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GM Speedometer lawsuit filed



  • I am experincing the same condition with my instrument cluster that most of you are including my other gauges on my 2003 Oldsmobile Bravada which I bought new. It has the same instrument cluster as most of you have. Does anyone have any printed information from General Motors for this condition as I understand General Motors is going be be responsible for the this widespread failure due to a class action law suit. Like most of you, I have received extreme dissatisfaction in response to my inquiries.
    Thanks for any information that anyone can provide.
  • camocavcamocav Posts: 7
    How many miles do you have on your vehicle? The information states within 70,000 miles for the speedometer assembly. It went to all owners as long as they had your current address..
  • 104,000 miles. I bought this vehicle new and my current address is on my vehicle history and current information with General Motors and has been since new. I never received any notification. When I contacted customer service and checked at the dealer they said there was nothing they could do. Maybe it is time to buy another brand of vehicle instead of a GENERAL MOTORS PRODUCT.
  • sunnyflsunnyfl Posts: 2
    Did you ever hear anymore about the GM class action settlement??
    Well I got a letter that says GM will warranty vehicles 2003- 2005 for 7 years or 70K miles and if the settlement is approved it will be 80K miles. I am not sure if that helps you any, but go to to check the status to see if it was approved. Or you can call 1-866-514-0405. I am not sure how many miles you have on yours, but thought that I would give you this info. Thanks and good luck.
  • sunnyflsunnyfl Posts: 2
    GM has changed the mileage. It is now 70K or 7 years. How this helps you. There is also a class action settlement, which is still awaiting to be approved. But if your sister paid, she can get reimbursed for what she spent. visit or call 1-866-514-0405, thanks!
  • 6mccann6mccann Posts: 1
    I too have had the same problem with my speedometer however, I have also noticed my odometer go out of control. In fact I went from approximately 48000 miles to 69000 miles in less than 2 months. This is my run around town car and with the price of fuel I have not been using this vehicle to run around in much and certainly not 21000 mile in a 2 month period. I spent 20 years as a products liability adjuster and just can't help but wonder if this has something to do with the speedometer problems which then leads me to the next question of how many of these vehicles are now showing to be out of warranty due to the high mileage when infact they may not be?
  • tater1tater1 Posts: 2
    Had approx. 72,000 on the old beast when she started having speedo probs during cruise or whenever(very eratic). Would hang at 70 or 50 and would only reset to a lower speed by 10 mph after every start. Would hang at below 0 sometimes. Received letter from GM that they would honor replacement up to 70,000. After talking with GM and explaining problem (and getting name and number of reprsentative) I was told Dealership would most likely honor Letter of Agreement. Dealership initially balked at this but after I got same representative involved (3 way conference call) they agreed to replace cluster for no charge. 2 weeks later same new cluster started having oil press. gauge and integral lighting probs. Dealership changed cluster no charge. Newest cluster has worked well since, knock on wood. Good Luck to All!
  • I have a 2005 GMC Yukon Denali, I have had the same problems with my speedometer. I received a Notice of Proposed Class Action Settlement. If it is approved it will include my vehicle year and up to 80k, I am at 67,000 miles and hope this lawsuit gets finished fast!

    I have also had problems with my gas gauge I will fill the tank one day and two days later the gauge shows less than a 1/4 tank, i barely drive my truck, only 5 miles to my vanpool for work and infrequent trips to a store @ 2 miles away, could this be right? Anyways sometimes I just want to drive with the light on to see if i am really out of gas, I know the mpg is low anyways but this is ridiculous! I will never again buy a Chevy or GMC.
    :sick: :lemon:
  • lkbumlkbum Posts: 6
    I had mine fixed last year. On the letter I received from GM about the problem (and stating the conditions for which it would be fixed), it also stated that if I had the speedo problem I may also experience irratic fuel gauge readings (although I never experienced problems with fuel gauge).
  • buick39buick39 Posts: 1
    Does anyone have the name of law firm for the settlment? My 03 is at 69400 and the speedo just went out.
  • My speedometer started screwing up last week. I have 68,927 miles on the 03 silverado. I found this blog last thursday and called the local dealer and they said "bring it in".They needed to get a number from the truck. They ordered the gauge cluster and called me and set up a repair date for tomarrow. 1 1/2 hours of work. I hope that is all the problems I have, and that it will be repaired completely. I'll wait and see. Oh Ya it's supposed to be completely free of charge to me.
  • The lawsuits in Washington and Oregon are seeking class-action status, according to Beth Terrell, an attorney with the Seattle law firm of Tousley Brain Stephens.
  • My 2005 chevy surburban has 59,797 miles on it and my speedometer has quit working the dealership said it would cost me $388.00 to fix the instrument cluster.I have called 866-514-0405 and got no help.Does anyone have any advice please e-mail me. THANKS ALOT
  • fcoxfcox Posts: 7
    Had the same problem on our 03 Burb starting with Oil gauge then went the SpeedO. I paid a local GM dealer to replace ($390ish) because we were out of warranty..

    Ironically, I get a letter from GM a year later indicating the part was defective and all I needed to do was submit copies of the repair ticket (ALWAYS keep your repair receipts).. Check arrives within 4 weeks for the full amount...

    If your local dealer cares an inkling about customer service, they should easily be able to get you the information needed and in most cases, will have your information on their records of when/how much if they performed the repair... good luck to all..
  • ksatc1ksatc1 Posts: 4
    Can you tell me if GM took care of your problem or was it out of pocket. I have a 2004 45,000 Envoy XUV they say is not covered.
  • I have the same problem with my Yukon Denali w/ 35,000 miles on it. GMC would not co-operate this morning, Would anybody be willing to send me the paperwork on the lawsuit. I am pissed!
  • Hello,

    I have a the same problem with the cluster. My Speedo works, but will be off by 10-80 mph and will get stuck at 120 if I drive for a while....I have to start the car 15 times to get it to reset. I called GM today and they said they didn’t have a notice for my year. I was like this is a defect and should be fixed free of charge… this is a know issue, just with other years and models. My 2005 Tahoe is slightly out of warranty with 38k and two months out of the 36mth bumper 2 bumper warranty.. I do have the GM extended one, but it a $200.00 Deductible and still to be determined if they will cover that???? I think it’s BS that we have to get a diagnostic test 1st then they might fix it… When I am driving home today and get a ticket for going too fast because I can’t tell how fast I am going, you can bet this Texan will be calling my lawyer. The GM rep gave me a service number and I have an Appt at the dealer on Thursday, so we will see what happens. Will advise!!!!!
  • How do I go about getting mine covered under warranty I have 2003 2500 HD with 110,000 miles on it .The local dealer tells me I have to pay $600.00 to get it fixed??
    Please help!!
  • Well, it was bound to happen. 93K and blam...speedometer went out on my Tahoe. Called customer service and was directed to the following number: 1-866-514-0405. Told me to check the following website so I did and now have to wait until Dec. 19, 2008 to see if this thing is under warranty. Ugh!
  • Does anyone know if there is a lawsuit in effect for the speedometer defect in Ohio? I have found some in other states but not any in Ohio yet. I have a 2004 Suburban with 65,000 miles on it and recently started having problems with the speedo working correctly. There should at least be a recall on all effected models so that everyone has a chance to get the problem fixed without the hassel of the lawsuits. Thx
  • Ok, this is getting ridiculous! But doesn't surprize me why the UAW pres. said GM would go out of business in 3 weeks without a bailout! They're building junk!

    I have all the same issues that everyone has explained over and over here, but when I call the local GM dealership to get mine fixed at 56,124 miles, she tells me.."well it's not a recall, it's a case specific change out, and only applies to certain VIN's"???? What is that? This is sad! I'm the only one in KY, that I've seen here posting about this, but I think the transportation safety folks should get involved really quickly and get this fixed! :mad:
  • CasyBCasyB Posts: 1
    Tonight when I finished driving my children all over I looked down to check my speed and was suprised to see that I was doing more tha 120 mph! I called and my warranty has expired I am at 56,000 miles and I paid cash for my 2005 Suburban in April. Now I am told by the Chevy dealership that there is a recall but not on 2005! Even though this is an issue with 2005 and 2006. I am pissed! I am told this is going to cost $500.00 . I don't have $500.00. It is 16 days before christmas and my girls have a cheerleading competition out of town this weekend. I don't know what to do. What is everyone else doing? :mad:
  • It's not a fix, but if you put your car in N and try to start the truck.. Dont try to start all they way, just give it a quick jolt. The truck lights will flicker and all the normal bells and dings will go off. The good part is the speedo will move down. Once u get it back to 0 it should be okay for a few days

    Hope that helps,

  • I have the same issue, been doing it intermittently for a few months. I also received a letter but tossed it by mistake, I'm above 111k.

    I don't care how many miles are on these vehicles, if it is a problem per the manufacturer it should be replaced at any mileage. If nothing else for the pure safety factor.

    I too have owned several Chevy vehicles, even have relatives working for GM...but I have an issue with an American company not backing up their equipment!!!

    I'll be keeping an eye on this. If anyone is looking for a self repair you should check this link out: 06-instrument-cluster-stepper-motor-replacement.html
  • Yeah I dont want to pay for this either. I have a 04 silverado and I just broke 100k tonight and on my way home. It was almost like clockwork shortly after 100k. I mean like 100,017 miles thats it. It failed, now its just at 0 and doesn't move. I live in Indiana. I also got a recall letter like 7 months ago but my truck was then over the mileage so I just pitched it, but WTF, this needs to get taken care of now. There is alot of people complaining about this and we're all going to be driving on christmas with broken speedos' because they want to debate about this. Alot of 04 chevys' are over 100k because people love driving them, so they should extend the recall to ALL vehicles 02 and newer because its their faulty parts we're all dealing with and why should we pay??? Keep it going and lets keep everyone posted maybe we can rattle some heads and ALL of us get taken care of.
  • Not a fix, but I turned my key to start a few times...without starting it...and it slowly went back to 0. I've done this a few times now, and it resets. Don't know how many times I'll get away with it..but it's working for now.

    I have an appointment w/ the dealer tomorrow and I'm going to try to see if they will 'good will' it. Only thing I can do is try.

  • tidestertidester Posts: 10,059
    I've done this a few times now, and it resets.

    I would be interested in finding out whether this works for anyone else.

    tidester, host
    SUVs and Smart Shopper
  • I have a 2004 Silverado pickup. The other day the speedo went out just like all the others I have read about. I had 81,600 miles on the truck. I called Chevy customer service and they were helpful as if to try to build a case for covering the problem. But, I have not heard back from them and it cost me $620 today to replace the speedometer cluster. Ouch! I live in North Mississippi, but bought the truck in Tenn and had the cluster repaced in Tenn at the same dealership? Anybody have any suggestions for me?
  • Well I broke down and got mine fixed...on a good note the part is around $200..I dont know about the labor because my wifes uncle works at the dealership and he put it in for us.
  • I finally went to the dealership where I bought my truck...They looked up the vin # and it came back that the cluster could be replaced at no charge as long as it was under 7 years and 70,000 miles. Not all vins are covered by this though. It is not an extended warrenty but falls under some catagory. You may want to check this out. It may be just a way to keep them from being sued. Not Sure. I was just glad to hear that it would be fixed at their expense. Good luck to all.
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