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    Received a call from GM for more information about when/where/exact mileage now and when purchased. Apparently, since we are the second owners of the vehicle and when purchased we only had 52000 miles....we might just be in luck. Still haven't received our letter.....if we ever do. They send the letters by VIN number so who knows when we will get it. Waiting for return call again....she has been in touch with the regional manager about our vehicle. Seems to be going our way so far...but that could change at any moment. I did ask for something from the dealership about the defect and was given a copy of an urgent message to all GM service managers. It does have a website on the bottom. My husband went on the internet to read the second page of it (because they only copied the first page). It is in my husbands work van this morning, but I will get the web address later and post it for you also. We did have to pay 110.00 to have the cluster checked so the dealer could tell us what we already is broken...but, if we can get it fixed for free it is worth the trouble contacting GM and jumping through hoops.
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    When you say get it fixed for free does this mean you will try and get your $110.00 diagnostic fee back? This is what ticks me off about the dealerships. They know what is wrong and still charge you a fee to diagnose the problem. Every gauge on the instrument cluster will eventually fail. They all use the exact same stepper motor to operate. Tach, speedometer, fuel gauge, temp, oil pressure----it doesn't matter they all have the exactly the same faulty stepper motor behind the needle. Is GM replacing the entire cluster or fixing only what doesn't work? If they are replacing the entire cluster what the heck was the point of a diagnostic fee? You are a much nicer person than I am. I would have refused to pay anything for something they have known about since 2003. I would love to meet the person from GM who decided on the 7 year or 70,000 mile stipulation. What's wrong with these people? I used to think Chevy/GM products had a good resaie value and that's why I have always driven them. What would someone give me for an 03 Tahoe with no working gauges?
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    My speedo started acting up at about 38,000 miles. I called my brotherinlaw who still makes his living as a mechanic ( I got out of the buisness 15 years ago). He told me there is a technical service bulletin (TSB) about the instrument clusters. This was in 2005. I called different dealers and got the same answer from all of them. Needs a new cluster; $450.00. I still have the speedo problem, I don't belive in paying for something that is a defect. I've also had to replace the intake manifold gasket, yes there is a TSB for that to. When it goes bad the check engine light comes on; by the way the new part has been redesigned. Also had to replace one of the O2 sensors about 6 months after the intake gasket. All of this started at about 38,000 miles. Dealers would cover nothing. Then one of the catalytic converters failed at 65,700. Got em, the converters are covered for 80,000 miles. When I had the converter replaced they gave me quotes on the invoice for new tires, transmission service, and 4x4 service. I also asked about the speedometer. The service rep knew all about the problem; it would cost $450.00 to fix. I just recieved my letter from GM about the cluster problems. Guess what, they will fix the speedo problem for free IF!! the vehicle is less than 7 years old and has less than 70,000 miles. That's right my odometer just turned over 78,000 miles. I called the 800 number on the letter and talked to a very nice lady who checked into my situation. She pulled up a history and found the visit to the dealer for the defective catalytic converter, with all the service quotes, BUT the dealer never entered the quote for the speedo repair into the system. Now there's no record of my speedo problem at 65,700 miles. She said she would forward my case to the factory zone rep and I would get an answer on 12/18/07. It's time to expand the class action suits started in California and Washington state. This is just another case of GM not standing behind it's product. In the late 1970's a book called On A Clear Day You Can See General Motors was published. I read that book and I can't belive I bought this GM product. Maybe I hoped they had changed. Next time it's another F150 or maybe better yet a Tundra.
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    To class action or not??? I just got my letter today Dec 14th I had my speedo fixed around 6 months ago cost over $700.00 they replaced cluster. Who wins in a class action law suit? I get what 10 bucks and the lawyers 10 mil?? I think they just need to stand by there products. I bought the truck because I thought it was a better product then the 10,000 dollar cheep car.
    All I can say is good luck to those who have there letter now and more luck to the ones that will get there letters later
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    Funny you would mention a Tundra....looking at trading the Tahoe for one today. I myself am sick of the BS from GM. Been fighting with them for about a month, the rep called me on Friday to kindly inform me that the Regional rep said No, not going to fix it. Looking into the class action suit myself for South Dakota. If they know it is a defective part.....replace the darn thing. But.......that would probably be the last straw for GM. Planning to overload the complaint department with GM not standing behind their products. Maybe we all should contact Michael Moore or Bill O'riley?????? Maybe they could start a fire under their butts!! By the way, still haven't received our letter.
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    Hey everyone!
    I was reading through the class action suit filed in CA and WA, and found another place to complain to about our speedometers. Maybe if enough of us complain again about GM's "special provision" and how it is not acceptable considering the amount we pay for these vehicles, there just might be another investigation into the problem. This is the website

    If anything, it is pretty interesting what is considered safe and not safe. Check it out, and file a complaint. Just might work.
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    Just got off the phone with the GM Reimbursement Center, they declined to pay for the IPC replacement on my '03 Chev 2500HD ($600.00) due to the repairs having been done at 112,000 miles, although the problem had begun occurring many miles previous. (Decided to repair when I got that speeding ticket!) I had received the notification letter from GM, submitted the form and proof of paid repairs to them. Where can I find out more information regarding a class action filed in CA? Great site and information, thanks in advance for helpful info!
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    This is what I found for CA and WA. Hope it helps.
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    04 Chevy. I'm on my 4th Cluster this month! with no change. My Speedo still goes crazy at times or stays at zero. Dealership keeps telling me that its the cluster and that they will keep ordering a new cluster until they get one that works! All fine and good but they keep my truck for half the day every time it goes in! Any one else have this same problem?????? Update: the last two repairs they only kept the truck for 45 Min's...Which really pisses me off knowing they didn't need the Truck for as long as they kept it the first two times..I'm not getting rid of truck even as mad as this makes me but my wife's next vehicle with not be from the so called top 3, GM was the last straw, I have already lost money on a J.ust E.mpty E.very P.ocket and my Dad has had Ford nickle and dime him for years...Will be looking into a Subaru or Audi
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    I guess I'm out of luck for getting my instrument panel fixed since my truck is a 2000 Chevy Silverado and I think the lawsuit specified only 03'-04' right?

    On New Years Eve I was driving and all of the warning lights on my instrument panel came on and then all of the warning lights went out and the speedometer and tachometer dropped to zero and the auxillary gauges froze in place. I think my volt/battery gauge still works but that's it. The backlight of the cluster still works, as do the blinker lights. The electronic odometer or any other digital notifications don't work either.

    I've checked both fuse blocks and from best I can tell, nothing is wrong. Everything else in the truck works fine, including the radio. I've read alot about replacing stepper motors but those wouldn't affect the warning lights and digital notifications not working right?

    Does anybody have any ideas I should try before spending a ton of money getting it repaired? Thanks!!!
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    04 silverodo 62000 miles speedo sticks and jumps,called a local dealership about problem,said they have never heard of this before,and if they did,i did not purchace it from them and they would not repair.I had to find the dealership where it was purchased.
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    can you e-mail me that documentation you received from GM. Mine is broken as well and I'm actually trying to sell the truck and would like to try and get that fixed. I just hit 61k miles and that doc would help me out a lot. Of if you could tell me how you obtained it I would really appreciate it. Thanks a lot.
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    I got the letter a couple of weeks ago for the recall, I called they said they couln't do anything about it since I at the moment had 72,000 miles in it, the letter clearly reads that they will cover it if it's under 70,000. miles, I was like what the...
    So now I gotto drive with no speedometer and it sucks. I'm a mother of two and I hate guessing how fast or slow I'm going. ( I'm a great driver =o) ) but I can't believe they won't fix it...I love my truck and I love GMC but I don't think I would ever buy anything from them again.
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    Just received my notice about the speedometer problem , my problem started just before 70,000 also. Now it has 110,000. The Chevy dealership in St Mary's Ga told me just to drive with the flow of What idiots? Do they expect me to pay $500-$600 to replace it with the same cluster that went bad at 72,000 miles. I have been to 4 dealerships trying to get someone to help me with info about the replacement parts, they do not have a clue. I have to get it changed so I can screw the next guy that buys it. This is the last straw for me , I'll trade up o a Ford or Toyota, if I had known Chevy was going to act like it's my fault that they bought bad parts from China I would never have bought this truck. Buy American and you would not be dealing with this problem in such an unfair manner. Oh and I also found out the hard way , speeding ticket 40 in a 20 school zone , Judge told me to sue Chevy. then fined me $235.00.
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    Wait until your cluster gauge goes out...and it will. They all have the same problem ...I was told it was bad diodes in in the cluster....oh and they are putting repaired ones back in with the same problem....oh and how can you ever trust the speedometer again. it cost me 235 dollars to find out mine was bad.
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    How do I join lawsuit?
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    Mine didn't fall under the recall so I had to pony up and just fix it. I got the parts counter at my local Chevy dealership to sell me a brand new cluster for $250. Replacing it was easy. You just lower the steering wheel, pull on the face trim of the dashboard until it comes off, unscrew the old cluster, unplug the harness, plug the new one in and reassemble.
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    I have a 03 Silverado,with 103,000 miles, that has a bad speedometer and talked with my dealer back in November, they told me it was not covered because I was over the mileage and it would cost me 400-500 to fix. I got a call from them yesterday and was told that Chevy was extending the mileage to 130,000 and it would be fixed at no cost. So good luck to all with your dealers.
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    I have a 2005 Silverado, same problem mine stays maxed at over 120mph
    Problem started at 50,000. Occasionally will fall to 100 at a stop. I am also waiting for a recall to have mine fixed. I filed a complaint at
    Will wait & see what happens
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    I have a 2005 GMC Sierra with the same problem. So far, GM has agreed to fix only models from 2003 and 2004. This is ridiculous. Call the Chevy Customer Assistance Center 1800-630-2438 and demand that your vehicle be included as part of many models that experienced this failure across model years from 2003 and up. You may want to mention your willingness to become a party to a class action lawsuit - I did this (and was serious) and the customer service rep transferred me to a supervisor who has made arrangements to have my truck checked and "likely" fixed at GM's expense. I have a copy of the class action law suit filed in California which provides additional information. More people need to call to force GM to take care of the newer models. see Good luck. I take my truck in Wed...................
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    Sorry I haven't been here since I vented my frustration. The letter I recieved came directly from GM. Go to the Chevrolet web site and register as the owner of your vehicle. Even if the vehicle is titled to you, be sure to register at their site. I don't think GM is going out of it's way to find and notify owners of effected vehicles. Or go to your local dealer and tell them you know about the letter being sent to owners. If they won't fix your vehicle have them give you a written estimate on paper with the date; your vehicles mileage, and the dealerships name. I don't mean hand written be sure it's on an invoice just like a receipt ! Don't let them jerk you around. Sorry I don't have a scanner so I can't send you a copy of my letter.
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    I hope they fix your vehicle, I also mentioned the class action suite, and my reluctance to purchase any other GM products. They would not fix my speedometer but they offered me a $500.00 coupon towards the purchase of any GM vehicle bought at a GM dealer. I asked if I could have the cheaper speedometer repair instead of the coupon. After this truck is used up I'll be switching back to an F150.
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    I spoke with Chevy again after reading the post regarding coverage extended to 130,000 miles, they once again declined coverage and stated the policy would only extend to 70,000 miles. Did they indeed cover the repair at 103,000 miles? Chevy's defiance is absurd at best, they indicated they weren't aware of any class action's either, yeah right!
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    I also have a 2005 Tahoe with the same problem. I want to know if GM actually agreed to fix your vehicle for free. They offered to send me to the Dealership for a diagnostic test at my expense and then they would decide my fate. The service manager told me he cannot get them to agree to fix his 2005 pickup with the same problem. Please let me know if they fixed yours or just buying time. thanks tim75
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    Best of luck to everybody getting theirs fixed. My sister-in-law has an ideal circumstance for a cluster replacement. Her Suburban year falls under the recall years, she has 60,000 miles on it so it's less than the stated mileage on the recall, yet when she called her local Chevy dealership, the Service Manager gave her an attitude and said it really wasn't a recall and they would replace it on a case-by-case basis (she had a recall letter from Chevy in her hand at the time). He made her bring it in to the dealership, he turned on the car and looked at the cluster for 10 seconds, said "yep, it's broken. I'll order the cluster so you need to bring your car back when it comes in."

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    I had the same issue on my 2003 Suburban at 42K in fall 2005. I was going 45 MPH and the speedo was at 120 MPH, as well the fuel gage bounced between half-full and empty. Cost me $414.38 to replace the cluster because it was out of 36K warranty. Flash forward 2 years to 4 Oct 07, I get a letter from GM on my husband's 2004 Silverado stating the cluster on his truck is now warrantied for 70K or 7 yrs due to the same problems with cluster I had on my sub. So I called the 800 number on the letter and explained the situation with the suburban. They said to submit a claim on the sub since the problem occurred at 42K miles and I had to pay for it to be repaired. NOTE: They asked how many miles I had on the sub now and I told them 72K but it ONLY had 42K at the time of failure and repair (receipts prove this) and it should therefore be covered in full since the clusters have known annomallies. Within 4 weeks of submitting the claim I had a check for $414.38 in my hands.

    The number on the letter that I called for the Chevrolet Customer Assistance Center is 1-800-630-2438 (Hours of 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. EST Monday through Friday.) The CCAC people I dealt with were very helpful and apologetic both times I talked to them. They called after they processed the claim to let me know the check was in the mail.

    The claim form is labeled CUSTOMER REIMBURSEMENT CLAIM FORM (I believe the form is #07187 because that is what is listed as the enclosure to the letter).
    The following documentation must accompany the claim form:
    *Original or clear copy of all receipts, invoices and or repair orders that show:
    *The name and address of the person who paid for the repair.
    *The VIN of the vehicle that was repaired
    *The total cost of the repair expense that is being claimed
    *Payment for the repair in question and the date of payment, (copy of front and back of canceled check or copy of credit card receipt)

    On the form they instruct you to mail it with required supporting documentation to the Reimbursement Department, P.O. Box 33170 Detroit, MI 48232-5170. Reimbursement questions should be directed to the following number 1-800-204-0261.

    Goes on to say:
    If you have paid to have this condition corrected prior to this notification, you may be eligible to receive reimbursement.

    Requests for reimbursement may include parts, labor, fees and taxes. Reimbursement may be limited to the amount the repair would have cost if completed by an authorized dealer.

    You claim will be acted upon within 60 days of receipt.

    Approved, you will receive a check.
    Denied, yo will receive a letter with the reason(s) for denial, or
    Incomplete, you will receive a letter identifying the documentation that is needed to complete the claim and offered the opportunity to resubmit the claim when the missing documentation is available.

    FWIW. We received our letter from GM signed out by Scott Lawson, General Director, Customer and Relationship Services, on 4 Oct 07 for a 2004 Silverado but NEVER received one on our 2003 Suburban.

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    Thanks for the info. I called the 800number and spoke directly to a GM rep. I told him that my Burban has 89k miles and they said they could still fix the problem. I did mention the class action lawsuit and he told me not to worry about it. That they would take care of it. I have an appoinment tomorrow with the local chevy dealer. I'll let you know how it goes.
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    Anyone know where the data for the odometer is stored?
    Just curious as I may need to replace the cluster myself and don't want to lose that info.

  • snebbiesnebbie Member Posts: 1
    I've got one of the "faulty speedometer" GMC Yukons. Received a recall notice but they will only repair if I had less than the manufacturer warranty miles. Of course, I'm over the limit and they refuse to pay to replace. I believe it's absolutely ridiculous to "recall" an obviously defective part but refuse to pay because of the amount of miles on the vehicle. If a part is defective, it's defective. If any other Texans have this issue, let me know and I would have no problem pursuing a lawsuit.
  • crujones24crujones24 Member Posts: 4
    According to the Chevy tech who replaced my cluster, the data is stored in the cluster itself. In the case like mine where the cluster completely died and wouldn't respond to their computer diagnostics, we had to guesstimate when we reprogrammed the new cluster. Luckily I had recently gotten the oil changed and had the mileage on a sticker so we were very close.
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    I too got the recall letter on my '04 for the cluster. After it failed pre 80,000 and pre letter, I went in and had it fixed $425 worth. Then at 83,000 the letter came out, I sent in my paperwork and even though it was over the mile limit, they came through and paid for the cluster replacement.

    Since then, and unrelated, I had a "check engine" light come on and off for a period before it stayed on. Going in to see what the issue was, I found out there is an air filter on the rear of the saddle tank (what a place to put a filter) which was totally plugged with dust which is some sort of vapor vent. I didn't know it existed or read anything that it need service. After seeing that though, I will service it on a regular basis from now on. The tech advised there is a fix to relocate the inlet up on top of the trans (like that would never see any dust) but he was talking $600 for the parts. I will just keep servicing it myself.
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    Can you email a copy to me? I Have an '05 Silv. Crew cab with 52k and mine hasn't worked for 5k I just figured i was over my warrenty and replace it myself..
    and found this lawsuit forum looking for the part!
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    Can you send a copy of the GM letter to me too? I am the original owner of a 2005 Silverado with the same wacky speedometer problem. We reported the problem to our local Chevy dealer last fall and were told they would be happy to fix it for $$$. We also have a 2005 Tahoe (the speedometer is still working properly on this one). We have never received any letter about this issue for either vehicle
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    The speedometer on my 2003 Chevy Suburban Z71 says I'm going 120 m.p.h. when stopped. I brought it to the dealer and they said $600.00 to replace the cluster.I did not want to spend another 600.00 on a 50,000.00 truck after making several other costly repairs. Shortly after that I received a recall notice from GM but I was over the mileage. I think it is rediculous that they will not repair it when the problem is widespread, telling me that GM did not make the part correctly. I sent them a letter that Toyota will get my business next time. No more GM's!
  • tidestertidester Member Posts: 10,059
    I received a recall notice from GM but I was over the mileage.

    That's curious. If they admit that the speedometer is faulty then why would they expect the odometer to be sufficiently reliable to cut you off from coverage with the recall?

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
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    Where do I go to look into the law action with chevy.I have a 2005 Silverado and at 63,000 my speedometer developed a mind of it's own.I can be going 25mph and it says 125mph.The next time I look it says 0mph and then goes to 50mph and sticks. I have contacted Gm customer service.they told me that they could not talk to me until I paid to have the problem diagnosed by a dealership.Also if a problem was found that I would be billed for the repairs.Is there some where else I can go for help.
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    I have the same problem with a 2003 Tahoe with 95,000 miles. Chevrolet says that they will not cover it since I am over 70,000 miles. They offered 2 free oil changes as a alternative. I told them I would stop buying Chevrolet (my last 4 new cars were Chevrolet) but they didn't seem to care. Can you provide me with more information on the extended warranty to 130,000 miles?
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    I called GM customer service and talked to a local GM service rep here in Louisiana and they both told me that as I had over 70,000 miles there was nothing they could do to help. I phoned the firm of Tousley Brain Stevens in Seattle, their number is 1-877-747-9016 toll free. They told me the suite was in the pliminary stage of settlement and that the settlement includes coverage for the part but not the labor or diagnosis between 70,000 miles and 80,000 miles. They said there should be a letter stating this coming out soon. Hope this info helps all with simular problems.
  • kdschmidkdschmid Member Posts: 2
    Mine failed at 95,000 miles. Auburn Chevrolet (WA) said to bring it in for free repair. Then they said it was not covered due to mileage (more than 70,000 miles). I had told them the mileage over the phone. I called the national customer care number. They offered 2 free oil changes but no repair. They denied knowing about any extension of free repair to 130,000 miles. I told them I would never buy another Chevrolet (this had been my fourth since 1994, 2 suburbans, the tahoe and 1 S10). I guess repeat business is not their goal. I can have the speedometer repaired for $180. It is easy to remove and I will do so before buying a Toyota. GM can go bankrupt before I would ever consider buying another car or truck from them. I had other repeat problems with my Tahoe and suburbans, 2 fuel pumps failed between 50,000 and 60,000 miles, and 3 taillights failed before 70,000 miles ( I never had a taillight fixture fail before). Chevy sucks and their corporate management sucks more. Good luick with your going out of business sale!!
  • camocavcamocav Member Posts: 7
    As for the Speedometer, I was lucky as mine failed before 36,000 miles and within the first year. My sympathy to you all that had to pay for this Bull^$%# problem.

    I have a weird problem as my gas gauge (I'll top off my tank) and it will read 1/8 just under Full. It only does this now and then and I still have some of the extended warranty left, but is this an issue many of you have had too?

    It seems like I get one thing fixed and something else fails a year later, piss poor for a $40,000 + plus vehicle..
  • tbirdman46tbirdman46 Member Posts: 2
    I am experincing the same condition with my instrument cluster that most of you are including my other gauges on my 2003 Oldsmobile Bravada which I bought new. It has the same instrument cluster as most of you have. Does anyone have any printed information from General Motors for this condition as I understand General Motors is going be be responsible for the this widespread failure due to a class action law suit. Like most of you, I have received extreme dissatisfaction in response to my inquiries.
    Thanks for any information that anyone can provide.
  • camocavcamocav Member Posts: 7
    How many miles do you have on your vehicle? The information states within 70,000 miles for the speedometer assembly. It went to all owners as long as they had your current address..
  • tbirdman46tbirdman46 Member Posts: 2
    104,000 miles. I bought this vehicle new and my current address is on my vehicle history and current information with General Motors and has been since new. I never received any notification. When I contacted customer service and checked at the dealer they said there was nothing they could do. Maybe it is time to buy another brand of vehicle instead of a GENERAL MOTORS PRODUCT.
  • sunnyflsunnyfl Member Posts: 2
    Did you ever hear anymore about the GM class action settlement??
    Well I got a letter that says GM will warranty vehicles 2003- 2005 for 7 years or 70K miles and if the settlement is approved it will be 80K miles. I am not sure if that helps you any, but go to to check the status to see if it was approved. Or you can call 1-866-514-0405. I am not sure how many miles you have on yours, but thought that I would give you this info. Thanks and good luck.
  • sunnyflsunnyfl Member Posts: 2
    GM has changed the mileage. It is now 70K or 7 years. How this helps you. There is also a class action settlement, which is still awaiting to be approved. But if your sister paid, she can get reimbursed for what she spent. visit or call 1-866-514-0405, thanks!
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    I too have had the same problem with my speedometer however, I have also noticed my odometer go out of control. In fact I went from approximately 48000 miles to 69000 miles in less than 2 months. This is my run around town car and with the price of fuel I have not been using this vehicle to run around in much and certainly not 21000 mile in a 2 month period. I spent 20 years as a products liability adjuster and just can't help but wonder if this has something to do with the speedometer problems which then leads me to the next question of how many of these vehicles are now showing to be out of warranty due to the high mileage when infact they may not be?
  • tater1tater1 Member Posts: 2
    Had approx. 72,000 on the old beast when she started having speedo probs during cruise or whenever(very eratic). Would hang at 70 or 50 and would only reset to a lower speed by 10 mph after every start. Would hang at below 0 sometimes. Received letter from GM that they would honor replacement up to 70,000. After talking with GM and explaining problem (and getting name and number of reprsentative) I was told Dealership would most likely honor Letter of Agreement. Dealership initially balked at this but after I got same representative involved (3 way conference call) they agreed to replace cluster for no charge. 2 weeks later same new cluster started having oil press. gauge and integral lighting probs. Dealership changed cluster no charge. Newest cluster has worked well since, knock on wood. Good Luck to All!
  • wstcoastlatinawstcoastlatina Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 GMC Yukon Denali, I have had the same problems with my speedometer. I received a Notice of Proposed Class Action Settlement. If it is approved it will include my vehicle year and up to 80k, I am at 67,000 miles and hope this lawsuit gets finished fast!

    I have also had problems with my gas gauge I will fill the tank one day and two days later the gauge shows less than a 1/4 tank, i barely drive my truck, only 5 miles to my vanpool for work and infrequent trips to a store @ 2 miles away, could this be right? Anyways sometimes I just want to drive with the light on to see if i am really out of gas, I know the mpg is low anyways but this is ridiculous! I will never again buy a Chevy or GMC.
    :sick: :lemon:
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    I had mine fixed last year. On the letter I received from GM about the problem (and stating the conditions for which it would be fixed), it also stated that if I had the speedo problem I may also experience irratic fuel gauge readings (although I never experienced problems with fuel gauge).
  • buick39buick39 Member Posts: 1
    Does anyone have the name of law firm for the settlment? My 03 is at 69400 and the speedo just went out.
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