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Ford Escape



  • The A plan is for current Ford employees and relatives. Pricing is 2-5% below dealer's invoice, after all incentives and holdbacks are figured in.
  • dpdssmdpdssm Posts: 10
    Ok here we ask once agsin, any feel for order vs delivery times. 11 weeks and still waiting last word maybe by Christmas, ordered Aug 18.
  • I took the Escape overnight and test drove the XLT. I was pleasantly surprised at the snap the 6 cylinder engine has and the positive steering.

    I have a taurus now with the 6 cylinder, which has been a very good, economical engine with great gas mileage.

    I'm looking forward to buying one, but will be checking around with different dealers to get the best price.

    Just out of curiosity - why has everyone changed to to Escape II and abandoned the original site?

    Also - I heard rumor that there is a recall in the works due to the ignition possibly catching fire. Heard anything on this one?
  • Thanks for the web address tz98.
  • skyrebskyreb Posts: 129
    I had an interesting experience this past week. I live in New England, and have only seen 2 Escapes at the local Ford dealer. Last week I was in S. Calif. and Galpin Ford has 45 on the lot. It was great because I got a good look at all the colors. I was not able to buy, but they were anxious to deal, offering to ship the car, and make the last two payments on my leased Explorer. It was especially valuable to me, because I changed my mind about colors after seeing them all.
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    ptmccain bought his Escape for $300 under invoice from a local dealer and without depending on a manufacturer's plan. See how he did it, go to
    http:/ and select any message then go to his Msg# 8163.
    In his second paragraph he omits part of holdback it should be 3% of total MSRP + 1.25% of total invoice. Do read through I found it all is extremely informative and this knowledge is power. Their price is:
    Invoice-holdback + 5% of invoice profit and no other added disguised profit. But that takes real knowledge, preparation, and patience.
    Soon there will be more production again and we buyers need to be ready if we want to buy fairly.
  • skyrebskyreb Posts: 129
    I have a question: The Duratec engine has been around for years, and earned a terrific reputation. That is one of the strongest selling points for the Escape/Tribute over the competition. In prior versions, however, a beautiful cast aluminum intake manifold was exposed, along with the crossover tubes. The intake on the Escape is covered with what appears to be a plastic/fiber cover displaying the company logo. Can it be removed? Is the earlier models of the Duratec intake manifold beneath the cover?
  • I have ordered a 3.0l V6 XLT Escape with 2 wheel drive. It will arrive in January. I plan on doing all road driving, that is why I ordered 2WD instead of 4WD. Now for my question: Was this a mistake since I live in Minneapolis, MN? Can the 2WD adequately handle a snowy climate? I realize almost no one has actually driven the Escape in a Winter environment, but any opinions would be appreciated. I also want to keep my MPG level as high as possible. Thanks.
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    An Alberta Canada 4wd owner tested winter driving.
    Msg# 8258 Also for (igoehner) why not see how 2wd cars have managed winter for years in Minneapolis, ask around locally, there are many 2wd cars there besides Escape. 4wdMPG=2wdMPG with the V6.
  • I asked the same question you did. I wondered if it was worth the 1000+ for four wheel drive. I heard from an Explorer owner who said that he only used 4WD one time in Michigan, and Michigan is not exactly a garden spot in the Winter!

    So, I went with 2WD. With the XLT you get the excellent all-wheel ABS system which will be a large factor in road safety.
  • I wonder where you got your holdback information? I have read here and elsewhere that holdback is 3% of MSRP for Ford, and nothing about the other percentage on invoice price.

  • stove1stove1 Posts: 53
    The Duratec in our Escape Tribute has a fiberglass intake manifold. Cost cutting you know. Maybe the source of so many members fuel odor problem. Already a few cracked ones were reported on message boards.
  • bebe3bebe3 Posts: 11
    I put a $3,000 downpayment on my Escape. All was fine. They billed me. I made the payment. I start getting phone calls from the finance guy, who scared me from the word "go." He upped the price when I turned half way around. Now he wants me to come back and sign just one little spot on the little spot. I don't want to sign anything once the deal is done. He had my salesman call me from Vista Ford, Woodland Hills, CA and tell me that if I didn't want to come in and sign that one little spot, that I should bring the car back. Can they do that????? Why did they let me leave if this one little spot was so important? Why do they refuse to fax me the one little spot so that I can see what it is? Anyone have any suggestions? I've never, ever heard of this before. I had really liked my dealer, too, even though I did pay over invoice, but I hated the finance man...and now I am questioning the dealer, Ford, everyone there. Can they take my car back even if it's paid for?
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124
    They can't change the price once a contract is signed by both yourself and the dealership. Someone made a mistake and they are trying to make you pay for it. Don't let them push you around!! Sounds as if you are female. If you are, you are a prime target for dealers. Bring a male, or even two back to the dealership, WITHOUT the Escape, and see what they want you to sign. If they made a mistake on the price, its their loss, you have a signed contract. Sorry in advance if you are not a female. I have a friend in the car business and he tells me some of the tricks of the trade. Females beware.
    The 3.0 Duratec is a wonderful engine. Its been around for quite sometime now. Was in Europe for about 3 years before it finally made its way here to the U.S. Ford is cheapening a great design though. I have also heard of this fiberglass intake and problems with it already.
    I too will be in the market in the next 6 months for a small SUV. Time for the truck to go, not family friendly. I had my mind set on the Escape, but these horror stories are starting to sway me to a RAV4 or CRV...
  • 'Would like to know more about this engine from Ford-savvy/techie folks. Saw press-release on new baby Jag "X" type. 'Looks like it will use some iteration of the Duratec 3.0. Ford seems to be putting a lot of their future on the variations of this motor!?
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    See (since it wordwraps here you must type the end as hpholdback1) Note the chart at the bottom shows that the better 70% of Ford dealers get the 1.25% according to Edmunds data.
    Thanks for your very helpful contribution, (ptmccain) I learned a lot from you and that you recommended!
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    Before you go visit the Finance manager do some real preparation by reading through ptmccain's with some sharp male friends and take at least two of them with you. I think this dealer probably got more than enough from you
    so there is no reason for you to pay more for their "honest mistake" They probably only want you to initial their change of the finance papers so they can charge you even more. Demand they first send you a clear complete copy of the papers so you and your advisor can "look it over" before you initial anything! Do your preparation! Do take strong friends! This manager may have to "eat it." It's stronger psycology for you to leave your Escape in your garage if you go. Believe me they don't want to send you those copies first although they certainly can! Make that a condition.
  • bebe3bebe3 Posts: 11
    Thanks for your advice. They do not want to fax or send me papers. I looked at the contract, and it has something to do with selling my loan to a third party, at least that is what I can gather, and I, too, think they are going to have to eat it. Because of my bad experiences in the past, I don't want to sign anything further. I just found out that my bookkeeper's husband is a lawyer that used to represent GMAC. I have an e-mail in to him. When I get an answer, I will let everyone know in case you are ever caught in the same position. I kind of get the feeling from their desperateness that I have them over some barrel or other. Whatever it is is really important enough for them to call me five times a day, but that's what's scaring me. It is extremely intimidating and I have started screening my calls -- what a pain -- when I haven't even done anything wrong. I'll check out the link you advised before I do anything else. Again, thanks a lot for your help!
  • bebe3bebe3 Posts: 11
    I'll bet they love the press they are getting from these posts :-) There may be more posts on the web if they don't stop calling me soon. When I was in their hands they tried to sell me an alarm that I already had and an extended warranty on a two-year lease...don't ask about the lease, I'll explain if anyone really needs to know. But I was more than willing to sign whatever needed to be signed at the time I was there. It's the month later part that has me both up in arms and a little scared.
  • Jim, thanks for the nice words re. my post. I stumbled into a few months ago when shopping for my Escape. It is, without a doubt, the best "one stop shop" on the Internet for carbuying. It provides tons of links so that you can shop for loans, get info on your vehicle and learn the tricks/games of dealers.

    Dealers here on Edmunds (some, not all) HATE which is, to me, the best advertising the site could get.

    Thanks for your clarification re. Holdback. The Blue Oval holdback is new since I bought my Escape. I called Ford and they told me that Blue Oval dealerships would not be up and running until 2001. Smaller dealers are really upset about it, since the Blue Oval dealers will be able to beat them every time given the additional holdback.

    The key for me to successful purchase of my Escape was doing ALL my homework via the Internet so that when I finally started to price shop I knew what I wanted and didn't have to waste the dealer's time.

    I faxed ten dealers here in St. Louis with my best offer and then three were willing to deal and I went with the best price I could find, which turned out to be $300 under invoice, via factory order.

    Good luck, all!

    And, remember, the best place to go on the Internet is:

    I even was accused by one dealer of working for the site!

  • I am looking at purchasing a Ford Escape after test driving one.

    I am planning on trading in my Ford Taurus. According to everything I have read, it is suggested that I should get the best price on the vehicle first, then talk about my trade in.

    Would it be in my best interest to fax the local dealers and get my best price first, then go in and, armed with the best price, and talk trade?

    Is this something that the local dealers would frown on, and possibly up the price of the new vehicle, or is this an acceptable practice?
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    kaymal Always keep the purchase deal and the tradein deal completely separate to save yourself the confusion when they are mixed by the dealer. Dealers normally pay wholesale for your car and ship it right out so accept the lowprice pain of that or sell the car yourself and go through that effort. Still there can be a difference if the dealer wants to resell the car on his lot. Get the purchase quotes through fax, then the tradin quotes at the best quote dealers. Don't let any of them stop you half way through, your last quote might be the best.
  • Is any different between the Tarus Durtec and the Escape Durtec Engine?
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    Every manufacturer is going to plastic compound intake manifolds. I do not know if the Escape's manifold is having problems, but the advantages of the new manifolds are lighter weight, lower cost, and smoother runners to start. The market reliability of them is better than any previous manifolds. The fuel smell that I have heard about is suppose to be with a fuel line fitting, not the manifold.
  • tronsrtronsr Posts: 46
    There have been some cracked manifolds that have had to be relaced in the Escape.
  • Just for anyone's information, I test drove an XLS 4wd Escape, with v6 and towing package, towing my 17 ft donzi boat and trailer (aout 2800 lbs). The escape did very well, seemed to have plenty of power and was very smooth at highway speeds although the revs seemed higher at those speeds than without the trailer. Incidentally entire test was done only with front wheels engaged. We ordered one... chrome yellow.. can't wait for delivery.
  • I have the ford Escape and the Honda CRV in my mind. However, I am not sure to buy which one. I like the Escape because it has good handling; but love the reliability of Honda. Can anyone can give me some advise?
  • Most post on this topic will be a little biased towards the Escape. It's the title afterall, but you got it right as far as reliability is concerned. Ford has so much embarrassing problems with the Escape that the "new product" excuse is just exactly what it is--an excuse. I don't recall the RAV4 or the CRV having sticking cruise control, steering wheel and rear axles falling off even on their first year production. Who knows what other recalls they will ask for on this Ford and other Ford product for that matter. And wait until they flood the market and watch the resale nosedive like a springboard diver. Headaches and life disruptions is what you can reasonably expect with Ford products.
  • My experience with Ford products has been very, very good.

    My Ford Crown Victoria went 178,000 miles and eleven years in lots of hard driving. I maintained it and had only normal wear and tear. No major components failed.

    My Ford Taurus went 160,000 and was an excellent vehicle. No major mech problems.

    My Ford Tempo which I expected to be a dog of a car has lasted and lasted. The only reason I am selling it is because I have to have a larger vehicle.

    Fords have performed well for me, sorry that they haven't for Mr. Pessimism.

    I would NOT get the Honda. It is less roomy than the Escape and underpowered.

    Ditto for RAV4 -- less roomy.
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    Escape/Tribute are the bigger mini-SUVs on the inside, and compared with driving CRV, Rava or Forester, it feels like flying First Class instead of being crowded in Coach, especially if you are 6ft and 180lbs. More elbo room, leg room, and overhead room even with the moonroof feels like freedom on a long drive in open country. Don't forget you'll be wearing bulky clothing in winter! Also seat adjustment provides the full 74 in. sleeping length in back and for comfort you can fit in two standard folding cots. Try that with the others! Outside it parks and drives like a sedan, with a highview seat and no wallow.
  • Did any one of you own a CRV and escape or had driven both of these SUV? I want to know more about these two SUV.
  • scape2scape2 Posts: 4,124

    Ford is catching hell for the problems with the first year of Escape/Tribute. Prices are high right now but give it about another 6-9months and prices will drop as inventories rise around the country. The Escape is a winner as far as room, comfort, performance and style. Ford should have just waited another 6 months for release and taken its time in releasing it to the public, made sure all the bugs were out. I'm waiting patiently.......
  • I thoroughly researched and have extensively test driven both Escape and CRV. Both are fine vehicles. No point denying that

    CRV is less roomy and has less power. I am a 6'3" person and appreciate the Escape's interior room -- which for the front seat driver is, in terms of leg and head room, even a bit more than Explorer!
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    The only advantage the CRV has over the Escape is the fact that the CRV has been around long enough for most of the bugs to be worked out. All the glitches with the Escape have been minor and will have been corrected in a few months. If you buy now, you will pay extra to be one of the first. If you wait a few months, the prices will stabilize and the bugs will be exterminated. As far as the detractors go, a few people with lemons and some pathetic losers like to get on sites for popular vehicles and badmouth. You have to sort them out. I have always loved my Fords but every GM I have checked out has been a piece of trash. It only means that my karma or whatever with GM is bad. Go with your instinct and don't get pushed into any deals When you do a thorough test drive in a vehicle, it will tell you if you are both compatible.
  • siyasiya Posts: 5
    Ordered xlt 2wd Sept 5; picked it up 11/09. If you're considering side step bars, note this. It's virtually impossible to step in OR out without brushing back of your leg. Come winter, that's going to make suits messy. Seriously considering taking them off 'til I sell it. Dealer tells me another guy is doing that now.
  • siyasiya Posts: 5
    No problems; no fuel smell. Everybody likes it. Did notice have to run defroster on high for quite a while.
  • I am a Ford owner too. Currently, I am driving a Ford Escort 93. I bought it used in 1998 at 58k milage. Now it has 103k milage, I still love it. The reason that I want to sell it is because I need a bigger car for family use. In the beginning, I planed to trade in my Escort and buy the Escape but after all the recall that it has, I doubt about the reliability of this SUV. one of my friends, who used to own a escort too, is driving a CRV and love it to dead. The reason that he like Honda because his previous Escort gave him too many trouble to fix and make him send a lot of money. I drove the CRV couple times, I feel like it too. However, after test drive the escape, the CRV can not impress me anymore. I admit that I like the Escape a little more than the CRV but consider the reliability of Ford. I just can not make a final decision.
  • big_guybig_guy Posts: 372
    " I don't recall the RAV4 or the CRV having sticking cruise control, steering wheel and rear axles falling off even on their first year production."

    To my knowledge, not a single steering wheel or rear axle ever fell off an Escape or Tribute. A problem was discovered that, under certain conditions, one of those events COULD happen. However, I haven't heard of a single incident where the "event" took place. It is better that the manufacturer issue the recall to prevent the likelihood of an accident than to wait until after someone has had an accident to address the issue or ignoring it and hoping that the circumstances that could cause the problem never occur (ala Mistubishi).

    Just my $.02
  • Paul,
    I would appreciate if you could give me some more specific info on your order of the escape. I'm in st. louis also and looking at escapes and tributes. My email is [email protected]
    thanks in advance,
    Joe H
  • I payed 1.5% UNDER invoice for my Escape, so as for prices "stabilizing" -- they are pretty darn good now, if you ask me.

    : )
  • ritasritas Posts: 1
    I got my Escape just over a week ago and I love it. Drives really nice. I ordered mine and got it 3 months later. Well worth the wait.
  • Just got my Chrome Yellow XLT loaded to the nines a month ago. The last SUV I had was a Lincoln Navigator, so I called this my Mini-Lincoln. Can't say anything bad about this SUV except that it gets only 11 Miles per Imperial Gallon in the city. That's like about 9.5 MPG in US gallons. Same MPG as my Navigator. My Ford dealer said to break it in for about 5 months and then is should get better mileage. He just wants to get rid of me for 5 months. Sorry, but if Ford can't build a 3000 pound SUV with a high tech V-6 that gets 20 MPG in the city then they lose again. Mine's for sale!!
  • Just bought an escape from in the DC area I am paying 21,408 for the XLT with auto, leather, sunnroof and privacy glass. this is right at invoice
  • My wife and I just finished washing our Escape and she noticed that the license plate didn't fit right. First off, the mounting studs are unusually small, mine took a #10 machine screw check to see if the screws fit properly. Second, there are no provisions to keep the plate from rubbing the paint. I put some rubber bumpers behind the plate above and below each mounting hole and at each lower corner of the plate. Now it fits snugly and wont rub the paint off and rust.
  • Mr. Navigator, before ASSuming that every Escape gets poor mileage you might want ot check our facts.

    There is no reason your Esape should be getting only 9 miles per gallon! Something is definitely wrong with it.

    Many new Escape owners over on Yahoo's Escape Club get 20-25 mpg on their first or second tank of gas.

    Go get that Escape checked, or, stop driving everywhere in second gear!

    : )
  • Is there any different interior between the Tribute and Escape? I heard the Escape interior looks much cheaper than the Tribute. The seat in the Escape also less leather than the Tribute. Is this true? Any Escape/Tribute has this feeling or just someone say this because it is a Ford.
  • skyrebskyreb Posts: 129
    For two cars made on the same assembly line, there are minor differences in both the interior and exterior. Plus they drive slightly different. It will all come down to personal likes and dislikes. After months of investigation and many test drives of both, and the competition, I ordered an Escape Friday. I do not think there is any better vehicle in the class. Why the Escape over the Tribute? There is a local Ford dealer that I like/trust, and the Mazda dealer is very distant. was cheaper by about $200, but I still ordered locally. Same reason as above.
    Sure I wish there were features that are not included, but for the money, I think this is a tremendous value compared to the in-class competition.
  • steve234steve234 Posts: 460
    The reason for the complaints about the interior is that you cannot please everyone. Some people hate the plastic look and some cannot stand wood look. Some cannot be pleased period. Look at seadoo13. They love the vehicle but are going to get rid of it after only a month because the mileage is bad. Rather than get he dealer to fix it, they are selling it. Some people have more money than brains. Don't let all the hype about the recalls worry you. It is almost all minor stuff that would not get an ounce of publicity if it weren't for the hoopla over Firestone.
  • Hey gang,

    I had to go over to St. Joe, Missouri over the weekend and was able to visit the Ford Assembly Plant in Claycomo, Missouri, a little town Northeast of Kansas City and Southeast of St. Joe.

    What a sight!

    This is one huge plant!

    They make the F-150 and the Ford Escape and the Mazda Tributes.

    I saw literally hundreds and hundreds of Escapes on every parking lot/storage area, with a lot of F-150s, not nearly as many Tributes.

    Now why can't they get MINE to me?

    : )
  • fry4fry4 Posts: 1
    Mr Navigator I know how you feel.I took a beating and traded in a 97 Eddie Baur Expedition for mine. I was going for gas mileage as you probably were.
    The last tank which included a 160 mile highway trip yeilded me 14.7 mpg. This is not much better than Expedition, with 5.4 engine and twice as good a ride and hauling capabilities got.
    The worst part for me is I can't afford to take another beating for a while so I'll have to stick it out.
    It has only got 950 miles but I can't imagine it ever getting what I was told it would.
    Other than that it's a pretty nice little vehicle.
    Would like to add we drive it in the D position and unless somebody,at the plant, screwed up this is not 2nd gear.
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