordered Aug 18, and deliverd to the dealer Jan 10 late in the PM. We had just stopped by the dealer on our way on vacation, so didn't know it was here but took delivery yesterday, Jan 26. Seems very nice so far just one glitch, ...the passenger front seat does not adjust properly. So it was a little over 5 months from order to delivery.
    Vehicle is XLT, with the Leather Group being the only added option.
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    Re: Post 279 rman222:
    My DORA of 12/13/00 shows the U04 XLT 4x4 base invoice of $19,456. On 12/22/00 there was a price increase on MSRP of $205 for orders placed after that date. Multiplying $205 x inv./msrp = $192. Adding $19,456+$192=$19,648 This is approximately $19,642 shown by Kelly. Remember also there will be a Ford corporate advertizing fee listed on the invoice as FDAF Assessment which you must pay. For my invoice it was an additional $105.
    Ford holdback is 3%. My dealer told me that the Blue Oval Dealer qualification process is very new, expensive, and takes considerable training time so very few of the dealers have completed it so far. When they do they get an extra 1.25% holdback as a carrot. I suspect your salesman is confused.
  • Another beef I have with the Escape (in addition to not being able to get a manual transmission with a V6) is that if you buy the manual transmission or 4 cyl., you can't get a split back seat. The whole bench folds down, not part of it. What's with that?
  • Thanks to 1jimv1 for the comments. My friend has an Escape with a V6 engine. But I did test drive a 2x4 XLS with MT from my local dealer before I placed my order (they don't have 4x4 XLT with MT on the lot, neither do another dealers in the surrounding areas, so I needed to order one. See #266), it seemed to be pretty powerful with 2 people in the vehicle just like bronco_pete said. But I am not sure if this engine can stand a long trip like a cross-continent travel with fully loaded cargo or passengers. But judging by the indefiniteness for the release of the 2.3 L engine on Escape, plus my personal urgent need, I decide to proceed with my order. Anyway, it will be another 6-8 weeks or even 3 months before the vehicle arrives. Within this period of time, I still could change my mind with losing only $200 deposit. Incidentally, I ordered the vehicle with $400 over invoice price, not as good as some of you've got, but I am still happy!
    As for the back seats, the XLS model comes with a 1-piece bench, while the XLT model is supposed to have 60/40 split bench unless the factory screwed up. The option should have nothing to do with the engine types (V6 or 4-cyl).
    One more question: If Ford decides to offer incentives on Escapes during my order waiting period, am I still eligible to get it? Furthermore, what if the incentives start between the date it is delivered to the dealer and the date I actually pick it up?
    Thanks in advance.
  • I sell Fords, and I just ordered a Escape. I also waited on ordering one because of the recalls. I ordered mine in mid December and the order hasn't even been acknowledged by Ford yet. Trust me, I share your frustrations not just because I sell them, but because I can't wait to get mine.
  • mikezakmikezak Posts: 95
    Just checking for a friend of mine who ordered an Escape before XMas. He received confirmation from the dealer that Ford received the order for the Escape and now has the VIN.

    A few weeks ago, I thought I saw a post in that someone mentioned they could track online the process of their Escape (or any Ford vehicle) by the VIN. Was this a dealer only web-based site, or can it also be accessed by a purchaser?

  • plustoplusto Posts: 3
    When the 4x4 is in auto. Does it mean that the 4x4 traction will activate automatically when the wheels sense that they are slipping? Or do only the front wheels have traction. The manual is very unclear about this. If this is true?, why not have the button say: 4x4 ON/Off
  • I too, am very interested in this topic. Every car that I have owned for the past 20+ years has been a stick, so I continued the tradition and ordered the MT on my Escape 4WD, XLT, moon roof, hot stereo on November 21st. I will admit that I was somewhat concerned about enough hp, but the MT which I test drove, seemed just fine. I don't anticipate much use of the back seat as only my wife and I (both average sized people) will be using the Escape. Plus, we do live on the prairie (St. Paul), so hills are not much of an issue here.

    Still no build date for the truck. My dealer told me 12 weeks when it was ordered and has advised me that now they are telling customers it will be 15 weeks. I'll believe it when I get it.
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    Normally only the front wheels have traction. When they slip they are turning faster than the rear wheels so paddles inside the viscous coupling generate pressure that closes a clutch to transfer some power to the rear wheels. The more slip the more power. This happens automatically in "auto" position at any car speed.

    When switched to "ON" a solenoid latch is released and the clutch is mechanically firmly closed transfering maximum power to the rear wheels. This can be as much as 7 times as much as you get in "auto". It can cause too much load on the system and instability at high speeds so it only operates up to 18 mph. Above that speed it reverts to "Auto". You will almost never need to use "ON" because the front wheel drive and "Auto" does all the job that usually needs doing! Be very careful where you use "ON", your best practice is to leave the drive in "Auto" and forget about it.
  • In an earlier post I asked if anyone knew of a problem with Escapes at the plant. Mine was ordered 11/27 and manufactured early December (I've had the VIN since early December). It was shipped 1/29 and is due at my dealer by 2/14. I ordered a 4X4 XLT with V-6, leather, side air-bags & privacy glass and paid $200 over invoice (base 4X4 XLT $19456 invoice)for a total of $22939. If I receive on 2/14 it will be about 75 days from date of order (but it actually was made within 2 weeks of order and sat at the plant built but awaiting some part).
  • mdirmdir Posts: 1
    I have to admit it, but I am the friend of Mike (message #285) who ordered the Escape and was wondering if there is a web site where a customer can find the location of the vehicle. My dealer says he has an approximate delivery date of 2/12, but "It could be a week before or a week after. I have no way of knowing." So, I asked FMC and here is what they answered:

    Thank you for your message of 01/27/01 regarding the 2001 Ford Escape.
    We appreciate the time you have taken to write us regarding online
    monitoring of your vehicle order.

    Congratulations on your choose of a new Ford Escape.

    Regrettably, online vehicle order tracking is not yet available. We are
    hoping to add this feature to our web site in the future.

    We recommend that you keep in contact with your selling dealership.
    Ford provides it dealerships with the most up-to-date vehicle order

    Gary, we value you as a customer and if you have any other inquiries or
    concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to address

    At Ford Motor Company, we consider the satisfaction of our customers as
    one of our most important objectives.

    Thank you for contacting Ford Motor Company.

    Ford Motor Company
    Customer Relationship Center
  • I also priced out an Escape and received a quote showing dealer invoice of $19642.00. Edmunds invoice was $19456.00 and asked the dealer about this. He told me about the increase and when I checked on Kelly, It was exactly as the dealer said. Edmunds must not be updating the site as quickly as they could. All other options where correct in pricing and my dealer advertising charge was $210.00. The price I received for a fully loaded, every option available, v6 4by4 was retail $25980.00 w/ delivery & advertising , dlr. invoice was $24381.30 with all the above and $14.30 charge for 7 gals. gasoline and my price would be $500.00 above dlr. inv. , $24881.30 plus tax. This quote was given to me on 1-10-01 and I was told at least 10 wks.
    I really liked the vehicle when I took it for a test drive but wished it had heated seats and radio controls on the steering wheel like my 99 eddie bauer explorer. In Chicago, the seats are very useful and with the long arm of the shifter and the convience and safety aspects of controls on the steering wheel, I think Ford should have offered them on the top of the line Escape like the eddie bauer explorer. From what I have been reading, some of the competitors of Ford agree and do offer or will offer some or all of these options on their top of the line models that compete with the Escape.
  • rob128rob128 Posts: 2
    I Just recieved my Ford Escape January 27th, I ordered it November 8th talk about a wait, but it was worth it. What I'd like to know know is where can I order accessories for it i.e. bug/rock deflectors, sunroof wind deflectors etc.?
    My dealer (who I'm not too impressed with) acted like there was no such thing. I did find a web site today dedicated to the escape and the guy had scanned in a Ford outfitters catalog with accessories in it, but there was no rodering information. If any one has any idea where I can order accessories please let me know.
    [email protected]
  • The Escape accessories 2001 No Boundaries Ford Outfitters catalog says that all ford accessories are available to be ordered at your ford dealer. My catalog shows 55 available accessories. The catalog also states you can get more info at and I have not checked it out myself, just relaying info from the catalog. If you are looking for something specific, list it and I'll see if it is in the catalog and give you the part # and any information listed.
  • Well I finally got tired of poor gas milage and took the Escape back for a checkup.It had 3115 miles on it.They hooked it up to the comp. and it showed 17.6 avrg.The sticker says 18 city 24 hgwy so my reply was that the avrg should be more like 21mpg.They took it in and worked on it and and ran the comp.on another test drive.This time it came back just under 19.So because you can not get exactly equal highway and city [and the miles are still low on this vehicle]I excepted it for now.
    I was surprised driving home.The power seems to have increased and the motor seems noticably smoother and quieter.And It has been almost a week and over 200 miles without stopping at a gas station.I expect it will go 300 miles on a tank now.And a little more all highway.
    So if you are having milage disputes, I think Ford is capable of tuning the vehicle to get better milage.
  • plustoplusto Posts: 3
    Does anybody know where I can get these aftermarket headlights?
    When I was at the dealer purchasing my Escape last year, I saw a poster ad with an Escape fitted with these really cool headlights.
  • After a test drive in a 3.0l XLT, I had no choice but to order my XLT immediately (they did not have the color I wanted), and wait for it to be delivered in 6 to 8 weeks. I took a ford full line brochure home so that I can stare at the escape photos for the next couple of weeks, and guess what I saw on page 11 ! Apparently, there is an XLT sports option package that includes the "no boundaries rack system" that is available after Feb 2001 !!! I scanned a copy of the page, you can view it at this link..

    what do you think ? the dealer does not know about this option being available, do i stand a chance of adding this option to my escape that has been ordered today ????

  • went to the the best Ford dealer in our town, and test drove the V6 4x4 Escape. What a tremendous vehicle!!!

    However, I've heard rumblings that the XLT trim level Escapes have been put on production hold recently, due to some redesign aspect with the XLT's standard ABS system.

    Has anybody heard of this, and is there any guess as to when production will resume?

    [email protected]
  • k9cop1k9cop1 Posts: 78
    I ordered an XLT4WD on Jan 16. I checked on that No boundries option today. Too late for me if I wanted it. But if you ordered within the last week, have your dealer try to track the order for upgrading(I'm sure he would appreciate the extra money!).
    Also,you might be considered a "re-order" & have to pay the $186.00 increase in the base price effective Feb. 01!
    The only difference was the rack system & side step bars, which was not that important to me. I also ordered the moonroof, which would have had to been eliminated.
  • I've been reading all of your posts regarding supporting and being eligible to buy the Escape on the X Plan.

    I am a young female looking to buy the Escape, and I know from messing with the dealerships in town on my old crappy car that they tend to take advantage of those of us that are not so car-savvy. I was planning on either taking my boyfriend or my dad with me to the dealership when I go buy the Escape for this reason (which by the way seems to go against everything I believe in...why did women fight for rights, only to be put in predicaments like this?). that I've ranted and raved, are there any women out there that have taken advantage of this deal? I've gotten the impression that most of you are male (correct me if I'm wrong), and I just wanted to know how a female fared buying a vehicle this way.

    Thanks for all of your've been very helpful!
  • I thought all the V6 4x4's could only be had with an auto transmission. Since when did Ford start offering a stick?
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    RE: #299 (trixr4u2)
    All of us have been young and not so dealer savy. X Plan only helps you buy the Escape itself without haggling. It may close soon with eaa for Escape so you will probably have to get the PIN this month but you can then use it anytime. If you finance or have a trade in or get offered dealer accessories or an extended warranty you must haggle so you need to read and take a knowledgeable friend with you as they recommend. One of the most important things often overlooked is to take enough time to really know what features you yourself want. If they pitch you a curve, sleep on it overnight before deciding. Keep reading and see it through and Good Luck!
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    "(which by the way seems to go against everything I believe in...why did women
    fight for rights, only to be put in predicaments like this?)."

    The funniest line I ever seen so far at the Edmunds forums. LOL
    And the scariest too. image
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