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Ford Escape



  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    around the net at different Escape chat rooms that this "fuel smell" seems to account for a very small percentage of Escape/Tributes sold. It seems to affect the V6 modles only. I believe this issue is getting way blown out of perspective.
  • caonecaone Posts: 1
    To Ford Escape: Although I appreciate your comments, as I am now a happy owner of a V6 Escape, PLEASE refrain from using the word '[non-permissible content removed]' when referring to Japanese - it is very offensive!
  • canadianclcanadiancl Posts: 1,078
    I agree with iusecad that there will be significant improvement in technology in a span of 10 years, enough to justify trading in purely for that reason. People that trade their cars in every 2 - 3 years are rich, car buffs, or do it for tax reasons.
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    The styling personality of Escape is "Utility Truck" not aesthetic sedan as some people expect and complain about. Outside it has that "Ford Tough Truck" look and practical,scuff able unpainted utility cladding. The interior uses the hard, tough durable plastics used in no nonsense commercial trucks. The XLS vinyl and coarse pattern seats don't show the hard wear and serious stains that happen in utility use. It has the consistent design integrity of Ford trucks and is listed as a Ford truck. Most people see that and accept it. If you want more sedan style aesthetics and amenities, don't complain about the practical Escape, choose the design integrity of Tribute styling.
  • Well said! It always does surprise me a bit when people who have purchased the Escape complain about the interior and the plastic. Perhaps I do not understanding something here, but didn't they sit in one and give it a long and hard "look see" before the bought one?

    Your post was articulately put! Thanks.
  • dpdssmdpdssm Posts: 10
    Happy New Year All. I have posted before, this is an update for those waiting for their Escapes after ordering. Ordered mine Aug 18, the dealer says it has left the factory and is in hands of the transit company and should be here by Jan 15...maybe. I am in an out of the way city though, but dealer has been up front through experience, I guess its just one of those things. I have heard sucttelbut that delivery times for ordered vehicles are at least as long as my story.
  • pooh12pooh12 Posts: 2
    I ordered my Escape the last week of September and it arrived the last week of November. I wonder what is taking some of your Escapes so long to come in?
  • rutegerruteger Posts: 60
    Re: post #172. Joined EAA. Cost: $40. Bought black 2001 Mazda Tribute LX with moonroof and ABS two days ago for $22,322, 1.22% ($270) under invoice (S-plan price). Mazda has given dealerships discretion on LX and ES Tributes from special sponsor plans because of vehicle popularity but my dealer gave me the S-plan price, anyway. Had my information and facts straight and was in and out of the dealership in less than an hour, and that was with my '99 Miata in trade.

    Could I have gotten the same deal without being a member of EAA and using the S-plan? Maybe, but it was worth the $40 membership for the ease of making the deal alone. At the very least, that $40 fee entitles the member to a painless 'No Haggle' purchasing experience, and it's worth it.

    Thanks, Jim.
  • Did you order an XLS or an XLT? I think the XLS is delivered much quicker.
  • emmbeeemmbee Posts: 3
    We are considering buying the Ford Escape and plan to tow a pop up with it. I plan to buy a smaller, light weight popup, about 1500 lbs, not loaded. The Escape can tow 3500 lbs. Has anyone had experience with towing with the Escape? I asked the salesman if the XLT Towing package comes with an engine cooler and he said no, it doesn't need it. I've read a lot of posts that recommend it (and the towing package of a lot of vehicles come with it). Also, does the Escape come with a weight distributing hitch (the sales guy didn't know). Thanks for any feedback
    [email protected]
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    NEVER believe a salesman when he says that you do not need the trailer towing. He doesn't know anything about towing and probably little about vehicles. If you tow without the TT option and have a problem, do think the salesman is going to be around to pay for the repairs? IMHO, I would not buy a utility vehicle without TT, if only for the HD service pkg. Also, a weight distributing hitch is a add-on. The WDH is a part of the trailer, not the tow vehicle.
  • I've been looking into trading in my Jeep Wrangler for an Escape (or one like it: SantaFe, Tribute, Xterra, etc). Please explain why the picture of the 2001 Escape looks different at this website than all others I've seen:

    Can I get some feedback from those who have test driven those cars also?!

  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    The picture is of a preproduction variation hand built for shows. Get production pictures and a demo drive at a Ford dealer. Read many personal reviews of the SUVs and buying experiences in these various postings, it will be worth your effort before you commit your money.
  • dyl2dyl2 Posts: 13
    Can anyone tell me if it's okay to use a different grade of oil for an oil change than that stated in the manual (5W-20)? The reason I ask is because everyone single service station that I've called doesn't carry that grade. Will using something like 5W-30 be okay? Thanks.
  • We were planning to purchase a Ford Escape but this Fuel odor problem raises a Big Red Flag.
    Does anyone know if Ford has identified this problem and if so do they have a fix?


  • I wish the Escape looked like that ... or at least one of the trims looked like that.
  • emmbeeemmbee Posts: 3
    We are considering buying the Ford Escape and plan to tow a pop up with it. I plan to buy a smaller, light weight popup, about 1500 lbs, not loaded. The Escape can tow 3500 lbs. Has anyone had experience with towing with the Escape? I asked the salesman if the XLT Towing package comes with an engine cooler and he said no, it doesn't need it. I've read a lot of posts that recommend it (and the towing package of a lot of vehicles come with it). Also, does the Escape come with a weight distributing hitch (the sales guy didn't know). Thanks for any feedback
    [email protected]
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    (emmbee) The Trailer Towing package Class II (3500 lb) comes standard on XLT V6 4WD Escapes. It includes wiring harness and engine oil cooler. Without Tow package the limit is 2000 lbs. Without V6 the limit is 1000lbs Note also: Escape alone can sleep two. ( order privacy glass). Slide both front seats forward. Remove rear seat cushons. Fold down rear seat backs. Sleeping length is 74 inches. Two folding cots can fit.
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    (dyl2) Call your nearest Walmart, they stock this oil. Also Ford dealers stock it. Be sure to buy a quality filter. Don't substitute 5w-30 for the convenience of those who don't stock 5W-20. Ford and Mazda specify only 5W-20 because this Ford engine is designed for it, so use it!
  • vadpvadp Posts: 1,025
    The Ford Focus '00 and '01 utilize exactly the same engine.
    But the owners manual for '01 model calls for the 5W-20 weight instead of the usual 5W-30 for '00 model.
    The 5W-20 weight oil is slightly thinner when engine reaches the normal operating temperature range - thus providing a slightly better fuel economy. This is the only difference between these two oils.
  • I bought an Escape XLT V6 off the shelf on Nov 3 , on Rockville Maryland. The next week , drove 2300 miles to Phoenix AZ and had been driving it extensively in all terrains. Today the odometer reads 7900 miles. Next month,Feb I am planing to drive back to Boston. So far I am completely satisfied with the vehicle. Escape is still very rare in AZ. I have kept complete log of my driving. I get 15.5- 17.50 on city driving depending on the speed.On highway, when I set the cruise at 85 , I get 21.5 M/gallon on average . when it is set at 65 miles, I get 25 miles per gallon on average . The complaint I have is that at high speeds, wind sound is very high, I have to turn the stereo volume high . (I have now got accustomed to the long gear shift blocking the access to the stereo 's volume control)
    Also , I can not direct the Ac ducts blowing any where else other than straight to the face
    .I have the standard single CD 6 +1 subwoofer speaker stereo , which is very good for its price. All in all a good vehicle.
  • Earlier this week my wife and I picked up her new 2001 Subaru Forester S. I wanted to take a moment to share how pleased I was with this decision, and the positive buying experience involved. A couple of months ago I set out looking for a replacement for my wife's 1992 Honda Accord EX Wagon -- which has served us (and our two young sons, now ages 10 and 8) extremely well through 220,000 miles. We were looking to buy outright again, and the buying criteria was clear. In priority order, it was: reliability, safety -- based largely on all-wheel drive and air bags offered, cargo space, gas mileage, key features that had to include among other things a moonroof and leather interior, and price. Based on this, another Honda Accord Wagon would have hit the mark (except for the all-wheel drive). But since Honda no longer makes wagons, I began researching other small wagons and small SUV's. I spent a couple of months going through Consumer Reports, Consumer Guide, The Car Book, and a host of Internet sites that included Edmunds,, Car and, and others. What I learned was the Subaru Forester was far and away the best choice for us. It is clearly a better overall product than either the Toyota RAV-4, Honda CR-V, Mazda Tribute or Ford Escape among small SUV's. What really set the Forester apart was its consensus top-of-the-class rating by Consumer Reports, Consumer Guide and The Car Book; its proven
    reliability; excellent customer satisfaction; all-wheel drive from most experienced manufacturer, along with a viscous limited slip rear differential; highest HP & torque 4-cylinder engine; best-of-class crash rating; best-rated handling and ride; larger cargo space; and 60 month/60,000 mile major components warranty. Key features that were also important to us but pretty much comparable to its competition were the 4-wheel ABS & disc brakes, side impact door beams, side airbags (except the RAV-4), moonroof (except for the CR-V, which doesn't offer one and can't have one installed -- Honda says they have to remove a roof beam, which would negatively affect the structure of the car body) and leather interior, gas mileage, price, heated seats, ability to use regular gas, a full-size spare, heated power mirrors, loaner cars for overnight service while under warranty and door-to-door shuttle service thereafter . Although I have to admit even the little things -- like the de-icing front wiper, integrated window antenna, multiple storage compartments, a rubber cargo area tray, subfloor storage, a dimming rear view mirro with electronic compass, and the easiest-to-open rear door (especially when compared to the CR-V) -- were advantages over the competition as well. I never would have bought the Ford Escape or Mazda Tribute -- neither companies have good reliability records overall, and these products are in their first year of production. The President of Mazda happens to be an old friend of mine, so I knew if I wanted the Tribute I could get a great deal. It
    wouldn't have been worth it.

    I'll also tell you we considered a few wagons -- with the Subaru Outback and Volkswagen Passat coming out on top. Here, my wife and I simply preferred the SUV-style over the Outback wagon. And while the Passat wagon is a highly-rated vehicle, to get what we got with the Forester would have meant spending an additional $4,000 to get all-wheel drive, forcing us into the 6-cylinder model with much poorer gas mileage and a requirement to use much more expensive premium gas. All in all, I can't get over the outstanding combination the Subaru Forester offers in terms of reliability, safety, features and value.

    With all this, I still had just a bit of hesitation before making the final buying decision because neither my wife or I had ever owned a Subaru. This is where Al Rowe, our salesman, came in. His professionalism, knowledge and straightforwardness in dealing with both of us made the difference. In sales myself -- 20 years with IBM as a salesman, sales manager and now sales executive -- I've learned a thing or two about salesmanship and the right way to earn a customer's business. Al Rowe represented Subaru very well. We expect this to be just the start of a long-term, positive relationship with Subaru of Morristown, New Jersey as we need to service our Forester along the way -- and look for our next car!
  • rysterryster Posts: 571
    Good afternoon,

    Thanks for sharing your recent purchase experience of your Subaru Forester. It is always a very happy occasion to purchase a new vehicle, but was it necessary to post this same exact message in 5+ different forums? The Forester topic certainly would have sufficed.

    My parents recently researched a variety of SUVs to replace their '97 Explorer that was coming off lease. They gave serious consideration to the Subaru Outback, but could not get past the lack of a 6-cylinder engine (Subaru has since introduced a 6-cylinder Outback; it is over-priced and still does not provide a significant enough performance advantage over the 4-cylinder model). The 4-cylinder certainly has the gas mileage advantage, but the first time the vehicle is loaded down with cargo, with the air conditioning on, ascending a hill would be a tedious affair. This situation would also negate the fuel savings of having the 4-cylinder.

    It is also important to note that while Subaru historically has above average reliability, they tend to place low in the JD Powers Initial Quality Study. Last I checked, SUVs such as the CRV, RAV4, Explorer, and Mountaineer rated much higher in the study than Subaru's products.

    Ford products have come a very long way in the past 10 years or so. In the 3 years my parents leased their Explorer it required only scheduled trips to the dealer for routine maintenance. After looking at a variety of SUVs, they finally chose to replace the Explorer with a Mercury Mountaineer Monterey Edition. Same vehicle, but somewhat of an upgrade from their Explorer XLT. They are very happy with the Mercury.

    I recently shopped for an SUV and looked at both the Escape and the Explorer. The Escape is a very nice vehicle and provides considerable bang for the buck. However, when Ford offered 0.9% financing on leftover 2000 Explorers I jumped on the chance and bought the Explorer. It is a wonderful truck. Despite the Escape's six recalls since introduction, I would have not hesitated to purchase one. Any newly introduced vehicle is bound to have teething problems, and it is to be expected when purchasing a first year vehicle.

    The treatment you received from your salesperson does not sound any different than what any other salesperson is hired to do. You had reservations and the salesperson stepped in and swayed your decision in the direction he wanted it to go (to Subaru and the dealership). He did his job. He probably used the same tactics you use in your job as a sales executive. For example, I am sure he talked about the all-wheel drive system, but did he also explain that it may not offer the same overall versatility as a dedicated 4-wheel drive system (inability to lock the differential for moderate snow (4WD High setting); total lack of a low-range for deep mud or snow, etc.)? AWD is good for rain and light snowfall, but get a heavy snow and it is not going to give the full benefit of a true 4x4.

    It sounds like you did your research and bought the vehicle that is best suited to your needs. However, to make statements that the Subaru is superior to a particular vehicle is stretching it a bit. Each vehicle has a particular advantage over another but in this day there will never be a "superior" vehicle. The Escape would have offered just as much utility, more spirited performance, and more rugged styling for about the same price. On top of that Ford offers a larger dealer network in the event your wonderful dealer turns out to have a not-so-wonderful service department.
  • We just got back from Tennessee[650 miles round trip]The Escape averaged about 22.5miles per gallon. Running anywhere from 55-85 and sometimes90 miles an hour.Thats up and down some very long grades. I'm very pleased,where else can you get an SUV that feels stable and gets better than 16 miles per gal. The road noise is a little high,but I think hats just part of the SUV experience.
    I have been reading a lot of problems with the Escape,but fortunately have had none. Our's has 3000miles now and it has just been ZOOM ZOOM.Wher else are you going to get a vehicle for less than 25000 with CD Cruise 200hp and all wheel drive and 20mpg
  • Just took possession of my escape on Saturday So far so good! It has been great so far. White, V6, 4x4, xlt, moon roof, side step bar. I love the way it feels
  • (so to speak in the vernacular of the
    day).Never had so much fun with a vehicle
    since my Model B with rumble seat,Mustang
    Conv.& T'bird days! I'm a kid again! {78
    going on 18}. Just completed a 2832 mile
    jaunt across country {Santa Barbara,CA to
    Key Largo,FL} in my Escape XLS 4X2 V6 and
    with the Cruise Control set at 80+ most of
    the way, averaged 22.57 MPG. Starting out
    with 116 miles on the Odometer was a
    calculated act of faith on my part and I'm
    glad to say there was nary a problem the
    whole way. Many thanks to Bryce,Keven,Dee
    & Marge at Mel Clayton Ford of Santa
    Barbara,CA for helping me out with my
    registration and all. Particular thanks to
    Bryce,a young man of scruples and a
    pleasure to deal with. To all you
    gripers{in the parlance of our armed
    forces}let me punch your TS card.
  • I just picked my new Escape XLS four days ago. Since folks check here to find out how long orders take, how the vehicle looks, smells, feels, handles I just wanted to add my two cents.

    I ordered the vehicle September 19. It was delivered to the dealer January 3. I was able to pick it up on the 6th. 15 weeks. I was told at the time I ordered it would take 8 - 10 weeks to have a manual transmission model delivered. If I had ordered an automatic the dealer claimed e.t.a. would have been 6 - 8 weeks. I must admit I'm glad the delivery was delayed. The vehicle didn't come off the line until after the recalls, so those issues had been resolved.

    When I picked up the vehicle there were 96 miles on the odometer. I pointed this out to the sales rep who promptly quipped, "that's 9 POINT 6". Nope, not so. I discovered this by the time I got the car home. Tenths of a mile do not show on the odometer, you have to press the trip odometer button to see tenths. While I was fussing over the car later that day I found a notice in the glove box explaining that the vehicle had been selected for test driving at the plant and that 89 miles were on the odometer as a result. I informed the sales rep about his mistake when he called to check my customer satisfaction levels a couple days after delivery.

    I ordered the convenience group that included speed control, upgraded security, cargo cover and floor mats. I was mostly interested in the first two items. I must say that the floor mats are very cheesy. I checked with the service/parts department before leaving the dealership on getting replacements. $76, and not in stock. Just as well, they were probably just as cheesy as the originals. I bought better quality mats for a much lower price later on.

    Now that I've delivered the bad news, here's the good news: this vehicle is a blast! Keep in mind that my previous vehicle was a '92 Explorer XLT, automatic. Compared to the Exploder, the Escape is a joy to drive. It corners without drifting, delivering a much better feel for the road (should I mention here that I went for the upgraded tires and wheels?). The visibility from the front seat is excellent, the controls are well placed (who knew you could load so many functions on one little wiper control wand?) and the manual transmission has been a pleasure to operate. One added bonus that puts a smile on my face is knowing I don't have to jump out into space to get out of the car. Even at 5'9", for me, it was a climb up or down from the Explorer, the Escape is sized much more comfortably.

    I know that four days of ownership hardly adds up to extensive experience, but I am really enjoying the Escape right now and hope to continue to enjoy it for years to come.
  • Two questions:

    Has anyone any experience using studded tires on TribScape? Any binding of the drive line?

    Has anyone any experience towing 3000 lbs with TribScape? Uphill acceleration? Emergency braking?
  • joleujoleu Posts: 1
    I am seriously considering purchasing the Escape next weekend. I test drove both the Nissan Xterra and the Escape today. Both my kids and I were absolutely thrilled with the Escape. Too many cons regarding the Nissan to mention (and that isn't the purpose of my message).

    Question, in the Escape brochure it mentions the No Boundaries Roof Rack System. What a cool and in my opinion "must have" feature. Not to mention the added bonus of the "look" it will make toting of bikes a lot easier. The dealer I went to didn't know about this option or when it would be available. The brochure says after Feb 2001. Does anyone have any information on this option?
  • falagfalag Posts: 2
    I'm about to purchase an Escape, but am debating between the cloth interior on the XLT and the leather. I'd prefer cloth, but it seems rather industrial and potentially uncomfortable. I'd like to here from owners who have purchased the cloth and how they like it.
  • I have the cloth seats on my xlt, v6 4x4. I had wanted the leather but could not find one at any dealers from New Jersey to Georgia. It has everything else I wanted including moonroof though. I like the seats very much!! I have the gray. My escape is White with the gray body clading which looks nice with the gray interior. The seats are very comfortable and I think that I will be very pleased with them. They seem very durable and I don't think that I will have a problem with stains. I would recommend them.
  • Can anyone confirm that the xlt comes standard with the center console (and I dont mean just the floor model).

    I drove one today and the only thing I didnt like was that the xls had no center console. After 10 years of resting my right arm on one, it drove me absolutely crazy. The salesman thought the xlt came with one, but he didn't exactly exude confidence. They haven't had many to look at!


  • jurp11jurp11 Posts: 8
    I was considering buying a SUV, and well the Escape looks to be a very nice vehicle. I looked and looked for information on crash tests and fuel by the mile and came up with nothing. Can anyone please help me out by giving Jr a good web site or maby even some pros and cons about the ford Escape. If you could it would be a big help.
  • Crash tests for the Escape are out in Feb. See for more info. Read all the posts here and in the Mazda Tribute section for reports about mileage, etc. December Popular Science has a road test, as well as a few other publications. Check the Mazda website for their propaganda as well as a copy of another magazine road test. I've driven both Mazda Tribute and Ford Escape and could tell virtually no difference, though suspension and steering are reportedly different. (There were a few weeks between tests which could account for my inability to notice much different). I do recall loving the power steering on the Escape and both vehicles exhibit a fair amount of road noise, but the noise levels compare favorable with other models in the class. Lots of gripes in the town halls about the recalls, but I agree with the writer who said much better to admit one's screwups and fix them vs. pull a Mitsubishi and sweep them under the rug. I've driven Fords for 25 years and never felt cheated. Lots of gripes about wait times for custom ordered vehicles, so find one on a lot. (Medford, OR has plenty of Mazda's as of this weekend). My wife loves both vehicles and we will probably purchase one after reviewing the crash tests. Mazda suspension reportedly best for towing so we will probably go that route. Mazda website also best for displaying vehicle features. I personally prefer the Ford XLT or Mazda LX/ES trim levels, and the V6 appears to be the way to go unless you live on the praire. Hope this helps.
  • tclyatt:

    Where did you find out the Tribute and Escape have the different suspension and steering?
  • rutegerruteger Posts: 60
    I agree about not having a center console in *all* of the Triscapes is a PIA. I likely would have bought a lesser Tribute DX rather than an LX if it had only had some type of right armrest for the driver.

    The absence of the center console in the lesser Triscapes would seem to be directly correlated with the column mounted shifter 'international' sales potential of the vehicle. If you check out the Tributes that are sold in Japan, in addition to not having the center console, they *do* have integral seat armrests which look like they came straight out of the MPV minivan. I would imagine the logic is that the Tribute sold internationally doubles as a sort of minivan with the ability to walk through the front seats to get to the rear, precluding the use of the US version's center console.

    Alas, I'm certain market research showed that Americans 'must' have a central storage console in their up-level SUVs, hence the rather out-of-place combination of having a column shifter and center console (sans Japanese version seat-armrests) in the US Escape XLT and Tribute LX/ES.

    The odd thing about this is that there's a useless 'mini' console installed on the XLS and DX, which negates any of the benefit of being able to access the rear seats from the front that having a column instead of console shifter offered.
  • newdriver2:

    Difference in suspension and steering is mentioned in the Pop Sci article as well as numerous posts on the various bulletin boards. I also managed to get in touch with the author of the Pop Sci article to get further clarification. Tribute is purported to be more car like and the Escape more truck like. I suspect that you would immediately get used to either one.
  • tclyatt
    Do you know which one have a stronger suspension to handle the snow day?
  • Thinking about buying an escape, but would like to see ford use the platinum color for the side cladding and bumpers (like the '98-'00 explorer sport bumper package). Does anyone agree? Has anyone heard of ford doing that in the near future? Everything else, I like about it...size, power, room. Might just be to picky!

  • kloccoklocco Posts: 1
    Hi All:

    I've been wondering if I should get the leather comfort group vs. the cloth seats. The only reason for wanting the leather comfort group is because of the driver side power and the console . Does anyone out there have the leather and do you like it??? Please email me your comments at [email protected] Any comments on the leather comfort group vs. the cloth seats would be appreciated.
  • jkidd2jkidd2 Posts: 218
    Went and looked @ the Escape recently. I was struck by how much it looks like a Grand Cherokee from the rear end...its a cute little mini but clearly its design was ripped off from Jeep. Based on its initial debut and multiple recalls, I'd wait @ least another year before I would even consider purchasing one. Still not sure I would even then....get a CRV, you can get them with leather now and you won't have to worry about it falling apart on you.
  • newdriver2:

    My guess is that either suspension will be fine in snow. My personal experience with snow country makes me believe 2 wheel drive with studs is superior to 4 wheel drive with no studs. 4 wheel drive with studs would be the optimum, but I don't know yet if Triscape can handle that. I put studs on a 4 wheel drive truck with lockable hubs and blew out the hubs. 4 wheel drive gets you going in the snow, studs keep you on the road when you brake or go around corners.

    Anybody put studs on a Triscape yet?
  • I have a XLT V6 Parchment. IT now has 3800 miles on it and I've noticed that the body clading is getting chewed up in the lower area in front of the rear wheels. It's bad too! I'm having my dealer replace the cladding but I'm wondering how people in the midwest are doing with this. All my miles are on the Califorina freeways. I've ordered front mud flaps too and hope they help.
    Still having the fuel smell on a hot start too...
  • Hi,

    I know there have been scattered mentions of gas mileage, but I'm considering buying and Escape XLS, 4WD, Automatic, and gas mileage is a big consideration. Can anyone who has this model tell me what type of mpg you're getting, and how long it took you to get to that point (is it true that it takes a couple thousand miles to get going?) Any other thoughts on whether the Escape is the way to go or not would be appreciated!

  • bironbbironb Posts: 63
    Good review of the Escape at:
  • Refer to message 229 to dispell all qualms.
  • k9cop1k9cop1 Posts: 78
    Thanks bironb for that hyperlink. It was an interesting & informative article (probably written by Ptmccain)LOL! I ordered mine last week & hope to see it by Spring! We're getting a storm in NY tonight & I could probably use a 4x4 tommorrow! Oh well, thats life!
  • My Escape has been terrific in mud, snow, ice, cutlines, steep muddy slopes, long treks, city driving, off the line, stopping, sharp curves, everywhere so far. I have climbed foothill slopes so steep that you felt that if it was any steeper you would flip over.

    It has been super.

    Absolutely no problems, just adventures and happy memories of journeys so far.

    The review of the Escape at:


    is right on.

    Catch the passion.


  • I have read comments on just about every option the Escape/Tribute offers, except for the audio system. Have any of you purchased an Escape or Tribute with the 300 watt system w/ subwoofer? How do you like it - how does it sound??
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