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GM Speedometer lawsuit filed



  • I just went to the dealership this week too, and they are going to cover the replacement of the entire dash cluster. I'm over 111k, so it must be something to do w/ the VIN and specific vehicle, or just a super kick [non-permissible content removed] dealership! Dunno, but I'm pretty damn happy.
  • Hello Chev. owners. First of all I like to say i am sorry for the problem yall are having. There is a class action law suit with GM about these speed-do. they had a recall on 2003 an 2004. Look like they used the same parts in the 2005 as well. I have a 2005 tahoe had the same problem, i call gm cost. serv number an got a case number an had my replace free. But a month early i had recive a letter saying if i had paid money to fix it it would come back to me. So yall need to find a up to par dealership that will fix it for yall ,They know it is a ongoing problem some are out just to make a buck. dont pay an dont give up, I will look an see can i find that letter an post the information, You can email at twintwo1@aol .com
  • me again an my mileage was 50000
  • That's how I fix my 2005 Impala... every time the ignition switch is engaged the speedometer will drop back down about 5 mph. I do this till it's back to zero and then wait till the next time... but it can't possibly be good for the ignition switch.
  • I use to love my GMC vehicles but now I know why they are having trouble. My speedometer stop working at about 115K and when I called the dealer the service technichan was very familiar with the problem and asked two questions how many miles does the vehicle have and what year. He said if the vehicle had less than 75K he could fix it. I told him that is why GMC is having problems because this is clearly a defect and GMC is setting guidelines to protect them rather than making this right to keep a customer for life. I work in a customer service enviroment and I know for a fact that it cost less to keep a customer than to try and win them back, well they have lost me for life because this will be the last GM vehicle I will ever buy and it's not surprising they are having financial problems they build vehicles to scam the customer by trying to make even more money on the back end.
  • vmfnycvmfnyc Posts: 1
    Just found this website and I can't believe the amount of people that are having problems with 2005 Yukons. Anyway, I am currently having the same BS problem you are and figured that it could be that there is not a balance in the tire pressures of your vehivle. I experienced this last ummer on a road trip, and it frustrated the hell out of me. I finally read my manual and reading between the lines found out that the tire pressures are not balanced. Once I balanced them all at 32psi, everything was fine. I never had that problem again. Now that it is winter, the extreme weather is affecting the pressure so I am hoping that that is what is affecting the gauge because the tire pressures read 29psi, 28psi, 27,psi, and 28psi.
  • I am another victim of the speedometer not working properly. I see Cobound says 111,000 miles they fixed it for them. I have 84,000 miles I have a work order from when it had 60,000 but I did not get it fixed. (It actually started acting up around 45,000 miles) I got the letter about a year ago and finally had it in the shop 2 weeks ago for other work and I mentioned the letter and he said yes up to 70,000 miles but I had call GMC myself and after a few phone calls they said, since mileage was over that it is not covered. I responded with if I got it fixed at 60,000 miles they would reimburse me and he said yes we would have but since you did not get it fixed before 70,000 miles we no longer will cover it, and I said I was going to get magnetic signs put on my truck stating the situation and he seemed to not care. I am going to call again tomorrow since I see others have gotten it fixed when mileage was over. But if anyone can give me a possible better contact number it would be much appreciated just in case they still do not want to cover needed repair.
  • I'm having the same problem with my 2004 Avalanche. I've been resetting it by unhooking the battery for 20 min. then turning the ignition key forward for 10 min., then in first insert position for 10 sec., take it out of ignition then put it back in and start.

    It's a long process but it gets me by until I can send the cluster off to get fixed.

    I will not not buy another GM vehicle.
  • Well, I've had issues but it won't prevent me from buying another GM vehicle.

    I actually ordered the speedo a few weeks ago but the guy working there that set it up is no longer there (don't know why, or care) and I've had to reorder it and wait.

    They said they would replace it, but now I'm beginning to wonder. I'll wait another week and recall them. I otherwise love the vehicle...and if I could afford an '07-08 I'd be all over one.

  • Well glad I'm not alone. I have a 05 escalade ext that the speedo started acting up on. When you start the truck it works fine then 10min. later it is below the 0mph by 1/4 of an inch and not working at all, when working properly stopped at a light it should have the top of the needle at the bottom of the line of 0mph. some time it's works right for a little bit then it starts wigging out. Called the dealer yesterday about it and he said there was something going on with the 03-04's but the 05's are not covered wtf? and of cource it happened once I hit 50,700miles on a 50,000 mile warrenty go figure still gonna go down and have a man to man talk with them and see if the will be true to me and replace it for free
  • lwaleylwaley Posts: 1
    I have a 2003 Tahoe and my speedometer has stopped working also. At first it jumped around like crazy then it just started reading 10 mph faster then what I would be going. I bought a new sensor and replaced it, then 4 days later it completely quit. Now the gauge thing is hanging straight down along with the oil pressure one to. Now I am not sure what to do.
  • This should fall under the recall, if you are under a specific mileage. Either way, I'd schedule an apt. w/ your local dealer and tell them you heard about the recall on the speedo...yours is doing what the recall says and talk to them nicely about fixing it for free. Some dealers are fixing all, some are only following the mileage requirement. Good luck, I've been waiting since early December for mine to be shipped, the dealer never calls me back. Thinking I might have to go to another dealer, now I'm starting to get irritated. They tell me the guy that ordered it is no longer there and I now don't qualify for it now, so much for DOING THE RIGHT THING...actually passed the point of irritation and on to straight up pissed off!
  • I own an 05 Tahoe, part went out at 69,400 and by the time the part was shipped to the dealer I am over 70k. Settlement is tomorrow. I will wait to see what happens. I have been looking for a copy of the letter concerning the Speedometer Malfunction, even called GM and they said they couldn't send me another copy. My dealer has asked for a copy of the letter in order to perform the work for free. Please email me a copy.

    Thanks so much,

    J. Joner
  • Unfortunately, I don't have a copy of the letter either. BUT, it shouldn't matter, dealer should follow their tech bulletins and fix it for free simply because you are an owner of the vehicle that has the recall. And the fact that its past warranty mileage after you already ordered the part is irrelevant...the dealer had notification prior to you passing mileage. Sounds like you have a fishy dealer.

    Me, I'm still waiting to hear back from the dealer myself. I too have an issue w/ their telling me they'll replace it and then back pedal. What pisses me off even more is I just bought a vehicle from them less than a year ago. I will go straight to the owner of the dealership if they don't replace it.

    If I can find a copy of the letter I'll get you one.

  • Hey everybody, I was wondering if anyone has had any luck on the speedometer misshaps? Everytime i call the dealer they rell me the same thing, Im not covered.
    If anyone has a copy of the letter everyone recieved I would really appreciate a copy.(YODA8391@HOTMAIL.COM) Also i would like any other help on this I have almost 68,000 miles on my truck. :mad:
  • wvurzrwvurzr Posts: 1
    I have a 2005 Tahoe and was having a problem with my speedometer. I read some ones post about turning the ignition on and off about ten times and it corrected my problem. You must start the engine each time, but it eventually went back to zero.

    Hope this helps!
  • I have a 2003 Silverado and my speedo went out about 2 months ago and i figured out on my own how to turn it off and back on about 10-12 times but that got old so i looked online for a possible recall. I went to a Chevrolet forum and no luck. I did a google search about a stuck speedo and came across this web site. I called the local dealer and they said i have to be in the 7yr/70,000 BS story so i called to the place i bought the truck and they said the same thing. To me this didn't seem right because it seems GM can really care less. So i call GM customer service and talked to a guy @ ext 42937 he told me about the 7/70k deal that GM will honor the thing is im sitting on 82k and i asked him if there was anything they could do and finally he said if i got a diagnostic test run at the local GM dealer he would further assist me.
  • I told the guy that i didn't want to get the test done unless i get some assistance and he said that they would as long as i get the test done.Ok good deal im thinking. Well i get a call from another person the next day letting me know that someone else will call me in a couple days. So the further assistance that i got was NONE. Some district customer service lady Ext 32537 calls me and says they cant help so i ask about a $77.49 reimbursement she said no GM doesn't do that. I said its not fair if they dont further assist me or reimburse me. Then she ask whos truck was it mine or GM's so i said mine then she said it became my problem the day i bought the truck and i said well who made the truck me or GM. I said forget it i want to talk to your boss and she put me on hold for about 5 minutes.
  • I guess she took a little time to talk to her boss. So long story short her boss told me that it wont go any further than him with that being said i told him he doesn't own GM. I told him before i hung up that no matter who i have to talk to that GM would reimburse me or would assist me in getting my cluster fixed and he said he is as far as it goes that no one would help me at GM.I found a # online thats GM related and once they fix my truck i will post the name, #, fax# and anything you guys would like to know that will be some help maybe. This person i talked to is way higher than these customer service clowns.I live in NC and Abernathy Chevrolet in Lincolnton,NC will fix it for $320.00 so will Bobby Woods Chevrolet in West Union, SC
  • well i have a 05 silverado with less than 46,000 miles on it.the speedometer has a mind of it's own works sometime then iam doing 120.anyway called dealer told me that it would be 400 to 500 to fix,call gm after 2 phone call back they told me that i would have to pay to have it fixed.using my gps and cruise so not to speed.anyone with info about this i would love to know.
  • I may be wrong but i think its for the 03 and 04 years
  • J. Joner,
    I own a 04 Tahoe LT and mine went out at 80k miles. I am new to this problem and I see that there are many like me that share my sentament of "what the heck". Could you please email me and fill me in on the backround of your case. Thanks.
  • you may go on eBay and buy parts it is the best way, i had hell with my 03 suburban 81k mile my speedometer begin sticking when i had 70 k miles GM motors didn't what to cover repair , here is the description of the part : 03-06 GM Cluster Chevy Tahoe Silverado Stepper Motor
  • I am an owner of a 2004 yukon xl. I am having the same issues with my speedometer. I called my local dealership and they told my to call the phone numbers listed in the back of my owners manual. I called the gm safety defects number at 800-462-8782 they did tell me that because my vehicle has more than the 70,000 miles that I was outside the recall but they are willing to negotiate a settlement with me once I have my problem diagnosed at my local service dept. They also stated that the cost of my diagnosis will be included in my settlement. My appointment with the dealership is tomorrow morning at 10:00 am and gm will call me around 2 pm to negotiate. At first I was a little hesitant, but they have called me back since my initial complaint to double check that I have my appointment scheduled, so we will see. I will let you know what happens. Good Luck
  • We have a 2005 Chevy Tahoe X71 4X4 with 36,000 miles on it and our speedometer is doing the same as most of the emails I have read. I called GMAC and they told me of the Class Action Law suite that would be ending approx Feb 20 with a decision.
    We called the dealership which we bought it and they said that they didn't know anything about it. So buyers be aware of the Chevy/GMAC dealership maintenance depts. After cross examining the maintenance dept they finally said a little about it but not much. This was because that they had sold us what they said was an additional warranty after the REAL GMAC 5 year 50,000 mile warranty expired with an additional REAL GMAC warranty. Just so happens I it was NOT GMAC additional warranty but one of their own which the dealership Town and Country in Milwaukie, OR. I immediately canceled the policy before my first one had expired. One good thing, they did refund my money.
    I will try what some of the other members have done to get our speedometer cluster replaced with GMAC paying for it.
  • I am so frustrated! I have a 2005 silverado with a broke speedometer. It all started at about 40,000 miles. When I was going about 65 it would jump to 85 and then 120. I would have to turn the truck off and on about 10 times to get to 0mph. Now it its stuck past 120mph. Dealer told me $600.00 bucks. So now I am driving a truck with a broken speedometer. I keep waiting for the lawsuit but it keeps being delayed another month. The funny thing is I have a few friends that saw mine and are in the market for buying a truck and are buying Ford. They have seen all the probems I have had with this new truck.. I sold my brother my 96 silverado 4 years ago and hes never had a problem with it. It now has 195,000 miles. Whats that mean. Thanks for listening, I have no where else to go.
  • UPDATE: THOSE SON OF A ..... say no to fixing my gage problem it did start out as just the speedometer at about 45,000 miles to now just in the last month my oil pressure gage says 0 and my voltage gage is most times pegged out at max.
    It upsets me that a company that I put my trust in and have purchased many GM vehicles that they will not stand behind a problem that they admit to having (other wise they would not have aggreed to fix the problem if there is less than 70,000 miles or 7 years).
    I followed advice of a recent post to look on ebay. I did buy a 6 pack of the clusters that will fix all gages. I expect to recieve them soon and next thing I wonder is how difficult it is to actually get the dash pulled out so I can replace them guess I get to find out soon.
    Those of you that think you need the letter you do not just take it in to dealership as of right now I think it still only covers 2003 and 2004 but I am sure the rest of you will get it fixed for free too as long as you have less than70,000 miles.
    I have had very few problems with my GM vehicles, but when someone will not stand behind there product I just do not think I can see buying another one from them. So my next vehicle will not be a GM sorry guys you failed in customer satisfaction.
  • oh and all the gages cost me $40 hmm would even be a cheap fix to satisfy what would be a life time customer. DAMN WHAT ARE THEY THINKING
    I also do have plans to have my friend make magnetic signs stating the problem I have and how they will not stand behind there product to put on my doors and tailgate, that might get GM's attention.
  • Just so you know it may not be a good idea to do it yourself unless your in a static free room. I really dont know for sure but there is a man on ebay that will fix yours for around $90-$100 and on his ebay page he says to do it in a static free enviroment or you could damage alot more on your cluster.
  • 03 silverado speedometer 1st then oli presure now when i stop rpms @ zero, what next.i have 107,765 if my speedometer says 120+ when i'am being past by a semi I would think the mileage is messed up as well .what do you think, need help
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