GM Speedometer lawsuit filed



  • mltsurgermltsurger Member Posts: 102
    I own two Chev, two Subaru and an Infinity. Love the chev's. However the problems stay the same and I spend all of my time fixing them. Like the blown brake line today, the blown Trans line two weeks ago. Buy foreign, let your neighbor lose his job and drive with confidence ! Nuff sed !
  • mltsurgermltsurger Member Posts: 102
    replaced speedometer / odometer for 300.00 in the chev. one month ago, never in the Sub's or Infin. !
  • flawaiianflawaiian Member Posts: 1
    In reading all of the posts here I am at least glad to know that these issues are common among 2004 Tahoe owners. Now I'd just like to find out what Chevy has been willing to do if anything.
    My instrument cluster has followed a similar deterioration as mentioned here.
    First my fuel gauge stopped working, then the tachometer, then the MPH. I should rephrase for accuracy. The needles still operate but they are far from accurate as Im sure Im not pulling 6000 RPM at 10 MPH. I know this because I had to purchase a $150 scan gauge that plugs into the diagnostic harness under the dash. This is my only means of detecting fuel levels, speed, temperature, RPM, etc.
    This is inconvenient as you may imagine but not my biggest problem with the Tahoe. Conveniently a few weeks before my warranty was up I started losing fan motor speed settings on my A/C. The A/C fan has levels 1 - 5. One by one starting at that point I have lost fan control. Of course first I had the same experience at the repair counter with the part not being available when I was still under warranty and now in the period of time sine this first started happening I now have only lebvel 5. This has created a running joke in my family where daddy and daddy's car are the brunt of the joke. So when a passenger gets in the car now on a hot day we have the choice of deafening level 5 fan setting or sweating to death. This by the way is fleeting at best as now I am experiencing intermitant loss of my last fan setting. It's a great way to treat clients and children of friends and family. They appreciate it so much they have to tell others about it. Thanks Chevy!
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    Don't worry, the needle will eventually stop working completely. Sometimes I was going 20mph, sometimes 120mph... Funny, was never pulled over for it. My joke is taking a pic of my 120mph and having it next to my vette. Now people think not only am I speeding but I'm taking pics of it too. (Some dont know to look close enough to see it is not my Z06 speedometer, lol. Yep, thanks Chevy for the malfunctions of my '05 suburban.
  • mltsurgermltsurger Member Posts: 102
    Replaced the silverado speed cluster, now my Tahoe gas gauge intermitantly works
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    Does anyone know if there was a lawsuit filed in Massachusetts? I have a 2005 Suburban 1500 with only 62,000 miles and less than 7 years since the "in service" date when the tach started to act up, then the speedometer and then the oil pressure gauge. The dealer will only pay half of the $500+ replacement cluster and GM will do nothing to help; they leave all the "goodwill" warranty decisions up to the dealers. Since my VIN is outside the range specified on the Special Coverage Policy, GM will not pay for the entire cost of the repair.
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    I purchased a 2005 Chevy Silverado in late 2010. To date, my truck has 49,809 miles on it - it's a third vehicle that's hardly ever used. A few days ago, my speedometer went crazy sticking on 0, 100, or 120 ... regardless of my speed. I took it to the dealer where I purchased it and was told that it was the cluster and all that other mess that was argued in the lawsuit. He then informed me that they wouldn't fix it because the warranty/recall expired last year (2012).

    I purchased this vehicle after all the issues with them surfaced and a lawsuit had actually taken place and they sold me this truck, knowing there was a problem and didn't inform me of the problem. Now they are telling me that it will cost $550.00 to fix it.

    Anyone know of any suits taking place in Pennsylvania?
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    All of you involved with any lawsuits will either see a coupon for a free oil change or another coupon for $500.00 off a new vehicle as a result of a "successful conclusion". The Lawyers will see millions.

    Class action lawsuits (with very,very,few exceptions) are a joke and only enhance the pocket books of the Lawyers.
  • mltsurgermltsurger Member Posts: 102
    I would hope we get a free oil change, why would I want a coupon off a brand that is junk !
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    I have had 10 suburbans 1973 thru 2004 and this is my last one. It has 83,000 miles on it --i did buy this one used ---recently I have had the valves ground because of the plastic intake manifolds expand and contract --about 1 1/2 years ago I had a fuel pump installed---the radio amp went out last week --- and the speedometer went out about 2 months ago--- I went out today to order a new cluster and I have to go thru a dealer for the sum of $475 or there abouts --- This auto ran about $55,000 new and it is a LEMON---I will never buy another chevy product and I have had chevy's since 1960. For them to capitlize on their mistake is very unethical and they can take it and improve their engineering and practice on Communist China!
  • 2003_z062003_z06 Member Posts: 7
    Good luck... I have an 05 suburban z71 and not only did our speedometer go out at the 37 month mark (other gauges too) the A/C went out at 88000... Now, at 90000 our tranny is being rebuilt as I type. It failed on us on Sunday and we had to be towed 50 miles :-/. Here is another 1600.00. 90000 and transmission shot! Grrrr. Also, if your a/c goes out, be sure to get original parts bc the others will fail.
  • upity1upity1 Member Posts: 1

    My cluster is just now starting to go bad. Starting with my Oil Pressure... Any advice?

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