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Ford Escape



  • carteecartee Posts: 1
    While we are on fuel, has anybody had the problem that when they start their engine with the A/C on or the vents open they get an intense smell of fuel in the vehicle?
  • tronsrtronsr Posts: 46
    Any fuel smell and I repeat, any fuel smell, should have you on the way back to the dealer IMMEDIATELY IF NOT SOONER!LIKE YESTERDAY>
  • aluna1aluna1 Posts: 1
    I guess more information would be helpful. The offer is on an Escape Automatic XLT with four wheel drive. No fancy options. I'm new to this stuff please bare with me. Thanks
  • dpdssmdpdssm Posts: 10
    OK just talked to dealer. Mine ordered Aug 18. Dealer has 7 more on order. The commub=nication he told me is ( and I am parphrasing a bit here)
    Order submitted, (or given, or at) to factory 10-20.
    Out of the other units he has ordered, mine was the only one with this statement, apparently on some type of reoprt dealers receive. Any help from those in the know what this means?
  • When my wife and I ordered ours we actually had the dealer just change a few options on one he had ordered for his own inventory. What he told us is that he submits an order and in a couple of weeks it get subbed to plant which means that the factory has to ensure they have enough materials to build upcoming vehicles. When that information is known the factory then issues a build date and an eta for delivery. We actually ordered on 9/15 car went sub to plant by 9/21 had a build date of 10/23 and will receive the Escape by or before 11/13. Can't wait!!!!
  • i compared a escape to a montero today, well the only advantage that the mitsu has over the escape is rear cargo room and front leg room, everything else the escape come away with the lead, also having a 4" wider stance and a independent suspention compared to the live axle and leaf springs of he montero... the escape also has a 15 HP advantage and weighs almost 500 lbs less, its also 1500$ less
  • Just thought everyone would enjoy the end of this story.

    I signed my order for my new Escape XLT on Wednesday.

    Here is the configuration.

    Escape XLT
    Front wheel drive
    16" wheel/tires
    Privacy glass

    Purchase price: $20,500

    No added fees! period.

    When I told the dealer I was not going to give him an extra $85 dollars for him to fill out paperwork, he just knocked another $85 off the purchase price. : )

    So, I ended up paying $281 under invoice.

    I used Edmunds pricing guides and suggestoins and just worked the fax lines here in town to get the best deal I could, then, i didn't dink around trying to get another $50 chipped off.

    The key here was being informed and patient.

    So, good luck.

    The dealer:
    Bo Beuckman Ford, St. Louis.
    Salesman: Ed Cabanas

    They have three full-time sales people that do nothing but Internet sales!

    Don't waste time wih or those places. You can do better directly with the dealer. I would have paid $500 more with greenlight!
  • Could it be that the transmission is slipping or not up shifting correctly? Do you use O/D in town? Watch the tac.

    A higher than specified octane fuel will do you no good and in fact could degrade performance. I have used 87 octane in my '97 Taurus LX, equipped with the Duratec engine, since new. It runs very well and gets 19 to 20 MPG in city driving and 24 to 26 MPG on the highway using 87 octane fuel. I have tried 89 octane fuel several times and find no difference in fuel economy or performance.

    Mid-grade, 89 octane fuel, is the highest octane rating achieved by the refining process, 91 octane fuels have additives to increase the rating. These additives could be harmful to your engine, if it is not designed to accept them.
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    There are two ways that fuel can burn in a gasoline engine. In the best way the spark at the plug ignites a stable burn that expands out smoothly and creates the high-pressure gas that pushes the piston down to generate horsepower. Since the stable burn takes time to develop maximum pressure, the spark is fired early and this is called spark advance. In the worst kind of burn, the spark initiates detonation, a shock wave that burns the fuel almost instantly and slams into the piston like a hammer causing the knock or ping sound you hear. Fuel burned as detonation doesn't produce much horsepower. For whatever engine you are using you can select a kind of fuel that burns in a stable way or one that detonates. The big difference is the octane number of the fuel. The lower numbers detonate. A minor difference is the spark advance the engine is set to. Less advance reduces detonation but produces less power .
    Modern engines use high compression ratios to burn fuel more efficiently so the car will get more miles per gallon. Unfortunately, the higher compression requires higher-octane fuel to burn smoothly so the added cost of the fuel and the less fuel needed per mile tend to cancel out. Our government favors the higher efficiency engine because it conserves oil and reduces pollution.
  • big_guybig_guy Posts: 372
    Virtually any car will perform well when a rear tire blows out. It is an entirely different situation when a front tire blows out. I don't know why the article states that a rear tire blow-out would cause more controllability problems. Intuitively, if a front tire blows, the steering wheel is going to jerk to one side as the sudden loss of pressure causes a slower rotation of the wheel that has blown out. In those situations, the driver tends to over correct and create a big problem. Particularly since most drivers casually hold the steering wheel in one hand when they are driving. Let them do the test again with a front tire blow-out and a driver that is not a professional and lets see what the results are. That would hold more interest to me.
  • dyl2dyl2 Posts: 13
    I do use OD in the city. Never bother to turn it off cause I'm doing about a mile and a half a day (I'm very close to work). But out of curiosity, is it better care to turn OD off when driving in city at all times?

    Thanx for your earlier comments.
  • dpdssmdpdssm Posts: 10
    Thanks for response. Apparently, these vehicles are being parcelled out according to a formula, as I said mine was ordered Aug 18 and no firm delivery date yet, and another person posting here ordered their vehicle in July, and no firm date yet.
  • tronsrtronsr Posts: 46
  • tractiontraction Posts: 141
    According to the 'experts' a blow out on a REAR tire is more dangerous than one on the front. That is because you have more control during a front tire blow out because you can control the blown out tire by steering it. A blow out on the rear is sort of like trying to push a wagon backwards.
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    Ford is like a big machine run by manufacturing specialists and accountants who look at the design of the car as a place to save money on tooling or materials. Changes happen and the results don't sell so they look outside to buy proven winning product ideas they can manufacture efficiently. Tribune is a winning design but Mazda needed Ford to manufacture it inexpensively so it could save Mazda financially. Ford has bought other small automakers with good ideas for the same reason. Just accept that Escape/Tribune = Mazda+Ford. Why suffer the "loss of Japanese quality" or the "waiting for a Ford car to come through is like waiting for paint to dry". That suffering is voluntary. But the 960 Mazda dealers have been suffering financially for a while and it shows in their conservative salesmen. They won't come down yet whereas the 5000 Ford dealers see the usual fierce competition coming fast and the leaders are dealing. Bless our Internet buying methods, it draws the leaders out! Last July Mazda announced it would cull out 40% of its weaker dealers in the next three years. I'll bet the winners start selling "Ford-style" soon. I think Mazda is restructuring its pricing for Invoice selling. Tribute buyers need to keep applying some Internet buying pressure.
  • Have there been any sites yet with a large selection of accessories for the Escape? One thing I'm interested in is some sort of upholstery or padding that will make it comfortable to rest my left arm on the door under the window. It was interesting that a test drive of the Lexus RX300 revealed that they have elbow bone-killing lack of upholstery on that bad boy, too!
  • tronsrtronsr Posts: 46
    Someone at Yahoo Escape Club suggested wearing an elbow pad.
  • CAn anyone provide the web address for the site that tracks weekly production of autos? I have an Escape on order and was tracking production until I experienced a hard drive crash and lost the address. Thanks
  • Just found this on another web site!!!

    Ford Motor Company issued a recall on the Ford Escape which is focused around a fuel line leakage (recall 00S27). The affected models were produced from October 1999 though September 1, 2000.

    The recall is due to a fuel line connector whose o-rings located at the outlet end of the fuel filter may have been damaged during assembly. A Ford assembly plant employee has contacted warning of a possible design flaw of the fuel line. The problem arises when a new fuel filter is installed. Upon installation, the o-rings can become easily distorted or slip without being visually noticed where upon a slow fuel leak can occur. A Ford document states the leak can cause "fuel odor or, in some cases, fuel leakage."

    If there is wetness or fuel leakage at the fuel filter connector, the fuel supply line must be replaced."
  • The A plan is for current Ford employees and relatives. Pricing is 2-5% below dealer's invoice, after all incentives and holdbacks are figured in.
  • dpdssmdpdssm Posts: 10
    Ok here we ask once agsin, any feel for order vs delivery times. 11 weeks and still waiting last word maybe by Christmas, ordered Aug 18.
  • I took the Escape overnight and test drove the XLT. I was pleasantly surprised at the snap the 6 cylinder engine has and the positive steering.

    I have a taurus now with the 6 cylinder, which has been a very good, economical engine with great gas mileage.

    I'm looking forward to buying one, but will be checking around with different dealers to get the best price.

    Just out of curiosity - why has everyone changed to to Escape II and abandoned the original site?

    Also - I heard rumor that there is a recall in the works due to the ignition possibly catching fire. Heard anything on this one?
  • Thanks for the web address tz98.
  • skyrebskyreb Posts: 129
    I had an interesting experience this past week. I live in New England, and have only seen 2 Escapes at the local Ford dealer. Last week I was in S. Calif. and Galpin Ford has 45 on the lot. It was great because I got a good look at all the colors. I was not able to buy, but they were anxious to deal, offering to ship the car, and make the last two payments on my leased Explorer. It was especially valuable to me, because I changed my mind about colors after seeing them all.
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    ptmccain bought his Escape for $300 under invoice from a local dealer and without depending on a manufacturer's plan. See how he did it, go to
    http:/ and select any message then go to his Msg# 8163.
    In his second paragraph he omits part of holdback it should be 3% of total MSRP + 1.25% of total invoice. Do read through I found it all is extremely informative and this knowledge is power. Their price is:
    Invoice-holdback + 5% of invoice profit and no other added disguised profit. But that takes real knowledge, preparation, and patience.
    Soon there will be more production again and we buyers need to be ready if we want to buy fairly.
  • skyrebskyreb Posts: 129
    I have a question: The Duratec engine has been around for years, and earned a terrific reputation. That is one of the strongest selling points for the Escape/Tribute over the competition. In prior versions, however, a beautiful cast aluminum intake manifold was exposed, along with the crossover tubes. The intake on the Escape is covered with what appears to be a plastic/fiber cover displaying the company logo. Can it be removed? Is the earlier models of the Duratec intake manifold beneath the cover?
  • I have ordered a 3.0l V6 XLT Escape with 2 wheel drive. It will arrive in January. I plan on doing all road driving, that is why I ordered 2WD instead of 4WD. Now for my question: Was this a mistake since I live in Minneapolis, MN? Can the 2WD adequately handle a snowy climate? I realize almost no one has actually driven the Escape in a Winter environment, but any opinions would be appreciated. I also want to keep my MPG level as high as possible. Thanks.
  • 1jimv11jimv1 Posts: 108
    An Alberta Canada 4wd owner tested winter driving.
    Msg# 8258 Also for (igoehner) why not see how 2wd cars have managed winter for years in Minneapolis, ask around locally, there are many 2wd cars there besides Escape. 4wdMPG=2wdMPG with the V6.
  • I asked the same question you did. I wondered if it was worth the 1000+ for four wheel drive. I heard from an Explorer owner who said that he only used 4WD one time in Michigan, and Michigan is not exactly a garden spot in the Winter!

    So, I went with 2WD. With the XLT you get the excellent all-wheel ABS system which will be a large factor in road safety.
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